X35 Earthwalker Redfall

Redfall is a great game. Had lots of fun with this game. Redfall is an Xbox exclusive and was developed by ‘Arkane studios‘ and published by ‘Bethesda‘. X35 Earthwalker wanted to do a simple review/talk about Redfall. Show why it’s very good… especially since many ignorant and foolish people have bashed and attacked this game. Mainly pc and PlayStation players. So instead hear from X35 Earthwalker who is the smartest and wisest gamer of all time. Let’s take a look.

X35 Earthwalker Redfall

Redfall is quite simple to understand. You was in Redfall, which is a very lively town. Then suddenly things go very wrong. Vampires show up, they form cults who will attack and shoot anyone. You encounter a powerful vampire who is called black Sun. The sun gets blocked out making things free season for vampires. The survivors are being hunted down. so why not leave? Well somehow the vampires have raised up the sea… copying what God did with Moses, but a discounted not as good version of it. It’s solid stuff you can’t swim through and traps boats. So yeah, you can’t leave. Help the survivors and defeat the vampire so called gods.

X35 Earthwalker Redfall

Redfall is an open world game and it shows. Not the largest world at all but it’s split into two maps. The image above is the first map and where you start off. It’s also the smaller map. What’s weak though is that you can’t go back and forth between them. It’s a progression thing. Part 1 and part 2 of the game. Aside from that, the open world is probably the best thing about Redfall. The world is so excellently designed. Redfall town clearly looks like life was big here. You see the churches, the shops, markets, cinema, trailers, lighthouses and more. The ferris wheel and hotels. Our favourite thing about Redfall is after clearing out thew enemies, go for a tour and stroll around the town. You see everything. You can clearly see how life was like in this town. X35 Earthwalker will do a podcast talking about this soon-ish. It’s fun and detailed.

Speaking of detailed. Redfall has if not probably the most detailed open world in gaming. Watch the video above. The developers didn’t need to do all that. The posters on the wall are detailed and have actual information. There are job advertisements with contact information and terms. The food and items aren’t just generic brands, blank or copy and paste. Redfall has actual brands and names. From the tomato and fish tins to milk and beverages. Sweets and chocolates have names as well and eventually you’ll get to know them as you explore more corner shops and stores. It’s not just shops either but important buildings as well. The documents, writings, prints and more. Walk around ton and see for yourself.

The issues we hear from pc and playStation players. All seem to be performance issues. All of these issues were mainly on the pc. So much for pc master race… more like pc inferior race. pc has been having launch issues with new games recently. Not good but it happens. On the Xbox Series X, X35 hasn’t encountered any of those issues. So our experience has been excellent. Some say it’s 30 frames per second. Hard never been a problem. Sure it’s not as smooth as 60 obviously but it didn’t effect the gameplay for us. pc players claimed the world was empty concerning enemies. Wrong again. On the Xbox we had many enemies. We saw cultists, bellwether, vampires and vampire variants. We even witnessed cultists with vampires fighting against bellwether, multiple times. So yeah, pc and playstation players aren’t correct.

X35 Earthwalker Redfall

There’s a decent set of weapons in Redfall. Pistols, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, UV beams and stake launchers. There are some variety to each weapon class and you can carry 3 at a time. There’s also a blood remnant and a vampire god remnant. Both remnants need more options and have stronger effects. The weapons are all very effective. There are what’s called ‘unrivaled’ weapons. Basically legendary weapons which have the best effects and much stronger than other weapons of the same level. What they should have added is the means to level up your weapons sop they stay powerful with you.

We don’t want this to be too long. There’s many things to say about Redfall. Combat is good, there’s lots of action, many things to do like quests, lots to explore and do not underestimate the lore in Redfall. There’s loads to read and loads to learn. From authors and their pieces, to news and reports. Bill, from Bill… and bob over the radio. Documents, grave locks, recreations of the past and more. There’s lots going on, lots of tragic stuff too. So yeah, be patient and do some reading (for once in your life). Those vampire bosses, those so called gods… they suck (vampire joke). They are string and capable of killing you real quick. Each boss is very different. VERY different. Learn quickly. By the way, best character is Devinder.

