X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite Season 2 - Lone Wolves

Halo Infinite Season 2 – Lone Wolves. Think about that for a moment. Halo Infinite isn’t done yet… obviously. A very good as it is already nu8t off course it needs much more. This update is just a start. A wise person would have read the previous G-blogs written by X35 Earthwalker himself. Meaning you’s know Halo Infinite’s strengths and weaknesses. Halo Infinite Season 2- Lone Wolves… some quick thoughts.

The developers explained a number of things, hoping to answer the main questions of the Halo Infinite community. Here’s what they said: “I’m here to answer two questions that we know are top of mind for the Halo community: “What is the Halo Infinite team working on right now?” and “When can we expect new content and features?” I’ll start with brief answers, and then get into more detail, including sharing some new info on what’s coming with Season 2.

This is the focus of the Halo Infinite team, in priority order:

1 – Addressing issues negatively impacting the player experience.
2 – Completing Season 2 and delivering it as promised on May 3rd.
3 – Continuing work on Campaign Co-Op, Forge, and Season 3.

This part alone gives us bad signs already. Notice that the Campaign co-op AND Forge are the bottom priority! That’s so wrong. Bad priorities. The campaign is currently the best thing about Halo Infinite. An excellent campaign. It needs updates now. Forge can easily be the biggest factor of Halo Infinite. Those two are top priorities! Now that’s not to say that addressing (not fixing) issues negatively impacting the player experience isn’t important. That does matter still. One big negative issue is being forced to play with PC players. give players the option to disable that.

X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite Season 2 - Lone Wolves

Halo Infinite Season 2 – Lone Wolves is said to be coming the 3rd of May 2022. We are hearing about Lone Wolf Spartans. Think of these guys as special forces spartans who tend to work alone deep behind enemy lines. Here’s the description “Lone Wolf Spartans are hunters. Trackers. They’re resourceful improvisers, operating deep in enemy territory without resupply or support. They’re fierce, rugged, and prefer to work alone—but they’re still loyal to the Spartan pack”. Now this is very cool. We like this idea of a variety of highly skilled spartans in different fields with different purposes.

We know that the spartan on the left is Sigrid Eklund and the one on the right is Hieu Dinh. These two look very cool. Fantastic details. They look like they might actually be a problem for the Banished. We want to see this type of graphical details in the game as well with multiplayer. Now will the Halo Infinite Season 2 – Lone Wolves give us a Halo Reach Noble team connection or feeling? We hope to actually care about these spartans and their names while giving them realistic interactions with the enemy within their abilities as spartans.

We hearing that there will be new games modes too. This sounds like it includes Infection. Infection also needs improvements. The whole mode need to be harder for the survivors. The infected need to be scary. The levels should be dark with clear footsteps for atmosphere. The alpha zombies need to be a real threat. Either they can’t be head shotted or they get extra abilities to make their advance more deadly. Infection overall should be a harder game mode. Big team battle doesn’t feel like a big team battle. The amount of vehicles are lacking too.  We are keeping hi short remember? We can easily say so much more.  

Overall we are glad to hear from 343 Industries. Their response wasn’t great but quite detailed. Forge and campaign co-op isn’t coming just yet. We must be patient. Developers, DO NOT RUSH. Take your time. There are a number of things that need fixing and changing. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to Halo Infinite Season 2 – Lone Wolves. Halo Infinite Season 2 – Lone Wolves may have a big update on the way but it’s so insignificant compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite review

Halo Infinite is an excellent game no doubt. The campaign is 10/10 easily and if we judged by the campaign alone then it’s an fantastic game for sure. We at X35 Earthwalker always do things fair and logically. Halo Infinite is more than just a campaign. So we are giving the final score here taking multiplayer and more into account. We will try to keep this quick. Let’s take a look.

We will say it again. The Halo Infinite campaign is 10/10 and Halo fans overall value the campaign the most. Now that score has to drop though do to a number of things. Things we have already talked about in the previous two G-blogs posts on Halo Infinite. Here’s the first, here’s the second. Now let’s get into it. 

X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite review

First big issue is no split screen for the campaign. Minus 1 point. Even worse, there’s no campaign co-op AT ALL. This is against Halo tradition and is a huge fail. It shows that the developers 343 industries did not learn from past mistakes. No split screen is something they have done twice in a row now. So that’s an automatic minus 1 point right there. The next big problem is that Halo Infinite currently forces Xbox players to play against pc players in all the multiplayer modes except ranked. This is bad. all the cheating X35 Earthwalker has ever seen, like increased shields and health, increased damage and other ‘shinanigans’ have been from pc players. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Then on top of that, there’s the advantages that being on pc gives. The players must have the choice as to who they face.

The armour customisation sucks. Many have talked about this already. Most things are locked. Hard to earn anything. So limited and restricted. Halo 5 Guardians still has the best armour customisation. This means it got worse. That’s a big fail. That’s minus another 1 point. Unlocking customisations and rewards is terrible in Halo Infinite. Feels like there’s nothing to aim for except have too much time on your hands. Halo 5 Guardians had a better progression system. There cool stuff and actually noticeable stuff is far down the line like rank 80+. which makes many players have to rely on the battle pass. Gears of War 3 has an excellent reward system.

X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite review

One of the biggest insults that 343 gave to their players is the fact that you don’t get any rewards for beating the campaign in Legendary difficulty. Minus 1 point right there! We ranted about this already. so no more. Very simple, always reward your players, especially for big achievements. Next up is that you can’t rewatch the beautiful cutscenes. If you want to see them again, then go play through the whole game again. That’s stupid. Gears of War Ultimate Edition has a feature to watch ALL the cutscenes like a movie and individually. That game came out like 5+ years ago. No excuse. Learn from your fellow exclusive games. Gears of War and Halo are cousins.

The next are the obvious things like there’s no forge mode. We don’t want to punish them for that. It will come and we will judge how good it is then. Weapon balancing is not good when it comes to the power weapons. The pistol is very inconsistent, shotgun is super weak. That’s not point deduction worthy but it adds up.The multiplayer has been improved. We have a choice of game type now. If we judged Halo Infinite from it’s launch with how multiplayer use to be, it would lose 1 point for that straight away.

Overall Halo Infinite is an excellent game and they did a lot of good work. Big to small issues that take it down. Bad decisions that could have easily been avoided if X35 Earthwalker was in charge. Not happy with 343 industries at all. Some mistakes you just can’t make. Halo Infinite’s campaign alone is 10/10 but it has lost 3 marks by default for some of these negatives. So we will leave it at 7/10 for now until we see forge be released. Now Halo Infinite may be a great game but it’s not up to the standard of… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has been out for a good while now and there’s a lot to say about this Halo game. First of all X35 Earthwalker is really enjoying Halo Infinite, as are millions of others who are inferior players. Was excited for Halo Infinite and ended up having many adventures. We won’t really talk about the multiplayer since we already made a G-Blog on it. We are going to do a quick shot review G-blog this time. Let’s take a look.

Let’s firstly talk about the campaign. The campaign is without a doubt, hands down, pants down, the best part of Halo Infinite by far. The campaign is fantastic. It’s mostly what we wanted but let’s talk about it. The campaign is big open world like we predicted and wanted. You are also given the tools to explore this world which is split into islands really. You can unlock vehicles like warthogs, mongooses, and eventually a Hornet which is a flying vehicle and even get a Scorpion tank. Your armour abilities like the grapple hook is the star of the game and it makes traversing the world real easy and fun but more on the grapple hook later. Halo Infinite looks beautiful. top level graphics for sure. When you get to the top of a high point like a mountain or installation and just take a moment to look round, you see a lot and it’s fun to do. Lots of hard work went into Halo Infinite and it’s visuals fantastic. The attention to details is excellent as well. The campaign is also riddled with Easter eggs and secrets. 

We found the Halo theme song from Halo 1 (Combat Evolved). It started playing when we got to the top of a tall installation. It started playing while we was taking in the view. That was a excellent touch and the developers 343 industries did good to put that in. We also found a original Halo Infinite arcade machine… within Halo Infinite. All you need is a coin. These things are needed in a big open world as it makes exploring fun, especially when you wonder what else is out there.

