Catherine: Full Body is the puzzle horror-ish remake developed by ‘Atlus: Studio zero’. Catherine: Full body came out the 3rd of September 2019 on PlayStation 4. It was released earlier in Japan though. We definitely liked the Catherine games and want to talk about a couple things concerning the remake. Let’s take a look.

Let’s just go through these points as quickly as possible. First of all we didn’t get to play the game ourselves but saw the entire game. Now this isn’t just a remake as in a sense of just better graphics. There is new paths to the story, some changed and new dialogue, new scenes, a new character and just additional stuff.  They definitely kept the same style of visuals for both the gameplay and cinematic parts and that’s a good thing as they worked well in the original game. Things do seem smoother though when it comes to the cinematic. The additional cinematic scenes are primarily about the new character Rin (Qatherine). There’s more interaction between Vincent and his friends. Something you will need to see for yourself and the developers did good in these areas.

Let’s get straight into the gameplay. There is a new block altogether and we believe it’s called the Laser block. This block you only see in the very last extra levels of the game if you take the Rin path. These blocks literally just fire a laser which will kill you. Just wait for it to stop firing and then move by or whatever. Sadly they are the only new block and they could have added more. The next is the difficulty and we have a problem with this one. First of all we hate the idea of a very easy mode is embarrassing. X35 Earthwalker himself beat the original Catherine game with gold price for each level and beat all the Babel levels, easy difficulty is actually a complete joke. Yet very easy is unacceptable. If someone can’t beat your game they need to practice and use their heads. it’s a puzzle game after all. Then it gets worse as there’s a ‘safety mode’. WHAT!? Anyone who plays with that feature needs to put down the controller and back away from the game. You should be ashamed. 

This is what Gematsu said concerning safety mode, “In Safety mode, you can use the ‘Skip Feature’ to skip stages you have not cleared with the press of a button, and solely enjoy the event scenes. For players who want to see the puzzles, both Safety and ‘Easy’ modes have an ‘Auto-Play’ feature where Vincent moves on his own during the action puzzle segments”. Well the best use of this would be to just see the cinematic scenes and get the different endings quickly AFTER you have already beaten the game. We don’t like the ides of a safety mode at all. Just take time and practice, you even have undo in normal mode so you could figure things out move by move if you need to. 

Catherine: Full Body also a Remix mode which basically has “new mechanics and gimmicks”. For example you will see blocks that are all joined together and look like precious stones. They can be two blocks next to each other or even form a big shape etc. You have to move the whole thing as one big block, not separately. It does overall make the whole game easier but in less parts can really mess you up. Pull out a whole shape and end up hanging over the edge with no where to go. It’s a cool concept and we like the addition of remix mode to shake things up. Just play through once with remix and then another in classic mode. Also Catherine: Full body has better lighting with some places receiving some small changes. The stray Sheep is more lit for example. Some of the nightmare stages have less fog too.

Now we think Rin is a great edition to the game as she’s a very different person from both Katherine and Catherine. Players really can’t help but like Rin, she’s the happy, bubbly, optimistic person many wish they had as a friend. We would gladly have her as a friend but how they handled Vincent’s decision to be with Rin and his thought process is very bad. It doesn’t make any sense. Think about it imagine you are in a serious relationship with your girlfriend for 5 years (ladies you can reverse the situation to make it applicable to yourself). The choice of marriage is now a present thing and in your mind, she even told you that she is pregnant, don’t forget that you actually like your girlfriend and had such a romantic beginning. Would you then break up with her for someone you just met and have known for 5 days? Worse, that person has amnesia and remembers nothing of themself (they could be a terrorist undercover for all you know). Even worse, you thought that person was a woman but instead learn by accident that they are a man. Off course you wouldn’t. You have to be the biggest scum to do that to someone. There’s so many problems with this. Would Vincent have developed any feelings like that for Rin if he knew from the start that Rin was a man like how his friends Orlando, Johnny are men? Nothing from the original game or this game suggests he would go down that path. This whole thing is just clearly forced. 