Overall Redfall is a great game and worth playing. It’s not perfect and needs some more tuning up like being 60 frames per second and additional attack or ability for vampires and off course make climbing those darn rocks easier. Redfall is currently available on Xbox game pass. X35 Earthwalker finished the game. It was some good times.

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The Eternal Cylinder X35 Earthwalker

The Eternal Cylinder is a adventure survival open world game developed by ‘ACE Team‘ and published by ‘Good Sheherd Entertainment‘. The Eternal Cylinder is said too be coming out the 13th of October 2022 on the Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. It was already out on previous generation consoles like the Xbox One. The Eternal Cylinder is definitely a unique game. X35 Earthwalker knows what’s good. Let’s take a look.

We will try to keep this quick. We knew about The Eternal Cylinder a long time ago. This game is unique for sure. No questions asked. The eternal Cylinder is set in cool but strange alien universe. In this world, players control creatures called Trebhums. These creatures are definitely late bloomers as they start of at the very bottom of the food chain barrel. they are weak, fragile and easy to hunt and kill. Trebhums do have the unique ability to evolve and mutate based on flora and fauna they eat. This leads to new physical properties and abilities. So yeah… eat up.

The Eternal Cylinder X35 Earthwalker

Oh, lets not forget about the other star of the game… the massive cylinder which keeps on rolling and crushing EVERYTHING in its path. With all your exploring, eating and strategising, make sure to keep on the move to avoid death by crushing cylinder. The Eternal Cylinder is has replayability value. Listen to this description, “This unique ecosystem is a massive, procedurally generated land with unique animal AI, real-time world destruction, and organic exploration and puzzle design to create emergent gameplay that ensures no two playthroughs are ever the same.” This is a massive thing to say.

We have seen a number of unique aliens who are also inhabiting this world. There’s actually quite a lot going on. The Eternal Cylinder is also open world. This means exploration is needed. There’s even puzzles that players may need certain mutations to make certain things possible. Do not forget that it’s a herd, soo you need to manage a group of creatures, keep them safe and make decisions for the group. What’s also real good are the aliens. These creatures have some unique designs for sure. Just look at them other website. The Buddugh Gropp, Gharukuk, Tongledroplet and Celestial Trewhaala are all strange but do look dangerous. So players must learn the different alien species to know what’s aggressive, what eats meat and what’s docile.

We checked out some The Eternal Cylinder gameplay and it’s what we expected. The Eternal Cylinder has lots going on which makes players want to look around and explore… but there’s also a factor forcing the player to sort of act quickly. This in a way reminds us off a fantastic one of a king game called Pikmin. You can’t just mess around. You have to always be progressing and pushing towards a goal. There’s a carroty of biomes which makes sense as this is a whole planet. There’s desert, tundra, infected and savannah. Each has different threats and aliens. Good job.

Overall The Eternal Cylinder is an excellent game from what we can see as of now. We do wonder about just how active there world is in this game and how good the so called ‘unique animal AI’ actually is. We have questions but that will have to do for now. The developers ‘ACE Team’ have done a fantastic job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker will be looking out for the action in this game. Now The Eternal Cylinder may have an unstoppable element crushing things but it’s not even a problem for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an open world action adventure game that came out on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and PS4. Immortals Fenyx Rising is another game that’s being slept on heavily and it’s sad to see it. X35 Earthwalker have been taking this game seriously so far. This game is fantastic and more gamers should have been talking about it. Immortals Fenyx Rising came out in 2020.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is set in greek mythology. So expect all the scum bag false gods to be here. Especially the worst of them all… zeus. We like how the game portrays zeus as an idiot and scum bag but in a humorous way. The humour is good and we get a lot of it through almost all the characters. Our character Fenyx has some good moments and a few times Fenyx is just annoying. Hermes is typical but more cowardly here… but it works. Prometheus and zeus having their dialogue and telling the story of your adventure. Immortals Fenyx Rising is a the main character is a nobody loser who grows to become great and powerful.

The combat is not complicated or difficult. It’s got enough room for strategy and variations in combat style but simple enough that pretty much anyone can get into. Making Immortals Fenyx Rising friendly for new gamers and veterans of combat. Open world games, well the good ones anyways will have a lot going on. There’s many missions from racing from one point to another within a time limit, doing a hunt to find a treasure chest, firing an arrow through obstacles and paths ‘wanted’ style and straight up combat to the death. Nothing complicated here.

