Paladins is a team based shooter game developed by ‘Hi-Rez Studios‘. Paladins, Champions of the realm is one of those games that X35 Earthwalker himself got into, sort of recently. So far we have had a fun time but there’s quite a lot going on. Take a look.

In Paladins, two teams of five champions go head to head to either out slay the other or generate and push a payload to their enemies side of the map. Sounds simple but there are many factors to this. There are a bucket load of characters to pick from and each one has a role and their own abilities. The roles are: Damage, flank, Support and Front line. Damage is well… all about dealing damage. Flank are all about getting around and hitting the enemy from the side of behind. Support do anything from buff and heal allies and nerf enemies. Front line are suppose to be tacky (take a lot of damage) and stay in the front grabbing attention.

So the main strategy in Paladins is that the front line goes for the payload and stands in the area for the objective. The support strengthens and heals the frontline to keep them alive. The flank splits the enemy teams’s attention by attacking them from their side while the damage dealer tries to finish destroy everything. Off course, the enemy team won’t let you do that. So you have to keep an eye on their flank, shut down their support and avoid taking damage dealers head on. There isn’t that much variety to the maps to play on but they have been carefully designed and each one off course presents different opportunities. Some maps are more suited for some champions more than others. Make sure to lay all and know what’s best for what champion. Experience is key in Paladins.


Each champion in Paladins has their own abilities. 4 fixed ones, one ultra and one you which is more like a perk that you must keep for the whole match. No characters in Paladins are really similar, despite what haters say. There are three Champions who use rifle like guns: Viktor, Tyra and Vivian but each of their guns have a different rate of fire, clip size and damage per bullet. There abilities and uses truly separate them. Viktor can throw grenades for additional area of effect damage and run very fast to chase down enemies or retreat quickly. Tyra has a grenade launcher which is area of effect damage and fire bombs which sets the area of fire for area denial. Vivian has a frontal shield that takes the damage for her and sensor drones which reveals the locations of enemies in a big radius.

Now just from what you heard about these Paladins characters, you can see where they shine most or come up with different play styles; however there is more. For example if you select the cardio perk ability Viktor heals for 250 health every second while using hustle. So players can chase down enemies knowing that they will have more health than them; or run away while healing making it harder for you to die. If you then use the right card in your load outs you can grant damage resistance during the hustle to make you much harder to kill while chasing or retreating. With Tyra you can use many cards in her load outs to make the fire bomb ability cool down much faster and then combine that with the ‘Burn monster’ ability and she can pretty much shut down a payload objective as no one will want to stand there at all. So come up with some combos.


So you can imagine the many different play styles and strategies that players can come up with the many different champions. Who knows you may even be able to stand up to X35 Earthwalker who has been called the greatest Jenos player in the world. What’s really good about Paladins is that players can see the statistics for the damage of their attacks, how much percentage does damage reduction grant and life steal etc. This makes Paladins quite mathematical. You can actually calculate who would win in a straight up fight through maths alone or know how much of what is needed to survive an attack or take someone down. So those who paid attention in school will have a definite advantage here. For example Buck’s shotgun does 700 damage per shot and rate of fire is one shot per second. So if you got level 3 damage reduction Buck’s shotgun will instead do 490 damage to you. Meaning if you are let’s say Tyra, it will now take you 5 seconds to die to buck instead of 4. That extra second sounds small but in Paladins makes a difference.  

Off course a game as statistically and large like this will always have problems with character balancing. Some characters seem to outshine others while some are too powerful maybe. For example many have a problem with Maeve. Her daggers deal 400 damage each. You throw both at the same time which means 800 in total. This means she can kill Vivian within 3 seconds. Others take 4 seconds. Not only that, she has an ability called Artful dodger, where activating nine lives heals her for 400 but then combine her pounce, which nine lives can reset the cool down of by the way, she can deal and extra 800 quickly meaning she can kill someone like Skye in slightly under 3 seconds. Now that’s fast, too fast. Buck is another character that some have something against. He deals 700 damage as we already discussed but can also heal himself 1000 over 1.5 seconds but if you use the a bulk up ability you heal for an extra 600 and your maximum health increases by 300 for 3 seconds. There are also multiple loud out cards that grant damage reduction to using Recovery and Heroic leap meaning Buck becomes one of the most difficult things to kill while dishing out so much pain. Worst of all both Maeve and Buck are FLANKS! They aren’t damage types. 

