Deep Rock Galactic is a new co-op first person shooter game developed by ‘Ghost Ship Games‘ and published by ‘Coffee Stain Publishing‘. Deep Rock Galactic is said to be coming out May 13th 2020 on the Xbox One and PC.This game caught our attention and it’s good to see more great Xbox games coming out. Let’s take a look.

Deep Rock Galactic is all future sci-fi. Players control Dwarves. Not the lame ones but cool, tough, actions ones. Basically you are miners in space and your latest operation takes place in Hoxxes IV which has the highest concentration of valuable minerals ever discovered. So your mission is to get in there and get all that good minerals. Off course it isn’t that simple this time. Deep Rock Galactic has detected there’s lots of hostile life and even the fauna can kill you too. Get in as a team, work together, kill the dangerous lifeforms, mine the minerals and get out of there alive. 

Straight from the get u Deep Rock Galactic is all about co-op action and working together as a team. Team work is all over the official website too. There is no solo hero here, unless you’re the dwarf that clutches it for the team. As they say “Dig together or dig your own grave”. Nothing is similar as the levels are procedurally generated so don’t act like a now it all. It’s always teams of 4. What we don’t know is whether you can play the game by yourself and have AI controlled allies or it’s players only as in if you buy this game and have no friends or whatever you can’t play or get anywhere in the game. We hope the developers don’t make a mistake like that but if it’s players only then so be it.

These dwarves have some serious technology. Deep Rock Galactic spares so expense in that department… and that department only. These dwarves of the Deep Rock Galactic have some of the heaviest weapons around. The gadgets are very advanced too. We got flamethrowers… that’s right… it’s lit! There’s even launchers launch climbable platforms made of concrete at walls. There’s what looks like laser cutters, machine guns, blasters, explosives, drilling machines and more.

It’s strange though as the mining company, Deep Rock Galactic have a lot of secrecy. For starters they encourage people to take up these highly dangerous missions. Once you enter Hoxxes IV you are on your own with the team. The company aren’t responsible nor will they hold your hand. Regarding promotions and moving up the ranks the commented “Provided of course you are fortunate and skilled enough to survive your work. Lastly they won’t even tell you what you are really mining up. Due to classified means we managed to ease drops on the Deep Rock Galactic big officials. They said and we quote “Due to the particulars being Classified, we are currently not at liberty to reveal the exact composition of the materials you will be excavating, however.”

We checked out some Deep Rock Galactic and it’s what we expected. The caves are so dark, you need the scout to light up the place for visual reasons. The engineer set up the place to the dwarves advantage like automated turrets. The Gunner just destroys everything, actively engages the enemy and denies them from getting to the squad. The driller just makes it his responsibility to mine everything. They can defend themselves also but main thing is to dig. What’s also interesting and very cool is that the environment is 100% destructible. You can mine and destroy it all. So keep that in mind when dealing with enemies and placing turrets.    

Overall Deep Rock Galactic looks like a good game for sure. We like that you can grow and progress and through the company. We like the graphical style and it looks good. The environments look good but not much to say about the level design as of now. Each of the dwarf roles are clearly different from each other and have their own use. Yet each dwarf can defend themselves. The developers ‘Ghost Ship Games’ have done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to the mining action of Deep rock Galactic. Now Deep rOCK galactic may have tough, advanced space dwarves but thy don’t stand a mining chance against… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Doom 64 is a first person shooter action game developed by ‘id Software‘ and published by ‘Bethesda Softworks‘. Doom 64 is said to be coming out the 20th of March 2020 on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC. Now this game is a classic for sure and the demons are back. Let’s take a look.

Doom 64 is basically sort of still Ultimate Doom. If you know Ultimate Doom then you know what to expect. There isn’t that much to say about Doom 64. You literally fight and kill demons through 32 levels. Grab your shotguns, chains guns, plasma guns, BFG, rocket launcher and more and destroy all kinds of demons. The objective is to find and defeat the mother of demons (whatever that is) and off course stop hell. Can someone please explain why demons can be killed by an earthly shotgun?

Now there is a cool catch though. The developers of Doom Eternal are saying that if you pre-order Doom eternal before the 20th of march 2020 then you get a free digital copy of Doom 64. This is a very cool deal, not as good as the Doom 3 Resurrection of evil deal where when we bought the game, in the extras menu you had the option to play Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 and Doom master levels. Still a good deal though. Players can get two games for the price of one.

We checked out some Doom 64 gameplay and it’s what we expected and it’s definitely what you are expecting if you know anything about the game. Run fast and shoot, open doors and shoot, collect keys and shoot, pick up weapons and shoot, go berserk and punch but when that runs out you will shoot. You get it. Players must remember that like with other Doom games look out for secret rooms and areas that have powerful weapons, lots of ammo and even power ups.