X35 Earthwalker Immortals Fenyx Rising

Opening chests, completing objectives throughout the map brings rewards in the form of resources, new gear and armour variations. The map is very big and there’s different areas with their own style and theme. There’s 7 in total and all are loaded with stuff to do. Immortals Fenyx Rising has options for travelling. There’s sprint which works well, there’s mounts which if you get a high grade one has tons of stamina. There’s also fast travel which can be used on vaults and giant statues. So getting around isn’t a problem. What’s satisfying though is being up somewhere high and then jumping off to glide and boost all the way to another location. Makes you wan to try.

X35 Earthwalker Immortals Fenyx Rising

Gear makes all the difference in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Your helmet, armour, weapons and arrows can all be upgraded from defence, to number of arrows to straight up damage. Each of the armours and helmets have an effect like 40% damage increase after a parry or 10% damage increase. There’s armour sets too. What sucks is that most of the effects of the armour are bad or it’s a ‘why should I pick this when another armour gives something better’ situation. They need to improve that for sure.

There’s lots to say about Immortals Fenyx Rising. Lots more but we won’t. X35 Earthwalker is having a great time for sure. There’s such more to do, explore and see. Immortals Fenyx Rising is currently available in the Xbox Game Pass. Immortals Fenyx Rising may be a fantastic game but it’s whole world is too small for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker Elden

Elden Ring is an excellent game for sure. There’s no questions about it. FromSoftware did a lot of things right and does them well. We like the very big world of Elden Ring. We like the variety off enemies and the numerous bosses for you top fight, sneak around, avoid and even outsmart. We like that some enemies have certain weaknesses that can, with knowledge, be exploited. We like the variety to the lands in between. There’s different temperatures, levels of greenery and more. Yet even with all of that and more, the game still isn’t perfect. Elden Ring has problems… but here’s it’s biggest problem. Let’s take a look.

Quite simply it’s the strength build. Or lack there of. The strength build sucks!!! We hate it and it’s running the game for us. X35 Earthwalker himself is losing interest in the game because of the strength build. We don’t want to hear from those ‘know it all losers’ who have over 200 hours, done everything, have two giant super swords, strength stat at 80+ and that one boss who everyone found hard, they beat in two hits. We ain’t trying to hear from you sad lot. There’s no real reason to being a strength build. We started of with the strength and beat numerous bosses including margit the fell omen, renalla girl of the full moon, tree sentinel the tree hugger and crucible knight the scumbag (including when the knight teamed up with that beast boss). We did it all with the strength build just so you know that we have experience and did go far with the build.

When you look at the mage builds they are the easiest baby difficult off course but they are the most fun and coolest. They have over powered broken spells like calling down a meteor shower like attack. A huge kamekameha like magic beam from dragon ball z. You can bring forth a ball of fire looking like the sun, like you’re escanor from seven deadly sins. There’s all kinds of crazy magic that it’s no longer Elden Ring… it’s Final Fantasy XIIII. Now look at dexterity. It’s fast, swings fast, has more than enough time to avoid hits even after hitting. Plus they loaded with bleed effects which does crazy damage. Get the samurai class and dual wield the uchigatana and you set for the longest time. What does strength have? Think about it.

When you think of a strength type characters, you imagine that they are very strong, can take hits and stand up to strong enemies. Instead you have slow swinging weapons and their recovery time with such weapons are slow too, meaning it’s easier for enemies to punish you. Poise doesn’t matter in this game unless you are like new game plus 7 or whatever. Bosses attacks still rock you regardless. You don’t do amazing damage and you still die in three swings. Strength is slower than the dexterity builds, easier to punish than dexterity and don’t have as awesome weapons as dexterity. Also since you are investing points in hp, strength and endurance, you won’t have enough points in faith or intelligence etc to use those cool and crazy incantations and spells. All the really cool weapons with interesting effects require extra stats you wouldn’t invest in. Strength is boring (as Saitama would say). The weapons except for end game stuff are boring, you have all the disadvantages, poise doesn’t help. Strength needs some love. Developers did not balance things at all. We going straight to renalla to change our build. We are done with strength!

