X35 Earthwalker Spellforce 3

Spellforce 3 is a real time strategy role playing game developed by ‘Grimlore games‘ and published by ‘THQ Nordic‘. Spellforce 3 is said to be coming out the 7th of December 2021 on the Xbox Series X and PS5. It’s already out on PC. Games like this need to do a lot to get us interested at all. Let’s take a look.

The world of Spellbreak 3 is set in the year 518 before what’s called “the convocation”. “The rebellion of the four royal houses has been quashed.” So that battle is over but the war off course damaged the country. Also the queen took heavy damage and is currently in a coma. Sounds like bad news all around. So some dude known as the lord marshall is ruling but he’s a rough person or something like that. Players most decide if they will remain loyal to the queen or be rebellious. Remember, we have never played a Spellbreak game. We don’t know about them either.

X35 Earthwalker Spellforce 3

Now Spellforce 3 is definitely one of those fantasy mythological games with spells, wars, clashes, swords and the sort. It’s controlling multiple units at once and targeting what you want, using specific tracks, maybe use something that’s damage over time or knock back type of game. Games like this off course has some big name competitors. So standing out here is going to be a problem. There’s certain things that we need to see.

There’s characters customisation for your hero and off course there’s skill trees. You must raise and build an army to fight big battles. Find companions who’s equipment and skills you can manage and decide. The companions also are said to have an impact on the narrative. That sounds cool for sure. There’s three factions: orcs, elves and humans off course. Choose one of the three factions and lead them to glory. There’s multiplayer as well which a game like this needs. Compete against other players in pvp or do co-operative to fight against forces.

X35 Earthwalker Spellforce 3

We checked out some Spellforce 3 gameplay it’s what we expected. We like those nasty spiders. We like the precise targeting you can do when it comes to picking specific enemies and selecting what attack. Off course games like this gives all the advantages to PC players. The locations are looking good but not enough detail in our opinion concerning the environment, trees, rocks etc. Take into account though that the initial PC release is old while the console release will have improved graphics, visuals and more. Concerning the trailer below, we wanted to use one that had gameplay but they were all age restricted by stupid youtube. They age restrict small figures fighting but some real violent and even sexual stuff is all good in their books. Idiots. 

Overall Spellforce 3 looks like a alright game but not our thing. We haven’t seen anything that brings us in. It obviously has it’s fan base and players who enjoy it and that’s good. The developers ‘Grimlore games’ has done an alright job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will just have to hear what happens with Spellforce 3. Now Spellforce 3 might have three factions but those factions are nothing special in the eyes of… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest is a real time strategy game developed by ‘King art‘ and published by ‘Prime matter‘. Iron Harvest is said to be coming out the 26th of October 2021 on the PS5, confirmed for Xbox Series X in 2021 also but no clear date. It’s already out on PC from 1st of September 2021. This looks interesting. Let’s take a look.

Iron Harvest is set in 1920 but in an alternate timeline. Basically instead of traditional weapons and old uniforms it’s advanced machines. There’s complete war machines with mortars, artillery and more. Those who have such machines obviously have immense advantages. There’s three main nations being named here are: Saxony, Polonia and Rusviet. By the way all this is happening in Europe. Also there’s a new that in europe. The website states “In the midst of this chaos, a new threat appears that will put Europe’s very existence at risk”. Sounds like things are about to go down.

X35 Earthwalker Iron Harvest

So let’s keep all of this Iron Harvest stuff simple. It’s a big war going on in europe in an alternate timeline with powerful war machines and we don’t mean tanks. We are talking about walkers carrying rifles with giant lances. There’s a machine that moves like a crawling beetle that launches explosives and covers entire areas. We talking real war machines. We talking almost Supreme Commander 2 levels types of war machines… off course not at that level though. There’s cover based mechanics too. So put your units in cover or suffer the consequences. By the way, there’s like 30 different mobile machines and exo-skeletons.   

The biggest factor about Iron Harvest is the machines clearly. Otherwise it’s a military war game. So let’s talk more about the machines. Like Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries there is different size and weight machines. There’s giant real huge machines that bring the pain all the way to light and smaller machines that are very versatile. There’s what’s classed as weapon systems. These are powerful but slow “armaments”. Examples would be like real heavy machine guns, mortars and even anti-mech cannons. So there’s a lot of variety going on here which means multiple strategies.

X35 Earthwalker Iron Harvest

We checked out some Iron Harvest gameplay and it’s what we expected. We see a whole bunch of units moving across the field, some getting into cover, some charging in. We se different walking machines with different functions and the risks. We like that all weapon systems are have a big weakness. They have a cone of fire and slow which means placement is everything. If careless they will get destroyed easily, accomplishing nothing. So more rooms for tactics. There’s also cooperative and competitive multiplayer in Iron Harvest. There’s challenge maps, skirmish maps, ranked matches, ranked ladders and leagues. So there’s room for competitive action right here in Iron Harvest.    

Overall Iron Harvest looks like a cool game so far. We like the variety of units. We don’t care about the alternate timeline. We hope the nations and goals are made more clear. So far we are losing interest. We have many thoughts and some concerns. Real time strategy games like this are tough to do right and even harder to balance. The developers ‘King art’ have done a nice job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to keep an ear open for this game. Now Iron Harvest may have war machines but even those are too weak and ineffective against… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker The Riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker is a new base building survival game developed by ‘EXOR Studios‘ and published by ‘Surefire games‘. The Riftbreaker is said to be coming out the 14th of October 2021 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC. The Riftbreaker definitely got our attention. Let’s take a look.

The Riftbreaker simply is about an elite scientist/commando inside a powerful and advanced mech suit (they call it mecha-suit). Like Samus Aran, the it’s a woman in the powerful mech suit. She is captain Ashley S. Nowak. The Riftbreaker is all about that survival and base building. So go out there do your research in the field, collect samples and invent new things with survival as your top priority on an alien planet called galatea 37. How did you get there? A one way portal (one way). 

X35 Earthwalker The Riftbreaker

The mission in The Riftbreaker is to create and build a base that has the means to allow travel back to earth. Basically become a two way portal. This off course won’t be easy as galatea 37 (the planet) is alien inhabited and some of these aliens are very hostile and dangerous. As in trying to kill you. Your actions on the planet will of course draw attention. The player must venture out and explore the planet in her mech suit, which she calls ‘Mr Riggs’. Extract resources and even capture certain specimens. Aliens might show up. This mech suit isn’t just samples and research. It’s fully equipped for combat and can handle the toughest and most harsh environmental conditions. 

This isn’t just a base building survival game. There’s also action and role playing  game elements. The mech suit can be equipped with a flamethrower for deep frying aliens. There’s a minigun which off course shreds and trashs all who stands in it’s way. There’s off course energy blades because why not? It’s a futuristic high tech mech suit. It demands energy based weapons. There’s even mortar shells that you can fire at a distance to bring that area of effect damage. There’s even more technology and equipment that the mech suit can get to bring the combat to the enemy. Now off course, there are limits though.  

X35 Earthwalker The Riftbreaker

So lets sum up a bit here concerning The Riftbreaker. You are primarily focusing on base building but you must venture out to do research and gain the knowledge to build a base that allows two way portal transportation while defending yourself from hordes of enemies north outside in the field and back at the base itself. You need to build defence towers, erect walls and place gates to protect and defend and stay alive. Sounds simple. Sounds a bit too simple right now. We hope that changes fast.

