X35 Earthwalker Season 4: Infection. Halo Infinite

Season 4 for Halo Infinite is off course here. This brings the new Infection. Now many gamers have been waiting for this, including the greatest gamer X35 Earthwalker. The battle or should we say struggle between the infected and the survivors. Now Season 4 brought more than just Infection to Halo Infinite but it’s the main thing we will deal with in this G-Blog. Let’s take a look. 

Infection is simple concept. There are survivors who must survive against the infected. Both teams are human players. The round starts with two alpha infected who have abilities on top of high speed. They can use active camouflage and have Shroud Screen. This makes them a problem for sure. Every survivor they kill turns them into infected. those infected are weaker than the originals but can also infect others too. Thus it continues like zombies. Survivors have limited ammo and one chance to survive. The last survivor gets over shields for their final effort against the horde. There’s four rounds. So the player with the highest score wins.

X35 Earthwalker Season 4: Infection. Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Infection season 4 already stands out from previous Halo Infections. This also seems to be the hardest one too. Not only do the infected have upgrades, their scariest factor is their speed. They are so fast. You miss or shoot to early with the shotgun then you are done. There is no second chance. Combine their speed with the slide and you can have some effective manoeuvres. Things can get scary because of this.

The scariest thing has to be when you are just moving through a map or looking around and you suddenly see a red dot on your motion tracker. You now know someone is there. They are sprinting for you and you got to act fast. Sadly cross play is forced on, which means console players have to play against pc trash. pc players have an advantage here once again. Not only do they get the aim advantage but they also have the high turn speed. They can instantly do a 180- turn and take out in pursuer infected. Not fair. Regardless Season 4: Infection can get sort of scary at times. Maybe a jump scare or two for the weaker players. 

X35 Earthwalker Season 4: Infection. Halo Infinite

Season 4 Halo Infinite also brought about a ‘Career Rank’ system. You start off as a Recruit but can make your way to General but the highest rank of all, basically reserved for the players with no life is ‘Hero’. That requires all kinds of grinding and saying goodbye to other games. It serves no real purpose except two show basically how long a player has been grinding Halo Infinite for since the launch of Season 4. Some cans use it to brag while others can use it to shame. 

There’s new suits and armour but they are very limited off course and have not caught our attention. They need to step up their game when it comes to armour design and armour options. Heavily feels like everyone is wearing the exact same thing with the exact same effects all,ost every match. That’s pathetic at this point. Halo 5 guardians did it better. 

Back to Season 4: Infection. X35 Earthwalker who is the best Halo player of all time, who has a life, isn’t a try hard and isn’t pc scum, had his first ever match of Infection. He was at a disadvantage as he avoided all details and news concerning Infection. He didn’t know much at all. didn’t even know what the new Spartan equipment was. Had to learn as he went. Things ended up going very well. Check out the match for yourself below.

Overall Season 4 of Halo Infinite is a good upgrade. You get two new maps: Forest and Scarr. New armour, mainly the Hazmat. New game mode off course, Infection. Career rank. New equipment: Quantum Translocator and Threat Seeker. New battle pass. Samurai Yoroi armour additional are back with the Tenrai II and III. Simply put there’s a bundle here but a medium level bundle. X35 Earthwalker will dive in a little more to see what this update truly has to offer. Now Halo Infinite may have the Season 4 update but it’s easily like 100 updates too small to entertain… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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