You might think this isn’t a big deal but that’s because you aren’t thinking deep enough. We don’t blame you, no one is as intelligent and wise as us, let alone X35 Earthwalker himself. When you are a strength build from the start and make your way through the game, you learn that you are basically playing hard mode and simple. Mage is baby/easy, dexterity is medium while strength is hard to brutal. So you are having the hardest time. On top of that, the majority of cool/interesting/epic weapons aren’t for you. Do you know how many times we find a new weapon or whatever, just to check it out and see that we can’t use it. We don’t get excited when a weapon shows up anymore. What’s this? A flaming super sword once wielded by the gods themselves? Can’t use it! X35 Earthwalker was stuck with the starting weapon for a very long time. Can’t use cool spells either. You get bored. Fighting bosses get boring too. The boss does its combo. You dodge everything, if possible, then there’s an opening so you swing once… ONCE. Then you have to back off or start rolling again. Why? Because if you take a second slow swing the boss would hit you before you have time to roll. That’s why. It’s dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, swing, then dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge and swing again. That’s not really fun. It’s getting boring. 

Overall Elden Ring off course as said before is an excellent game. This is the biggest issue with the game in our opinion. It’s definitely negatively impacted our experience. Positive experience overall for sure. Enjoying the game but lately this big problem has slowed us down. Now Elden Ring may have strength classes but they are too pathetic for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

Thank you for reading our content. If you would like to support X35 Earthwalker then head to our ‘Support Us’ page. Alright? Good. Dismissed!

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The Falconeer is a new open world, aerial combat role playing game developed by ‘Tomas Sala‘ and published by ‘Wired Productions‘. The Falconeer is said to be coming out the 10th of November on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC. It’s another Xbox exclusive coming out on the Xbox Series X launch day. The Falconeer is said to be bringing a “new take on air combat”. We would definitely love to see that. Air combat is pretty standard but The Falconeer has got something going on. Let’s take a look.

Now the story in The Falconeer is practically unknown. It’s described as an “singular conflict”. So this is basically one big war. There are multiple factions too and it’s been made clear that players will get to play as all the factions to see each perspective of the war and battles. That’s simple and still easy to understand.

Let’s dive into what we see right off the bat. You are a Falconeer who use to be a messenger and guardian. You are riding a falcon or a really big bird and diving head first into wars. You will be targeted and attacked by all types of forces in this game. Everything is in third person so you have better views of what is going on which is good because there is a lot going on. The types of enemies you will face have been described as land, sea and air forces. So basically you aren’t safe anywhere.

We have seen others on big birds coming after and taking shots at the player in the Falconeer. There are big ships with loads of turrets and cannons. There are even what looks like stationary turrets and vehicles on the land. We like the variety of enemies here. The whole land, sea and air thing reminds us of two things: Supreme commander 2 (the units) and Kaido (from One Piece). This literally means that you aren’t safe and there’s more room for a wider variety of enemies. Games like this with loads of combat need loads of enemies to keep things interesting and have enough to keep things difficult.  

We are seeing airships, battle ships and other big bird riders. The real question is how are the going to balance this? This might help. The Falconeer has creatures too. not just machines. You will face what looks like flying beetles, There are also manta rays but they don’t look cute. There’s even long bodied fling “dragon-like weavers”. Do It gets worse… there’s even krakens! Giant octopus looking things. This is a good move by the developer. Machines and creatures are here in this battle.  

Now off course being a Falconeer doesn’t mean you fly up to enemies and your bird punches and kicks enemies. Wrong! You are equipped with powerful long ranged weaponry. Shhot and blast from a distance, manoeuvre and dodge bullets and other projectiles. Outfly and swivel around your enemies. It’s straight up aerial combat around here in the Falconeer. Since it’s open world, there’s numerous areas to explore.  

Guess what we saw. The big green badge. You know what that means. “Games built using the Xbox Series X development kit are designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Xbox Series X. They will showcase unparalleled load-times, visuals, responsiveness, and framerates up to 120 FPS.” The developer made it clear he wants the Falconeer to have constant 60frames per second. The best visuals and best performance will only be on Cboc Series X and high end PCs.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s what we thought it would be. Big bird or falcon, flying around, slower than we thought though. Falcons are incredibly fast birds but off course they are slower here for gameplay reasons. It’s been confirmed there are secrets in this game and some are even below the waters. Now that’s sounding cool. Can we dive. Does our falcon survive under there? We got questions. There is a form of in game currency called soulshards  so players need to make sure to grab as much as they can. So search the whole Ursee which is the name of this whole place.