We checked out some The Riftbreaker gameplay and it’s what we expected for the most part. We like that the attacks on your base from the horde of enemies get bigger each and every day. Eventually you face thousands. So the sooner you complete your mission, the better. How you build matters. You can get tactical with the base building. You can build with the walls to make a maze to stall the horde and set them up. We like the variety of aliens you can encounter during your expeditions out there but we hope they have variety when it comes to base defence as well. The horde better not just be simple enemies. Variety means more strategic builds are required.

Overall The Riftbreaker looks like a very good game indeed. There’s a lot we like about it. We like the whole concept here with the base building and defence while also being part of the action and getting out there. The game looks very good graphically. The visuals are very good too. So much colours and the environment definitely looks like an alien planet. There’s so much to say but we will leave this here. The developers ‘EXOR Studios’ have done a very good job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to this game. Now The Riftbreaker may have scientific technology and an advanced mech but those things are too primitive for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose is a World War 2 first person shooter multiplayer game developed by ‘Black Matter‘ and published by ‘Team17‘. Hell Let Loose is said to be coming out Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC on the 5th of October 2021. Hell Let Loose has to offer a lot to get our interest. There’s a lot of war games. Let’s take a look.

Hell Let Loose is suppose to be the World War 2 style. So expect old sandbags, expect old guns, expect old tanks, cheap helmets and stuff like that. Hell Let Loose is big 100 player battles. 50 vs 50. So these are big battles for sure. Players will be everywhere. Seems like Hell Let Loose wants to truly represent World War 2. They did say “You’ve never played World War 2 the way it was meant to be played”. So already gave themselves something to be measured by.

X35 Earthwalker Hell Let Loose

We know that Infantry, artillery and tanks are the main forces here in Hell Let Loose. These matter greatly. We also know that Hell Let Loose is also about strategic resource management too. This hasn’t been explained much but we can imagine that players will have limited resources to spend on tanks, types of troops and off course artillery. So there must be the ability to earn resources too or maybe it’s handed out in time. We have our own questions and need to learn some stuff before the interest can build.  

We checked out some Hell Let Loose gameplay and it’s what we expected from a World War 2 multiplayer game. Old style, straight up fights gameplay. We like how the explosions look from bombing runs and artillery. Those look good. It seems like players die real fast in this game which would make sense. Like the old ghost recon game where you died from a bullet or two. Soldiers charging in, tanks on tank violence, using rocket launchers and covering fire. Just looks like another war game so far.

Overall Hell Let Loose just looks like another war game. There are multiple big war games with big battles like battle royal and big open battlefields. We definitely need to see more and get more information concerning Hell Let Loose. We want huge battles with tactical might. Tanks need be legit game changers and multiple troop types to handle different situations like vehicles. Will there be call in abilities? The developers ‘Black Matter’ have done an alright job so far. Now Hell Let Loose may have 50 vs 50 gameplay but those numbers aren’t enough for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Twelve Minutes is one of those rare games. It’s not our thing but we enjoyed it. It’s definitely a good game and it’s way deeper than players will originally think. It’s one of those games we do recommend players try, especially if you are on Xbox and got the gamepass where you can download this game for free and have a good time time… or maybe a frustrating time. Here’s our quick review.

Twelve Minutes is described as a “top down point-and-click adventure game”. Now if you know anything about Twelve Minutes then you know that you control a dude who is trapped in a time loop.  You have a wife who gets accused of murdering her father 8 years ago by a cop (doesn’t look like a cop to us) who then arrested you both and you get killed. Sounds like a happy story. Players need to break the time lop and find out what’s going on. 

X35 Earthwalker Twelve Minutes Review

Very simple premise. Nothing new or ground breaking but Twelve Minutes did a good job of it. The only thing that got our attention from the trailer was the mystery of the story. It was the “what’s going on here” factor. You enter the game and get use to the point and click. You knowing that you have twelve minutes you move around the area looking at pictures on walls, checking doors but quickly learn the time has started yet. Once you get into your apartment that’s when the clock is visibly shown to start. Players have mixed reactions. You know you only have 12 minutes. Some like X35 Earthwalker himself straight away went around looking in every room for anything and everything, picking up every item and analysing. Some just stayed more still and see what is going on. We liked how the game forced players to decide quickly what they are going to do. The plot twist or plot surprise wasn’t all that hard to figure out. It was clear the wife was hiding something and lying. It was clear the ‘cop’ for the most part knew what he was talking about but off course you aren’t going to trust a willing to murder you stranger over your wife. X35 Earthwalker figured it out before the reveal. We did enjoy how the story got deeper and deeper.

The next thing we liked about Twelve Minutes is how deep the interactions in the game is, especially with objects. There’s a cup, you can pick it up, go to a sink you can fill it up. You can then drink it or maybe give it to someone else to drink… but what does that do? Nothing. You find a plant in the bedroom and get the idea of watering it. Turns out you can water the plant. That’s a nice little thing to do but why? If you pay attention and play through the game you will notice that the plant can wither away and lose all leaves or become lush and full of life. In the bathroom you can find sleeping pills. You can put the sleeping pills in the cup of water. You can give it to your wife for whatever reason or maybe try to give to the ‘cop’. Hey, arresting people can be thirsty work. The same spare key you used to get into the apartment can be used to open a vent cover. That fake candle on the table can be used to light up small dark areas… maybe there’s something you need to find. This stuff gets players coming up with ideas and possibilities. Making some players over think things too. Yes Twelve Minutes requires players to have some IQ to beat this game but what’s also needed is patience. Twelve minutes can be described as a trial and error puzzle game. You can get through it, get it wrong and try again while changing just one thing and find what works eventually. This trial and error is backed up by how things have to be done in a certain order. For example if you call the daughter to have her ask her dad to listen and he shows up but YOU are the one holding the picture the you still fail. If you have to do it all over again but make sure your wife holds the picture instead. Doing one step before the other or selecting one option or whatever will ruin the whole thing. Another example would be if you decide to work with the ‘cop’ and do what he says. If you took his equipment then he will attack you, even if you have what he wants. So you have to do it all over again but don’t touch his stuff. 

Now let’s go over what we don’t like. How unrealistic it is. There’s options or things you would do but you can’t. Back to the holding the photo scenario. The wife wants to show the photo but you’re the one holding it. Any normal person would hand the photo to the wife but in Twelve minutes you can’t do that. You try to show the photo, you get your nose punched. How stupid is that. When your character learns the truth. Knows about the watch, knows about the wife’s father and her involvement but when he confronts her with clear pin point information, she still acts like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If he said “I know you have a pocket watch”, you can get around that but when he gives accurate information like “I know you have a watch, it’s in the ventilation under the medicine cabinet et in the bathroom” that’s too specific. Yet she tries to act like you’re the crazy one who doesn’t know what you’re talking about and that’s so stupid. He clearly knows! On top of that the dude doesn’t even press her and get aggressive. Like don’t play me for a fool. He just accepts it. Getting all the achievements for this game is stupid as well. Especially when it comes to getting the pictures on the wall achievements and looking at them at different phases and loops. Felt more like a waste of time and at times didn’t Gove you the achievement even when you did it right. There next thing is how telegraphed our character swings with a knife. Giving more than enough time to block or evade like the ‘cop’ does. When you have a knife you can’t do big moves like that. Straight line strikes please at least. 