Next that we believe doesn’t make any sense is Katherine’s reaction to Vincent admitting cheating on her. In the original she was on the calm side (the nightmare doesn’t count) but made it clear she was not happy about it ad that she wanted Vincent to leave her alone by ignoring her messages and call. Yet in the original, taking everything we mentioned earlier from our example into account, was even more calm than ever and remained friends. We can’t think of a single girl who would react like that to being cheated on with a man (he knew you was pregnant), have 5 years wasted and had to confront them about it. We know it’s just a game but that isn’t realistic at all. We definitely love Johnny’s reaction to the news of Vincent leaving Katherine for Rin. He gave him a nasty punch that floored him. Which does make sense since Katherine is also his friend. Vincent’s reaction to the punch by not fighting back or even getting angry shows that they are like brothers in a sense and good friends. Vincent won’t fight back but understands why Johnny did that, knowing he deserved it. They brushed off, accepted each others decisions and went back to having drinks and talking together. They are bros for sure and in some ways can relate to that. So we give a thumbs up for that interaction.

We didn’t like the great reveal that Rin is an alien. It feels completely out of place and makes no sense concerning other matters. For starters we initially though that Rin was an angel since Catherine is the demon and Katherine is the human but Rin could also appear in the nightmares, which Astaroth and Dumuzid couldn’t really do anything about it, until much later which made no sense, why didn’t they attack her, unless she was something powerful too on level or above demons like an angel. Astaroth knew Rin wasn’t normal at all and hiding a big secret. If Rin is not an angel then why is a god like Dumuzid who is a demon basically scared of her and her brothers? I can understand demons being scared of angels but not an alien. Aliens aren’t supernatural. Wouldn’t aliens go to alien hell and therefore demons can torment them? At night wouldn’t Dumuzid have the advantage? Or is he only useful in dreams (if so then what kind of lame god is he)? It just doesn’t go. Also the bunch of alien brothers look so out of place reminding us of the minions from Despicable Me. We thought they could have made the end game of Rin much better. 

There are additional stuff in Catherine: Full Body like how some items have new effects. The white block now creates white blocks in a 3×3 shape around the block you are standing on. The energy drink allows you to jump up two blocks but up to three times, when you decide to use it, giving players more control over it. The Rapunzel game has been renamed Super Rapunzel and has more levels with both a remix and classic mode. Rin’s piano can slow down the rate that the blocks fall away and how fast the boss moves after you. The undo system has been reworked, can view the back of the stage more easily, unlimited retries if you die, Babel and Colosseum have new stages (happy about this). O

Online has some new stuff going for it as well. If you play the story while online, you can see the spots where other players have died, which is quite useful so you know which parts can be tough. You get to see the number of deaths in that level nationwide and how they died, like by falling, crushed etc. Catherine: Full Body has gotten quite competitive as you can face and climb off against other players online. There’s even a ranking system too.

The last thing we hate about Catherine: Full Body is definitely the undo system. It’s basically impossible to die unless you are that bad at the game. If you step on a trap block and get spiked, you ‘undo’ and you’re right back where the block is, cancelling your death basically. If you fall off, same thing. Deaths don’t matter as much anymore. In the originally if you died, you died and had to go back to checkpoint or start of level. These changes make the game too easy. Even players who aren’t good at the game like Jay from the kubz scouts can beat Catherine: Full Body. No, beating the game doesn’t make you good at it. Eventually DSP beat the original too. Literally the second boss the immoral beast was the easiest level we have ever seen. It was a joke. Overall the game is easier than the original. We haven’t seen how difficult it is on hard mode though. We can only go by what we know.

Overall Catherine: Full Body is a very good game. We had more to say but it’s long enough as it is. The original Catherine had a better story. Catherine: Full Body is bigger with more features but the main thing that stands out about Catherine is the story so we say the original was the better game from the main part (story) but Catherine: Full Body is better overall with the cool additions, more options, better graphics, more scenes, longer gameplay, more endings, new character etc. It doesn’t have the same Catherine feel but a great game still.  