Overall Doom 64 isn’t anything new to add on about. We do like the difference art style when you compare Ultimate Doom and Doom 64. The Unmaker is a powerful anti- demon weapon that is only found in Doom 64 and not the previous Doom games so players get a chance to try that thing out. The developers ‘id Software’ have done a good job with all of this. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to keep an eye out for this game. Now Doom 64 may be a classic blast from the past but this blast is far too small to phase… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Demon Pit is an action arcade first person shooter game developed by ‘Psychic Software‘ and ‘Doomcube‘ and published by ‘Digerati‘. Demon Pit is said to be coming out on the Xbox One 24th of December, Nintendo Switch 25th of December and PS4 the 17th of December all in 2019. It’s already out on PC. This game is suppose to keep the action going. Let’s take a look.

In the world of Demon Pit, players control a demon hunter. This demon hunter spent years in the mortal realm slaying and destroying demons and their kind. This however did not cleanse his soul. The hunter faced judgement and was judged… eternal damnation. So now it’s off to the pit… the Demon Pit.

Here in Demon Pit players must take on, battle and survive endless waves of demonic enemies. You will do this armed with a good amount of ranged weapons like flamethrowers, shotguns, grenade launcher, a machine gun, plasma gun (by the looks of it) and hopefully more. You also have a soul grapple which let’s you grab something and be pulled to it at extreme speed. You can us this to evade, close the gap or get to something quickly. 

There’s more to Demon Pit. The level or pit you are fighting in is said to be constantly changing. So maybe things will be a flat terrain for now but later pillars might be a part of the arena, or maybe walls, or maybe elevated platforms or even a cage. Things won’t be the same for long. The best players can adapt to what’s happening. 

It has been confirmed that there are 10 types of enemies and we have seen some of them. There’s a basic skeleton melee enemies, an armoured axe and shield enemy, floating skull enemies and a giant skull spider creature with guns on both sides. These are just examples. There’s also 7 different weapons. We named 5 earlier in this gaming blog post. 

We checked out some Demon Pit gameplay and it’s what we expected. An honest game indeed as players get what’s on the box. You literally run around, avoid enemy attacks and slay all the demons that face you. Since Demon Pit is arcade style there’s a whole score system. You can get multipliers to increase your score by continuously kill enemies fast for example. So the arcade side of it is there.

Overall Demon Pit seems like a simple fun game that gets right to the point and what you see is what you get. You fight endless waves of demons and that’s it. Try to get the high score and there will be an online leaderboard too. The developers ‘Psychic Software‘ and ‘Doomcube’ have done an alright job with this game. It’s graphics are great at all, we expect more in 2019 even for a classic style game. The concept is simple. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see what Demon pit does. Now Demon Pit may have endless waves of demons but even that isn’t enough to stop… the ‘Earth Walk!’  

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Terminator: Resistance is a new first person shooter action game developed by ‘Teyon‘ and published by ‘Reef Entertainment‘. Terminator: Resistance is said to be coming out December 3rd 2019 on the Xbox One and PS4 but the 15th of November on PC… in the US; however in the UK it’s released the 15th of November on the Xbox One and PS4. So different dates for the two locations. A new terminator game huh. Let’s take a look.

In the world of Terminator: Resistance things are taking place pretty much 30 years after Judgment Day (the fake judgement day). Terminator: Resistance is all about a new hero. This hero is called Jacob Rivers. He’s basically a soldier in the resistance pacific division. He isn’t anyone of interest as he’s not a high ranking soldier either. He’s just a private. Jacon Rivers learns that Skynet has marked him for termination as he’s declared to be the latest threat. 

So anyone who has watched the Terminator movies and know about them can guess what to expect from Terminator: Resistance. Everything that takes place is leading up to a major league battle which will decide everything. You must decide the fate of mankind in this war against machines and off course you must destroy Skynet’s defence grid. Sounds familiar? Well you are getting the Terminator experience here.

Terminator: Resistance takes place in a post apocalyptic Los Angeles, you can explore the whole area, complete the main story which will help you move up through the ranks of the resistance. There’s also side-quests which are about helping your friends.

You know a future based game is going to have some cool weapons. Terminator: Resistance has a whole arsenal of weaponry but you have to earn them, either through trading or even crafting. In this world, you must search for scraps. What we can tell you though is that the weapons are based on plasma. There are some weapons that are good for just getting out there and shooting everything while others assist in stealth, sneaking around and even hacking.

