Resident Evil 2 has been remade and is being developed by ‘Capcom‘. It’s coming out the 25th of January 2019 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Now many have been saying how great Resident Evil 2, the original. We were never impressed with it but some gamers are looking out for this remake. Let’s take a look.

Now those who have played Resident Evil 1 and 2 you should know the deal about this game and how they function. It’s all about survival way more than combat. It isn’t a straight up gun fight. Many times players had to emphasise that running away from enemies is the best and smart thing to do. That reserves ammo, which is in short supply. So Resident Evil 2 should feel like how it use to… or does it?

Resident Evil 2 still revolves around Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. The main difference with all these reimagines and remakes is that graphics and visuals. Resident Evil 2 has improved graphics which means the zombies look more gross, more blood and splats more. The buildings and locations look very good. Fans will like what they did with the interior. 

Controls and camera is one of the main things that were considered negatives for the originals. In this reimagine of Resident Evil 2 both have been improved greatly. The controls are tighter, more responsive and better. It should be easier now to fire and kill enemies. The camera is better too. There is now immersive camera angles too. This works well especially when you are being grabbed and attacked, you get to see the damage and blood.

Resident Evil 2

Now it has been said that the Resident Evil 2 reimagined will have some new stuff like game modes which is basically mandatory for remakes like this. After all it is the same thing but improved graphics. There are also some changes to the story mode as well. Remakes need new features, new stuff and more to make it worth buying.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s what we thought it would be. The monsters do look very good though. Visuals are good too. The noises have been done very well. We haven’t seen anything to get us excited about Resident Evil 2 though. We can clearly see the improvements in control and camera from even short gameplays. 

Overall Resident Evil 2 looks good and plays better but that’s pretty much about it. It’s more for the fans who have played the originals and want that old feeling back of how they first played the game. As we thought we aren’t impressed nor do we want to play it but off course there will be many gamers who do want to play it. The developers ‘Capcom’ have done an okay job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker aren’t looking forward to Resident Evil 2 but will keep an ear out to hear how it does. Now Resident Evil 2 got remakes but one thing that doesn’t need a remake is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu is a new Investigation RPG developed by ‘Cyanide Studio’. It’s coming out later this year for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This isn’t your typical Sherlock Holmes investigation story. this is something much darker. Let’s take a look.

Now this may be an investigation game but it isn’t as boring as it sounds. Call of Cthulhu has some stealth and psychological horror mechanics in it. Some have described Call of Cthulhu as a survival horror game as well. This should liven things up for gamers. Seriously when we first heard about this game we were so close to ignoring it because investigation and detective games were never our thing but Call of Cthulhu has gotten our attention.

In Call of Cthulhu you play Edward Pierce who is a former veteran and private investigator in Boston set in the 1920’s. Quite the interesting past. Edward is on a mission to find out what really happened concerning the death of an acclaimed artist and her family. The artists name is Sarah Hawkins. It doesn’t take long for the player to realise that a whole lot more is going on than a simple death or murder. Things get real dark as the ‘Great Dreamer’ called ‘Cthulhu’ prepares for his awakening (so is he asleep? if yes then how is he preparing his awakening?).

We checked out some gameplay and it did surprise us to quite an extent. The game looks very good visually. The rocks, the water. the creepy locations, the lighting all does a very good job at making players feel uneasy about where they are. There definitely is some horror aspect to the game but it’s clearly all psychological. Like players will question whether certain things are real or not. Then there are moments where the player has to leap into action like a good ol fashion chase or hiding and knowing when it’s safe to get moving again.

Overall ‘Call of Cthulhu’ is very interesting. It’s more than your typical detective game. The blend calm moments with orzo go well from what we have seen. The graphics and sounds are done very well indeed. The developers ‘Cyanide studio’ did an very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will keep an ear open for ‘Call of Cthulhu’. Now Cthulhu may be making preparations but he certainly ain’t prepared for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Bulb Boy is a 2D point and click horror adventure developed by ‘Bulbware’. It’s coming to Xbox One 6th of October but already out on PC and Nintendo Switch. This game looks creepy but we hear it’s quite unique. Let’s take a look.

 Players control Bulb boy who lives in the bulbhouse (get it?). One night though, Bulb boy suddenly wakes up from a terrible nightmare to learn that terrifying monsters are around and that his family has disappeared. What’s a bulb to do? He has to use his “glass head” to save the day.

Point and click games always have puzzles. They have to, otherwise there really can’t be much to the gameplay. So there will be puzzles. The horrifying monsters are there and will put up a fight, so defeat them you must. Also, what’s a point and click game without some secrets. Yeah, so go find them.

Bulb boy has a big task ahead of, good thing he has abilities. He can withstand electricity and even unscrew his head to accomplish certain things. Bulb boy also isn’t the only playable character. That’s right, you can play as other family members and relive Bulb boys childhood memories.

We checked out some gameplay and the game works well with the whole bulb head mechanic. For example we saw bulb boy screw of his head and place it on a knights armour and then he used the weapon in the armours hand to slice a monster. He attached his head to a chandelier for greater light. The monsters are definitely creepy and the horror is done quite well, we would say. 

Overall, Bulb Boy is a unique game but we don’t believe it’s our type of game. Not a big fan of the style and it doesn’t seem interesting enough but then again this could be just the thing for other gamers, so we do encourage that you do your own little research on the game. The graphics are good and the sounds are nice too. The developers ‘Bulbware’ did a good job with this game. Bulb boy might be worth checking out. Bulb boy must use his inner light but one thing always lights things up… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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