Overall The Falconeer looks like a good game. More information is needed specially concerning the combat mechanics, the enemies etc. From a concept and world perspective it’s good and we like what we are hearing and seeing. Visually it’s not impressive but it’s good for the style that it’s doing. Just take a look and you’ll see what we mean. The developer ‘Tomas Sala’ has done a good job here. We at X35 Earthwalker will keep an eye out for what the Falconeer will accomplish.

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Immortals: Fenyx Rising is a new open world action adventure game developed by ‘Ubisoft Québec‘ and published by ‘Ubisoft‘. Immortals: Fenyx Rising is said to be coming out the 3rd of December 2020 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, PS5, PS4 and PC. Immortals: Fenyx Rising is looking like a big mythological adventure. Let’s take a look. 

The story in Immortals: Fenyx Rising is quite simple. The greek gods are in trouble (again). This time their powers are getting nerfed and sealed away (being sealed away was stated in the trailer). Not only that, ‘Typhon’ who is the deadliest titan in greek mythology is rolling up to the gods. It’s about to be a full fledge war against weakened gods. The gods will lose. Their last hope is now a “new winged demigod” called ‘Fenyx’. She’s going to save the greek gods and prevent the ‘dark curse’. It’s going to be an epic battle for sure.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising right from the start gives of a friendly look and feeling. This also makes sense as it’s coming to Nintendo Switch too. Some people have compared the graphic style to Fortnite which is a compliment as loads of people played that game and it was incredibly successful. This would suggest that Immortals: Fenyx Rising will have a family friendly design and pretty much all gamers are welcome. This is a good move though, as the bigger the target audience, the more potential gamers. The graphic style overall looks very good. 

Speaking of graphics, just check out the Immortals: Fenyx Rising world. It’s large, after all it is open world. The world is huge, colourful and got a lot going on. There are large creatures just minding their own business. Structures and completely different environments. There’s civilised areas, wilderness, plains, tall mountains, rocky canyon like area and forests. There’s also what looks like a volcanic area too. So there’s clearly a lot of variety here and places to explore and fight in. This would also suggest that there’s a variety of enemies to face, based on their environment. There is a confirmed 7 different regions.

There is character customisation in Immortals: Fenyx Rising. You don’t need to play as Fenyx. You can change up your character with good levels of customisation. You can change skin colour, markings on the face, hair colour, male female are what’s clear so far. You can find a bunch of amour and equipment which unlike some games you actually see your character wearing the armour and wielding the equipment. That’s cool.   

We checked out some Immortals: Fenyx Rising gameplay and it’s not exactly what we expected. You can fly, which is like one of the best mobilities ever. You can get and form some serious god type weapons too. Get giant mallets, fire arrows and use god powers. Fight in the air, melee on the ground, dodge and react to giant monsters and fast foes. There’s wide open spaces and numerous abilities to use to your advantage to create combos, and even launch foes. The combat is looking quite free style and good substance. Now one thing that should be clear is that our character is incredibly powerful. You can defeat and sash enemies with almost no problem. The enemies do come off as too simple so far. This game isn’t anything crazy though as you know what to expect overall. For example if you look at that game ‘breath of the wild’ it’s similar in the sense that there’s a big world, travel around, face monsters, some too strong, reach areas, enter places, solve puzzles upgrade your character and get new stuff. Immortals: Fenyx Rising does this well from what we have seen.  

Overall Immortals: Fenyx Rising is looking like a good game so far. Colourful, relaxed and big action. There’s got to be collectibles, secrets and more all around the world. The flying is cool though but the puzzles are looking real advanced and cool We saw a laser area where you have to fly through and avoid the lasers. The graphics and sounds look real good, the environments look real diverse. The developers ‘Ubisoft Québec’ are doing a very good job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing what else is happening with Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Now Immortals: Fenyx Rising may have gods and titans but those two are complete jokes if they faced… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Halo Infinite is the game that so many many people have been waiting for. It’s a First Person Shooter looking like an open world game developed by ‘343 Industries‘ and published by ‘Xbox Game Studios‘. Halo Infinite is coming out on 2021 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Halo Infinite has so much potential that it’s crazy. There’s so much room for the good stuff to make this the best game of the year easily. So here we will just talk about what we want to see but we won’t give away everything. Let’s take a look.