Which brings us to the next issue. Flanks shouldn’t be able to out damage, damage dealers. Damage champions should be the ones that you don’t one to 1v1 against as you should almost always lose. We have seen Maeve and Buck out damage and kill damage characters in 1v1 and not by catching them off guard which shouldn’t be the case. Flanks should either have low health and second highest damage or medium health but really high mobility to run away and come back later to harass the enemy. Oh well, we aren’t the developers. Lastly for now, we don’t like how long it takes to level up your character naturally. We know you can spend earned gold to level up faster but that’s not how we roll here at X35 Earthwalker.

After playing Paladins for a good while we can say this it’s an excellent game. Always a lot of fun and different things to try. Some characters are clearly harder to use than others. Terminus can be very difficult and match up is everything for him. If you are Terminus and your opponents are Viktor, Lian, Buck, Tyra, those with guns then you are going to have a good time as they get countered by Terminus so hard. We have learnt and discovered so many cool things that there is multiple reasons to keep playing this game this. The good certainly outweigh the bad here. We’ve never had any interest in Overwatch and Paladins but now it’s clear we prefer Paladins. That doesn’t mean that Overwatch isn’t a good game.

Now Paladins may have loads of characters to choose from and the mechanic to ride horses and mechanic cougars but those aren’t good enough to it to compare to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Defiance 2050

Defiance 2050 is a new massive multiplayer cooperative shooter game developed by ‘Trion Worlds‘. It’s coming out the 10th of July on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Defiance 2050 is out to make it’s mark in the world of gaming. Let’s take a look.

In Defiance 2050 players take on the role of a ark hunter who is in a race for alien technology. This is all because some beings called the Votan, showed up and terraformed the earth. Earth is far from safe and your life could end incredibly fast. An ark hunter is a pro in salvaging, tracking, survival and combat. They go where others will never go and retrieve alien technology. When any alien technology falls from orbit onto earth, the ark hunter must race there, fight of other aliens and ark hunters to get the goods for themselves. So players can either hunt alone or in a team. 

The world in Defiance 2050 is pretty much alive. What did you expect it’s a large open world game. There are many main characters who each have their own profile and business to go about. Players must decide if they will be friends or foe. From doctors like Even Niden to law keepers like Jon Cooper.  

Defiance 2050

There is a story mode in Defiance 2050… well sort of… basically their are main missions which are directed by the famous scientist, Karl Von Bach who is the owner and CEO of Von Bach industries. He’s also the chief engineer in the weapons devision. These main missions will take players on a earth republic funded expedition to locate and collect a certain alien relic. Off course there are unknown forces at work here who aren’t going to make our search easy.

There are also side missions in Defiance 2050 which can consist of combat based missions like eliminating and holding of enemies to getting in and salvaging technology items etc. There are contracts which players can accept from some business owners who are chilling in the bay. Completing these contracts will increase your reputation with the owner resulting in reward which includes sweet stuff (not honey) like equipment and even weapons. There are also challenges too. These challenges are just there to test the players skills. Challenges are everywhere and players can earn medals and even aim to get their name on a global leader board.

 A large open world massive multiplayer shooter game like Defiance 2050 has to have a ton of weapons. It does. Thanks to the alien technology and Voltans, crazier weapons have become available. So ark hunters must get their hands on weapons like the Spread rocket launchers, which rains death over a large area, Sub machine guns which are for close range combat, Sawed off shotguns because unlike the salty fans of Gears of war, Defiance 2050 understands that it’s a good weapon, Charged sniper rifles which deliver heavy damage from far away, Light machine guns for that all round favourite gun style more weapons.

