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2018 has been a good year for X35 Earthwalker. Lots of stuff has happened. We have grown and will continue to do so. We hope that you all had a good year too. If your year was good then please keep it up and do even better. If your year wasn’t so good then don’t be discouraged, pick yourself up, encourage yourself and go make something happen. Now let’s think about a few things.

What you don’t want to do is just go through 2019 doing the exact same thing you did in 2018. We need to progress, we need to grow and develop. Anyone who is serious about what they do or who are going somewhere in life they are never satisfied with what they have done. This is because they think about what they have done, see how they could have done better and see what more they could do. It’s not about being a workaholic or depressed. So all of us must stop, look at our 2018, learn from it and then leave it behind and enter 2019 pumped up and ready, expecting great things.

Now there are more simple but important things for us to think about. Once again, sensible gaming. Video gaming is a ton of fun and a great hobby but like with anything else, too much of it is bad for you. Don’t be the person who hardly spends time with their family because you are in your room all day playing games. Make sure to be active, get up, go to the park or a walk, move around and get good exercise. Believe us, when Halo Infinite comes out we will be playing that for a very long time but even so we set ourselves limits. You have one body, so take care of it. Spend some time with your families, have fun and stay active. 

Now we will encourage you to think about some other stuff too. Think about your life, your actions, your words and your thoughts. What does your actions say about you? Were your actions mainly good or bad? Think about your words. Words are powerful. Once you release a word, you can’t take it back and that word takes action. If people could see your thoughts, what would they say and think about you. How have you impacted others in 2018? Was it positive, was it for self gain or was it hateful speech through a game microphone? We must aim to also improve ourselves.

We also encourage you to thin about the bigger picture. Stop and think about your purpose. Off course we know video games are fictional but what about real life. Remember that a hammer didn’t give itself it’s purpose. The hammer got it’s purpose from the one who created the hammer. The person who created the hammer, created the hammer to fulfil a purpose. Yes, we know this is all deep stuff but it’s something to think about. We don’t create our own purpose because we didn’t create ourselves. If you have any questions or want to discuss these things then feel free to contact us through our social media accounts. We love to talk about this stuff and give the answers. 

So to sum up: enjoy your games, stay active, game sensibly, think about 2018, learn from it and then leave it in the past, get pumped for 2019, do even better than you did before, think about your life, stay positive and off course do… the ‘Earth Walk!’   

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Hello to everyone and happy new year. I, X35 Earthwalker, thank God that you all made it into the new year. Since it’s now 2018 I wanted to encourage everyone with some words. It’s the new year, so let’s start it right.

2018 already confirmed is going to be an even greater year and boy are we expecting many great things. We gamers have a lot to look forward to as well. Many big games and releases will be taking place this year also and off course new technology and more for our gaming pleasure but let’s also use wisdom.

There’s nothing wrong with gaming but do not let gaming become more serious than it’s intended to be. Games are for entertainment. Not something that rules your life or takes priority over real life important things in your life. I’m a gamer too and if there was a definition of a true gamer then that would be me. I came from a gaming family and was playing video games from when I was a child. I spend many hours playing games too so i am a gamer but I have wisdom to place limits.

Make sure to spend time with your family. Don’t be one of those gamers who forever stay in their rooms and only come out when it’s dinner time. Not smart and not healthy. Eat with your family and have some family time with them. It will greatly benefit you now and in the future. Don’t skip work or school for more gaming time. Your life is more important than any game (even Halo 6). If you have to study or be at work then fulfil your duties first and prove yourself as a good student who is going somewhere in life and a essential employee and makes a difference in the business.

Do not let games control how you feel. Don’t be a silly rager who smashes their good equipment like key boards, chairs, tables and worse your consoles. It’s stupid, bad for your health and a huge waste of money. Be the one who has self control and knows when to take a break or able to laugh it off.

Lastly, I am a Christian, born again and have a wonderful relationship with Jesus. I pray for many people, including my followers, viewers, supporters, fellow gamers etc. It’s up to you but I recommend you learning your purpose in life by seeking God. Know Hm for yourself, have an actual encounter with Him as I can guarantee it’s better than any awesome game. I say this out of love for you all. If you have any questions then please contact X35 Earthwalker.