There’s an upgrade system for your equipment: Grappleshot, Threat sensor, Drop wall and thruster pack. Also Armor core but that’s passive and not equipment. This is a game changer literally as it makes you become a powerful super soldier indeed. The grapple hook is not just for traversing but for mobility. You can use it to pull yourself in for a melee strike against enemies, dodge attack, get the high ground (no obi wan), pull a weapon towards you, grab those coil fusions and climb mountains. When upgraded fully you can use it more frequently, add an electric effect to shock enemies, unlocked a grapple power punch which then can have greater area of effect. The grapeshot with the reduced cool down allows it to recharge so fast that you can pull yourself up a mountain and when launched into the area after grappling, it recharges allowing you to grapple again, allowing for literal climbing. Thruster pack when fully upgraded is crazy good. You get active camouflaged when you thrust and lasts a few seconds. Helps with escaping and approaching enemies. Threat sensor is heavily underestimated. Unqualified reviewers who lack skill like angry joe downplayed and dissed everything but the grappleshot. When you play Legendary difficulty like X35 Earthwalker did, you’ll understand and appreciate how useful ALL these abilities are. Threat sensor when fully upgraded is powerful. You can launch two of them, they reveal the enemies clearly and show their health, which helps big time. Knowing how much health the enemy has makes a difference, especially with Hunters. Drop wall just ends up saving your life and giving you a few more moments to fight back or get your shields back up. Once X35 Earthwalker was surrounded and attacked by sentinels. Destroyed most and then got his back to the wall, used his drop wall which blocked all the beams and electrifies all shots he fires through at the sentinels. Use all the abilities to survive in Legendary difficulty.

The in-game cinematics are excellent. The opening scene of Master Chief fighting the banished, using his grappleshot to grab a weapon and then getting into the big 1v1 fight with Atriox himself. The fight itself was very good but a little too one sided. In actual lore, Master Chief would destroy Atriox but in terms of in game action, Atriox trashes Master Chief seeing how Atriox did 1v3 spartan red team in Halo Wars 2 and won easily. Spartan red are spartan 2s just like Master Chief, going through the same process and training so if Atriox can beat three of them, then he should easily rip apart Master Chief. Seeing the spartans, the brutes, the speeches, Escharum in showing up and even the elite spartan killer was all fun to see. The scenes are excellent. angry joe had a complaint that we never got to get revenge on Atriox. I understand him completely but that would be bad writing. Revenge would mean beating Atriox as in kill him. Atriox is too good of a villain. They need to save him for that one big moment when they clash in a final battle. When Tremonius stated that Atriox is dead, X35 Earthwalker was almost angry. He said, “What?! There’s no way. If they kill of Atriox now, especially off screen… I’m done with 343 industries and will declare them as idiot game developers.” We are glad Master Chief didn’t get revenge… not yet.

X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite

The high profile targets was an excellent idea. Placing infamous and powerful enemies around the map for you to find and beat added flavour to the campaign. These were a range of units: Grunts, Jackals, Elites, Brutes, Hunters and that new flying enemy which we referred to as Drones from Halo 2 as they practically do the same thing which is fly around and shoot. Not as fast or annoying but bigger weapons. These fights were sort of underwhelming at times though. Especially when you read their resumé. One of them called ‘Okra Vagaduun’ was described as “considered one of the most lethal infantry assets in the covenant.” Having “remarkable combat resolve”. He “hailed from a long line of sword fighters” so he’s well trained and “repeatedly defied odds, surviving even when VASTLY outnumbered”. This guy sounds like the Master Chief in some ways. He’s the real deal and should be a major problem and battle… but nope! Just put my ghost vehicle in position and sprayed at him until he died. He behaved like a regular elite really and it was lame compared to his reputation and experience. they should have made these guys big big battles like boss battles or show them do something impressive at least. Most of them went down like female dogs. Zeretus was a real problem though as long as you didn’t cheese him out. He had a homing shot rocket launcher! You can’t beat that. So yeah, the high profile targets was a good move, not executed perfectly though. 

This leads to one more thing. The boss battles. They are epic. We finally got actual boss fights. They are powerful and no joke. They can kill you within second if you played on Legendary difficulty. Bassus was especially crazy as she wield a powerful gravity hammer in close corners. He has a lunging attack where he leaps forward quickly and smashes the ground. He even uses it to get across a gap and kill you. In legendary difficulty, he needs one hit to kill you. Same for the Escharum as well. All he needed was one hit and his ranged weapon shredded you. In legendary difficulty you couldn’t stand up to these guys. You have to run and dodge for your life… literally. The cloaking elite boss fight was tense and difficult. If you made a mistake you were dead. simple. We hoped the high profile targets would have fights sort of like this. The bosses are fun and each one is memorable. 

We love the Grunts. Halo Infinite has the best Grunts so far. Everyone including the marines have better and more dialogues and lines but Grunts have the best. They perfectly do their role as cowards who are comical. We have heard them mock Cortana, mock the Master Chief himself, make fun of humanity. Brag about their greatness. Accuse you of being a coward when you run to get your shields back up.  Point out that everyone is dying. Even beg. Act brave-ish. Even accuse you of cheating. It’s very funny and entertaining. We suggest you just listen to the Grunts talk. Especially the propaganda towers. the dialogue of everything is significantly improved. We here the banished communicate with each other. Update each other on what the player is doing. Even give instructions to others like telling one to rush the player as they know you are hiding to get your shields back. One jackal told a brute to go after X35 Earthwalker but the brute replied “Don’t give me orders” or “don’t tell me what to do”. Something like that. The enemies feel more real and like an actual team. We even saw a brute weapon top of our moving vehicle and climb on to pull a marine out from the vehicle. These additional things completely add to the game. There’s always going to be that one guy who will fearlessly take a risk like diving on to a moving vehicle.

X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite

Next is the FOB. These forward bases is part of a whole system which adds a role playing game effect to Halo Infinite. As you completed those missions like unlocking those mini bases, rescuing marine squads, destroying propaganda towers and completing main missions gives you valor. Get enough valor and you unlock new things. You can get marines who spawn at the base and can follow you. Then stronger marines with different weapons. A marine with shotguns, marine with sniper, marine with rocket launcher. You can get gungoose which is surprisingly powerful, a razorback which is the best vehicle and we will briefly explain why later. You can get the scorpion tank and even the hornet which can fly. You also unlock weapons as well which you can get free of charge unlimited amount from your FOBs (those mini bases you take back). This is awesome as you can equip your marines with whatever weapons you want. Get a Razorback, get fie marines and give them sniper rifles and rocket launchers and maybe one gets a ravager. Then get them all in your vehicle and just go for a ride. Marines have unlimited ammo and excellent aim. Able to shoot and hit targets well out of the normal optimal range. Almost unlimited at times. It’s crazy how good it is.

X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite

We don’t want this to be too long so we will make this the last positive significant thing. We liked that Halo Infinite not fully but address the issue that is Master Chief’s humanity. Cortana hinted and talked about it in Halo 4 and Halo 5 Guardians. Master Chief is a spartan 2. Kidnapped, abused, indoctrinated, forced to train etc. He didn’t have a normal life. No graduation, no part time job, no dates, no cinema, no first crush or first kiss, no normal conversations etc. You see this through the game. He hardly talks and when he does it is because a superior in rank like lord hood, captain keys etc speak to him. Or it’s military related. Short and quick. He doesn’t have casual conversations and never really mentions how he feels. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything either. Is he man or machine? That’s what cortana wanted him to figure out. She said something like “figure out which one of us is the machine”. That hit kind of heavy. Halo Infinite campaign is the first Halo game that forces master chief to sort of deal with this issue slightly. When he tried to delete the weapon AI which led to them having a fall out (no 76) they weren’t talking. Everyone was disappointed in master chief even the pilot. Yet master chief never said anything but kept it mission first and business.

X35 was saying that chief needs to apologise but besides when he was a child, has master chief ever apologised or had to apologise for anything? Even at the end of the game he never said I’m sorry. That’s sad. Yes the weapon is an AI and not an actual person but still… come on. She was clearly upset and felt betrayed and even got an attitude like a real woman. Yikes. When he put his hand to the console to collect the AI he hesitated a bit as if he wanted to ay something, like address the situation, maybe apologise or whatever but quickly dismissed the thought. Then when the pilot hugged master chief which is a huge deal by the way, as no one has hugged the master chief. When hugged, the chief didn’t wrap his arms around and hug back. He moved his arms then stopped them. It’s like he didn’t know what to do, which hit hard. A call detail but a big deal. He didn’t know what to do. Imagine a person who never talks about his feelings, can’t say sorry and doesn’t know how to return a hug. A broken sad person. That’s the master chief’s biggest human issue. Cortana was more human than him she didn’t want it to be that way.

So when that amazing scene happened where the pilot confronts and kind of yells at the master chief when he was afraid after chief saved him from the two spartan killer brutes. He reminded the chief that he isn’t a super soldier like him. Fearless, can fight and do anything. He’s just a man, not even a soldier, just a pilot. Like when he gets scared the chief tells him to “stop it” like he’s a child. He’s normal. He knows he’s nothing compared to the brutes, he knows he doesn’t stand a chance. Hiding the entire time. It caused chief to stop, take a knee down next to the pilot who was on his knees feeling worthless and pathetic and give the pilot a bit of a heart to heart… sort off. He tried to relate to him that he failed once. We won’t say everything but the scene was excellent. Not everyone is like you chief. He isn’t spartan blue team. He’s a normal family man who gets scared when a 10 foot brute rolls up with a big gravity hammer wanting to kill him. That was big.