Speaking about the knife, here is our number one most hated thing about Twelve Minutes. It’s an actual fail that breaks and ruined the whole premise of their game which is the time loop. Hear us out. When you try to fight the ‘cop’ with a knife. You do the telegraphed knife attack, get blocked and then knocked down. Okay we get that. The ‘cop’ is a better fighter. So X35 Earthwalker had a brilliant IQ idea. It’s a time loop. It resets for you, keeping your memory and everyone else doesn’t detect anything. Those previous loops never happened for them. This means the ‘cop’ has never fought you before. Yet you remember the fight. So what X35 thought was that if we fight him again we will know his moves and counter them perfectly. This actually worked which made us praise the game for this awesome mechanic. Our character learns! So when we fought him again, he moved his blocked hand and got a stab in. You then get combo-ed and lose. We fought him again and this time dodged the attack after we stabbed him, but then got head butted. Next attempt we moved our head pulled out the knife and got shot in a quick draw. We attempted some more and there’s a series of moves. It looked like maybe the next attempt would work but then the game does something real stupid. When you go to fight him again, instead of us leading with the telegraphed swing, he does an instant right hook to knock you out. That breaks the laws of time loop. The ‘cop’ can’t change his actions as according to him, this is the first time he is facing our character. He doesn’t know about the 8 different times we attacked him and fought. He doesn’t know we are learning his moves. So like the wife saying the same thing every single time, he should the same moves every single time. This really made us annoyed and dislike Twelve Minutes for a while. We actually thought we were on to something. Instead the game wasted our time and took away an opportunity to reward players for persistence and thinking outside the box. This whole game was about thinking and using your head to dove things through the fact that you are in the time loop and your knowledge from previous loops. They took this victory away from us for no good reason. How stupid is that. The game doesn’t want us to kill the ‘cop’ like that but why does that matter since you can kill him in another. You can still kill him. Whatever. Even CoryxKenshin felt the same way in one of his latest videos. Watch from 15:20 to 17:55. 

Overall Twelve Minutes is a very good game. It’s nothing too serious. It’s not a long game. It has mystery, deep mechanics but it’s fun, can get frustrating but that’s the style of the game. When you solve something, you realise you was close but missing something so simple and at times small. It’s available off course on the Xbox game pass too, so it’s easy to get regardless. It’s a cool experience and many big content creators have gave this game a try… because it’s trending and they want views but that’s besides the point. We enjoyed Twelve Minutes. Now Twelve Minutes might have a time loop but not even time loops effect… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker Centipede: Recharged

Centipede: Recharged is an arcade retro game developed by ‘Adamvision Studios‘ and ‘SneakyBox‘ and published by ‘Atari‘. Centipede: Recharged is said to be coming out the 29th of September 2021 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and PC. Those horrible insects are back. We got to blast them. Let’s take a look.

Centipede: Recharged is an old school game brought back basically. Remember those fast moving long centipedes that tried to make its way towards you? Well it’s happening again. Seriously? Who likes centipede? They are horrible creatures with a nasty and dangerous bite. They are fast and have harmed people. So we should blast them. So yeah, that’s what Centipede: Recharged is about. Dangerous centipedes are coming your way and you need to blast them but in modern fashion.

X35 Earthwalker Centipede: Recharged

As you can obviously see, Centipede: Recharged is modernised. There’s new visuals, new animations and off course some special effects and particle effects. Just think about what they did with Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 and some space invader games. It’s basically a remastering of the old classic games. Same thing basically but everything looks better and hopefully controls better. So those who are a fan of the original Centipede should automatically like Centipede: Recharged.

Yes we are aware that there are other bugs too like spiders and a scorpion but clearly the main enemies are centipedes and plus it’s the name of the game so give us a break here. We like the fact that local co-op play is here too. More games need these options. Good job Centipede: Recharged. So work together with a friend or family and crush those horrible bugs together. Two blasters are better than one… unless you are the one getting blasted. So remember that.

X35 Earthwalker Centipede: Recharged

We checked out some Centipede: Recharged gameplay and it’s mostly what we expected. There’s challenges too. Well 30 of them. There’s an endless arcade mode too. So there is some replayability in there. We also spotted some power ups. That’s right, this isn’t the same Centipede you use to know. There’s power ups effects like bombing in a row, side shots and even scaring enemies away. There’s more too so it will be interesting to see what others do.

Overall Centipede looks like another nice modernised classic game. A simple job that so far looks done right. Again, if you liked centipede then you will most likely like Centipede: Recharged. It looks good but we expect more though. The developers ‘Adamvision Studios‘ and ‘SneakyBox‘ have done an alright job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker like what we see but expect more though. Now Centipede: Recharged might have dangerous bugs but those get easily crushed by.. the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker bloodrayne betrayal fresh bites

BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites is a 2D hack ‘n slash platformer game developed by ‘Wayforward‘ and published by ‘Ziggurat‘. BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites is said to be coming out the 9th of September 2021 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and PC. BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites is back. Let’s take a look.

BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites was a 2011 game but now it’s been remastered. So the hacking and slashing action of BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites now has better visuals and graphics. Players can expect higher resolution character sprites. HD displays even up to 4K. So make sure to take advantage of that. It’s always nice to see a game get an upgrade.

X35 Earthwalker bloodrayne betrayal fresh bites

So for those who don’t know about Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites lets look at the story a bit. Basically there’s a society called the brimstone. They basically summon Rayne for one more mission. She has to lead a squad of soldiers into a giant castle. An underground one. The target is Rayne’s father Kagan. Against supernatural forces the soldiers prove to be basically useless. So Rayne has to face the forces alone. There’s only two ways this can end. Either Rayne wins or she dies… so they say…

So now players are going to do what Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites is all about… jumping, slashing, avoiding traps, facing not very pleasant bosses, running around, conquering platforming areas and a bit more. 

X35 Earthwalker bloodrayne betrayal fresh bites

We have said this before but remasters of games like Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites have to do more than just remaster. It’s nice to see old games come back with graphical might but there has to be more. Crash Team Racing Nitro-fueled  did an excellent job of remastering Crash Team Racing. It was graphically improved everywhere PLUS a whole bunch of new things. There has to be more to a remaster. We need new stuff. Maybe a game like Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites needs new enemies, new areas, new bosses, maybe character costumes and a new mode. Those are just ideas of the top of our heads. We hope to see Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites come out with some surprises.

We checked out some Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites gameplay and it’s what we expected. It does remind us to some extent of Castlevania symphony of the night. We know that there is different difficulties. Games like this need to be real difficult. Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites does look real good. We like the combat and the variety of attacks you can use. How you can feast on specific enemies too with a bite. There’s some stuff going on for sure. 

Overall Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites looks like a good game. The action seems fast, nice agility concerning the character Rayne. The graphics are very good. We just want to see more concerning what else the game has to offer. The developers ‘Wayforward’ have done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will just have to hear what Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites brings in the end. Now Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites may have an underground castle but it isn’t stylish enough for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker Nexomon

Nexomon is a adventure Role playing game developed by ‘VEWO Interactive‘ and published by ‘PQube‘. Nexomon is said to be coming out the 17th of September 2021 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and PS4. It’s already out on PC though but who cares. We want to shout “gotta catch them all” but we hear few stuff is different. Remember we are writing as someone who doesn’t know anything about Nexomon. Let’s take a look.

Nexomon… no not Pokemon. Okay let’s drop the crap. We are all thinking of Pokemon but guess what? Pokemon doesn’t own the idea of finding creatures, training them, battling and catching them all. Others can do it and we are happy to see this. So we definitely want to see what Nexomon has to offer and how it was different. Sadly we never heard of Nexomon which tells you how weak PC is. So have a good mindset and check Nexomon out.

X35 Earthwalker Nexomon

Here’s a big difference right of the boat. Players get to choose from seven starting Nexomon. More options for gamers. This alone brings some interest. How will they balance the 7 starter Nexomon? Will one clearly be the weakest of the group? We will have to see. Another big difference right here is the story and it’s most likely the biggest difference between Nexomon and pokemon. Nexomon isn’t about just beatng gym leaders and being the best and maybe running into a criminal team like magma, aqua and off course rocket. The world is actually in danger and there’s a Nexomon king. Who is this king? An actual nexomon or just a dude with the strongest nexomon? Players must save the world from this nexomon king. 