Have fun blasting aliens, defending the planet, racing at top speed and fighting dragons in your games. Have an awesome year. Be joyful and have a good time. Push yourselves to achieve and do your best in everything that you do. Start 2018 right and with wisdom. 

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Hello fellow gamers. This is another message from X35 Earthwalker. Gaming is awesome. Gaming is entertainment and it obviously means more to some people than others but we all have to be sensible with our gaming. like seriously be sensible.

Destiny 2 has come out today and it has got many gamers and especially Destiny fans crazy. Once again some people have skipped school, college, etc. some have called in sick for work. This is ridiculous. X35 when he was younger went to school when Halo Reach came out. He didn’t skip school. He waited for school to finish and then went home to play Halo Reach. The point is that we need to set priorities. Gaming is important but at the end of the day gaming is fictional while real life is real life. Don’t be foolish. 

You aren’t going to be putting the fact that you are ranked 11 on a leader board on your CV or resume. This isn’t the only area where some gamers are acting foolish in. Some gamers for some reason think that gaming all through the night is smart or a sign of a true gamer. This is again, foolish. Gaming is not more important than your health. What these gamers need to go through the night is energy drinks. Energy drinks can be tasty but are so bad for you. Terribly bad. Some have multiple through the night and day which is terribly bad. Be sensible. Your health is important. 

Now we are gamers and X35 himself is a serious gamer all the way from the Sega to the Xbox one. he even played the Atari lynx for a bit. So we aren’t insulting gamers because we are also gamers but we have to be sensible. So stop all the foolish gaming. Your life comes first, do your job, responsibilities and everything else because video gaming is primarily and originally for entertainment, like painting. So let it have the priority of a form of entertainment. So this is a quick message to all the gamers out there to just be sensible with your gaming. Thanks for reading and feel free to contact X35 Earthwalker with your comments, thoughts and ideas.

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Downloadable content is pretty much popular and everywhere now. All the biggest games and even the mobile games have DLC. Gamers have something to say about this. In fact, gamers have a lot to say and some youtubers are very vocal about it. We at X35 Earthwalker have our own views concerning DLC and have seen the effect of some DLC in certain games. We will also deal with microtransactions as well, as to us we consider them the same thing pretty much but aware of the differences.

Downloadable content is basically additional content for the game that you can download and attach to your game bringing either new characters, skins, weapons, map/levels etc. Some DLC are whole new sections of the game. So straight away DLC allows us get extra, new cool stuff. Now some DLC are free while others cost money. This presents the first problem. There are some cool stuff that becomes available in the game markets but not everyone can get them due to finances. Now we don’t have a problem with that and honestly, no one should. It’s like if you see a nice new chair in the furniture shop and it costs £99, you can only get it if you have the money. If you don’t then come back another time and that’s fair. So price isn’t the issue in most cases.

Some games like Halo 5 and Gears of war 4 have a system in place where you can earn in game currency like credits which can be used to purchase packs to get new items or skins (Gears of war) etc. Now one problem with Gears of war 4 is that the amount of credits you gain per match is very low like 70-80, so if you want to get those 2000 credit packs then you will need to grind quite a bit to get those. This makes it clear that using real money is the better way to go. They need to increase the amount of credits earned. Now many gamers say no micro and DLC but we must understand that video games is also a business and developers want to make money as well. Off course they are going to release new stuff and yes that new stuff takes time and work to make, so putting a price tag on it isn’t wrong. We have to look at it from both sides: the gamers and the developers. It’s only fair. Just don’t release the games true ending in a charged DLC or release single player co-op as charged DLC or anything that should have been in the game from when it was released otherwise you won’t get a pence or dime from us at X35 Earthwalker. Release full games.