X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite

Now let’s talk about what’s not good quickly. First and foremost there’s no split screen! AGAIN!!!! This clearly shows that 343 industries didn’t learn from their past mistake. Many including X35 Earthwalker are angry about this. Splitscreen is a Halo tradition. Bring it back or admit that you suck as developers. Halo Infinite has a world made for team exploration but you can’t do that. Next big issue is that there’s no reward for players who beat the whole campaign in Legendary difficulty! that’s so stupid. Always reward your players for doing hard or impressive achievements. It’s hard to beat a Halo game on legendary difficulty. Give us something cool like a unique spartan skin for multiplayer. Or a stance or armour effect that epic that shows this guy completed the campaign in legendary. Something that can’t be bought but earned. Gears of War 3 had rewards for completing in the hardest difficulty so 343 industries has no excuse. ALWAYS reward your players. It doesn’t cost you anything to make a cool reward for it. Speaking of earn. The little that you do get in the campaign which are the mjolnir cases which when found give you some customisation item. They suck! We can’t think of one thing we got that was memorable or epic. They all suck! We completed the whole campaign on legendary difficulty and it feels like we got nothing. That’s because we got nothing. None of it matters. We checked the customisation menus and everything is basically locked. Got nothing cool. No armour effects, no armour attachments, no cool helmet, not even a visor (Halo 5 Guardians gave a visor) or anything. Nothing to earn unless you have tons of free time as in you got nothing else going on in your life or you have lots of money to throw at the store. If you are in college and after doing your coursework or whatever you then have free time like we use to then that’s good for you. If you are rich or have a rich uncle, then good for you. Overall this is terrible. No rewards and no customisation and many players look exactly the same in multiplayer. So much for thousands of different combinations.

We won’t talk about the multiplayer as we already did a blog post on it. Forced to play with pc players, weak so called power weapons, pc cheaters, lack of mode selection and more all done in that post. Check the top of this blog. Next big issue is that there’s no cinematic viewing mode. Halo Infinite has excellent cut scenes which you want to watch again or check for small details but you can’t because there’s no option to view the scenes again. WHY!? Gears of War Ultimate edition has a feature where you can rewatch all those cool improved scenes. Gears of War ultimate edition isn’t a new game. Why do they have it and Halo Infinite don’t? Proof that 343 Industries don’t learn and make dumb decisions. If X35 Earthwalker was ultimately in charge of the design, as in supreme command, Halo Infinite would be so much better. Not just Halo Infinite but many other games too. So if you missed a cool scene or missed a small detail or whatever you can’t view it ever again unless you start a new campaign and play through the whole thing again. That’s stupid. We checked everywhere and didn’t see a feature for it. If you find it, then tell us. So sad to say the but there’s nothing to gain from playing the campaign. Want to know the story? Then watch the losers on youtube and twitch who played and beat everything on day one and spoiled everything with their thumbnails. You don’t get anything. Like for real. Why couldn’t you give as a reward for beating legendary difficulty a cool lightning armour effect, or water effect or a victory stance where you are posing with Escharum’s gravity hammer or that final elite boss’s red beam sword? Or where your spartan is sitting on a throne chair like a boss, learning on the arm of the chair on his hand, legs spread with a cocky look. Something! Anything!

Overall, we have more to say but it’s better done in videos and besides this blog post is long already and took us hours. Halo Infinite has a fantastic campaign which has a few issues relating to it and the rest of the issues are related to multiplayer. We will do one more that’s a quick summary but that’s it. Fantastic campaign and the campaign is what’s carrying Halo. Now Halo Infinite may have a fantastic, we mean a mid 10/10 campaign but it’s not as good as…the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite multiplayer

Halo Infinite is absolutely fantastic. We at X35 Earthwalker love Halo and have always been excited for Halo Infinite. We loved Halo 5 Guardians and reviewed it fairly. Many so called Halo fans were talking about doubts and worries. Such nonsense. 343 Industries have worked hard on all their games. We never doubted Halo Infinite. With all the game engines today, technology that we have and the new next gen consoles like Xbox Series X, which is the most powerful by the way, we can produce the most the most graphically impressive, features and mechanic filled games with top level performance. We are happy so far.

X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite multiplayer

It’s Halo, so off course X35 Earthwalker will talk about it. Except we aren’t losers who all rush for views and stuff. We stick to our plans and do things our way. X35 Earthwalker will take over from here. I watched all the gameplay and more concerning Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer and I can say right off the bat that it’s absolutely amazing. The pacing is sort of hard to tell but it looks like a good speed. No drastic changes there. The customisation has been expanded and upgraded. You can customise: Armour core, Gloves, Coating, left & right shoulder, Visor, Helmet, Kneepads and gloves. That’s more categories than what Halo Reach had. There’s even weapon customisation too. I am happy about that one. How in-depth does it go? It won’t be anything big but nice touches that just makes it your own. So already there’s clearly new things and more to do. By the way Halo Infinite is developed by ‘343 Industries‘ and published by ‘Xbox Game Studios‘. 

The multiplayer is more in-depth than ever before. There’s more mechanics. For example you can target and damage specific parts of the vehicle. You can destroy the tires which makes controlling the vehicle far more difficult. You can destroy the hood of the car and damage the engine. There’s a doomsday state for a vehicle where it basically means the vehicle will explode soon so either get out or use it to go out with a bang. There’s a new warthog like vehicle called the razorback which has the means to carry weapons, objectives, ripped off turrets and more on the back. The designs of some of the vehicles like the warthog and the banshee has a new design and they’d look more high tech compared to their previous design. The Banshee makes sense as it’s suppose to be the banished Banshee. We did see the VK78 Commando Tactical Rifle in action and it seems to hit quite hard. Feels more like an automatic DMR but obviously less damage per shot. There are new designs for the weapons too, so keep an eye out for the spankr rocket launcher.

X35 Earthwalker Halo Infinite multiplayer

Yes! Sprint is in the game and rightfully so. Spartans are super soldiers who run all the time… off course they should sprint. The grapple hook thing is here and has a significant role in the Halo Infinite Multiplayer. You can hook enemies to pull yourself towards them. This is useful for a melee kill, sword or hammer. You can use it for mobility like to get to certain places faster or harder to reach places. Like elevation advantage. You can also use it to grab and pull weapons to you as well. Grab the sword, the power weapon like a rocket launcher and more. I even saw it be used to get to a flying vehicle so you can hijack it. On top of that we are seeing what I can describe as equipment and spartan abilities. You can set up fields that block ballistic rounds. Sort of reminds me of the style of use of equipment in Halo 3. There seems to be an energy reflect spartan ability. In the gameplay the Spartan raised his arm and reflected back a charge plasma pistol shot at the shooter which connected, allowing for an easy kill. 

I checked out more Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay and it’s for the most part what we expected. It looks awesome, sounds very good, new weapons, more in-game mechanics, more abilities, more details and more customisations. We there are unlockables. Like how there was in Gears of War 3. You earn things through playing the game. There are battle passes for players to buy and work on. There is even an academy which is for training purposes. Work on your shots, warm up before going online and more which is an excellent idea. It’s more advanced than the training area in Apex Legends. There’s a lot to analyse but we are keeping things simple for now. We have off course included both Halo Infinite Multiplayer videos in this G-blog. 

Overall Halo Infinite’s multiplayer looks phenomenal. Off course I will have to see how things go when we actually play it. I will have to check the weapon balancing, vehicle strength balancing, how frequently do vehicles and weapons get dropped into the battle and much more. Halo Infinite is going to be the best game of the next couple of years easily. There’s so much more that can be done as well. Now Halo Infinite may have a serious and fantastic multiplayer but ti would have been much bette if its development was led by… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Halo Infinite is the new First Person shooter game developed by ‘343 Industries‘ and published by ‘Xbox Game Studios‘. Halo Infinite is said to be coming out 2020 later this year on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Halo Infinite is the number 1 game we are excited and waiting for right now. Let’s take a look.

Sadly but predictable, Halo Infinite is getting some hate from basically fake halo fans and playstation fanboys. Let’s address this firstly. You have some people who wanted Halo Infinite and pretty much every Halo game to be exactly like Halo 1 (combat evolved). They are never happy. Just complainers. There’s sprint, they hate it and it’s not Halo. Like for starters spartans are super soldiers… THEY ALL SPRINT! There’s abilities, it’s not halo. There’s precision weapons besides pistol and sniper, it’s not Halo. If that’s the case then go back and play Halo 1 and stay in the past. Be happy. Off course developers must try new things and bring in mechanics that allow for new tactics and strategies. Now concerning playstation fanboys (not playstation fans) it’s predictable, they are mad and will be negative always. From the games we have seen from both consoles we think Xbox Series X has it by a landslide. They have over 20 exclusives while the only games from PlayStation that interests us is project Athia, the Sack boy game which looks very good and that horizon game with the machine like creatures. We don’t care for racket and clank or demon souls but that’s our opinion. Lastly people talk about the brutes face graphics. It’s not hard to understand that it’s a work in progress, not final build. Stop being stupid, they obviously just needed functioning models for their gameplay. So now that’s out of the way.