Now off course you have the formula of finding Nexomon, catching them, collecting them all, evolving them and off course battling with them. The combat is there. It’s 2D animated style. Each nexomon has some animations. The animations are nothing special but it’s nice to see. Simple but nice. There are 9 elemental types: Mineral, fire, normal, ghost, plant, water, electric and psychic. These off course have advantages and disadvantages over each other. There are characters known as ‘legendary champions’. So these must be the big guys for players to defeat. We hope it’s done in a different style to Pokemon with their gym leaders and elite 4 etc. We hope it isn’t a simple here they are in a set building. Let’s go in there and fight them.

X35 Earthwalker Nexomon

We truly don’t need to say more as you should know what to expect from Nexomon. There’s no way around it. It’s basically pokemon but more emphasis on a story and some slight differences. There are 300 different Nexomons so there’s already a lot to find. We will say that the variety of locations in the world of Nexomon seems nice, nothing amazing or new but nice. There’s big forests off course, there’s snowy areas and even volcanoes. Variety is always a good factor in gaming. Speaking of variety… there is ten different regions for players to explore.

We checked out some Nexomon gameplay and it’s what we expected. We do like how there’s more Nexomon presence and action on the main screen, where you are travelling, running around etc. It makes the world feel more alive. The design of the Nexomon from what we have seen so far is good. We like the variety. Some look silly, some are sort of lame but there’s some that do look quite cool… but we haven’t seen them all. Wwe hope there are some better ones. The co bat has no extra or deeper layers to it. Seems standard to us which means nothing new and cool but very easy to understand and get into.

Overall Nexomon looks like a good game. A good fun game. If it has what pokemon has and more then it should be good indeed. We do hope to see more concerning the Nexomon and the regions and if truly there’s anymore to combat than the standard we are use to. We hope there’s heavy presence of Nexomon in the Nexomon world to make it stand out more and show more life. There’s opportunities here. The developers ‘VEWO Interactive’ have done a very good job with the game. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see who can catch them all… Nexomon. Now Nexomon may have 300 creatures for us to catch but even that is too easy of a challenge for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker Gears 5 Horde Tier list

Gears 5 has gone through a number of changes and most of them bad. Operation 8 has dropped in and it hasn’t really changed anything for us. Horde is currently the best mode for Gears 5 and it’s what we have been playing the most in groups of friends or with online random players. We wanted to do a horde class tier list because pretty much everyones sucks and they leave out crucial information. So here’s our Gears 5 horde class tier list but more of a quicker summary because it’s harder to explain through writing the than talking. Let’s take a look.

So let’s clarify. Th8s list isn’t about who does the most damage as some lists seem to be based on with heavy emphasis. High damage is very important but not everything. In the same way that having the highest top speed in a racing game doesn’t automatically make it the best car. There’s multiple factors. Turning, acceleration and some games have durability. Some tracks have many sharp turns and so a super fast car with crap turning will be terrible. So in this Gears 5 horde class list some of the things we take into account is damage, survivability, versatility and how well they fulfil their role. For example a damage class could do more damage than a support class but the support class supports the team incredibly well and is therefore better overall. So it’s not about simple silly things. X35 Earthwalker is a far better analyst and wiser than anyone else you could watch. Lastly we know that there are class combos since we invented some and wrote about it n our last Gears 5 blog post. No combos here just solo and their role. Let’s go from C tier to S tier.

C Tier 

X35 Earthwalker Robotic Expert Gears 5

Robotic Expert – This will surprise many people as we saw someone on youtube really bigging up this class. We conclude that it sucks and is the worst of the engineer classes. Sure killing enemies with an embar to heal your fortifications sounds nice in theory but practically it’s not great. For starters on inconceivable difficulty the enemies are harder to kill and require multiple shots. Also you are competing with your allies for kills. They can finish of enemies before you do. The embar has limited ammo so you have to make every shot count. If you sit back and wait for the perfect kill like a weakened scion to headshot, you aren’t pumping out much damage at all. You Could say use the embar on juvies and leeches but not only are they fast and harder to hit, they are very weak and your sentries might kill them before you do. The robotic expert does more damage than mechanic in straight up gun fights but the engineer classes are all about the fortifications and setting up strong defences. Something the robotic expert sucks at. This class doesn’t even have the card that increases your repair speed AND reduce repair cost which is something the other two engineer classes do have. Simply put, if you want damage then be something else. If you want strong defences… be something else.

X35 Earthwalker Protector Gears 5

Protector – This horde class got a major upgrade with one of the recent updates but it still isn’t enough. The protector simply put is an inferior Blade Master. Protector’s best stuff is bleed damage on melee hits and increased melee damage something a blade master also does plus more. The ultimate can create breathing room for a bit but ultimately doesn’t save you for long. The protector is good for escape but not horde. The new passive of healing for 50% of bleed damage helps but it will be overwhelmed by drones with the claw and doesn’t protect you from being one shotted by boom shots and drop shots. There’s a card to boost shotgun damage but that’s pointless as the main focus and strengths is on melee attacks. If you want a strong shotgun then go for infiltrator class. The best card is the regenerative field which allows you to go in for the kill then run back to heal and get stim. Gears 5 horde classes will be tough to balance.

B Tier

X35 Earthwalker Nomad Gears 5

Nomad – We had to change our mind about Nomad. It’s all about the fear ability. People want to say armoured shot but listen up. Armoured shot is fantastic but it’s almost impossible to do as a solo player playing with random players online. The average horde player goes online with random players. You have to assume that no one will be insync with you. They do their thing and you do your thing. The only way to get stim by yourself is to execute enemies which on inconceivable difficulty is super risky. You can’t rely on chainsawing and retro charging enemies or hiding behind cover to pull them over. So many ways those things can go wrong. If you in a invited team and you had a combat medic staying sort of near you to give you stim then yeah armoured shot would make the nomad A tier for sure at a bare minimum but you most likely are solo with no one to give you stim. Nomads strength is about that fear. Spreading fear with headshots is super powerful. Combine intimidation with consecutive shots, markza mastery and acceleration with the passive of dealing double damage to fear inflicted enemies and you can really dominate the horde. The nomad has the same weakness as a number of other classes which is no defence. The nomad goes down just as fast as the others. It’s squishy and can’t stand up to anything 1v1 for the most part. Nomad can have fantastic damage but it’s a one trick class has no survivability outside of it’s ultimate, which doesn’t effect bosses. Lastly Nomads are sort of restricted to precision weapons really. So Nomad is a good class and fantastic in invited working together teams but for the average player it’s just good and we can think of other classes who are more useful or more powerful.

X35 Earthwalker Slugger Gears 5

Slugger – This one is straight forward. It’s just straight up destruction with grenades. The only Gears 5 horde class that has explosive damage increase. When the Slugger is carrying 8 grenades which has massively increased damage, they destroy everything. Especially when a horde is pushing through a tight area and grouped up, the multiple grenades make them disappear quick. The ultimate is actually very good. The damage increase is nice but the real thing is that your bullets now stun and knock back enemies. You can literally hold back the horde by hitting each one with bullets like from the spraying of a lancer. Keep a specific enemy busy, set foes up for your team etc. This ultimate does the most in the hands of a player with decent intelligence and tactics. The negatives are also obvious. Without grenades, the Slugger is basically trash. On top of that, the grenades cost energy. So it’s constant drainage on power which is a huge negative. It’s ultimate can help but it isn’t a game changer. There’s a card for the shotgun but again, you rather be an infiltrator. X35 Earthwalker will never invest the time to build up the Slugger class. It’s not worth it.

