Gaming is something we like to do. X35 Earthwalker especially. We play many games and have had many fun to awesome moments. Check out some of our moments in gaming and let us know of some of yours.



This is the G-Pics. Just one click away are many gaming pictures of X35 Earthwalker or friends in action. We think that pictures are nice, some come check them out.

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This is the G-Clips. In here lies many quick clips of different gaming moments from X35 Earthwalker and his gaming friends. Halo, gears of war, world of van helsing deathtrap and other games.

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This is the G-blog. Gamers especially will like this. Here lies all the blogs that comes from us. Blogs about big games like Halo, Gears of war and more. Come read out reviews, opinions and more.

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Latest Gaming Videos

X35 Earthwalker has been uploading lots of gaming videos to both our Bitchute and YouTube channel. This link leads to our page that always displays our latest uploaded videos.

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X35 Earthwalker Twitch Gaming channel

Live stream

X35 Earthwalker sometimes does live streams with Beam. Now you can watch the legendary soldier in action and join in.

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Game Design Maze Time - X35 Earthwalker

Maze Time

Maze Time is the new action maze game being developed by X35 Earthwalker. The ultimate casual game for everyone requiring skill, many attempts and causes some rage quitting

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