The first thing that hits you concerning Halo Infinite was the visuals. The environment, the hills, the grass, the sky etc all looks excellent. Clearly hard work went into that. Now that Halo Infinite is going in the open world direction with certain attributes, getting great visuals is harder to do. They did it very well. Now we wrote about Halo Infinite before the Xbox showcase 2020 and we can proudly say that we predicted this game accurately. Not surprising though. After all it is X35 Earthwalker… the universes ultimate strategist, the legendary soldier himself. One of the things we predicted about Halo Infinite but got to see in the gameplay was wildlife. We saw what looked like gerbils or something small run away after hearing loud noises near the start of the gameplay. We believe there will be much more. There’s going to be deers too. We hoped that maybe there will be wild bears who can try to attack Master Chief and the enemies. That would be cool. Even the animations of the animals were very good.

We made this clear in our video but we love good video game maps. The map in Halo Infinite is the best one we’ve seen. The amount of details is excellent for sure. Look at the lines on the hills and high ground. This shows elevation. The solid structures like borders are clearly identified on the map. The colour choice is a good one. Blue and black works very well together. Black is one of those amazing colours that makes so many things look good. Combine it with blue which reminds people of water, the ocean, cool and bright and you’ve got a great combination. This literally reminds us of the ocean but as you go deeper. The markers are a completely different colour making things stand out, so you literally have to be blind to not see them. This Halo Infinite map gives loads of information. When a symbol is highlighted we get our objectives, the conditions and more info. The map does remind us of the one in Final Fantasy XV even though it’s a very different style but both are excellent maps.

Now Multiplayer and Forge has been confirmed. Now Halo always had great multiplayer. After it all it helped revolutionised multiplayer so it has a standard to set. Now Halo 5 Guardians had the best multiplayer and multiplayer mode… Warzone. Hopefully Halo Infinite has the classic modes like slayer, big team slayer, oddball, capture flag. We also hope they bring back Warzone too. Now on top of that we know that forge is coming back too which is a smart move. Forge is crazy. Halo 5 Guardians had the best forge. Even in earlier games like Halo Reach and Halo 4 people created some really cool things in forge. People made full fledge parkour maps and racing tracks for mongooses. You literally had kill zones to kill you if you fell of the track and respawn you to keep racing. There were teleports connecting parts of the race track with gravity lifts for jumps. People made Mario kart in Halo. Things got even better in Halo 5 which had a superior and better forge. Some even made a pac-man in Halo 5 Guardians in forge. So forge has to come back and we are glad it is.     

Once again we do like the idea of open world and Halo is very capable of doing it. We here the campaign will allow pretty much access to all over the ring world… Halo. We already checked out some Halo Infinite gameplay so we are leaving our gameplay analysis video down below

Overall we are excited for Halo Infinite and believe definitely it’s going to be the next big thing having secrets and collectibles all around the ring world with surprises. They need to prevent Halo Infinite from being predictable as we are facing a new powerful enemy. The developers 343 Industries are doing a fantastic job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to Halo Infinite and this whole new battle. Now Halo Infinite may be the next big thing but it’s incredibly small when compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Master Chief and Doom guy are if not the most two iconic and famous armoured super soldiers in video game history. They both had huge impacts on the first person shooter genre and the games they are in has influenced and impacted other parts of gaming too like how Halo revolutionised multiplayer etc. Doom Guy is in DOOM while Master Chief is in Halo. Now one of the biggest questions being asked is who would beat who in a fight. It’s a good question and a fair one. We want to settle this once and for all. Let’s take a look.

Let’s get this out of the way. We have heard multiple people’s opinions on the matter, we’ve seen videos on this of people explaining why one would win over the other. We ignore fan boys who say one will stomp the other or one shot because whatever whatever even though their reasons proves nothing. Let’s give examples of three people who did their best to decide who would win but ultimately their videos were terrible. HiddenXperia, Midnight and Roanoke Gaming all were very good at gathering information and finding feats but were absolutely terrible at applying that information to a fight. Maybe this is because the owners of the channels have never been in a fight before or they were the kid who use to get beat up all the time and stuffed in school lockers so they can’t imagine or have little knowledge concerning fighting. X35 Earthwalker has over 12 years of official martial arts combat training and more so we have a better idea of how fights go and what matters when it’s humans fighting. We’ve done many debates. We have to explain this because sadly the average person doesn’t understand this. Some feats make a character cool or shows their strength or something but doesn’t mean anything in a fight against certain opponents. Match ups matter.

Let’s explain a big one that voters for Doom Slayer use. They always say that Doom slayer beat a titan without his armour. Is that impressive by regular human levels, yes but does it mean doom slayer would beat master chief in a fight, no. It honestly doesn’t prove anything. Hear us out. Titans are these huge demons that move quite slowly and have giant strength. Meaning you need a way up to reach them and enough strength to maybe bust through the head to reach the brain or a vital organ. Nothing has shown that Doom slayer punched the titan in the chest and it fell over or that both locked hands and in a battle of strength doom slayer was stronger and pushed it over. It’s clear he beat the thing by moving faster, maybe running up it’s arm and struck something vital. If that’s the case then Master Chief can do that, better and faster than Doom slayer. Master Chief is a spartan 2 and in the lore they can run up to 80mph and jump incredibly high, we mean ridiculously high. We know that the icon of sin was bigger than the titan doom slayer ‘slayed’ back then. We saw in doom eternal how he needed to make his way through buildings and climb walls in order to get up high enough to fight it, which took him a long time. Master Chief could jump onto a building then jump to a higher one, wall jump or whatever, get high enough and then sprint and jump with that speed and strength smash through the head or whatever to kill it. So this feat proves master chief can do the same thing. Besides none of that matters in a 1v1 fight with human sized enemies like each other. No one is running up anyones arm here.

Doom slayer also has a not explained history. They say he’s human yet his strength and speed and unlimited stamina isn’t human at all. We get that the makyr technology machine thing gave him real power and boosted him but that was after his original fighting in hell… but he’s suppose to be human so where did this strength come from? Also some say he was fighting in hell for thousands of years. This can’t be true as the events of Doom eternal and Doom 2016 are said to take place in the 22nd century while ultimate doom and doom 2 are in the 21st century. Even the serious fans don’t agree on these dates. 22nd and 21st is separated by 100 years. So how can doom slayer be fighting in hell for thousands of years if the events are 100 years part. We searched online and there was no answer. Maybe time is different in hell. After all if doom slayer is human then how did he live for thousands of years. Maybe nothing ages in hell. If that’s the case then master chief if in hell wouldn’t age either and could perform similar feats except for the stamina part as spartans can keep it going for hours but their stamina isn’t unlimited. That’s a clear advantage for Doom slayer, he has what seems like unlimited stamina. People have said that the enemies of Doom slayer would destroy master chief… not true as the demons doom slayer faces aren’t real world demons which are spiritual, immaterial meaning you can’t physically touch them. The demons in DOOM are physical and even a earthly shotgun can kill them. This means that advanced technology and the shotgun that Master Chief uses from the 26th century would work just as fine or better against them. This means Master Chief who has regenerating energy shields, greater agility and reflexes can beat hell too. Master chiefs motion detector (that radar) will let him know what’s moving around him and in hidden compartments and walls at all times while Doom slayer can only see what he’s looking at (if he has enhanced senses then let me know). Simply put Master chief can match doom slayers feats and do them better and the history and stats of doom slayer aren’t clear. No one can agree on how much tons doom slayer can lift or give a real feat that shows doom slayer has amazing reflexes. We haven’t seen anything.

As we mentioned in our DOOM Eternal review we noticed and theorised that the developers watched a Death Battle video of master chief vs doom guy and decided to gear Doom slayer up for a rematch. What? You don’t believe us? Hear us out. Think about this:

Master chief from Halo 5 could spartan dash, now Doom guy can dash too. 

Master chief is incredibly athletic, now doom guy is swinging of poles

Master chief had spartan charge which he used to get through cracked walls. Doom guy dashes through cracked walls now

Master chief survives a fall from orbit to a planet, doom guy now got shot out of a big weapon and smashes through a wall at high speed and survives

Master chief is a legend and leader amongst spartans, now doom guy is a legend and leader amongst the sentinels

Master chief has cortana who stays in his head in a chip like form, doom guy near the end of the game has Vega (an A.I) go into a capsule button like form and attaches it to him (for a short time)

Master Chief has the energy beam sword, doom guy now has the argent energy sword

See what we mean? Anyway.