The enemies are off course the machines. Players will face some well known machines like the T-800. Expect different skeleton looking machine monsters who are unforgiving and want you dead. Such is the world of Terminator: Resistance. Also there are a good number of enemies who are brand new as in you’re going to get a surprise when you meet them.

We checked out some Terminator: Resistance gameplay and it’s quite what we expected. A destroyed world with flames and dying humans everywhere. There are numerous machines who are merciless and you need to shoot them to death. Helping and finding survivors, uniting and search dead machines for parts and scraps. We saw the armoured spider and spider scout enemies. The gameplay looks good for a first person shooter.

Overall. Terminator: Resistance  seems like a good game so far. It definitely does it’s job as a first person shooter but it adds a few extra elements like the stealth/sneaking and the scavenging with crafting. The enemies are a clear threat. The graphics look very good and the sounds are good too. The developers ‘Teyon’ have done a good job with this game so far. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see what Terminator: Resistance has to offer. Now Terminator: Resistance may put up a fight but it doesn’t stand a chance against… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Ion Maiden

Ion Maiden is a new action first person shooter game developed by ‘Voidpoint’ and published by ‘3D Realms‘. It is said to be coming out in the second quarter of 2019. We know there’s an early access out already but we don’t care about that. Ion Maiden aims to bring back the old ways of first person shooters. Let’s take a look.

The story in this world of Ion Maiden is that there’s an transhumanist mastermind called Dr Jadus Heskel. He has a full fledged “cybernetic cult” with numerous members. He has released them into the streets of Neo DC. Off course this causes chaos, destruction and loads of problems. This is where the players comes in. Players control Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison who’s aim is to take down Dr Jadus Heskel.  

Ion Maiden

Now Shelly isn’t a stranger to explosions as before these recent events she use to defuse bombs for the global defence force. but now she’s causing explosions in her battle against the cybernetic cult. Now Ion Maiden has a lot to live up to as it aims to bring back the style of the old first person shooter games like Duke Nukem 3D. If you couldn’t tell from looking at Ion Maiden, it has the retro style look as well. 

Players can expect the old gameplay style too in Ion Maiden. Strafing left and right, running and gunning, all that good stuff. There is no regenerative health, just like in Ultimate Doom, so avoid getting hit at all times. There are no mandatory check points either, so players better learn how to survive. The levels are multiple paths you can take to complete levels and you can expect enemies around every corner who are quite trigger happy. 

Ion Maiden

First person shooters like this need a wide range of weapons and options. Ion Maiden claims to have that. There are grenade launchers that can explode and release bullets like a shotgun, Shelly’s signature revolver which is more unique than your average Wild West gun, shotguns, dual wield sub machine guns, a cross bow, stun baton, grenades a chain gun and more. We hope Ion Maiden gets the weapon options right. Many games have guns that are clearly way better than others. Some guns will never get used unless the others run out of ammo. Options are a good thing.

There is some more stuff going on with Ion Maiden though. It won’t be simply running around. Players can climb, swim, duck and jump. Imagine jumping in ultimate Doom. Some guns have different firing modes and there are different types of ammo too. There are seven different zones to fight through and each of those zones have their own levels so get blasting, shooting and exploding and don’t forget the running.

We checked out some gameplay of Ion Maiden and it’s what we thought. It’s what any gamer who knows of Ultimate Doom and Duke Nukem 3D would imagine it would be. Run around, firing lots of shots, ducking and dodging incoming fire, discovering secret areas, finding new weapons, picking up health, gathering ammo and eventually facing the dangerous bosses that will be more than ready to fight.

Overall Ion Maiden seems like your old first person shooter game. It looks exactly like those old games but off course with some more modern ideas. We don’t think Shelly is cooler or better than Duke Nukem but she definitely sounds like the “bomb” (see what we did there?). The developers ‘Voidpoint’ have so far look done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will be keeping an eye on Ion Maiden and see what it brings. Now Ion Maiden may have lots of guns and explosions but nothing hit harder than… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the latest big Battle Royale that came out and almost all gamers are talking about it. Apex Legends was developed by ‘Respawn Entertainment‘ and published by ‘Electronic Arts‘. Since it’s a Battle Royale, gamers should already know what to expect. Apex Legends is the latest game to challenge Fortnite. Let’s take a look. 

Apex Legends takes place in the same universe as TitanFall. Players control one of the legends. The legends are characters who are all competing in the Apex games to be known as the Apex champion. Each character has their own story, abilities and off course strengths. How you use these characters and work with others will make a big difference in matches. That’s right, we said work with others.

