Below are some businesses that have some awesome stuff that you just might find interesting. Everything from music distribution to life changing books. All are professional of great quality. More will be available over time. 

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Travellers Influencers

No where is safe from these curious travellers. Travellers Influencers are all about, well, travelling and seeing many countries and discovering what they have to offer like hotels, restaurants, shops and more. If you want to be influenced into travelling or to learn more about different places then take a “pree wit dem.”

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Kreativ Kingdom

 The masters in Graphic design. When it comes to that field, there’s NO ONE better. Logos, banners, leaflets and more, they can do it and bring the best results. The main dude known as Dwain is the top graphic designer in the whole of the United Kingdom (UK).

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Sanjuro Martial arts

Want to be strong, fit and able to hold your own in a brawl or two against multiple opponents? Then Sanjuro is for you as no one does that better. Sanjuro is a new martial art which focuses on movement and attack rather than defense. They were awarded London Club of the year at the London Sport Awards in 2016. 

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a Lively hope for children and youth in need foundation

A Lively Hope for Children and Youth are a powerful charity who are already making big progress and hitting milestones in changing children and youths lives in Gambia. They are constantly active and working hard for the care and future of children and youths. Building a nation through education.

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Seline’s Kreations

Seline’s Kreations is an event planning service which specialises in event decor. They provide indoor and outdoor services as well as advice on planning your ideal event.  Their aim is to run a smooth and time effective service which both you and your guests can enjoy. Why not make your event perfect?

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Living Power of God International Ministries

Living Power of God International Ministries’s mission is to Reach Nations, Disciple People and Transform Lives through The Living Power of God. They have already made huge progress and entire communities have been impacted by and transformed. They can’t be stopped and neither can the gospel.

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Chayelles pampering

They are at it again. A brand new product has been released. The new book called ‘The writings on the wall’. The description says, “The writings on the wall is a collection of poems that is divided into six parts focusing on the love God has for us…” They also have multiple services and products available so check them out.

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At Ian’s Barber Shop you can find the legendary barber Ian. He has been cutting hair over the past 20 years, in over 5 countries including the UK. Has exceptional skills with and  experience with all types of hair. Over the past 20 years they have had over 200 customers per week in that Shop.

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