Now the actual combat concerning weapons. Doom slayer has the clear advantages here. For example his rocket launcher can hold 50 rockets and almost rapid fire them. While Master chief’s rocket launcher is stronger, it carries two shots and he needs to reload. He needs to reload all UNSC weapons. Off course being a master of every weapon he can reload super fast and evade and use cover to his advantage but never needing to reload is better than fast reload. This means Doom slayer can keep up the pressure. Remember that Doom slayer doesn’t have unlimited ammo though so he can’t fire too crazy now. Yes Doom slayer gets ammo from chainsawing enemies, which doesn’t make sense. Are the demons a piñata stuffed with ammo and armour shards… but whatever? The problem is that Master Chief while called the demon isn’t an actual demon so he’s not getting armour shards or ammo from Master Chief with his flame belch and chainsaw; however the flame belch still does damage. This is a 1v1 so there’s no demons for doom slayer to use as fodder for health, armour or ammo. Master Chief has the advantage here since he also has rechargeable defence but his is a full body shield which recharges ON ITS OWN. So if Master Chief takes some damage he can run away and stay away until shields recharge. “Hold on X35 Earthwalker, the smartest person alive”. Woah, calm down guys, that’s too much of a compliment. “Doom slayer is faster than Master chief and will catch him if he runs.” Good point but not true. According to Doom lore, in game movement from Ultimate Doom and fans, the main number everyone seems to agree on is 57mph. Which is really fast. According to Halo lore and Midnight who at 0:50, even brought this up in his video that spartan 2’s can run up to 80mph. This means not just Master Chief but also his spartans and friends are all much faster than Doom slayer. So if he ran away to get back his shields, Doom slayer can’t catch him. If they ran for a day then yes doom slayer will eventually catch him because of unlimited stamina but this 1v1 fight won’t last a day. We think minutes.

Master chief’s armour does take damage and so does his suit from plasma shots when NOT shielded. Doom slayer has a plasma rifle so that’s a good weapon to use. Lore revealed that Master chief survived a tactical nuke to the face and we know from the games also that he survived a fall from space. These two big feats are consistent with each other in terms of how big they are so they do count. So if a rocket hits him, he will be fine. If a ballista shot or guass cannon round hits him, again he’s fine… takes damage but it will take much more. Yet we see a single plasma grenade kill him. This is one of those lore, game clashes. If he can survive a tactical nuke to the face then he should survive a plasma grenade to the face but if master chief was invincible in the games then it wouldn’t be challenging at all. Doom slayer’s armour according to lore is indestructible. Yet we’ve seen revenants rip off his arms. Again this can be just one those game things as a death animation but unlike master chief who has consistent feats to show he’s ridiculously tough we haven’t seen that for doom slayer. Having indestructible armour is one claim from Dr Samuel Hayden. We aren’t convinced it is, if it can be ripped apart. So since this is another lore, game clash we will assume it can’t be ripped apart for arguments sake. We do know like with master chief and plasma rounds, doom slayer takes damage underneath the armour as he can be burned, slashed up, crushed, ripped apart, shot, explosions etc.  Some fans go as far as to say he is invincible or indestructible. Sorry but no. We just listed things that harm him. For crying out loud an exploding barrel kills doom slayer unless he has the extra shields. Yes an explosive crate kills master chief in the game but that contradicts the consistency evidence of master chief in the comics, shows and lore like surviving a fall from space and taking a tactical nuke to the face. Doom slayer hasn’t got consistent feats that cleary show he takes more than exploding barrels (That we now off. Please tell us if you know any). After all Doom slayer doesn’t survive by tanking through all the hits, no. He evades fire balls and attacks. He runs around. He avoids explosive barrels or shoots them at a distance (a wise player does anyway). They are a threat in every game. Now you can say it’s a lore, game clash thing which is fine but need to see something that shows him surviving massive explosions and falls. 

Let’s quickly address one big problem. Games, movies, anime and comics aren’t consistent a lot of time especially against each other. For example Doom Slayer survived getting shot out of the cannon and smashed through the solid wall and was fine… yet zombie dudes can kick and smack him to death. Doesn’t make sense. We doubt those zombies hit with the strength of a high speed launching cannon. Same with Master Chief. He survives falling from space but an elite can slap him enough times to kill him in game. Doom Slayer has not shown to punch harder than the force of falling from space. Neither does Master Chief look like he punches harder than that launching cannon. The game changer is that Master Chief has shown more consistent feats of durability and toughness. 

hiddenxperia even said at around 10:08 that Doom slayer because he carries all his weapons on him and still moves fast that his “strength seems almost infinite”. What?! Not even close. This guy is the last person I want to hear about battle match ups from. First carrying all those weapons is no where near infinite. Second him carrying all those weapons is just an in game feature. Marcus Fenix from Gears of war carries multiple weapons but you see them on his body. Where does Doom Slayer carry his weapons? It’s just a game design feature. If you accept that, then MMRPG characters like from Black Desert can one shot both master Chief and Doom Slayer as they have huge expandable bags carrying over 99 units of certain items and numerous big weapons which is huge amounts of weight. It’s just an in game feature, nothing more. He doesn’t have an infinite space technology bag. roanoke gaming is pretty much just as bad. In his video he said that Doom Slayer strength doesn’t seem to have a limit. That’s nonsense. It clearly does. He struggles a bit to pry open doors. He doesn’t face demons head up with his brute strength. He either grabs them first and rips or when a big boss is knocked down and can’t move, he then tears them apart. He has never wrestled the demons in the game. He said that bullets and plasma work on Master Chief, he says that like they don’t work on Doom slayer also. They also work on Doom Slayer too. So he was being one sided biased there. He even stated that Doom Slayer has amazing intelligence where he understands weapons and use them instantly giving him great tactics or whatever. That’s very old and we didn’t know that but Cortana is smarter still. WAY smarter. Cortana and Master Chief are in the future so the UNSC may have information on the events of earth around Doom Slayer’s time, meaning they might have information on the Doom Slayer himself (if in same universe). So Master Chief would know all about him too through Cortana. So their videos as we mentioned earlier were terrible. If they had better evidence, they should have used them. So there videos didn’t convince us.

Also let’s clear this up. When it comes to lore like the comics vs games. It’s mostly better to go with the lore as they normally better represent the character. Remember we said game, lore clash? Look at superman. There are games of him being damaged and killed by certain things that make him look weak or give him a limit but when you check his comics and those feats you see that even exploding suns don’t kill him. What’s more likely, regular thug bullets killing Super man in a video game or him surviving black holes, super novas and planet busting attacks. Exactly. Master Chief survives a tactical nuke to the face and falling from space. If the game was consistent then it wouldn’t be a very challenging game as the covenant troopers and even the tanks wouldn’t be able to kill him. A game has set principles to allow your character to die and off course have challenge to it. The lore represents master chief better than the games. While with Doom Slayer most we know about him IS in the games. We know there are some outside sources but from what we have seen and heard, there isn’t much clear feats that show him matching what Master Chief can do. So lore over games in most cases.

When it comes down to weapon combat, Doom slayer has the advantages like no reloads, many guns and more firepower but that doesn’t matter against Master Chief. It’s great against hordes of enemies like the demons and even the covenant and flood but against master chief, no. All his guns work the same, it fires a projectile that travels in a straight line. Master Chief has dodged machine gun fire and hand gun fire at point blank range. So whether shotgun, super shotgun, plasma rifle, rockets, master chief can and will dodge them all. Even the BFG 9000 doesn’t do it. Youtubers like Midnight even believes that a BFG 9000 shot’s heat wouldn’t penetrate master chief’s armour due to him surviving the hot atmosphere of falling from space. Besides the BFG moves slower than master chief and he can outrun it if he needs to. The opposite isn’t true for Doom slayer. Not only has he not shown to be faster than bullets or have reflexes near that level but bullets work on him. Think about DOOM Eternal and DOOM (2016). The zombie guys with the shields use a shotgun to attack Doom slayer. The marauder uses a super shotgun to harm Doom slayer. Those are guns with bullets and Doom slayer can die too it if hits enough times. If 22nd century guns work then 26th century weapons do work. We haven’t seen anything that states that bullets the enemies use are argent bullets for example or anything like that. You might say that’s just in the game but majority of all most know about Doom guy is from the games. Bullets will hurt master chief too it’s just that he’s shown to be able to dodge it with extreme reflexes, even fire at point blank range. Also even though Master chief injured himself running extremely fast that was near the start of his training with the armour, he’s stronger, more experienced and has better technology so it’s safe to assume he shouldn’t have that same problem now. Also the unmakyr only works on demons so that won’t work Master Chief. So Doom slayers chances of killing master chief through weapons is very low while Master chief’s chances of killing doom slayer by weapons is is a good possibility. We repeat, Master chief isn’t immune to gun fire. It can and will kill him like Doom slayer, it’s just that he is way better and has evidence of being able to dodge it all completely.