In case you couldn’t tell Apex Legends drop players in teams of three. So working and communicating with your team is essential. Sure you can go by yourself and even still win but that’s unlikely. Don’t be the players who just wants to do what you want and just leave your team behind or not care. If you are a selfish gamer then don’t play as you’ll just ruin other gamers experience. Many gamers are trying to figure out what’s the best character combinations in the game. Players want to have characters that can cover all the needs in a team based Battle Royale.

Apex legends characters  

Apex legends characters

There are currently 8 characters but only 6 are available from the start. The other two must be unlocked. Each legend has a passive, tactical and ultimate ability. The legends are: Lifeline, Gibraltar, Mirage, Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Wraith, Caustic and Bangalore. To simply give a few examples, Lifeline produces a shield while reviving knocked down allies, use healing items faster and call in some very good defensive gear. Gibraltar produces a small shield while aiming down the sights of his weapon, can create a dome shield that blocks projectiles and call in a mortar strike. Mirage can create holograms of himself to fool and trick enemies while up and kicking or even downed. Pathfinder can create grapple lines for himself and his team to reach any location and also use terminals to reveal to his team the next ring location ahead of time. Bangalore gets a speed boost when she is being shot at, can fire out smoke canisters to create a wall of smoke and even call in an artillery strike. These legends are serious.

Like other battle royale games, players start in a transportation vehicle that flies across the map and it’s up to the players to decide when to launch from the vehicle and where they want to land. In Apex Legend the only player who decide when a team launches is the ‘Jump master’. The Jump master after launching then controls and directs the whole teams flight and movement to the surface. Off course players have the option to stop following the leader after holding a certain button for a few seconds but normally the jump Master is in control. 

There are supply bins that carry potentially carry armour pieces, weapons, ammo, grenades etc. Items and gear can also be found in buildings, on roofs, care packages, in small droids, basically everywhere. The game map is quite detailed but provide all the information you need for locating and finding your team and way around the map. The circle that closes isn’t that dangerous initially. The first time the circle closes, the area outside of the circle does very very little damage; however the second time it closes in the damage increases drastically. Players in Apex Legends don’t have armour in the same sense as Call of Duty Blackout. They have shields from the body armour. 50, 75 or 100. The shields always take the hit before your health does. The helmet only reduces the amount of damage you take from headshots.    

Apex legends map

Apex Legends does stand out from other Battle Royale definitely. We feel that Apex Legends is a combination of Call of Duty Blackout and Skyforge Battle Royale (our favourite battle royale). It moves and has a more realistic feel like Blackout but has the different characters and abilities like Skyforge. You can read our blog on Skyforge right here. The different abilities allows for different layers to the game, more skill to be displayed and off course different strategies. We like that the game is quite deep with a nice menu system, different types of ammo and the communication options. You can tell your team that you are defending an area, that someone has been here, mark locations for your team to travel to or look at and mark enemies you see. Communication is key. You can bring back your dead allies by returning their recovered tag to a specific machine. There are lots of goods things that we won’t go into detail on. 

There are some problems though. For starters the shields feel too weak. You can have purple body armour giving you the maximum amount of armour but one enemy can still melt your shields and health at times almost instantly. Shields should be stronger. This is also the same for Gibraltar’s passive shield ability. His shield doesn’t make a big enough impact. We’ve seen a purple armour wearing Gibraltar use his shields and face one opponent in a one on one and get downed first even when not missing much shots. The shields need a buff. The incinerate grenades need to cover a wider area to be more useful as the other two outclass it easily and therefore not worth carrying around. Apex Legends needs to keep it’s console and PC players separated. The main problem with Apex Legends though is that since it’s heavily team based, you will most likely lose if you have a bad team. X35 Earthwalker twice had a match where both team members literally split up and went their own different ways while landing. Both died within 30 seconds of landing but X35 Earthwalker lived. You are dependant on your team. They need to have a solo mode quite soon. This game isn’t perfect.

Overall we do like Apex Legends. It’s made very well, things run smoothly but there’s always some players with bad connections. The graphics are great ad the sounds are very good. You can clearly tell where your opponents are when nearby thanks to their noisy footsteps. As it stands right now, Apex Legends is currently our second favourite battle royale and the second best overall. We definitely recommend that players give this game a try if they haven’t already. It’s free so if you don’t like it, then uninstall. Now Apex Legends may have legends but even they are nobodys when compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Rage 2

Rage 2 is a new action first person shooter developed by ‘Avalanche studios‘ and ‘Id Software‘. It is coming out the 15th May on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This game is suppose to be bigger, more action and more rage than before. Let’s take a look. 

There is quite a bit of information on Rage 2. Rage 2 is set in the year 2165. So basically 30 years later from the first Rage game. There has been some positive changes to the world as humanity has found a way to change parts of the wasteland into tundras, jungles and even wetlands; however the ways and mindset of the people haven’t changed. Gangs now want control of these areas for their resources. 