X35 Earthwalker Veteran Gears 5

Veteran – This class is just solid. It doesn’t have weaknesses but nothing special going on. For defence there’s a card to give damage resistance while in cover which is great. The veteran is the Gears of War representative class. It’s all about using cover and shooting with rifles. It does that well. It’s best card grants a boost to damage when your health falls below a certain threshold. This allows for the strongest rifle in the game but with a condition. The ultimate combined with the legendary card makes a deadly combo of shield and spear. The veteran is like the perfect class for beginners to pick and learn with. It’s simple gears of War. There’s nothing special or amazing about the Veteran. It has boosts to health through there passive energy upgrades, damage reduction in cover and strong lancers with protection during executions. It’s simple does exactly what it says on the box. You can’t go wrong with a veteran, good fire power but there are more powerful classes. The veteran is suppose to be all about the rifle and should have the best rifle but it doesn’t. We can think of two other classes that have stronger rifles than the Veteran and that’s embarrassing. The Veteran has to be the class we use the least. We never see a horde challenge where we look at the Veteran and say “oh yeah, it’s time”. You can’t go wrong with Veteran but you can ALWAYS do better. Two veterans in a team is not a good thing.

X35 Earthwalker Striker Gears 5

Striker – We want to put this higher X35 Earthwalker ended up loving this class and had lots of fun with it. In the last X35 Earthwalker Gears 5 horde livestream, X35 played the striker and made the class look like it’s A/S tier. It isn’t. It’s a melee class so it shares the same weaknesses as protector and blade master. You have to get up close to your enemies which is insanely risky. Your only real weapons is also close range. If you get downed next to enemies or some distance away you put the whole team at risk. The Striker class does have tools to help though. You get stim when you inflict melee damage which is huge. You get a big speed boost when you take damage (passive ability) which can be used to run away or close the gap real fast. As you get melee kills you recharge your ultimate faster which is how the Striker gets his kills… by melee. There’s a card that gives insane bleed damage to the breaker mace which makes a huge difference. There’s also a card that gives a huge damage boost on your first attack on an enemy who has full health. So the Striker can face scions with the greatest of ease. The legendary card is weak because it only causes the explosion by melee kills and not the bleed damage that the breaker mace inflicts which is dumb design. The ultimate is like the slugger except it’s for melee. Your hits stun the enemy and has a damage boost. The ultimate + breaker mace bleed + stim on hit is a powerful combo. Then melee hits bring back your ultimate faster to repeat the process. The striker is great and only high skilled players can play this class. It’s difficult. Again this isn’t the best melee class so logically there’s no reason to pick this class either… sadly. X35 has dominated, survived and got the highest damage in horde matches with this class before.

X35 Earthwalker Marksman Gears 5

Marksman – This will also surprise horde players. Marksman are very powerful and do high damage. They make certain enemies disappear. Scion? Dead! Pouncer? Dead! Snipers? Dead! Anything with a head becomes dead real quick with a marksman around. No doubt about it. Hear the weaknesses though. The marksman is in the group of classes as the squishiest classes. They have no health boosts, no damage resistances that matters, no stim, no defences AT ALL. A drone with a claw or even a hammerburst will down you so fast it’s so sad. The marksman can’t look after themselves. Plus there are some enemies that snipers aren’t good against like sires and rejects. If those come after the marksman then they might be in trouble. Also snipers are ammo box dependant and require A LOT of ammo. Sure you can build a locker fortification to get ammo but those things cost 5000 energy which could have been used for something else. Then you have to upgrade the locker for the extra space which is another 5000. So yeah, Marksman aren’t cheap. Marksman are only good against two bosses: Wardens and Stumps. Stumps are never really a problem so you want to leave them in the back for last so sniping them out straight away is not the best option. We saw a sentinel fly through a base to the back and shot at a marksman for like a few milliseconds and the marksman went down instantly. No health. No defence. So it can’t be A tier.

A Tier 

X35 Earthwalker Demolition Gears 5

Demolition – Yep. We see you shocked, astonished, maybe a little mad about this. “X35 Earthwalker doesn’t know what he’s talking about. How is demolition not S tier?” First of all shut up and calm down. Second of all, there’s a reason why X35 Earthwalker is the world greatest gamer and you aren’t. Know your place. The demolition has like the highest damage damage in the game. They literally can blow everything up and spread bleed damage everywhere. The bleed damage brings back their ultimate super fast for them to do another bombing. We know all that. We have done that and more. Demolition has the same problems as the marksman for the most part. THEY HAVE NO HEALTH. They are squishy. One slap and they bend over. You can have all the explosive power you want but the moment a drone elite catches you slipping just a little bit, you on the ground begging for a revive. Where’s your fire power now? The Demolition is also heavily dependent on ammo boxes. You use weapon lockers to get around that but that’s a lot of spending but once you are set up with multiple explosive weapons and maybe some grenades, you can destroy almost anything and do mad damage. Sadly it feels like the explosive damage has been nerfed 9across all classes), this means less bleed damage too. We have out-damaged a fully set up demolition before with a few other classes before which is sad. The demolition should have mostly the highest damage output. The demolition is all damage, no versatility, definitely no survivability and a one trick class. It’s just got sooooooo much damage that it forces itself into A tier.

X35 Earthwalker Pilot Gears 5

Pilot – Has the second best stim card in the game. Just shot anything and you get stim. Plain and simple. Stim for yourself though. Now obviously the strength of the Pilot is the silverback ultimate. The silverback is a boss shredder. The bleed damage mulcher shreds and kills real fast. There is a bit of versatility. You can either focus on being all about the silverback as much as possible or us the hammer legendary card and be all about the dropshot. You can focus on a boosted enforcer smg which truly shreds at close range. You could focus on the freeze ability and finish of weakened enemies. The freeze is also excellent against bosses and works with the silverback. Do not underestimate this ability as it can help easily kill anything. The Pilot can boost their health meaning they aren’t squishy but thanks to their easy stim they become sort of tanky. Also, you can get your ultimate back quite fast. Not top 5 fastest naturally but there’s a card that makes it come back faster if two of your allies are dead but that’s worst case scenario and should aim to avoid this. You can spend energy to upgrade your ultimate cool down to get it back faster too. The negatives are obvious. The Pilot is considerably weaker without a silverback. If you are going for a strong dropout build then you require a set up like the marksman, requiring weapon lockers. The pilot has alright survivability, definitely versatile and has great damage but fantastic damage with the silverback. Protect the silverback as it can be destroyed… a big weakness. 

X35 Earthwalker Tactician Gears 5

Tactician – This class is powerful and does it’s role as a support very well. It has firepower as there’s an explosive damage bleed card and you start with a boomshot. The Tactician has cards to help mark as many enemies as possible giving your teammates awareness and sight. When teammates kill a marked enemy they get their ultimate back faster which is big. There’s a card that makes teammates do more damage to enemies you mark which is very powerful. Mark the boss and big guys. Then their ultimate gives ammo to your teammates which can be a big help depending on the classes you are working with. The Tactician can increase it’s help with energy upgrades meaning it isn’t as squishy as the squishy classes. Put all of this totter and you have a very solid class for sure which deals very good damage and supports the whole team very easily. Last of all you can invest energy in explosive ammo to quickly refill all your explosive weapons while in the ultimate’s circle (range). This means you can spam lancer grenade launcher missiles, spam boom shots, dropshot or whatever. This results in massive amounts of damage and it costs no ammo. The negatives is that a 50% boost to health from your passive energy upgrades just makes you survive a bit longer than squishy but not by much. The Tactician does it’s job as a support very well, it’s definitely got damage potential, has little survivability and has some versatility. Having a Tactician on your team is a good thing.