So let’s give an example of weapons combat. Let’s say they both start shooting at each other while running both will miss at the start but soon master chief will start to hit doom guy. You say how can master chief hit a full speed running doom slayer. That’s easy. For starters Master chief is more than a master sharp shooter. Spartans are masters of every weapon and they have hit targets faster than 57mph and smaller too so they can easily hit a sprinting doom slayer and it’s laughable to hit a non sprinting doom slayer. Also the spartan laser is hit scan, meaning it hits instantly where master chief is aiming. Master chief as a spartan can track objects way faster than that and land a perfect shot. The spartan laser does supreme damage. Master chief is said to be the best shooter in the UNSC military, only second to Linda. If doom slayer gets some good shots on master chief then chief can then run away being faster (80 mph) giving him time to recharge those shields, undoing any damage doom slayer did. There’s one more thing about master chiefs armour that we will reveal later. Doom guy uses the rockets and master chief dodges, he has caught rockets and thrown them back before and with his reflexes can probably grab and throw as fast as doom slayer shoots them out. Plasma gun would probably make master chief evade and dodge the most. When all else fails, the BFG gets it done. Doom slayer would get the BFG ready but then one of two things will happen. Master chief being smart sees danger and will choose evasion. He will run from it and get to safety out of the way but due to his armour if hit by one of the BFG trails, he would still be alive, able too withstand the heat. The second outcome is that Master chief will hear a voice telling him to dodge and be giving him clear information and alerting him to all danger around him. That voice is cortana. Oh you forgot about cortana? The most advance and powerful A.I. She’s basically his spider sense. She can look at doom slayer and give intel to master chief about doom slayer. She can warn him about the BFG and more. Cortana is with Master chief since the first halo game and stayed with him throughout all those games. So she does count. So BFG, ballista, guass cannon and rockets all aren’t strong enough while the weaker weapons will lower the shield IF it hits enough but then Master Chief can just run to get shields back or use the covenant beam sword which can block bullets and projectiles. Master chief uses this sword too. Master chief will eventually kill doom slayer if he hits him with enough bullets. Doom slayer isn’t an idiot and will try to close the gap as he always does. 

This means it’s now down to what real matters. Close range combat. Doom slayer has been fighting for a very long time against the demons but his fighting style is still the same. He’s best described as a brawler. He rushes you and wants to punch your face in. He grabs to rip and tear. Nothing technical there at all. We haven’t seen anything that states he knows boxing or martial arts or anything. While Master Chief is an expert hand to hand combatant. Spartans are better trained in combat than soldiers and ODSTs. They know martial arts too. So master chief is a much better fighter than Doom slayer. Combine his fighting skills with the fact that he has much greater agility and reflexes and Doom slayer can’t touch master chief. Want proof. Think about it. In the first spider man movie, when Peter Parker was fighting the bully Flash, we got to see from spider mans perspective. We saw how slow the bully was moving to him. He had lots of time to dodge and land attacks of his own. That’s what reflexes basically allow you to do combined with speed. Now master chief isn’t spider man level but he dodges gun fire and dodged point blank pistol fire. That’s crazy fast already. The armour that master chief wears also boosts his abilities by a factor of 5 according to some. Midnight again stated this in his video as well. This means master chief who already, thanks to his argumentations from experiments, are boosted even more. He’s stronger, faster, more agile, more reflexes and sees way better too. Also the suit is basically connected to his mind. So what movements master chief thinks, the armour does for him INSTANTLY. This is better than the best reflexes. Not only that but master chief is much taller too, this means more reach with punches and kicks which does make a difference in a fight. Doom slayers strength has been widely debated. We know he can punch and dent steel but some even calculate he can lift 18 tons.

Master chief has been calculated by some to be able to lift 80 tons:

No there wasn’t any provided evidence from this source nor do we believe he can lift 80 tons. Many  factor in that he can flip over a scorpion tank. It’s an official game so that’s cannon. You might say that in ODST those humans flipped a tank too. Yes that’s clearly just in game mechanics as ODSTs don’t have super enhanced strength so it’s clearly not official for them. Master chief has ripped apart metal and the top of tanks, punched tanks to death (explode) and flipped them. Some estimations with the x5 suit boost have put master chief’s lifting strength at 7 tons. So let’s minimise master chief and say his strength is 7 tons. Guess what that changes?… very little. 7 and 13 isn’t big enough of a difference to make the weaker one’s strength negligible. This means master chief would have to avoid getting hit as much as possible but we already established that’s too easy for him. Doom slayer can’t get a good chance to hit him. Master chief has insane reflexes and instant movement linked to thought with enhanced agility, recharging energy shields to protect from blows and if you want to factor cortana would provide more assistance. So doom slayer can’t use his strength. You might say so what’s master chief going to do? Punch him to death? Well, yes. Look at Doom Eternal. zombies if they slap doom slayer enough times can kill him. Zombie soldiers can punch and front stamp kick doom slayer to death. So off course a stronger master chief can beat doom slayer to death, easier and faster. An imp can slash doom slayer to death, so off course master chief who is stronger and faster and more tactical aiming for specific spots of the body with a combat knife can do way worse than an imp. If an exploding barrel can kill doom slayer and bullets harm him, then a plasma sticky grenade can kill him and his guns can harm him. Off course he will need more than one plasma grenade though.

Also let’s explain agility more. When you drop a cat, they swing round and land on their feet even at low distances with little time. If you throw a cat, they turn fast and grab onto your hand in mid air. That’s agility. Doom slayer has no agility that we can see. In the level Urdak of Doom eternal when the icon of sin smashed the platform where the heart was and doom slayer slid off. He couldn’t grab anything, fell like a brick and bounced like a ball. He didn’t land on his feet, roll and get up. No. He just dropped and laid there for like 2 seconds. Not just master chief but all spartans have shown to flip, spin, rotate, cartwheel, summersault and more and land on platforms, their feet and more. They have agility, so even dodging in midair is no problem. Now concerning their swords. Argent sword versus beam sword. Both are easily capable of killing the other. The simple rule is like with regular sword fighting… don’t get hit. Sure the plasma sword is made by advanced aliens with their 26th century technology putting it ahead of UAC technology which is 22nd century but that changes little from what we have seen. The argent blade cuts through pretty much anything smoothly plus with doom slayers strength it would be easy to slice master chief in two. This also applies to master though with his sword. Plus the beam sword can block projectiles and bullets. The argent sword has three hits only while beam sword lasts longer but all you need to do is catch them good just once. So the outcome is the user, even if they swapped swords the outcome would be the same. The reflexes and instant thought movement off the master chief would make most likely that he can dodge and exploit  openings through parrying or whatever. So if they both whip out their swords, it will come down to the better fighter, the speed, reflexes etc. This means a much much greater chance of Master Chief winning.

The grenade launcher would be useful to create space or get some damage in but again it pops up, fires, the grenade needs to land and then explode, which is more than enough time for Master Chief to dodge, also if Master Chief survived a tactical nuke to the face then a grenade from Doom slayer is too weak to d significant damage. The flame belch would do minimum damage and more like put pressure on Master Chief, not harm or kill him as he’s survived the hot temperature of space, falling from orbit. Doom slayer did get a dash ability, or double dash which actually helps in this fight but can be countered by the huge agility and reflexes of Master chief who can dash to the sides and backwards and forwards with his own reactions. Plus Master chief since Halo 5 naturally and halo 4 as an armour ability can also dash. So both would be dashing about but that dash is Doom slayers best mobility option while Master chief can not only keep up with it and keep track of it but with his insane jumping still has more mobility and yes, Master chief can swing of poles too. Lastly is the new blood punch which is powerful and something master chief has to dodge or will take a nasty hit. Sadly though it’s still a punch and like with a regular punch, can be dodged. 

So when these forum pages and you tubers say well doom slayer fought for thousands of years and beat a titan without his suit so they conclude that doom guy wins, is completely stupid and low intelligence. There’s more to a fight than that. Strength, reaction speed, fighting style, techniques, reflexes, agility etc are the big factors. Not, Master chief has beaten the flood and covenant so he beats doom slayer, no, that’s equally dumb. That means nothing. It’s what would happen 1v1. When we take it all into side points this is what you get.

Doom Slayer: strength, stamina, firepower.

Master chief: agility, durability, full body energy shields (defence), reflexes, fighting skill and technique, speed, jumping (mobility) 

Yes. It’s that one sided. The clear winner is Master Chief. We will explain now in detail with an example of how the physical fight would go.

