Maze Time

A new game in development


Maze Time is a new 2D maze adventure game developed by X35 Earthwalker himself. You aren’t sure how but you find yourself in the world of Mazes. Something is speaking to you and giving you some advice on what to do and how to survive. Who is this voice? Whatever. There are many mazes each with different items, paths and enemies. This game is very challenging but simple enough that anyone can play it and do well. Give it a try.

  • Over 20 levels
  • Over 10 different enemies
  • Multiple items and power ups
  • Score board for bragging rights.
  • Very challenging and lots of fun (you will rage quit)

This game is still in development but it’s getting closer and closer to be released. We will get better equipment and software in the future but doing what we can with what we have. Maze Time is the property of X35 Earthwalker. Check it out.

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Maze Time - X35 Earthwalker
Maze Time - X35 Earthwalker
Maze Time stage - X35 Earthwalker
Maze Time logo - X35 Earthwalker
Maze Time title screen - X35 Earthwalker
Maze Time ghost level - X35 Earthwalker


Many obstacles

In Maze Time players can expect a lot of obstacles. Doors which requires all the keys present to open. Soft blocks that the player can’t break but something else can. Holes in the ground which you appear to be bottomless. Will the obstacles be enough to stop you?

Dangerous enemies

The enemies are dangerous and numerous. Bully Ghosts, Whammy, The Bad Man, Raging Rhino, Sky Tera, Jumpy and much more are all out there with their own personalities. Some don’t have movement patterns meaning you don’t know what they will do next. 

Annoying traps

The world of Mazes definitely has traps which just might make players rage quit. ‘Invisible magic blocks’ which just simply reduce the players options. Hidden trap buttons which when activated trigger arrow traps. Auto idol traps which have nothing better to do than fire arrows.