Defiance 2050

You thought the amount of weapons was a lot, wait to you hear about the enemies. There are a ton of enemies around and all of them require an attitude of shoot first, ask questions later. There are scrappers who were formed from scrap and salvaged technology who have shown signs of increased intelligence but still hostile. Hell bugs who are dangerous creatures that come from deep below the earths surface and who are coming for both Votans and humans alike. The volge are a world conquering species who have no allies, no mercy and do what they got to do. There strikes are as fast as they are dangerous. The afflicted who are victims of a plague and now from as mindless aberrations, dangerous ones with different forms and weaponry. Not your typical zombie. The Skrill who are basically large than normal glow bugs who have been experimented on to become a powerful, hungry dangerous specifies with natural explosives. There are even more enemy factions that players must watch out for.

 We checked out some gameplay and it’s looking good so far. As a massive multiplayer shooter you’d expect many players running around, gunning enemies, collecting stuff and trying to survive. We are initially disappointed with how easy the game is. It’s almost like you don’t need to take cover. You are another person can just stand there and take out the enemy easily. Not sure why the players jump like they are master Chief from Halo, hovering in the air for a while. The environments are not as exciting as we thought. It comes off as sort of empty but we bet that’s not always how it is. The enemies better stand out clearly from each other and have different behaviour. Otherwise, everything looks good. There is a lot of potential in this game.

Overall Defiance 2050 looks good. We won’t say excellent though. The graphics and animations could be better but we like what they done with the world. We love how cooperative this game is, so grab your many friends and ravage the lands. The developers ‘Trion Worlds’ have done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to keep an ear open for Defiance 2050 to hears what’s happening before we look for it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out for yourself. Now Defiance 2050 may have a huge survival issue going on but the one thing without any issues is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Earthfall is a new co-oprative shooter game developed by ‘Holospark‘. It is coming out July the 13th on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This game has been described by many to be like ‘Left 4 Dead’. There has been quite a number of people waiting for this game. Let’s take a look.

earth fall takes place at the so called end of the world. Basically a global meteor strike took place and that off course devastates the earth… but it gets worse. Aliens emerge from the meteors. They swarm and ravage the place. No mercy. So humanity does what they can. Get together. Grab some weapons. Put up defences and fight back. This is exactly what players must do in Earthfall. 


Now off course piling up bins and boxes will not stop aliens. neither will a golf club work well against a swarm of them. You’ll need the good stuff. There are 3D printers that can be used to create barricades, defences like turrets and even weapons. imagine having those printers at school. Earthfall just keep everything simple. Just grab your friends or meet some new ones. Complete objectives, defend and holdout in strongholds and makeshift fortresses. Simple and fun.

Now this is a four player co-op shooter game so team work is quite important. Off course you can still play with game solo and have bots fill in your team. We do not know how useful they are though. There are four characters to choose from: Roy, Danny, Maya and Jonas and each one has their own personality but all want to save earth. 


There is said to be a variety of aliens which tests your skills and level of adaptability to the situation. There is a Whiplash alien that can grab a player, rendering them useless and run away with them which is incredibly annoying. There is another called a sapper which pounces and like with the pouncing in Evolve, take continuous damage until someone helps you. Also a spitter which, you guessed it, spits at you for projectile damage. Off course there are much more like large melee aliens that just can’t wait to get their hands on you. 

We checked out some gameplay and it’s what we thought it would be. Four players, with co-op action, running around together, finding weapons and items. Taking on groups of aliens, covering each others backs, running away from a boss enemy, running out of medkits etc. These kind of games are lots of fun and it’s good to finally see some developers bring them back. Everything looks great and fair so far. The aliens could use more variety in their design as they all look sort of similar while the action is happening. The big brute melee enemies do need more health. Maybe there is selectable difficulty. 

Overall this game is looking excellent. The graphics are great. We know that they used Unreal Engine 4 for the visuals. The sounds are very good as well. The aliens seem like an interesting enemy but right now look too easy to beat. We also hope there is a good variety of defences, aliens, and weapons to add that extra gaming flavour. The developers, ‘Holospark’ did a great job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing what Earthfall truly has to offer. Now aliens are a problem but there is one solution that always work and that’s… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Crazy Justice

Crazy Justice is a new third person shooter game developed by ‘Black Riddles Studios‘. It’s coming out later this year on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC. There is lots of information on this game and it was successfully funded by gamers, more than passing their required amount. Let’s take a look.