Now as the universes ultimate strategist and easily the most intelligent gamer ever, X35 Earthwalker knows what he is talking about is is the most authoritative. Off course we like to hear from you guys so let us know what you think. First things first, Halo Infinite has dropped huge hints of open world. We are convinced that it’s open world and if you want to see our first G-blog post on Halo Infinite then use the link here. Hall is one of those games who can easily make their game open world. Look at the previous halo games and check out those levels where you ride a warthog through the mission and there are trees, structures, rocks etc and you can see how Halo is capable of exploration. When you look at the map in Halo Infinite, just imagine it bigger. Imagine being able to eventually explore the entire Halo ring. After all the Halo ring is basically a planet.

Open world is just the start. The next thing that we want Halo Infinite to have is wildlife. We mentioned this in out first blog post about Halo Infinite. Halo Reach had large animals that can attack and kill you in the night mission with the spartan Jun. Those things were cool but so easy to kill. Halo Infinite showed deer or antlers. We need the wildlife yes as it adds to the environment. After all Halo is a massive planet sized ring. Surely there has to be bears, sharks, insects etc. Bring them in. Imagine killing the banished in the area but you take cover to regain your shields but a bear comes out from behind and one shots you. Scary ain’t it? Hold up though. This is Halo as in the 26th century… the future. Bring in some alien advanced looking animals too. Bring in beasts with large forearms and tusks. Animals that clearly aren’t from earth. Get creative! We want to see a dangerous but passive sand worm thing that you can detect through the rumble of your controller or headphones and you have to stay out of its path or its instant death. 

Another thing we do want to see… is the return of warzone. Warzone is the best game mode in Halo history in our opinion. It’s the perfect representation of a war. You could get ran over by a ghost, a dude snipe your head of with a sniper rifle, or a guy with a sword with three speed boosts running around. Anything can happen, like in a war. It forces players to react, adapt and deal with the constantly changing situations that happen. You think you are safe with Nornfang but then you get assassinated, robbed and tea bagged by a guy who is invisible thanks to active camouflage. Warzone is an excellent mode which does need some adjustments though for Halo Infinite. Warzone is crazy. So they need certain limits of the number of vehicles a team can have, the req weapons be split into tiers and thus make it easier to limit and manage. 

The next thing we want to see in Halo Infinite is a Battle Royale. Hate on it all you want but if there is any game that has the universe, design and right to do a battle Royale… it’s Halo. Look at the view of the land and level in Halo Infinite during the lift segment of the gameplay trailer. It looks perfect for a battle Royale. Imagine a huge map with mountains, grass, forests etc, someone is high up on. A Spartan on a hill with a sniper rifle trying to snipe but there’s someone with an active camouflage sneaking up behind them. Or someone with a banshee flying around looking for the right moments to strike but a player finds a rocket launcher that has homing capabilities goes to take him down. Imagine maybe 100 players. Everyone starts with the assault rifle. There are loot drops in the form of ODST style pods. Boosts to your shields can be found, armour abilities like active camp, sprint and even hard light shield or even bring back armour lock can be found but have limited uses like twice or whatever depending on how strong the ability is. Maybe each player can earn a respawn depending on the number of kills they acquire like killing 1 person gains a respawn but then need 5 kills to earn a second respawn. When respawning you can pick within a radius of where you died that you can ODST drop back in. It’s possible here. 

That’s some of the things we want to see in Halo Infinite and will make the game much better. Make it open world, bring in wild life, bring back modes like warzone and even breakout and do Battle Royale. This is just some of the stuff we want to see in Halo Infinite. Simply put, 343 Industries should not be afraid to try new things. Halo Infinite is being called “the most ambitious Halo game ever made” and even “the most expansive Master Chief campaign yet”. They need to live up to these. Get ambitious. Now X35 Earthwalker is excited for Halo Infinite. We will keep an eye on this game and see what happens. Now Halo Infinite may have all the potential but it’s nothing special when compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Stranded Deep is a new open world survival crafting game developed and published by ‘Beam Team Games‘. Stranded Deep is said to have came out the 21st of April 2020 on consoles. It came out on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s also out on PC. The really question is “how deep are we stranded here?” That’s what matters. Let’s take a look.

