Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has done very well right now. Millions of gamers are playing it and overall everyone seem to be saying positive things about it. Halo Infinite off course is the latest Halo game and the big game release for Xbox that is currently crushing everything else. Call of Duty Vanguard and Battle Field 2042 have both been soundly crushed by Halo Infinite. Xbox once again solidifies it’s lead over Playstation. Even Forza Horizon 5 is dominating both are Xbox exclusives. Back to Halo Infinite. Let’s take a look.

Halo Infinite has great multiplayer right now. Not perfect off course but great. The action feels like a good speed right now. There’s a variety of weapons which behave very differently from each other. The assault rifle feels useful. The game modes are fun for the most part. Oddball, slayer and stronghold are the best ones. Capture the flag can easily be exploited by sweaty try hards. The time to kill feels a little too fast but it’s okay. Most of the maps are nice and seem good for every game mode. The amount of mobility you have in Halo Infinite is good with the climbing up ledges, nice high jumps and off course the ability to sprint (as a super super soldier should be able to); however it is a clear downgrade from Halo 5 Guardians mobility options.

X335 Earthwalker Halo Infinite

Let’s talk more about what’s wrong. First is are the weapons. The default weapons are fine except for the side kick pistol. It’s too inconsistent. At times the pistol melts the shields and kills fast. Other times, the pistol sucks and does nothing. It’s mostly strong but too inconsistent. Started to use the assault rifle more than the pistol. Assault rifle feels better and more reliable. The pistol isn’t as inconsistent as the grenades. The frag grenades suck. Have seen players run through the grenades and take little to no damage. When we use grenades… it doesn’t matter to the enemy. When the enemy uses grenades they practically stick to use, kill all our shields or straight kill us. Grenades need to be fixed. 

Next problem and it’s a big one. Cross play is forced. Unless they changed something recently. We can’t turn it off. We don’t want to play with pc players. They have quite big advantage. Also pc players have the bigger capacity and are more likely to be cheaters. There’s been reports of cheating already. A lot actually. Reports from complete removal of bloom, to stronger shields, to increased rate of fire, unkillable and more. Give players the choice if they want to play with pc players or not. Playing against pc players is not fun. Give us the option.

X335 Earthwalker Halo Infinite

Next issue is the special weapons themselves. They suck for the most part. The commando is weaker than the battle rifle for some reason. The ravager is the worst so called power weapon. It does no damage. What we mean is, that it does such little damage that it’s not worth carrying. The pistol beats the ravager. The assault rifle beats the ravager. The plasma pistol beats the ravager. The ravager SUCKS!!! The heat wave does too little damage. The shotgun does too little damage. Hit someone cleanly t close range and they survived and killed us instead. What a joke of a shotgun. The shock rifle is a poor substitute for the sniper and it’s too inaccurate. Even when you aim it well it can still miss. The hydra does very little damage when you use the homing mode. How does directing homing missiles do such little damage? Even streamers have stated that they don’t see a point to getting the special weapons. They need to be fixed. The special weapons feel bad for the most part.   

Next problem is the aiming system. The aiming is terrible. Majority of console players admitted they need to adjust to the aiming as it felt weird. Same with Lemnis Gate, that the aiming isn’t good. This becomes a huge problem especially if you are on console and you grab a sniper weapon. You end up feeling like you can’t snipe at all. X35 Earthwalker has multiple sniper kills and some of them are in his uploaded gameplay videos. X35 can easily snipe but in Halo Infinite it feels like the worst sniping of all the halo games. No joke. Maybe add more aim assist or reduce global sensitivity. Individual sensitivity doesn’t fix the problem as you will end up being too slow to turn and face the enemies in time. It must be global. 

X335 Earthwalker Halo Infinite

Lastly off course the progression is trash. You have unfair challenges that are for the most part not easy to do. They give you a little bit of exp. You get 50 exp for completing a match. You need a 1000 to level up so that means you must play 20 matches to level up which is so slow. Slow progression leads to boredom and discouragement. The samurai armour event thing isn’t balanced with the regular progression as you have three challenge slots. You get four if you buy the battle pass thing. Those three challenges are random but you can look ahead to see what’s going. To progress the samurai event you need to specifically complete challenges labelled for that event. You can’t level both at the same time from what we have seen. Not good design and off course there is no way to choose what game type you want to play. You have no control as to whether it’s oddball, capture the flag or stronghold. Just get random which makes completing challenges harder as you might get a challenge that can only be done in oddball but you get three capture the flag matches in a row.  

X335 Earthwalker Halo Infinite

Back to something nice. We like how graphically good the game looks and definitely liking some of the sounds in the game. You can clearly hear a spartan grapple hooking near you, hear footsteps, so you can ambush someone. Game looks excellent for sure but we expect the campaign to have better details and impressive environments. Halo Infinite definitely has a lack of content but we know more is on the way. We are looking forward to the campaign and what else the game has to offer. Halo Infinite is our most excited waited for game of the year. We have very high expectations for Halo Infinite and this game hasn’t reached there yet. We have more to say but we tried to keep this as short as possible. 

Overall Halo Infinite is a great game but has some stuff that needs to be fixed and very quickly. There’s lots of potential and we have had some fun matches to very fun matches. Just recently been having bad matches with connection, cheaters, pc players etc. Come on 343 Industries. You guys can do this. Now Halo Infinite may be the biggest and best game but it’s still not ready for… the ‘Earth Walk!’ 

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