Crazy justice, straight way from the character design and graphic style, should remind many players of another game. Maybe Fortnite… Now not much information is given concerning the story but we do know that players control a character who is out to stop the forces of evil, like every other story. You do this by activating hidden Tesla coils. Don’t ask us why. This all however cause some major issues in the world, lots of chaos. The enemy is the steampunk horde. Crazy Justice aims to deliver an entertaining action packed story. The main focus of the game is actually the multiplayer. 

As you play you will collect items and even win items too. Find new heroes, collect special weapons. There is character customisation and players can construct their own skill decks. In the final version of the game, players can battle it out with their character on five different maps in five different game modes. Games like this have one thing in common… continual expansion. Gamers should expect additional content and downloads coming to Crazy Justice to add more to the game.

Crazy Justice

The multiplayer game modes are very different to each other. ‘Survive the Tesla’ is where there is a Tesla coil in the middle of the map. it’s generating a shield. As players battle and kill each other, that shield gets smaller and smaller until the max limit. If you are out of the shield, you die. Simple right? ‘Survive’ has 6 sectors. Over time each sector one by one will be destroyed. Players in that area must run for their lives. Lastly everyone will be in one sector to settle the score once and for all. ‘Protect the Tesla’ is two teams facing off against each other. Both teams have a Tesla to defend and it’s surrounded by a fortress, which can be upgraded if players have the right amount of materials. Build traps and other defence systems to help. Whoever destroys the enemy Tesla or has done the most damage wins.

Crazy Justice did something right that many games have done wrong. The biggest offender of this is off course Halo 5 Guardians. Crazy Justice supports local splitscreen multiplayer. Players can even connect an external controller, allowing for some great gameplay with friends.

It’s clear that the developers of Crazy Justice got some inspirations from others game, which is a good thing and learnt from other games too. For example all the maps in Crazy Justice have both high and low cover for characters to hide behind and fire from. just like in Gears of war.

Crazy Justice

The game has lots of destructible environments. Now destructible environments are excellent additions to games. They allow for deeper layers of multiplayer strategies, it’s more fun and makes the game more realistic since we know for a fact that rockets and blood up rocks in many cases. We have seen a player shoot out a floor, so that they can descend into the area below. Pretty cool. By the way, this destructible environment was done using Unreal Engine 4 and Nvidia Phyx

Crazy Justice is very versatile and this is why. Crazy Justice supports some crazy Cross-Network play! That’s right. Players who own Crazy Justice can play with players from the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. For preference reasons, players will have the option to only play with same platform players as well. Having a choice is a great move.

We checked out some gameplay and Crazy Justice definitely reminds us off Fortnite but more of a steam punk like style and more ground based combat. It’s not battle royal but has different game modes as we mentioned above. The building system is like Dungeon Defenders 2, simple but works. The cover system works well with the destructible environment. This means that multiplayer will be quite dynamic.

Overall Cray Justice looks like a great game. Seems like a friendly place for casual gamers to step into. Obvious aspects for competitive and pro players to dive into and a good amount of variety. Plus new content will be coming over time which is a great sign. The graphics are good for it’s style, the sounds fit the theme and style of the game. The developers ‘Black Riddles studio’ did a excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to what crazy Justice truly has to offer gamers. Now Crazy Justice isn’t about justice at all, but one thing that does have justice is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Super Weekend Mode

Super Weekend Mode is a new 2D Action shooter game developed by ‘Pixelteriyaki’. This game came out the 14th of February on valentines day. Released on Windows and Mac. This game is considered crazy. Let’s take a look.

Super Weekend Mode is one of those games that clearly from the concept wants to wow people with how different it is. The developers said that Super Weekend Mode is a mashup of Tetris, Space Invaders and Gradius. Now that sounds crazy and must make you wonder sort of how that works. Now we at X35 Earthwalker must make it clear that this game requires gamers to have reflexes, don’t panic, focus and persistence. if you lack any of those four things, then you will not get anywhere.