Rage 2

The authority is back in Rage 2. Just a reminder, they are the main enemy of the previous Rage game. They have a much higher level of technology than the other factions so they are more dominate than them and are a bigger threat. For example the Authority’s troops have personal energy shields and also recharging stations. The authority is fighting everyone and anyone who doesn’t agree with them or gets in their way. 

The players take control of Walker, who is one of the last rangers. The rangers used nanotrite technology to enhance their abilities and weapons. The Rangers were destroyed by the authority. Off course Walker wants revenge. Players will face factions like bandits, mutants and even monsters who have no problems killing.

You won’t fight like a normal person as there is a nice variety of weapons that can be upgraded. Use nanotrites to trigger and use powerful abilities. There’s also the Overdrive which basically forces your weapons past their mechanical limits. These will be useful as the enemies vary in size too. 

Rage 2

Vehicles are off course available in Rage 2. The official website claims that “If you see it, you can drive it.” So whatever wasteland looking vehicles you coke across is useable. We hope that’s true. Players can expect gyrocopters and off course monster trucks. 

We must remember that Rage 2 is also an open world game. There is going to be a lot of areas, territories, battles, different environments and things to do. There is racing too. Not Crash Team Racing but explosive and dangerous. There are some crazy brutal events like Mutant bash TV. Explore cities where activities and life is happening.

We checked out some Rage 2 gameplay and things don’t look as crazy and rage filled as we expected. It’s definitely wild and running over mutants with a monster truck can be fun (from personal experience). The gameplay is definitely action packed but what is quite concerning is that the Rage 2 world looks like the typical open world game. The question is what makes Rage 2 different from other open world games.

Overall Rage 2 does look like a good game. They have lots of room to get creative and we hope to see more creativity. Will the enemy factions fight each other and if yes, will we see it? There’s a lot to say. The graphics are looking very good and the sounds go well. The area design is okay. We hope the tundra and jungles truly stand out. Now Avalanche studios and Id software did a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will just keep an ear out for Rage 2. It’s currently not our thing. Now Rage 2 may have faction wars but their wars are puny when compared to the size of… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Ultimate Doom

Ultimate Doom is one of those games that has it’s place in gaming history. Many gamers know about Ultimate Doom and what it’s about. If you don’t know then you are most likely one of the newer gamers. In Ultimate Doom you run around, kill demons, open doors, kill demons, find keys, kill demons, find new weapons, kill demons and get to the next level, while killing demons. Understand yet?

Players control a character called Doom Guy who later go on to learn that he’s called the Slayer (We wonder why). You start the game with a pistol which was typical of first person shooter games back then. Your first enemies where zombie men who were weak and never a problem. Ultimate Doom goes easy on you for the first level but does a good job at showing players what this whole game is about. You move fast, enemies tend to always be in groups, you must find items and ammo and there are secrets in the levels. Finding the secret location in the first level will reward you with a rocket launcher. Many players have accidentally killed themselves with the rocket launcher (admit it, don’t be ashamed).

Ultimate Doom

Eventually everything goes from “hey not too rough” to “hurt me plenty” real quick. Before you know it the levels feel like “Ultra-violence”. Why? Because there are so many enemies, traps that can result in your death, many secrets you missed and a whole abundance of projectiles coming straight at your face (can’t you sit still in your seat?). So how do you survive? It’s easy… keep moving and move fast! In Ultimate Doom, Doom Guy (you) have unlimited stamina and run really fast. You can even outrun your own rockets. Move around, aim well and take them all down before they get you, then find those medkits and stay topped up.

Many players including us enjoyed this. There were a variety of weapons. many levels, many different vicious enemies, surprises in each level and things got harder as you progressed. There was lots of colours, dead things everywhere and hazards. X35 Earthwalker, the legendary soldier himself played this game when he was very young. This game was fun. We remember getting the shotgun  for the first time and really started dropping those enemies easy. The imps didn’t phase us at all as they were easier to deal with in most situations. We had to dodge those fire balls they threw. Maybe… just maybe… we leaned to get out of the way… sometimes… maybe. It wasn’t long before we ran into the stronger pinky demons who forced you to back off as they just rushed you down but with diagonal movement until they were near you. The zombie men with shotguns was the biggest threat at that point as they had good accuracy and their shots did big damage as a shotgun should. It gets worse.

Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil

By the way we played Ultimate Doom through the game Doom 3 resurrection of evil as Ultimate Doom, DOOM 2 and the master levels were free features. Levels required you to search them completely to find keys, areas, switches and more to make your way through them. Some rooms had traps; for example, you enter a room and see the blue key you need. You grab it and then you hear many enemies. You then realised that a wall had opened up and enemies come out to say hello. Some times they were triggered by grabbing a certain weapon and some times they were triggered just for entering a room. Completing each level and seeing your completion percentage was cool but at times annoying as you always see the many secrets you missed. Today you can see whole gameplay guides showing where the secrets are. Ultimate Doom is Cleary not another shooter game.

This game was really fun. The best thing about Ultimate Doom was that you can play with others. X35 Earthwalker, the one true Earthwalker also played through Ultimate Doom with family. It was funny simply because at first we stuck together making our way through the levels but later on ended up confidently splitting up to tackle different parts of the levels by ourselves which could get chaotic. When one enemy was chasing one of us, one of the family would keep walking behind that enemy as the enemies didn’t change target until they were attacked. We even lead that enemy around the map while two of us was walking behind it. When the levels got real big and dangerous we would all be in danger and since we were far away we will always here our soldiers get hurt, die or us literally calling to another to help. The memories are definitely good ones. One time one of us fell into lava and we watched their split screen to see if they can find the exit out. Spolier, they survived.

Ultimate Doom

The enemies have to be the most memorable thing about Ultimate Doom. Especially the bigger ones like the pinky demon, hell knight, baron of hell, Cacodemon and Spiderdemon. When you see them for the first time you don’t actually panic or get scared simply because all the enemies pretty much ave the same pattern. They always come towards you, normally have projectiles attacks so you have to dodge, can take a lot of damage and give a lot more. 

The first time encountering the Cyber Demon solo was a problem as those rockets seriously hurt and multiple times had to run away to find rocket ammo. one thing about Ultimate Doom is that if the game presents and gives you loads of ammo, weapons etc, you know it’s about to go down. Those side steps to dodge rockets and that Cyber Demon took forever to die. First time facing this demon with a team was a different story. We were running around it at full speed all launching rockets like we didn’t care. It was basically a big bug being surrounded and attacked by three hornets firing their advanced explosive stingers at it repeatedly without mercy.

Ultimate Doom

Ultimate Doom did have some interesting features that can help out. For example you have a map of the level. We actually never knew we had a map for the longest time. The maps weren’t always clear as it’s 2D while we play in 3D (yes we know Doom was a 2D game they made 3D through smart coding). So when you enter a room you see some recognisable parts but mainly use the map when you are either lost or completed the level but was searching around. The map was a good feature though. Another feature which was much cooler was the fact that the demons can turn on each other and fight amongst themselves. This can be done when you make sure a demon of a different kind gets hit by an attack from another. If they are different types of demons, there is a high chance they will turn and fight them instead. We got to see who would win in a fight of one Cacodemon vs five Imps or two hell knights vs a mixed group of imps, pinky demons and zombie men. If you play your cards right, you can sit back watch the fight and place your bets (gambling is bad and we don’t encourage it). 

Overall Ultimate Doom was a super fun game. There is so much more we can say about this game. Ultimate Doom had unique features, variety in levels, weapons and enemies, there were secrets, multiple difficulty settings, boss monsters, useful power ups, surprises, monster betrayal and best of all multiplayer. We at X35 Earthwalker can safely say that Ultimate Doom was not ultimate fun but tons of fun. Now Ultimate Doom may have you fighting demons but even Doom Guy working with the demons is no match for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Doom 4 gameplay?


Deathgarden is a action first person shooter game developed by ‘Behaviour Digital‘. It is coming out in the first quarter of 2019 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Sure there is early access for PC but we don’t really care about that. It’s the whole hunter vs hunted theme. We hope they do this one well. Let’s take a look.

Deathgarden is set in the so called near future. In the world of Deathgarden, the most popular sport in the world is actually a dangerous one where people can and do die. A powerful hunter must hunt down and kill a group of people called Runners. These people are willing participants in this. The Runners must hide, evade the hunter and escape the arena, the garden. Sounds fun right? We are sure normal (stupid) people would love to take part in this type of sport.   


The rules are quite simple. The Runners must avoid and the Hunter and escape from the garden while the Hunter hunts them down and kills them. There are objectives for the runners to complete which will open an exit for the them to escape through. The hunter isn’t going to let that happen though. Does this sound familiar? Well it should. remember Dead by Daylight? Yeah, that’s right sucker.