X35 Earthwalker Architect Gears 5

Architect – This class is underrated but very powerful. It has the card to make repairs faster and cheaper, something robotic expert doesn’t have for some reason. There’s a card to boost the damage of all fortifications and it’s a rare card meaning it’s not that hard to level up. So Architect saves energy when working and has high damage fortifications. Just by staying safe for a while you get free stim which you can use to attend to your fortifications. The decoy ultimate is the star here. DON’T SLEEP ON THE DECOY. X35 Earthwalker multiple times used the decoy and it distracted the boss enemies for the longest time. No joke. A scion, snatcher and something else all kept trying to kill the decoy. The decoy can last way longer thanks to a card, where if you hit enemies with ballistic rounds while the decoy is up, you extend it’s duration. Use a lancer and the decoy stays around for the whole wave practically. That’s so strong. But wait… there’s more! There’s one card which is the X factor of the Architect’s tools. The flank damage card is insane! It’s maximum is 200%. To put this in perspective quickly, the Veteran has a card to give 60% extra rifle damage, get another 50% from energy passive spending which totals 110%. If you had a level 2 flank card, you would get an additional 70% which totals 180%. The architect with one card can dome damage than a Veteran with two cards and fully upgraded damage with energy! That’s crazy. Remember that the Architect’s flank damage card is a common grade which means it’s the easiest to get to level 6. Thatr’s so cheap that it’s good. Combine this flank card with the decoy and we got some serious free damage. It’s an. engineer that can really fight by itself with a powerful ultimate that can easily turn the tide of a wave, especially a boss wave. The Architect just doesn’t have any real survivability besides that regenerative field stim card. A good card for sure but other from that, Architect is squishy, has no damage unless flanking, no versatility as there’s only one way to play it.

X35 Earthwalker Blade Master Gears 5

Blade Master – The strongest of the melee classes still. Blade master has powerful bleed damage from melee which you can get through the energy passive spending. You can equip a breaker mace for increased melee damage which means more bleed damage. The highest bleed damage in the game overall. Nothing survives like three breaker mace standard swings. As you melee or melee bleed kill you heal for half your health. There’s like two damage resistance cards for close range combat. There’s natural damage resistance through energy passive spending. On top of that there is a card to gain stim if you soak up near a tap. Stim plus all these damage resistance actually makes you very tanky if played with skill. Melee classes like Blade Master are the most difficult to use and require the most skill. So even though the Blade Master is actually very tanky it doesn’t feel that way when you rush to cut up an enemy but unfortunately it doesn’t feel that way when three enemies target you down at the same time and you get downed at their feet real quick. To add to your firepower you have your ultimate which is one of the best in the game. You can have it give you instant stim to save your life, lots of shock to stun and immobilise enemies for you to cut them up too. You become almost unstoppable and dealing massive damage. The ultimate is also a Warden killer. It cuts through wardens armour and stacks bleed so much that the warden doesn’t stand a chance. Random wardens are no longer a problem when the Blade Master is around. You could dedicate a card to make sure you have a high gaming claw for ranged combat too. There’s also a blade dancer card which increases your melee damage as you melee kill stacking up to triple damage (200%). So there’s very high damage (one of the highest), lots of survivability, a little versatility and fulfils it’s role very much so. Not S tier because there’s not enough defence to truly survive out there. Enough in theory but you can go down so fast it’s scary at times.

X35 Earthwalker Jack Gears 5

Jack – Jack is A class for sure. His strengths and weaknesses are very clear. Jack lacks damage as it’s not his job to do damage. His health is low. Those are the weaknesses. His strengths is the amount of super support he gives. Jack’s electric shocks does a little damage but it also stuns enemies preventing them from attacking. Jack could stun a boomer scion allowing snipers and others to take it out without fear. On top of that the electric has a passive effect. Anyone attacking the stunned enemy does 50% more damage. So imagine a full powered sniper hiding a boomer scion in the head with 50% extra damage. This is easier to do as Jack can cloak. Enemies cannot see Jack or detect him at all while cloaked allowing him to move around without fear. Jack has a healing beam which can be used to heal allies. Its a strong heal overpowering the damage of most enemies. This beam can also revive downed allies and since it’s a beam, Jack can repair from a distance which is very useful. This beam also repairs fortifications which helps out engineers classes a lot with fortification maintenance. jack is also one of three classes who fit the ‘team saviour’ category. We have seen Jack be the only survivor from a slaughter and sneak around, grab tags, lure enemies away, revive team mates, stun specific enemies and bring the victory. X35 Earthwalker witnessed a Jack bring victory from certain defeat. He crowned him the best random online Jack player. Jack is amazing but it doesn’t stop there. Jack’s ultimate is game changer. He can hijack and take control of a non-boss enemy and use it against the enemy. Literally take over a scion mulched for example and stack shredding the enemy. Then there’s a card that makes those controlled enemies explode for extra big damage. The hijack saves lives. Your team could be pinned down by an annoying enemy and Jack comes in and just takes that enemy away and puts it to use. Jack is so good. Jack players do need to time their hijack ultimate carefully as while you are hijacking an enemy, you can’t revive anyone. You also can’t cancel your ultimate either. So be careful. Jack’s support abilities easily outclass any weaknesses and goes straight to near the top of A tier. We rather have a Jack on our team than a demolition… that’s how good Jack is. 

X35 Earthwalker Mechanic Gears 5

Mechanic – The Mechanic is the best engineer class easily. The mechanic has the card that gives repair efficiency and reduces repair cost which makes a difference. There’s a card for increased fortification damage making fences and off course sentry guns much stronger. Combine that damage boost with the energy spend passives and the damage is really strong, shredding the horde. There’s a card to give fortifications damage resistance. There’s a big common card that at max level gives fortifications 175% more health! That’s huge! To give an example if a fence had 1000 health the mechanic’s fence has 2750. Nearly three times as much. So imagine a range of fortifications that deal more damage, got damage distance and has 175% more health. The horde can’t get through that. Now unlike the robotic expert and architect, the mechanic has some actual survivability. There’s a legendary card that gives the mechanic stim when he repairs fortifications. This card is powerful. X35 Earthwalker himself has faced a group of enemies looking at him by dancing around his sentry guns while constantly repairing which grants constant stim which actually kept him alive. The mechanic WAS the decoy. He didn’t die. The mechanic is a engineer class that can stand in the middle of a fight and do his job. The other engineers have to hide. The whole point of horde since Gears of War 3 was to have strong fortifications. The mechanic represents horde. It’s pure fortifications and all fortifications. On top of everything the update gave the mechanic a new ultimate. The mechanic summons (no dark magician included) and places a turret which does a lot of damage. This turret is something any ally except Jack off course can use and start firing. A class that hasn’t got much firepower can use that turret instead to do immense damage. The turret did more damage than we thought. The mechanic has no real weakness. It’s damage is it’s fortifications and those things are solid. Off course a swarmak and matriarch don’t care about fortifications. Mechanics have survivability and is a must have class for a horde team. Seriously, increased damage level 4 turrets with max energy spent passive damage upgrades shreds the horde without question. 