The story is incredibly basic. You are a princess and someone called ‘that guy’ took some of your stuff, so it’s only natural that you would want your stuff back. The gameplay is very basic as well meaning anyone can try Super Weekend Mode. Only three buttons. One to move one pad, another to move the other pad and one to shoot. That’s it. The story and controls are simple but the game its self is not simple in the slightest.

In order to pass the level you must either grab hearts that fall continuously or shoot the boss. Hearts aren’t the only things that falls. There are also skulls which you must not touch. If you touch one, you instantly lose a life. Dust bunnies also fall and you mustn’t let them touch the floor, so defeat them by bashing them with the side of your pad. If you miss, you lose a life. Now shot on the boss and heart collected gets you ten points. They also are worth a chain and the higher your chain, the more points you earn. Even this sounds easy, just push start and see for yourself.

Super Weekend Mode

The rate and speed that these items drop is something gamers will not be ready for. Especially in the second level where everything is faster and more aggressive. Gamers will panic. Gamers will lose and have to try again. It’s one where you will lose and lose and continually lose and only then you will get better and get the hang of it. It’s very difficult but lots of fun. You will want to try and try again just to get past the first level and see the wrath of the second level.

X35 Earthwalker Himself got to try the game and he can confirm that everything works and plays well. It’s definitely difficult but he didn’t get much time to play but made good progress in it and gave his feedback. The graphics are pixel style and look very cool. The music is fitting and works well with the game.

Overall Super Weekend Mode is a cool game. Very cool indeed. The developers ‘Pixelteriyaki’ did a very good job with this. We at X35 Earthwalker are going to see how the gaming community reacts to this game. Now Super Weekend Mode may be crazy but it still doesn’t come close to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Let Them Come - X35 Earthwalker

Let Them Come was on of those games that got very little attention from the gaming community. We at X35 Earthwalker enjoyed Let Them Come. It’s one of those casual games that you just play and don’t take too seriously at all. X35 Earthwalker has completed the game completely.

Now Let Them Come was causal but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have some difficulty to it. Matter of fact as you get past the first few levels, the game throws players into some brutal stuff. Already you are dealing with a mixture of spiderlings, grunts, danglers and shielders which in the right combination becomes impossible for new players to defeat. The game let’s you know that it’s hard but it recognises that and puts systems in place to help. For example if you fail a wave too many times you get the option to shuffle the kinds of enemies you will encounter hopefully to get a more simple combination or get a free power up from the start.

Now since Let Them Come is a game where you stay in one place and fire your heavy machine gun down a hall way of mercilessly approaching aliens this means that everything depends on your load out and the aliens. The skill required to play is very low, making it for everyone but the skill required to beat the game and master is high because of how simple it is. Some waves literally require certain bullets and items to support you. Now you have four equipment to focus on. Gun or character upgrades, items, grenades and ammo. there are loads of stuff to choose from. Some combinations and items are better than others. The waves will get brutal, especially the bosses.

The type of ammo that you use is crucial in the waves. some ammo are way more useful than others. You do not get unlimited supply for special ammo. Only standard is unlimited. Everything else you pay per bullet. No, really, you got to pay for each bullet. Best to buy in bundles of fifty. Now the only ammo we think is useless is the cluster. Simply because it doesn’t do enough damage and others do a better job. Piercing ammo will be your best friend simple because it allows you to damage everything regardless of which alien is in front. It also easily kills the shielders who can be a big problem when protecting critical aliens behind them. The most powerful ammo is dark matter which disintegrate enemies on contact but after piecing, explosive is just awesome as it destroys everything in with satisfying results. Other ammo like shock, frost and incendiary depends on how you play and feel.