There are three phases to every match so far. Phase one: the Runners are sent into the garden before the hunter. they can use this time to locate the objectives and mark them for the whole team to see and look for crates to upgrades their abilities. Then in some seconds, the Hunter comes in and things get real. Phase two is where the Runners must complete the objectives. There are two game modes: ‘Gather & Deliver’ and ‘Capture’. In Gather & Deliver the Runners must go to dispenser stations to gather keys which they must deliver to certain points in the garden. In Capture, Runners must stand in the designated areas for a period of time to capture it. All this is happening while the Hunter is chasing them down, shooting, shocking and trying to kill them. The last phase, if the Runners succeed in opening the exits by completing the objectives, is the blood mode. Now all runners are revealed and the Hunter can execute a downed Runner straight away. If the Hunter kills three runners, the runners lose. Sounds intense right? it is. 


The Hunter is powerful and too much for the runners in straight up combat. He has powers, dangerous weapons, abilities and some perks too. The hunter plays in first person and cannot be killed. He must stop the runners from escaping the garden by straight up find and killing them.

Let’s go deeper though. The hunters have different weapons to choose from: shotguns, LMGs, sniper rifles and assault rifles. For example the “FR574 Devil’s breathe – Bolt action sniper” has a slow rate of fire but very long range and deals large amounts of damage. The Passam Hacksaw T24 LMG has 150 rounds per magazine and has an effective range of 30 meters. The two permanent abilities of a hunter costs stamina upon use. They are Super Charge which increase movement speed and jump distance and the other is Stun which (you guessed it) stuns and deals small amounts of damage within a short range. Hunters can do more.

There are four powers for Hunters to choose, only one, from. They are: I see you, Fade, Spawn Turret and Drop mine. I see you reveals all nearby runners for 11 seconds. Fade makes the Hunter invisible and he makes no sound, this also cure the hunter of all negative effects like slow for example. Spawn turret lets the hunter place up to two turrets which ca and will fire at any and all runners within the range of 40 meters. Drop mine allows the hunter to set up proximity mines, up to ten. The Deathgarden got a whole lot safer right. Finally the perks. Hunters can choose two always activated passive perks. For example you can have increased magazine size and have downed runners revealed to you for 6 seconds. There are more perks though.    


The Runners are agile and off course fast. They can also climb any surface too which is a much needed skill. They cannot kill the hunter but have equipment and devices that can halt, distract and harass the hunter. They play in third person and rely heavily on communication and teamwork.

Let’s go deeper though. There are three runner classes: Torment are all about harassing the hunter, messing with him, debuffing and stopping him from messing with your team. Support who can heal and shield their allies from a safe distance. Control who are best at handling objectives and messing with the Hunters focus and actions. Each of their abilities have three tiers. For example the support has healing bolts that, at tier one, just heal allies, tier two has an increased radius, but at tier three can revive down allies. Another example is that the torment class has a blind ability which at tier 1 blinds the hunter, at tier two the radius is increased, at tier three the hunter’s weapon has maximum spread so basically blind and little accuracy.

Runners also have perks. More available perks than the hunter. Like with the Hunter Runners can pick two of them. For example you can have ‘revivalist’ which lets you revive with full health instead of the standard 1/3 and ‘Damage Dodger’ which reduces damage you take by 40% while evading. Or you can combine ‘Lucky Charm’ which gives a 25% chance to receive an additional weapon upgrade part from a crate and ‘Quick Rescue’ which increases rescuing speed by 50%.So get creative, communicate with your team and work out what will work smoothly together.


The gardens themselves are never the same. Like with Spelunky, Deathgarden has procedurally generated arenas. So you can’t really plan ahead as much as you want. This garden can simulate a whole forest. Some matches can have fog, others have rain, others be daytime while other matches can be at night. Let’s not forget the bloodpost. Basically the hunter can send a Runner to a bloodpost if he has enough bloodpost charges. Each time the Hunter downs a Runner, he gets a charge. Charges can be stacked. Once you have three then a bloodpost can be used in order to execute a Runner. Runners can save other runners from a bloodpost but they are revealed to the Hunter while they are rescuing. If a Runner is rescued, then the bloodpost loses three charges. So the game has some mercy for Runners. 

We checked out some gameplay and it is looking good so far. The runners moved how we thought they could. They can jump, scale any surface and scatter like rats. The Hunter is real fast, powerful, jumps high, strong weapons and a real threat. You truly can’t kill the Hunter. The Runners need to look out for crates with provide ammo and also weapon upgrade parts. There are some discussions concerning the balance of the game. The Hunter does seem really strong right now.. we do like that Runners capturing an objective are revealed to the Hunter. It definitely looks better than Dead by Daylight right now. You can’t just run around that same block and the Hunter can never catch them. No! The Hunter will kill you if you try running around a big rock thinking you are safe. The Hunter is faster.