DS (doom slayer) MC (master chief). They both close the gap and get ready. DS being the more aggressive throws the first punch in a back punch style, MC seeing this and can react as fast as thought will parry it or dodge and with his speed strike the ribs. There’s other options but yep. DS will with anger throw another swinging punch. MC could easily do an iron broom sweeping kick, which sweeps the opponent of their feet. So DS has hit the ground like a brick since he hasn’t got great agility. Now on the floor DS is opened up. He could surprise MC by using his gauntlet wrist blades to swipe at the ankles. Either MC sees and reacts in time with a summersault, or simply move his feet but cortana could also warn him too. So it most likely wouldn’t hit. For arguments sake, if it did hit, it would most likely trip MC as his armour is thick and strong and that blade shouldn’t be able to cut him especially with the full body energy shield. Chief could then strike again now being aware of the wrist blades or back off to let his shields regenerate. Chief could also take out his combat knife knowing that blades are involved. DS gets back up. Since it’s short blades now, both would close the gap and like with their fists, MC is still faster, greater reflexes and with instant mind thinking reactions could dodge all swings and swipes and slash at DS when opened. Remember MC is a better fighter and knows martial arts. mince slashes from imps can kill DS then stronger clean swipes from MC will get the job done. If DS managed to grab MC and now trying to rip his arm off, MC can resist or twist out or whatever to get out. From actual experience X35 has done take down training before with twists and grips. When someone stronger grabs and tries to twist your arm or bend it, the weaker can stiffen and tense that part of the body and actually resist against stronger foes. Besides the biggest issue with grabbing someone if that you are using both your arms while the one grabbed has one free arm. If the strength is too much and MC realises that then he can just use his free arm to repeatedly strike DS until he lets go. This is all free damage. DS seeing he doesn’t have the upper hand here will have to push MC away or let go. Remember MC has dodged gun fire and even point blank pistol fire meaning he can easily dodge punches, kicks and grabs from DS which are way slower. So if DS has the strength advantage it doesn’t do anything if DS can’t hit MC. So eventually MC will punch and beat DS to death or slash him to death with his combat knife in hand to hand combat. 

Now lets answer some questions we have heard or gotten.

Q: If Doom Slayer is that much stronger then wouldn’t his strength overwhelm Master Chief?

A: If the gap in strength was bigger yes, but even being half as strong you still stand a chance and can work around it. For example while Master chief can’t match doom slayers fist, he can still with his reflexes (remember spider man and the bully flash) can move to the side and deflect the punch, then throw his own punch into doom slayers ribs. His much better agility and reflexes means he can either dodge, deflect, move with and counter smoothly.

Q: Wouldn’t Doom slayers argent sword work?

A: Yes it would. One slice through should do it. We have’t seen master chief block swords with his hands or anything… but… master chief can do the same with his energy beam sword. So the same facts of hand to hand combat applies to sword fighting. The reflexes, instant mind reactions of Master Chief gives him the advantage here.

Q: Wouldn’t master chief get hit by the blood punch has it has a blast wave, like an area of effect?

A: Yes but that only happens when Doom slayer actually hits his target. If you swing normally it is a normal punch but when it connects with an enemy, then it does that area of effect. Also the blood punch doesn’t kill tyrants or cyber mancubus in one punch and those two would die to a tactical nuke or a fall from space so it’s reasonable to assume Master chief would survive that punch, especially with his full body energy shields.

So yeah, Master Chief wins weapons, fire and hand to hand combat. If you disagree then let us know. Please let us know of any confirmed feats from Doom Slayer that could make a difference here. Don’t get mad at us if we  missed something as the videos of the youtubers we mentioned above haven’t included any big game changing feats of Doom Slayer so I’m also working with what they presented too.

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Halo Infinite was announced and teased at E3 2018. Halo Infinite is the latest major Halo game developed by 343 Industries and man are we at X35 Earthwalker excited. Now very little information, in fact minimum information has been given but that doesn’t mean we don’t know anything. Let’s take a look.

Many fans are excited. The flagship of Xbox is here and there’s not a single thing Playstation or anyone can do about it. Now this blog post will be mostly on using what we know to come up with ideas and theories of what is going on because we just got a teaser trailer but it already rises up questions and theories from gamers already. First of all, check out the trailer down below before reading the rest of this blog.

Okay, now straight away we know that the story will be based back on Master Chief again, as it should be, after all everyone loves the Chief. The main action will take place on a Halo ring which has many different environments ranging from ice mountains and forest to sandy deserts and what looks like a savannah. Pay attention as all this links together. We spot some wild animals like some hench deers and even rhinos showing this Halo ring is alive and wildlife will be a factor in this game which is awesome. We also know that vehicles and travelling will be a part of the game because of the warthog vehicle that was having a nice cruise through the area. Off course we know that Halo Infinite will has a new art style. The developers 343 Industries made that clear and that’s thanks to their new engine called ‘SlipSpace’ which is something they have been working on parallel with all the post release content for Halo 5 Guardians.

Halo Infinite

What we just mentioned isn’t everything from the trailer but let’s start making some connections. We at X35 Earthwalker believe that Halo Infinite is going to be an open world game. Doesn’t sound that crazy, does it? There’s no better game to  be open world than Halo. Look at the Halo universe with many alien species with alien names, their own history, background, wars and more. A large Halo ring planet will have enough room to hold all of them. We can tell this because of the different environments shown in the trailer. There could be underground areas which will bring back the drones from Halo 2. We hope they bring them back a that will be a unpleasant surprise. The Warthog acted as a main form of transportation there which suggests that the Master Chief will have to explore these different environments by traveling, both In vehicle and on foot. Imagine how awesome it would be if drove up to a ruins to investigate but a predator animal comes out of nowhere like a tiger and the Master Chief punches it in the face and then finishes it off with the assault rifle.

Halo Infinite

At the end Master Chief is putting another A.I disk or whatever into his helmet which suggests that maybe he has a new partner now. We know that Cortana been having some issues lately and needs to cool off somewhere else. Is the Master Chief here to look for his old A.I companion or did they pick up traces of Guardians being here? Either way it’s a huge mission which supports the open world genre direction. Different wildlife, different environments, warthogs for travelling, big mission and a huge world all screams open world to us. We seriously hope it does. So let’s assume that it’s going to be open world that would mean that an old enemy will come back. Oh you know what we are talking about…

Halo Infinite

The flood. Think about it. Like with the other Halo ring planets, the flood have always been present there, either contained or hiding sort of. It could be like Terraria where if the flood is released they will slowly spread and take over the planet, meaning  she areas will become flood territory. maybe there will be a planetary display systems that shows the state of the whole ring maybe. If so there is opportunities for global random events where maybe an over powered covenant team shows up to do some scouting for digging and it’s up to players if they want to take on that team. There even could be covenant outposts of different strengths and defensive capabilities that grants big rewards for overtaking. The possibilities are infinite… well maybe not infinite… but a game as big as Halo has so much potential with a game like this.

Overall we like many fans are excited for Halo Infinite. We know these are all just theories and ideas brought forth from a. short trailer but that trailer revealed quite a lot when you think about it. Even the name ‘Halo Infinite’ suggests a massive size and possibilities. Open world is become more popular and sort of like a trend. Why not Halo? What’s that? At least it isn’t a battle royale? Well Halo has the weapons and large spaces to pull that off if it wants too. Maybe that will become a multiplayer mode. Who knows. Either way, Halo Infinite looks like it wants to make a massive impact. Now Halo Infinite isn’t truly Infinite but but one thing that’s infinite is the awesomeness of… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Halo Wars 2 has been getting quite a lot of updates, patches and new content and that is great to see. Why? Well it does show that the developers do care about what’s happening with their game. Some new character leaders initially were too powerful and needed to be toned down. The developers fixed that. They brought out new characters who like Serina brings in new layers to the game like the freezing mechanic. This shakes things up and keep players thinking. Now we have a large DLC coming our way which will bring in… the Flood. Oh dear. This is both exciting and bad at the same time. Exciting because it’s an old enemy coming back but bad because anyone who played Halo 1 (we know it’s called combat evolved but we call it halo 1) knows what a horrible enemy the flood are. There are many great things but some big issues as well.

We love Serina as the whole ice thing is really cool and like we said adds another layer to the game. For example you now have to think about how to handle her if she is your opponent. You can’t stay around her hero unit for too long or risk being frozen. The Frostravens are there to freeze and destroy frozen units easily and her abilities on top of that makes it almost too risky to approach her. When you are her though you get to decide how you will toy with your enemies. Charge at them and then drop ice barriers around and behind them to start the freezing. Drop Cryo bombs to instant freeze and make troops panic with glacial storm. Then finish them off with Seismic charge. It’s cruel.

