Do the Earth Walk!



We are a business that specialises in design. Website design, graphic design and two more coming in time. Design requires creativity, using the imagination. This just so happens to be something that we have. Creativity is something that we all should have. Just the feeling or having an idea, seeing it in your head and then make it into a reality is wonderful. The best part is that we want others to have that happen to them as well. On top of all this, we are gamers and that’s the way we love it. We write many gaming blog posts for you all to check out and read. We are going to be a gaming business as well. This business is going somewhere and it was started with a dream. We love gaming, we love design, we love people.


CEO Profile:

X35 Earthwalker is not just the name of the business but is also the name of a person. That’s right! X35 Earthwalker is the one who started this business and runs it. This business started of as a dream. X35 dreamed that this business will become huge. So big that He would have the means to be able to help out his family, friends and others in the world. 

Video games is pretty much the number one entertainment for X35 Earthwalker. He would always play games from when he was small and even plays and reviews them now. So game design became a natural love for him. He plans to make games that are fun, simple but offer a big challenge. Make games that anyone will be able to play. The bigger games will come in the future. Through his journey of education X35 was blessed by God with skills in many areas. He ended up designing games, doing graphic design, writing stories, creating music and more. So why not do the stuff you love, great at and make money for it. If you want to play with us in games like Halo 5, Gears of war 4 and some others then let us know on twitter or on the contact us page of this websites.

X35 Earthwalker has had many achievements and exciting things happen over the years. He was declared a local hero in 2015 by ‘StreetGames’ “In recognition of outstanding achievement in youth sport volunteering and for making a difference in the community”. Became a red tag level 3 instructor of Sanjuro martial arts in 2014. X35 Earthwalker and the chief instructor of Sanjuro martial arts went to attend a special screening of Chinese Zodiac at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square, central London and met martial arts legend ‘Jackie Chan’ in 2014. X35 Earthwalker won the StreetGames young volunteer of the year awards 2015, as the regional winner for the whole of London & South East for outstanding achievement in youth sport volunteering and his work in project: Sanjuro doorsteps clubs. This isn’t all of his achievements and he gives God the glory.

The business is growing over time. So will the team grow in size as well. This business is very people friendly and loves people. People are priceless and each person has a story. “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” – John 13:34