Overall, Deathgarden looks like a good game. We definitely preferred this over Dead by Daylight. We never liked that game. The executions are quite brutal. The graphics look good and the fog does give Runners an advantage most of the time. The sounds though, especially the sounds of the guns firing. The developers ‘Behaviour Digital’ did a very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing this game come on the consoles for some real gaming. Now Deathgarden may have a powerful Hunter who has powers but even the Hunter would get stomped against… the ‘Earth Walk!’ 

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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is the new action adventure game developed by ‘4A Games‘ but published by ‘Deep Silver‘. It is coming out the 22nd of February 2019 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The Metro Exodus world is said to be very immersive and have some survival features.

In the world of Metro Exodus is a messed up one. It’s post apocalyptic, there are dangerous factions, mutants and more danger all around. Metro Exodus doesn’t have a simple story either. This game’s campaign will stretch across a whole year and so players will face the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Players will once again take control of Artyom. That ranger who was hanging out in Moscow’s underground metro system. This time he is trying to get out of Moscow. He wants a better life. Sounds simple but off course it won’t be. This time something is different…

Metro Exodus

The game is more like an open sandbox. Players have more options now than the previous Metro games. Exploration is needed as there are both linear and non linear objectives. So basically side quests. Thanks to the nuclear wars in the past, players will have to survive and fight through a completely ruined country. Stealth is still a factor in this game. There are times when running and gunning may just get you killed. Especially with the type of enemies that’s running around. What’s also different is that Artyom will be leading a team this time. They are called the spartan rangers. Now from what we know, players will need to be careful as you can lose people permanently.

There are a number of characters in Metro Exodus like Anna, who is the best sniper of the spartan order. Duke, who is the youngest of the spartan rangers and most eager. Miller, who is the commander of the aurora and quite militant. Alyosha is basically the scout and survival expert. Tokarev, is basically the tech guy in terms of building weapons and maintenance. There are more characters out there so players should look forward to learning about them.

Metro Exodus

A game like Metro Exodus and it’s world needs a variety of weapons and so far there is a couple. There is the Shambler shot gun which is basically an unstable shotgun that has way more firepower. The Tikhar is basically a sniper rifle that uses ball bearings but with the right tuning can use incendiary rounds. The Helsing which stands out from other weapons is basically the stealth crossbow which can also fire explosive arrows (because why not?). There are more weapons and we hope so as big games like this with big worlds need a lot of weapons and variety.

Lastly let’s look at the enemies. There are human enemies who are divided by factions like the children of the forest who have their own lore. Basically they are a group of children who got stranded at a scout camp because of the war. Their camp teacher is their leader and they learnt how to survive and adapt in the wilderness of Moscow. It makes you wonder about the other factions that are around. Also if you though human enemies were the only thing to worry about then you are dead wrong. There are wolves too and these wolves are vicious and one by itself is said to be a threat if not careful so imagine what happens when a pack comes along. Oh there are bears by the way and they should be avoided.

Metro Exodus

But wait… there’s more! There are also mutants. You now the whole nuclear chemical make mutants thing. Metro Exodus has some. Shrimps are mutated crustaceans who hang out near water. The females hang out in groups in the water and can spit corrosive mucus while the males travel solo, have more armour on their legs, can block incoming fire and crush you in melee fashion. The Demon is basically a large flying beast who can pick up any enemy it wants with it’s great strength. It can off course fly around, attack dealing heavy damage, pick you up and ruin your whole life. The metro residents have even described The Demon as one of the deadliest creatures around. It has been advised to avoid fighting this thing. 

The Humanimal are creatures that have come from real humans. They function and act like apes (apparently) being able to use rocks and wood like weapons. They also can be found in groups and if you make noise, they get aggressive and come for you (you could have guessed that). The Nosalis are like giant rats but worse off course. They are agile and very fast. They can even run along walls and ceilings to get to you. They have nests and are aggressive. They can be found above and below the ground. The Watchman is the most common enemy you will encounter most likely. They travel in packs and have the ability to call for help and reinforcements.  We truly hope there are more enemies though. This world has potential to be creative and even scary.   

We checked out some gameplay and so far it definitely looks clean in terms of how it plays and looks. There is some hint of horror and scares depending on the player. The wolves definitely look good. The game better be difficult and not hold your hand. The graphics and sounds are very good. Hopefully leading a group of spartans doesn’t make things walk in the park. From what we have seen everything looks good so far. Just wonder how frequent enemy encounters are and how effective and essential is stealth in Metro Exodus.

Overall, Metro Exodus seems like a good game. There needs to be a lot to do and a reason for exploring besides just objectives. The developers ‘4A Games’ did a very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing what Metro Exodus has to offer. Now Metro Exodus may have a ruined world but one thing that will never be ruined is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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