The story in Stranded Deep is your typical standard stranded story. You control a man who was on a plane. Something goes wrong and you end up stranded somewhere in the vast pacific ocean. You are alone. Yes, you are the lone survivor. Like the movie ‘Cast Away’. You start right from there. You get to a nearby emergency raft. The game then gives you control after some time has clearly passed due to it now being day. Then you can either raft away (if you think that’s wise) or head to the nearby island. Then the real game begins. Time to survive.

Yes, players have some options. You can set your difficulty, gender so male or female, whether to use the existing world of generate a new one, whether to have permadeath or not and even decide whether your world has sharks and snakes or just make them passive (which is for babies and gaming wusses). Like why would you not have the enemies in the game. This isn’t Minecraft. Or is it? It’s good that you got options and can make some changes to the game. Options is always good.

This game literally reminds us of Raft. If you think about it like that, then you know what to expect and what to do. You run around, explore the place, find supplies, gather resources, fend off against threats and off course crafting and building. At this point you know what to expect. Not much to say. Gather your wood build a hammer, build the foundation for your base of operations.

There are threats in this game though and so they should be. Players, if they aren’t complete wusses and babies, will have sharks and snakes in their game. These two are threats and can end your life. Sharks have aways been a famous enemies concerning island and water survival games. If you fall in the water or didn’t see a shark but went into the water then you will get a nasty surprise. Survival games like this need an actual threat. What numerous island and other survival games fail at is not creating fear. When you are stranded with no help, surrounded by danger and all alone, the average person would be scared. Pikmin created fear and did it well for it’s colourful friendly style. Players made sure to get all their pikmin back to the onions or stay close before it turns night. These survival games don’t have that feeling. You see something you easily know how to handle it and then you quickly reach a point where nothing can stand up to you and there’s nothing to be afraid of. We believe that Stranded Deep will have the same issue.

We checked out some Stranded Deep gameplay and it’s what we thought it would be. It’s a like Raft but more graphically realistic, deeper and has more going on. There’s krakens or giant squid creature in the sea which is cool. We need more threats like that. You can build machines that can fly, collect trophies like in Terraria. We feel like there’s more emphasis on survival in Stranded deep though. It definitely has more detail too. Raft is still a fun game but Stranded Deep wants to be the biggest most serious island, water survival game. We like that you have to go underwater to explore and even search sunken ships and find goods. There’s a day and night cycle. You can hunt animals for food and even use spears or a spear gun.

Overall Stranded Deep looks like a very good game. We just really hope the threat level is turned up. It needs to feel like a survival game. The water has to be scary. It should make you never want to go in. The crafting looks cool with what you can eventually make. It looks good too. Like Sea of Thieves, the water looks amazing. The developers ‘Beam Team Games’ have done a great job with this game from what we can see so far. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see more of what Stranded Deep has got. Now Stranded Deep may have creatures in the water but even those things know to obey… the ‘Earth Walk!’   

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Pathologic 2 is an open world survival thriller game developed by ‘Ice-Pick Lodge‘ and published by ‘tinyBuild‘. Pathologic is said to be coming out on the Xbox One the 12th of December 2019 and PlayStation 4 in 2020. It’s already out on PC though. This game is supposed to be centred around a certain plague that’s destroying society. Let’s take a look. 

Pathologic 2 is open world, so expect a whole world. Basically everything is taking place in a town. This town isn’t normal at all. The town is being devastated by a deadly plague. This plague is more than just a disease. What’s worse is that the chief local healer is dead. The player must take his place. Now the developers make this perfectly clear that you can’t save everyone in Pathologic 2. You will be forced to make what’s called lose-lose choices in situations. You need to get to know the society and try to make some friends or allies if you want to call them that.

So you can play this in different ways. Either make some allies and be friends with the locals or you could either just look out for yourself and as they say, “carve out your own path”. When a plague is going on and people are dying with victims going crazy it’s normally better to have allies and people who can back you up. 