Grenades can be the thing that saves your life in critical moments. Like with the ammo, there is a variety of grenades but similar to ammo like shock, molotov, freeze and black hole. Now mines are very different and useful. Throw them down and then decide when to detonate. There is one boss in particular where the mines come in handy. Now items or secondary weapons are essential. They are what protects you from spiderlings and crabs jumping on you or for that extra damage. You start off with the knife which get rid of enemies about to pounce on your head. Immediately you will upgrade to more powerful items like the baton or throwing knives. Throwing knives are very good as it’s extra damage and can throw it out there and keep shooting. The best item according to X35 Earthwalker is the Tomahawk which is basically a stronger and bigger throwing knife but at  slower rate of fire.

The bosses are the absolute worse. They are large powerful aliens that will force players to concentrate. There is nothing casual about these guys. Aliens like the Smasher sort of prepare you for how a missed opportunity can ruin everything fast. Bosses like the Blob will have multiple enemies coming after you while you must block projectiles while waiting for opportunities. The last boss called experiment 7 is one that forces players to use the riot shield otherwise there is no way of winning. Basically, the bosses are a big deal.

Now the negatives with to Let Them Come is that they they shouldn’t have had the cluster ammo as it basically is garbage. We can’t see a reason for using it. It feels like the developers ran out of ideas. Also the cluster mod is a let down completely, we tried it once and then never again. The charge mod is great only for some of the ammo like the pierce. Explosive is not worth it. The story isn’t satisfying at all. it’s so simple and sort of cliche-ish. The ending cinematic is also not good enough either in terms of quality now we are aware that maybe this game didn’t have a large team obviously. They aren’t Bungie and 343 industries. it could be a few people so we aren’t going to hang them for it but we do think that the ending cinematic isn’t good enough. The walking animation for the host alien is exactly the same as the walking for the main character when moving from stage to stage. Not a bad thing but we did notice. Lastly the power up frenzy is too weak. X35 Earthwalker himself got a perfect rating for Frenzy and it didn’t kill things as fast as as double barrell did in some cases. We aren’t exaggerating. When we have double barrel or double damage we feel like it’s slaying much faster than anything else. Except unlimited ammo explosive ammo. that’s destructive.

Overall Let Them Come is just a great game. it’s simple, it’s fun, it’s difficult. When you complete the game and can do another campaign but a plus campaign, the mix up of aliens are more dangerous, the bosses are stronger and more difficult. Anyone can play this game but not everyone will complete the game. it’s about getting your resources and buy-in or upgrading the stuff that will make a difference and get you through the wave. Change your items to suit the situation. Which ammo do you use? Should you be spamming grenades? Stuff like that. Also the idea of buying your items is just a good idea. This game is still worth checking out and playing. Now Let Them Come may be a good game but it’s no where near as good as the… ‘Earth Walk!’

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space hulk: Deathwing

Space hulk: Deathwing is a new first person shooter game developed by ‘Streum On Studio’. It’s coming out later this year for the Xbox One and PS4 but it’s already out on PC. Now Space hulk: Deathwing is the latest from the Warhammer 40000 universe. This game looks serious already. Let’s take a look.

Now the Warhammer 40000 universe doesn’t play around. Brutal bloody battles with mythological creatures like orcs. Death everywhere etc. The last Warhammer 40000 game that we played was ‘Space marines’. Space hulk: Deathwing is no exception, instead it is better and more powerful. Basically players control a member of the Deathwing, which is the 1st company of the Dark Angel Space Chapter. Who is known as one of the best fighting forces of the imperium. so basically we control a guy who most do not want to mess with. The fight takes place in a space hulk which is basically a many debris, ships and whatever all forced together by warp storms to form a large area. Some space hulks can be larger than moons. 

Space hulk: Deathwing has the Daethwing face off against the Genestealer. These monsters are terrifying as they are numerous. They are feared across the galaxy. and for good reason. Off all the Tyranids, the Genestealer is the most ferocious of all the alien specifies. They are highly intelligent, have powerful claws, lightning reflexes. it gets worse. They also have telepathy and so can function independently of the hive mind. Just one is said to be able to put a whole inhabited planet’s population in deep danger. Now this sounds like a major league battle but will the gamers be ready for this.