Spear breaker was an interesting mission that was of a nice length and offer some cool combat. You got to control a special ODST squad which have a lot of health and each member carries different weapons, from some laser type gun to rocket launchers. They have access to a emp ordnance support drop. This unit would be OP in multiplayer as it is. Fun to play with. The Retriever sentinel bosses were real bosses but most specifically the last one as it had moments when other sentinels made it invulnerable and healed it. It’s health was higher than normal and did more damage we believe. It’s worth playing but that’s all, the story wasn’t interesting at all.

The main bad thing and this is what put us of off online multiplayer is that the matches are now all about rushing. Rushing with hero units. Now YapYap and Serina are the two worst at the moment. Serina’a hero unit the ‘Bison’ has good health and tanks all the damage while sitting there freezing your units and buildings, while their units are attacking from behind. Now if you don’t have your hero unit then there is nothing you can really do. Really. So it becomes a game of getting your hero units out first whether for attack or defend. What’s worst is that not all hero units are made equal. For example if you have one of the original three UNSC characters leader’s heroes: The spartans, then they will die to Jerome’s mantis, Serina’s Bison or YapYap’s three grunt mechs. It isn’t fair. They are weaker. It’s almost like saying don’t bother with the original three. Almost every match has been like this. It’s not fun. So we stopped playing online. 

Overall Halo Wars 2 has been growing and doing very well but it’s not all that fun if you don’t want to play it anymore then it becomes useless to you. We honestly have been playing other games besides Halo Wars 2 and that’s taking into account that YapYap is new. We haven’t been bothered to take him on or try him out. Don’t get us wrong. It’s an excellent game with lots of work going into it but currently until something is done about that leader rush we won’t be quick to get back online. Yes we know that you can just get your hero out as well but that leads to issues in itself like what character leader to use and more. New players better beware. Now we still love Halo Wars 2 but not as much as we love… the ‘Earth Walk!’

Halo Wars 2 latest new content brought a new character leader with it. Serina is here! She is the AI from Halo Wars 1 but here… she is an ice AI. That’s right, she just might be a bit too… cool (We see you laughing).

When we first knew that it was Serina we only wondered what she would bring to the game. Maybe a new concept or just crazy abilities. She brought both! She also has new units as well. These new units are Cryo troopers, Frost ravens and the hero unit Bison. All three are capable of freezing enemy units. How this works is that as they attack the enemy a meter appears under their health and it fills up. When that meter gets full, that enemy unit is frozen and cannot attack or move. If you shatter a frozen unit though, they will take a large amount of extra damage. This applies for both enemy units and structures. 

Now Cryo Troopers are exactly the same as Hell bringers but instead shoot ice. They are good against infantry and structures. Frost ravens are basically ice nightingales that don’t heal but shoot a beam of ice to freeze enemies. They also come a with a missile that does damage but better used to shatter frozen enemies. The hero unit Bison is a strong, shielded vehicle that launches ice grenades (or bombs whatever) at all enemy unit types, doing good damage. The attacks help to freeze the enemy units as well. Once upgraded the Bison can create a field of chill aura once planted. By the way, chill auras  and effects basically slows enemy units down and slowly freezes them meaning movement is harder and if they stay there too long they will be completely frozen and susceptible to being shattered. Bison has both interesting offense and defense.

Serina’s leader powers are very interesting and what gets things rolling.

  • ‘Ice Barrier’ allows you to drop in giant blocks of ice which blocks enemies but also have a chilling effect so slow down enemies and can freeze over time.
  • ‘Cryogenic detonator’ is basically the  cloaked mines which do damage but freezes or chills enemies.
  • ‘Cryotech advances’ grants all Cryo troopers, turrets and power nodes chill auras. Kodiaks and siege turret rounds also chill enemy units.
  • ‘Frostraven’ unlocks the Frostravens to be built at your base.
  • ‘Seismic blast’ allows you to shatter frozen enemies in a selected area for huge damage.
  • ‘Restoration drones’ which we all know and love for their healing goodness.
  • ‘Cryobomb’ which just like in Halo Wars 1 drops a bomb to freeze enemy units.
  • ‘Turret drop’ as usual drops a turret which fires on any enemy unit.
  • ‘Cryo drop’ which fires down three seismic blasts and drops in 2 Cryo troopers, 2 scorpion tanks and 1 frostraven
  • ‘Glacial storm’ lets you drop in a huge cryogenic charge which creates a long lasting ice storm that chills enemy units over time.


Now if you are quite strategic then you would have come up with some ideas and combinations right now concerning her leader powers. You could get a good amount of Cryo troopers equipped with Cryotech advances, call in a Glacial storm but trap the enemy army with ice barrier, land cryo bomb on any high priority units by this time most are weak or frozen so drop the seismic blast to ruin the entire army. There is quite a bit you can do.

Serina is a very good addition to Halo Wars 2. She brings a whole new concept and shakes things up. When there is a Serina on the enemy team you know that you can’t keep your staying still for too long. You have to spread out a bit. What happens if Serina fights Kinsano? Ice vs fire. Interesting. Overall she is fun to use and with more practice, will figure out her true power.

Halo Wars 2 is at it again. We must say though that the developers are doing an awesome job so far in bringing us new content, which is actually good and charging us at reasonable prices. Great Job 343 Industries and Creative Assembly. The newest character leaders are The Arbiter and Spartan Jerome.

So many gamers where looking forward to these two leaders and boy do they deliver. Both of these new Halo Wars 2 leader function very differently from all the others, which isn’t an easy to do while keeping everything balanced. 

The Arbiter is definitely more focused on his stasis leader powers. He has regular stasis and also mass stasis which is just stasis but on a larger scale. Basically if you use stasis on enemies their units can’t move or attack but cannot be harmed. So it buys you time. Time to escape or time to attack turrets first or destroy a base and they have no choice but to watch. If you use stasis on your own units then they can’t move or attack either but also become invincible. Use this to survive an eradication power from Atriox or keep your army alive until your team mates can show up etc. The Arbiter also has stasis mines which function like regular but also slow down units that trigger them. A mine is still a mine at the end of the day. What is most dangerous about his leader powers is Conduit of rage. This is because it causes any units or buildings near to heal and get a brief boost to damage and speed when near a leader power. So if you use plasma bolt to hit some enemies and your army is near the point of contact then they are instantly buffed. Rage of conduit can be upgraded to make the buff stronger and last longer. Combine this with Power surge and the match is pretty much as good as won. Power surge reduces the cost and cooldown time of all your leader abilities. So imagine upgrading that as well to reduce cooldown even more. You will be dropping mines so frequently, firing plasma bolts and buffing your troops more frequently for complete destruction. Arbiter requires planning and timing. You must be strategic. As a hero unit on the field he is really fast, probably the fastest unit in the game and does great melee damage. When he enters rage though he does more damage and once upgraded gains health from attacks and can even buff his allies while raging.

Commander Jerome is heavily focused on inspiring units. Inspired units have increased damage, armour (defense) and speed. Jerome has to keep his soldiers inspired at all times. Jerome’s leader powers in some way centers around inspiration. Firstly ‘Time for heroes’ naturally gives all your units a buff in terms of speed, armour and damage as long as your unit count is 40 or below. This is useful for the early game. Enduring Salvo let’s you drop debris from the ship ‘Enduring conviction’ to damage anything it lands on but it also grants inspiration to any of your units that are near where you used the leader power. Victory turret functions like any other turret but this turret also inspires any nearby units. Victory mine is like other mines but when it explodes it inspires nearby units. Field promotion is very powerful. It lets you instantly turn units you selected to level 1 veterancy. This sounds simple but can really change the tide of a battle. The most favoured leader power of Jerome is ‘Omega Team’ which drops in three spartans: one carrying a plasma turret, one carrying a railgun and one carrying a beam sword. When used properly they are destructive. Jerome as a hero unit uses a hydra mini missile launcher and functions like any other spartan but comes with a aura circle around him which inspires units within. Jerome can call down his own mantis which fires lasers. Jerome can enter the mantis and grant it more fire power. Once upgraded the mantis can call in a laser strike as well.

Lastly in Halo Wars 2, both leaders bring in a whole new type of unit to the game. The arbiter has the Phantom ships while Jerome has the Mastodon. What’s special about them? Both are tough units that have the ability to carry infantry units. For example, you can place a sniper and and some marines in the Mastodon and they can fire from the mastodon while being protected. This especially looks cool when you have hunters with the beam upgrade in a phantom because you see the hunters beams coming from the ship attacking enemies. Very cool indeed. We won’t give away our personal strategies but the rest is up to you.

Overall these two new leader for Halo Wars 2 are an awesome addition to the game. They are worth buying and worth checking out. X35 Earthwalker himself has tried both and he loves them. If you love them, that’s great but make sure… to love the ‘Earth Walk!’

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