Gears of war 4 has a real problem though and we are sure it’s the same with other games as well. At times certain packs will come out with some cool new content but for a limited amount of time. These packs are completely random in their content and never guarantee a new card. You could get doubles, triples and more. So you may get 10 packs not get the legendary new character. People like X35 Earthwalker who has a business to run, other projects and things like see family don’t have time to sit in front of the T.V grinding matches for 8 hours straight. Not in a rude way but some of us are gamers but have a life. We have to be somewhere and do certain things. This isn’t a problem for youtubers as they can sit there and record all their matches and that counts as work for them because it’s what they do. So if we don’t have the time and can only get 1/3 of the pack contents then the only way to get more is to resort to real money which will turn out to be expensive. So it isn’t fair for those who don’t have extra cash at hand.

The contents of the packs make all the difference. If it is just cosmetic as in skins and designs of weapons then it’s less of a problem even though it would be nice to still get them. When the contents are powerful weapons, stats boosters, speeds up processes or new characters with new abilities then it becomes a problem. You have some gamers who have £400 at the ready to spend to get all the skins, weapons and whatever. While some use their mums credit card (do not do that. Seriously Don’t) and instantly upgrade their headquarters up to max level in Boom beach etc and rule the map destroying everyone else is a problem. Halo Wars 2, sadly,suffers from this problem in the blitz game mode. If you get multiple of a certain card they help level up that ability or unit increasing their damage, armour and health. You can get cards from packs that you can unlock but also buy. So what happens if a level 5 tank goes up against a level 2 tank? The answer is that level 2 tank gets destroyed easily. I have seen a max level tank take on and beat 3 cyclops who are anti vehicle units. Now that’s a problem. The bottom line not every gamer has cash like that ready because some pay rent and live by ourselves or whatever the reason. This however; doesn’t mean the ones with more money are in the wrong. If you have the cash and you want to spend it on games and extra packs then go ahead, there’s nothing wrong with that and no one should blame for it but developers need to take into account that certain features can cause problems. 

There isn’t really much more to say concerning this matter. If you have the cash to get certain things then why not. If you don’t have it then just forget about it and play to have fun, you will gain the in game currency over time. For DLC like extensions to the game like what Destiny had (The taken king), contain some real awesome stuff like the swords and whole new levels and missions. X35 Earthwalker at the time didn’t have the money for it so he ignored it and to this day he hasn’t bothered with it at all. Games that release as bare boned but bring out, what should have been in the game in the beginning, as DLC are in the wrong. That’s just crooks after our cash. A fully complete game with all it’s stuff brining out DLC is not a issue. Overall DLC and microtransactions (we consider them the same) are a good thing. Good but need to be used right. DLC brings in new stuff that adds more to the experience and fun (at times) and allows you to get new things but when certain items like packs grant an actual advantage to certain gamers then there is a problem. So yes, we should have DLC & micro but they must be done fairly and properly to give all gamers to some extent an equal chance.

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X35 Earthwalker has been a gamer for many years now. Matter of fact he has been gaming since primary school. He still has memories of playing Halo for the first time after hearing so much about it from his friends. What we want to talk about today is sensible gaming. Video and computer games at the end of the day are for entertainment. Yet some gamers take it much further and too far. We have gamers today who spend far too much time playing games and less time on other important things. There are even some who have died because they sit still and play for hours instead of getting exercise. We aren’t saying all gamers are like this because we certainly aren’t. The point is games are fictional, they aren’t real life.

Playing video games doesn’t get you the grades in school, don’t get you a job (unless it’s a game tester but even then you do’t get that from sitting around) and don’t advance your life. Make sure you have balance to your life. Set time aside to focus on your career and any projects you have going on. Set time aside for exercise and activities, set time aside for meaningful things for family, friends (not online friends) and yourself. Set time for your gaming as well. We have to be sensible about this. Sensible gaming will make you better of.

X35 Earthwalker himself balances handling his business, personal life, activities and projects and ministry. He doesn’t get stressed and makes appropriate time for these things. Being organised and diligent is not just wise, but also what God told us to do. Even Moses asked God to teach us how to number our days (Psalm 90:12) which means how to be organised and plan our days. 