Now players don’t just control any old Deathwing space marine. We are a librarian who can master and use the destructive power of the psykers. Even better players are the leader of the squad. Can give orders to your drops which does straight away remind us of the command Gears of War 1 where and how we could give orders to our team. In Space hulk: Deathwing we can make our soldiers: heal teammates, target and destroy an enemy, create and hold choke points, get cover fire and even hack doors. I though this was Warhammer 40000 but the door hacking reminds me of XCOM 2. This all sounds very interesting.

As you go through missions, you gain experience which allows you to get new abilities, new items and new skills. This is important as there are different classes for players to choose from. All are different, have different abilities and play different from one another. There are: assault speciality, apothecary, tactical speciality, heavy weapon speciality and librarian.  Many cool new additions to the gameMaster and use some crazy abilities.

Space hulk: Deathwing - X35

Space hulk: Deathwing is a co-op game. That’s right. you heard us. You and three of your friends or family can join you in your desperate fight against the Genestealers. More explosions and more death. So imagine having multiple friends and then all of you use a different class and master the abilities to completely own everything.

We checked out out some gameplay and we can say that Space hulk: Deathwing is a success. The graphics are definitely the best it has ever been for Warhammer 40000. We loved how smooth the combat was flowing nicely. The enemies are more alert and do respond when they find a body. There are many weapons like the thunder hammer, fore sword, vengeance and redemption. Pretty interesting.

Overall pace hulk: Deathwing has excellent graphics, awesome musicians, tunes,  etc. It’s a new graphic style that no one has seen from another Warhammer game. Everything seems real good eight now. The developers ‘Streum On Studio’ did a fantastic job with this game. This game might be worth checking out. Now the death wing might be in a vicious war with the Genestealder but nothing can steal…. ‘The Earth walk!’

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Earth Atlantis

‘Earth Atlantis’ is a new side scroller shooter game, developed by ‘Pixel perfex’. It’s going to come out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year but already out on the Nintendo Switch. Just straight away, from looking at Earth Atlantis we were immediately interested because this game looked different from everything else. Let’s take a look.

In Earth Atlantis the world a huge disaster struck. It was called the Great Climate Shift. Basically ninety six percent of the earths surface is now underwater which means humanity is in a critical state. That is obviously bad… but it gets worse. The machines have gotten a serious upgrade and adapted to the situation. They somehow adopted the shape and form of certain water animals like crabs, squids and even sharks. The whole ocean is filled with these things! It’s up to the player who is a hunter to find these large monsters and take them down.

That’s the whole point of Earth Atlantis. As the hunter, players must hunt down these large and powerful monsters in the ocean and destroy them. This will not be an easy task as there will be a lot of enemies which makes sense as there is a lot of fish and machine in the world. There will be enemies that fire projectiles. enemies that will attempt to ram you and enemies that will keep their distance but all will destroy hunters who are slow and have no reflexes. 

Now the most impressive and cool thing about Earth Atlantis is how the game looks. The olden map colour style looks very nice and makes the dull colours actually work. it fits the scenario of the game very well. It’s like you are looking at a moving map from Harry Potter or something. The animations of the machine sea creatures are awesome. They way how they turn around is is the best part of it. You see it clearly. It’s these looks and animations that really got us wanting to know more.

Earth Atlantis - X35 Earthwalker

We at X35 Earthwalker checked out some gameplay and what we saw pleased us. There are two game modes: quest mode and Hunter mode. Twenty five large monsters to hunt plus 4 enemy ships (what’s the story behind the enemy ships). There are also four ships for players to choose from and use, each with their own weapons and abilities. The graphic style is suppose to give players the feeling of a 14th century ocean exploration and it does that very well

Overall Earth Atlantis looks like a very good game indeed. The graphics are awesome. The animations are excellent. The sounds and music are very good. The environments are done well and make it clear that this is still earth but off course post-apocalyptic. The developers, ‘Pixel Perfex’ did an amazing job with this game. It is worth checking out. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to this game. Now Earth Atlantis may may have an ocean full of monsters but not even monsters can handle… the ‘Earth Walk!’