S Tier

X35 Earthwalker Infiltrator Gears 5

Infiltrator – This class is crazy. It’s basically a blade master but stronger and uses a shotgun instead of melee. The infiltrator has higher damage than the blade master, more defence than the blade master, same speed as the blade master and more survivability. There’s cards that cause immense bleed damage with the shotgun. Then there’s a card that multiplies the damage the shotgun does on bleeding enemies. Strong synergy there. Then there’s a card that gives instant stim when you kill by shotgun or shotgun bleed damage. There’s a card that grants damage resistance while you have stim. There’s also a card that increases stim capacity so you can have more stim. There’s a passive energy spend option to increase movement speed too. So the infiltrator becomes incredibly difficult to defeat. Maybe the second hardest to defeat… maybe. Then there’s the ultimate which cloaks the Infiltrator. So like Jack, can’t be seen at all. While cloaked you can execute humanoid enemies for free. So if you are trapped or about to die, you can cloak and then run away since all enemies instantly lose interest in you and go away after your team. The infiltrator truly doesn’t have a reason for dying, especially when ultimate is ready. The Infiltrator has some versatility. You can either go fill shotgun and stim, being a powerful sword and shield with stim batteries and enhanced stim along with the other three shotgun cards. Or you can focus more on the cloaking as there is a card which extends the duration of the cloak called cloak batteries. There’s also a legendary card called chain which extends your ultimate every time you execute an enemy while cloaked. At level 4 each execution grants 4 more seconds. You could literally ru around killed off grenadiers, elite drones, snipers and whatever you want for your team. Lastly the passive ability makes it so that the first shot you fire will automatically end your cloak but that one will do ten times (10x) more damage. One shot on a big enemy can straight up eliminate them. The infiltrator is just so strong and inflicts standard damage like no other. This is S tier without question. So don’t argue.

X35 Earthwalker Brawler Gears 5

Brawler – This is a tough one and took a lot off reasoning. The brawler is the lowest of the S tier classes. The brawler has the most versatility of any class. You can focus completely on setting enemies on fire with perfect active reloads. Use the ‘All the glory’ card to cause enemies who die from burn to explode dealing area of effect damage. You could focus solely on your ultimate with the burn and recharge card which makes your ultimate recharge faster for every enemy burning. This gets your ultimate back much faster. Then add the killing time card which extends your ultimate every time you kill an enemy with the ultimate. This allows for a seriously long and effective train of destruction. You could focus more on tackling enemies. Killing a enemy with the tackle grants instant stim to yourself. There’s a card which makes a tickle kill grant even more stim. There’s a card which let’s your tackles set enemies on fire and any enemy already burning, the tackle does even more damage, at level 5 you do 250% more damage. There’s also a card that reduces the damage you take while sprinting. You could even focus on the scorcher as there a card that increases scorcher damage and another that allows you to have more scorcher ammo. Combine scorcher cards with burn type cards and that’s a scary combo for defensive play. The Brawler can do crowd control as there’s a common crd that at max level reduces the movement speed of enemies who are burning by 60%. The brawler also is the tankiest class of them all! There’s the perk up card which at max level grants 60% more health and regeneration speed. There’s the 40% (at max) damage resistance while sprinting, There’s increasing of health through the energy spend passive system. There’s the inner fire card which grants at max level 35% damage resistance while your ultimate is available. Let’s do some quick maths. Let’s say all classes have 500 health points. Perk up makes the Brawler have 800 hp. The max energy spend gives 50% which means a total of 1050 hp. The brawler has more than double the health of snipers and demolitions and all cases with no defence. Now for the damage reduction. Assuming the Brawler has 1050 hp. Inner fire gives 35% damage resistance. So lets say a boomshot natural does 1000 damage, it now does 650. Now if the brawler was hit while sprinting with the sprint image resistance card which is 40% that’s a total of 75% resistance meaning that 1000 damage boomshot now does 250 damage on a direct hit! 250?! That’s a joke, except it’s a reality for the Brawler. That would mean a sprinting Brawler would need 5 direct hitting boom shots to get downed! No other class is close to doing that! And uneducated ignorant people want to complain and say what good is maths after school. Also the brawler has ammo regeneration which means no ammo boxes needed. Independent of ammo boxes is so good. Need we say more about the brawler? No. His only real weakness is his lack of damage. His damage is on the grand scheme of things weak. Relying on burn damage isn’t the best and his charge tackle like with blue master requires lots of skill and tactics to be successful. Brawler is the tackiest and more versatile of all the classes. Get great damage if focused on ultimate.

X35 Earthwalker Anchor Gears 5

Anchor – The Anchor was A class at first but then got promoted. The update helps as the Anchor now does 30% more damage with the Boltok. That makes a difference as there’s a card for Boltok perfect active reload bleed damage. More damage means more bleed damage as bleed is a percentage of the actual damage. The Anchor has good tankiness as there’s the crazy tough card which grants 60% more health. You can also increase health with the energy spend passive system. So Anchor is harder to kill and takes more. The Anchor with the passive energy spending system plus passive ability means 80% increased boltok damage. You perfectly reload your boltok and unload on an enemy, especially headshots and watch their health drain away real fast. You can increase crit damage too so even more damage which means more bleed damage. The Anchor has ammo regeneration which means you never have to pick up an ammo box. The only gun the Anchor needs is also the boltok which means the minimum amount of needs of all the classes. Now let’s talk about the show stopper here which is the ultimate. That barrier literally saves lives. This barrier blocks all forms of fire including scorcher and cryo attacks. Allies can hide behind the barrier too. The passive ability of the Anchor grants any ally who shoots through the barrier 50% more damage. This is big especially if three allies rally behind the shield. There’s a card which extends your barrier for every kill you get. which is powerful. There’s a awesome card that grants stim to everyone for every bullet you take to your barrier. Get everyones attention, then stand in the open and activate ultimate and watch all your team glow with stim. Loaded. The Anchor’s ultimate comes back quite quickly so don’t worry about waiting for th life and death moment for your barrier. Use when you want. The barrier also lasts. Avery long time. Incredibly long actually. We have seen the Anchor save a team with that barrier. The anchor has tankiness, almost invulnerability, high damage, ammo independent, gives stim to allies, quite fast recharging ultimate, doesn’t require anything, enhance damage with barrier and a team saviour class. Having an Anchor is always a good thing.  

X35 Earthwalker Combat Medic Gears 5

Combat Medic – Here we are. This class is super. Where do we begin? The Combat medic through the energy spending passive system can have more health making it tougher than other classes with no health boost at all. The combat medic has a natural rifle damage boost of 30% as a passive. This combined with it’s 60% rifle damage boost card plus the damage boost from the enemy spending passive system means the Combat Medic has a stronger rifle than the Veteran. Think about that. The combat medic has a stronger lancer than a class build around rifles and cover. That’s silly. So the Combat Medic has damage and can defend itself. The combat medic has a card to have multiple grenades which means multiple explosive damage. That’s just the simple stuff. The combat medic has helpful headshots which means that any headshot you make grants stim to yourself and all nearby allies. The combat medic is handing out free stim. This means tankiness for the whole team, not just himself like Infiltrator and Pilot. The combat medic has intervention which means that if you kill an enemy sort of near a downed ally, that ally is instantly revived. This ability is so amazing. You can wait for a juvie to come near an ally or throw a grenade to get the job done. As long as it’s a kill. Two allies once was down and X35 Earthwalker just chainsawed a reject some distance away and they both got up. The Combat medic review better than Jack who is an awesome reviver too. At level 3 the intervention card has a range of 14 meters! That’s huge. The Combat Medic has maybe the best ultimate in the game. It revives every downed ally. If all four members are down, the combat medic can bring them back up no matter where they are on the map. The ultimate also works on yourself. If the Combat Medic is downed he can still use his ultimate to get himself up. Not the best use but it works. Once the whole team was down including X35 Earthwalker. He timed it as allies crawled away. Then bam, everything got up. That’s the most epic feeling in the game. The true definition of team saviour. The Combat Medic also has the fastest Ultimate recharge in the game thanks to one card. There’s a grenade card which recharges the ultimate over halfway if you kill something with a grenade. This means that if you kill two enemies with grenades you instantly recharge your ultimate. That’s too good. You can revive a downed roaming team mate like an Infiltrator or Blade master, then use your 8 grenades and throw them all to blow up and kill enemies and get your ultimate back ready to revive another player, while giving everyone stim and dishing out good damage with rifles like the Retro lancer. The Combat medic could get a torque bow or long shot sniper and headshot drones to make the distance reviving of downed allies with intervention easier. You could instead use the damage resistance cards to make the Combat medic tougher. There’s a card that makes your team revive repair fortifications. There’s even a card that makes it so that if anyone kills an enemy you marked, the killer gets a ton of health for it. We talking 1500 health. There is different ways to play the Combat Medic but one style completely outclasses the others but there are still options though. The only real downside is that the Combat Medic is ammo dependant. X35 Earthwalker has never failed a horde while being the Combat Medic. Combat Medic is in our opinion the second best class in the game. Solid damage, more than a veteran. Good survivability, the only class able to do something after getting downed. Versatility, multiple ways to play but there’s a clear best way. The ultimate team saviour, it’s ultimate is too good. Excellent team support, it gives free stims and has the best stim card in the game and can revive others at a distance. 

