Podcast channel X35 Earthwalker

X35 Earthwalker has the best gaming content in the world. More people need to get wise and get involved with it. The latest major project that X35 Earthwalker released is the podcast channel. This channel is available on both ‘Spotify for Podcasters‘ and Spotify. Now X35 Earthwalker the one true Earthwalker, talks about a variety of things on the channel but the biggest part is the gaming stuff. Listen up.

There’s currently over 180 episodes and over 50 of those are subscribers only episodes. A link is always provided on all episodes that allows listeners to bet able to subscribe easily to the X35 Earthwalker Podcast Channel. The Spotify for Podcasters side. Matter of fact, we will leave the link here. There’s multiple episodes every week and so make sure to return to see what’s happening.

Podcast channel X35 Earthwalker

Now the main focus here is the gaming content. There’s a ton of them. There’s reviews of games. For example the latest one is the final review of Redfall now that it’s got the update 4. Redfall got taken to a new level. There’s even comparison or verses sort of. The latest example would be when X35 Earthwalker compared Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation plus. It was a one sided slaughter but very entertaining. X35 also compared Xbox and Playstation. 

The X35 Earthwalker Podcast Channel also has gaming news. Since the gaming media is biased, paid off and produce the Xbox tax, X35 talked about the numerous continuous Ls that Playstation was having that the media refused to talk about. X35 spoke about the recent disappointing playstation ‘state of play’ event. X35 Earthwalker Podcast Channel even talked about the whole Square Enix giving up exclusivity with playstation, as it isn’t profitable, going back to supplying multiplatform style.

Podcast channel X35 Earthwalker

There’s even ‘top 5’ or ‘5 this or that’ episodes too. Recently released ‘Top 5 Viral popular games‘ and most recently ‘5 excellent but sorely underrated games‘. These two specifically are podcast episodes but also got transformed into youtube and bitchute videos with gameplay all done by X35 Earthwalker himself. The smartest man in the world is working hard out here.

X35 Earthwalker Podcast Channel is the best podcast in the world and has some unique stuff going on. For example X35 Earthwalker doesn’t use a script and certainly doesn’t read of a sheet of paper. He grabs the microphone and just talks with y’all. What you hear is done in one take and he treats it like talking to friends. So no goofy business round here. So yeah, expect some bloopers moments like forgetting a certain name or improvising on the go. Those moments are funny.

Podcast channel X35 Earthwalker

Like we said, the X35 Earthwalker Podcast Channel has more than just gaming but we wanted to focus on it in this G-Blog post. there’s religion, anime, world news and more like whatever X35 feels like. So be wise and check the X35 Earthwalker Podcast Channel out. Listen up. Now the X35 Earthwalker Podcast Channel is the best podcast in the world so it’s good enough for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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