For more information check out the link below:

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Assault Android Cactus

Assault Android Cactus is a arcade style twin stick shooter game developed by ‘Witch Beam Games’. It’s coming to the Xbox One the 7th of November but already out for PC and PS4. This game does look fun but let’s take a look.

In the Assault Android Cactus universe players control junior constable Cactus who takes on a task bigger than herself. Basically she responds to a distress call but ends up stranded on a space freighter. It gets worse. The worker robots on the crippled space freighter are after her as in going to attack her. She needs to reach the brain of the ship. She might find other fellow androids along the way.

Instead of lives Cactus uses a mechanical device that works like a battery. Like a battery it loses power over time. So Assault Android Cactus forces players to move fast, think fast and whatever you ned to do, do it fast. The battery drains very quickly over time. So expect bullets and explosions everywhere. 

There are 9 playable characters or should we say Androids. Each one has different play styles and personalities. So maybe stats like speed, damage etc. There are 25 stages in the campaign and they are split into 5 areas which are different parts of the ship. There is a mode called ‘Infinity drive’ where you can take on daily challenges and test your skills and might. It’s also here where you can get competitive with the rest of the Assault Android Cactus community. 

We know this game has been out for a long time now but we at X35 Earthwalker have never heard of Assault Android Cactus. We checked out some gameplay and Assault Android Cactus does look like a fun game. It is fast paced and the bullets are definitely everywhere which is what you would expect from a twin stick shooter game. Best of all about this game is that there is co-op action up to 4 player.

Overall this game has a good amount of cool stuff to offer. Assault Android Cactus did not get our interest or attention but we can see that it is a good game. The developers ‘Witch Beam Games’ did a good job with this game. Assault Android Games might be worth checking out. Now androids may run out of batteries but guess what never runs out… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Morphite is a new atmospheric exploration sci-fi shooter game developed by ‘Crescent Moon Games’. Morphite is coming out the 7th of September for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, IOS and PC. Talk about making a game accessible. We at X35 Earthwalker love that.

Morphite did get our attention straight up we can say that this is for gamers who like exploration, space and future like stuff. This game was inspired by some old classic games like Metroid Prime and Ratchet & Clank. So already we have certain expectations of Morphite. Sort of think of this like a more combat focused, deep story, poly style graphic looking no man’s sky but better.

There is a mysterious rare material called ‘Morphite’. Your goal is to unravel this mystery by traveling and exploring the galaxy. On your journey you will need to research animals & plants while taking on hostile entities in combat. Not everything you see is friendly. So with Morphite, players can expect an open-ended player driven discovery and exploration. The developers stated that this game is set to be “a deep and enriching single player experience”. If you haven’t guessed it by now, Morphite is set far in the future where humanity as already populated the distant reaches of space. Count us out. In terms of the story, the official website says, “The player takes on the role of Myrah Kale, a young woman residing on a space station and workshop under the care of her surrogate father, Mr. Mason. What starts as a simple exploratory mission to gather supplies to support their shop rapidly turns into a journey revealing Myrah’s unknown past and her relationship to a rare, coveted, and nearly extinct material called Morphite.”

Now Morphite has quite the amount to offer in terms of gameplay action. After all this game is about exploration. There are many worlds in Morphite and they are all random generated. There are a wide range of things for players to find and check out. You will find many different caves, landscapes, rivers, various creature types; however in space there are space stations to explore but they may not be normal ones as some space stations are abandoned or ruled by alien life. Scanning creatures is important because that information can be sold to upgrade your ships and weapons. Real time space combat. There are random vehicles and weapons that can be found on various planets. Environmental puzzle solving. Fully voiced main storyline. Best of all there are huge bosses to fight and hopefully defeat and much more.

Overall Morphite looks like a lot of fun. It certainly has lots of deep mechanics and features within. The graphics are Poly styled and the sounds are nice. The way the health and ammo floats to you after you kill an hostile entity definitely reminds us of Metroid. The developers ‘Crescent Moon Games’ did an excellent job with this game. It is worth checking out. Now Morphite is rare indeed but not as rare… as the ‘Earth Walk!’

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