There are also some gamers who get too into games and when things go wrong, lose, or too difficult they rage and we mean they literally rage. They throw their controllers, they break their keyboards, knock over their chairs, smash their headphones, which by the way all costs quite a lot of money. Seriously it’s painful to watch. Don’t waste money like that. Those people need to know how to behave themselves. Such people even get racist and proper aggressive with others. I dare those same people to come and try that stuff with certain people on the streets and see what happens to them. That stuff is not sensible gaming. If you lose, it’s just a game. If you get wrecked or owned online well guess what? Everyone, even the best players (cough X35 Earthwalker cough) has had matches where everything went wrong. Just laugh at yourself and if you can’t put the game down for a while. Simple.

Don’t get us wrong. We are gamers we have spent hours playing games. We play all sorts of games. X35 Earthwalker himself has completed every Halo game solo in Legendary and every Gears of war game in insane as well. He has a high gamer score and has gotten insane moments like getting the quad and quinn in gears of war and even the unfriggenbelievable and killionaire in Halo. We aren’t dissing gamers at all. Sensible gaming is where you use your days smartly, where you don’t alienate yourself from your family, you don’t turn into a monster, you have fun and where you draw the line between fictional worlds and reality. This message is for gamers from us at X35 Earthwalker with love. 

So have fun and don’t forget to do the ‘Earth Walk!’


Hello fellow gamers. We hope we are all enjoying our games and doing our best online. That’s how gaming should be… fun. I just wanted to speak to you all about dealing with certain people who either take games too seriously or incredibly salty or just an angry person living in a basement who has nothing better to do than try to ruin others fun. X35 Earthwalker has received so much hate mail over his many years of gaming for different reasons. Matter of fact it’s almost like an collection now. Now whether you are a very skilled at a game or not we are sure you have received some hate mail or abusive people over the mics. How do we deal with them? Let’s discuss that for a bit.

First things first. You must make sure to not let anything people say to you scare you or negatively effect you. You must develop some sort of hardened mental skin to protect yourself. This is because people in real life have harm themselves or worse over cyber bullying or hateful tweets and more. Honestly when we get hate mail from a couple of losers we find it funny as we read the messages and try to remember how badly we beat them. X35 Earthwalker himself sees it as a victory because only those who completely lose or got owned send hate mail. It shows that he conquered them.

In halo 5, people seem to get really upset when you ‘tea bag’ them. It’s like they actually feel the lumps in real life. If this is done to you, don’t get upset, instead see as a declared rivalry and make it one of your goals to get that person back. If you get mad then you may end up being the one sending hate mail and that shows you admit complete defeat. In gears of war 3 the two main things that will always get you a hate mail or two is to use the ‘retro lancer’ and ‘sawed off’. These two weapons are great and fun to use but have so much negatives so they require some skill to use effectively. 90% of gears of war 3 players who use only gnasher shotgun will get mad if you kill them repeatedly with them, calling you a ‘noob’ which is ridiculous. One day we will explain why they aren’t noob weapon but not now. If you like those weapons then use them as much as you want and get ready for the hate to come flowing and when it does, see it as a good thing and have a laugh over the mail and go have another match. Trust us, it’s much better this way.

Sometimes you get hate mail for things that are stupid like if you grabbed a power weapon before a team mate does and they get mad. Dude, behave yourself. Whoever gets it first, gets it first, simple as that. They may kill you or in halo, run you over with a vehicle. It’s pathetic but it happens. You may be constantly winning a match and the enemy completely overcome with your skills try to get at you through mail instead of the game. X35 Earthwalker had a match where he head shot two players, who were working together, one after the other when they both tried to pick up the boom shot in gears of war 3 on the map ‘Azura’. The first one grabbed it but lost his head straight away, so the second one grabbed it and almost escaped but instead got super manned, which happens when you head shot someone who was in the middle of a roll to evade. When the match was over and the team where reassigned X35 Earthwalker was on the same side of them. They spent most of the match insulting him and getting sort of racist. It’s pathetic so he left the match and just went to another one as simple as that. Don’t let losers, haters and sad people get to you.

This is a message from X35 Earthwalker to all our fellow gamers to remind you all to have a good time with games and not let others get to you or ruin your fun. If you are the one with a bad temper or getting too competitive then stop it, put down the controller and take a break. It’s just a game. It has no real value in the real world. It’s for entertainment, like the cinemas. So go out there, have ffun, do your best and most important of all… Do not forget to do the ‘Earth Walk’!

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