Now there is some danger off course in Pathologic 2. You probably thinking, well obviously X35 Earthwalker, you guys mentioned the plague but there’s more though, the victims of of the plague have also got a problem with you and will make survival somewhat difficult, so you are facing both the victims of the plague and the plague itself. You don’t have forever though. Players have 12 days. 

Like Sims you have to manage your hunger, thirst, tiredness etc. Pathologic 2 is all about survival. Off course at the start of the game, things will definitely be bearable but the game is designed to get harder and harder. Your body just get worse and worse and maybe an organ becomes more unstable than ever before.

We checked out some Pathologic 2 gameplay and it’s sort of what we expected. Fights in this game are short and vicious, you could fight people for their wallets or mug them. Some fights can cost you your life though. The one enemy you can’t really face is the plague itself. Remember that this plague is more than just a disease. Much more. 

Overall Pathologic 2 just looks like another survival game based heavily around choices you make in a set period of time. We haven’t seen anything that has gotten us interested in this game though. Nothing stands out to us. We have seen from reviews that it must be good but a game must be more than just a good game for us. The developers have done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker aren’t looking forward to it being on consoles but others will. Now Pathologic may have a dangerous plague going around but even this plague has no effect on… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Cat Quest II – The Lupus Empire is a new open world action RPG developed by ‘The Gentlebros’ and published by ‘PQubed Limited‘. Cat Quest II – The Lupus Empire is said to be coming out in the second quarter of 2019 on the Xbox One, Android, Nintendo Switch, IOS, PS4 and PC. Now if you like cats, this game might be for you. Let’s take a look.

In Cat Quest II – The Lupus Empire the world os basically cats and dogs with off course more emphasis on the cats (not barking fair). There’re two kingdoms and they are at war with each other. They are: the cats of Felingard and the advancing dogs of the Lupus Empire. Why can’t cats and dogs get along? Cat Quest II – The Lupus Empire tells the “tail” of two kings who have to work together in order to reclaim their thrones. This is where the player comes in. Control the cat and dog and do your best to get your thrones back. Off course it won’t be an easy journey.

Those who played the previous Cat Quest game will somewhat know what they are getting into when they enter Cat Quest II – The Lupus Empire. Except this time there will be more battles, more explosions and more magic to make you into a fur-midable enemy. Cat Quest but basically bigger and expanded upon. There is a wider range of attacks and weapons too. Some of the new weapon types include staves and even master swords. Obviously master swords are better.  

Cat Quest II – The Lupus Empire allows two player co-op. Someone controls the dog while the other controls the cat. Readers should hopefully by now know how we feel about co-op in games. Players should have the option of playing with friends and others in local co-op. Good move developers. Even more good since there are dungeons to dive into explore. Your team mate can help watch your back as there are traps in there. Challenges and problems are easier to solve with others.

Like with other RPGs players need to get tactical and quite creative. Players should make combos concerning their abilities, weapons and more. For example the attributes of the passive abilities allow for  quite a bit of options. There’s more to this game than just simply hitting attack all the time. Get the right timing for dodges and evade all damage, know what types of enemies you are facing and what’s the best way to put them down.

There are side quests too in Cat Quest II – The Lupus Empire. What RPG doesn’t have side quests? They aren’t suppose to be just missions to pass the time. Each one is said to have it’s own story which off course will help explain what’s going on in the Cat Quest II – The Lupus Empire universe. The lore will be expanded and probably hear some interesting stuff.  

We checked out some gameplay and it’s not what we thought. How you move around on the map is very cool. You are literally running from area to area, walking around ponds, seas and seeing all the world structures too. Also enemies will just run up to you too and try to “axe” you a question. Cat Quest II – The Lupus Empire has actually gave us a bit of a surprise. Not bad. From what we have seen, the graphics look very good and the sounds are good too. Clearly good work has went into this game. 

Overall Cat Quest II – The Lupus Empire seems like a very good game so far. From the smoothness of the gameplay to how expanded it is. There’s quite a bit going on in this game and we like what we see but the game does seem to easy in terms of combat and difficulty. It looks so easy to evade and handle enemies and we hope there are more enemies and greater difficulty. The developers ‘The Gentlebros’ have done a good job with this game. Now Cat Quest II – The Lupus Empire may have some serious cats and dogs but none are as serious as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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