X35 Earthwalker Gunner Gears 5

Gunner – Last but the exact opposite of the least. The Gunner is in our opinion the best class in the game! It’s the best combination of attack and defence overall. The clear negative is that you need to hold a heavy weapon but once you have one, it’s a whole new game. All damage you inflict with a heavy weapon heals the Gunner. So you can stay in the fight longer than others. On top of that there’s a card called bait armour which makes it so that whenever you take damage you gain damage resistance for a period of time up to a maximum of 60%. 60% is huge, so combine that with the self heal willow damaging. The gunner beats elite drones and their claw weapon blow for blow. The heal and damage resistance over powers the damage. If you rock with the tri shot you deal immense damage. Tri shot alone is so darn powerful but it can get headshots which is even more damage which means even more healing. The Gunner has ammo regeneration for chain guns like the tri shot and mulcher making the Gunner ammo independent as heavy weapons are the only guns it needs. The ultimate is one of the best in the game. You become completely invulnerable to damage. Melee, flames, explosives, bullets, torque bow… it doesn’t matter. No damage at all. Also The Gunner is the only class that can survive a torque bow stuck in him. If you get hit, you can activate your ultimate before it explodes, you negate all damage. There’s a card that recharges your ultimate for every bullet you hit enemies with mulcher or tri shot. This makes your ultimate come back incredibly fast. Second fastest in the game. By the way, your Ultimate doesn’t just make you invulnerable, it also reflects the damage enemies send your way (if it’s ballistic rounds) right back at them. This is further enhanced by the bleed card where every damage reflected back causes bleed damage. This allows for gunners to 1v1 bosses like stumps, Kestrel and swarmak. These three use ballistic weapons. A Gunner can just stand in front of them and activate the ultimate when it shoots at you. Watch it’s health drain away. It’s actually funny. The Gunner also has a team resist card which grants huge damage resistance to the whole team for 6 second the moment you activate your ultimate. This can easily save your team in a serious fight. There’s also a battery card which makes it so that as you get hit by enemies your allies ultimate recharge faster. This is a very good support card also. There’s even a card that gives yourself and nearby allies explosive damage resistance up to 32%. This has easily saved lives before like from boomshot area of effect damage. The Gunner has very high damage, the best survivability, great support effects and INVULNERABILITY. The Gunner is the only class that can solo the horde by itself. The Gunner can stand up the horde and survive… X35 Earthwalker has done it before. Matter of fact, we had a match where the whole team abandoned us at wave 6. X35 Earthwalker was a Gunner and the other ally was a Gunner too. They beat the whole horde match by themselves. Off course those cowardly traitors were replaced by bots but bots aren’t as good as good players. Still all the waves even wave 12 was defeated by two Gunners. No other two horde classes can do that. Not even two Combat Medics, definitely not two demolitions. Maybe two mechanics… if the stars aligned but even then things can easily go wrong. Only the gunner can do that. We will upload a video of the last wave as proof. The one true Gunner weakness is sires. Even the ultimate doesn’t save you from their grab ability, it will stick rip your head off. Even so, the Gunner is the best. Number 1.

That’s our tier list. The best tier list. The list isn’t in order amongst the tiers themselves. We just wrote about them in whatever order we felt like within the tiers themselves. We aren’t saying the protector is better than robotic expert. We just wanted to write about the robotic expert first. The information we put here isn’t in full eat as it’s long to write and we are way better at talking about points than writing. So take this as the summary. Now it’s clear some classes are better than others but none are better than… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker - Lost in Random

Lost in Random is an action adventure game developed by ‘zoink‘ and ‘thunderful‘ and published by ‘Electronic Arts‘. Lost in Random is said to be coming out the 10th of September 2021 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and PC. Lost in Random is out here with a very strange world with strange rules. Let’s take a look.

Lost in Random is truly a strange but mystical world. The story is very interesting. There was a queen who is described as a mad queen. She controlled a mysterious black dice. She made a rule that every child of Random must roll the dice on their 12th birthday. This one roll decides everything. What number you get decides where you must stay for the rest of your life. For example a 1 means you go to one croft which is a tough place as it’s described as living a life of struggle. Getting a 3 and you go to threedom, which is a “chaotic realm destroyed by civil war”. Get a six and you get to live a life of luxury in the queens dark palace. Well that’s what you’ve been told anyways. X35 Earthwalker don’t trust her. 

X35 Earthwalker - Lost in Random

In Lost of Random, players control Even who has a sister named Odd. See all the many number references yet? They got separated at the roll of the dice. Odd got a 6 and so had to go. Even didn’t get a six. A year later, Even got a strange signal. What does it mean? Even doesn’t know. Maybe it’s from Odd and she’s in trouble.So Even sets out. Follows the signal and ends up at a mysterious place called… the valley of dice… where she found a living dice. This dice has amazing powers like altering the world around them and even mess with time. So yeah, Even and the living dice whom she named Dicey are on an adventure.

Players will off course have to travel to and explore the 6 realms. One real for each number on the dice which are conveniently named after the numbers too. Exploration is a part of Lost of Random. Players will ned to look around to find clues, find secrets and solutions. Even will encounter multiple citizens who are off course quite different, especially depending on which realm you find them. Someone in Onecroft might be miserable while someone in threedom might be heartless.

X35 Earthwalker - Lost in Random

We checked out some Lost in Random gameplay and it’s not exactly what we expected. The enemies in this game definitely look evil. It’s the queens army. Combat is all about the dice. Build up energy and let dicey roll. Then decide your actions from that. You must be ready to switch things up at any time. Collect cards to build a deck and use them to your advantage. Some cards grant new powers and attacks. Some cards work very well together for combos and maximum potential. You can even get a bomb to deal with grouped up enemies. Oh and make sure to complete the quests you find in Lost in Random. They help out citizens and help break Random’s curse.

Overall Lost in Random looks like an alright game so far. The story is the best part of this game. The story is an excellent for us but thew rest of the game doesn’t appeal to us as much. Lost in random isn’t simple though. Talking with the citizens and completing their quests have “branching dialogue options” which allows for more information concerning them and the world. The graphics are a weird style but they done it very well. We like the world design here, it’s excellent. After the story, next interested in the combat. Will need to learn more. The developers ‘zoink‘ and ‘thunderful’ have done a good job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see what Lost in Random accomplishes in the gaming industry. 

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