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Weakless is a new adventure puzzle game developed by ‘Punk Nation‘ and ‘Cubeish Games‘ but published by ‘Punk Nation’ only. Weakless is said to be coming out the 29th of November 2019 on the Xbox One and PC. It hasn’t been announced if Weakless is going to be on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 yet. Let’s take a look. 

Basically in Weakless players control two characters. Their kind is called weavelings. Their names seem to be ‘Deaf’ and ‘Blind’. What charming names right? Why are they called that? This is because Deaf is literally deaf and Blind is literally blind. This is also the whole point of the game. Players must have these characters work together to progress through this world. This world has what’s being described as challenging puzzles. Both characters are needed for success. 

Now in Weakless you might be wondering why not just have the one who can see lead the other one around as seeing is better than hearing. Well both of Deaf and Blind have more than learnt how to deal with their disabilities. They have developed some extraordinary abilities.  Blind is the older and way more calm of the two and is the one to look after Deaf. You can only control one character at a time which also means you can use their senses one at a time. So knowing when to use who and what they can do is key for Weakless.

So what’s going on in Weakless? What’s Deaf and Blind out here doing? Basically they want to protect their village and off course the weaveling people. This can be done by bringing back the flow of Resin, which is life energy for all living creatures in the Weakless world. Without the flow of Resin the world is in danger from the advancing rot. 

Now Weakless takes place in a very different world indeed. This world is full of different locations and areas. So make sure to take a moment to observe the surroundings. Players can expect natural basins, caves, ruins and more. A variety of locations is pretty much always a win in video games. 

We checked out some Weakless gameplay and it’s quite interesting, especially with the puzzles. Blind has exceptional hearing while Deaf can bring light wherever he goes. They truly have to work together. The puzzles and the environment in multiple ways do remind us of Pikmin. There’s a number of secrets in the world of Weakless. Deaf even has a sketch book where players can check out and see what Deaf thinks about the whole situation. 

Overall Weakless seems like another adventure with some puzzle elements. Sort of like Abe and Munch from Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee where you must control both characters, think things through and use their skills. Just seems like a good game but we definitely like how different Weakless is. The developers ‘Punk Notion’ and ‘Cubeish Games’ have done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see what Weakless accomplishes. Now Weakless may be about teamwork but even working together won’t help you beat… the ‘Earth Walk!’ 

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The Tower of Beatrice is a puzzle point and click adventure game developed by ‘Fairy Forest‘ and published by ‘Sometimes You‘. The Tower of Beatrice is said to be coming out the 31st of July on the Xbox One but already out on PC. Now puzzle games are for a specific group of gamers and not a very large one. Does this game have what it takes? Let’s take a look.

In the world of The Tower of Beatrice, players control a thief who is currently working on a contract. Very little information is given concerning the client. That’s always a good sign right. Your task is straightforward. You just need to steal Beatrice’s Book of recipes. Now Beatrice is a powerful sorcerer who has her book in her tower. This means the player will need to get in the tower, steal the book and most importantly get out alive. Straightforward but not easy. 

Now this isn’t a regular tower. Inside expect all kinds of weird encounters. You will find a granny spider who might give you a gift. Have the opportunity to put a skeleton back together. Feed a snail. Enter the dreams of a demon. Fix a clocktower and get it running again. Even serve tea. Most strange and terrifying of all is… the puzzles! The Tower of Beatrice is loaded with puzzles and sections where players will need to use their heads. Expect fixing puzzle pieces together, matching symbols, memory testing, find pieces and more.  

Now from what we know, there are demons of different types like frost, dreams and off course fire. There are characters and beings in the tower and some are relatively friendly and harmless. There’s recipes that need to be found too in order to create certain potions through alchemy. So yep, potion making, multiple ingredients and multiple effects. There are said to be six floors to the Tower of Beatrice.  Each floor is said to e very different from each other having their own atmosphere and feeling.

We checked out some The Tower of Beatrice gameplay and it’s what we though it would be. Since it’s a point and click we knew that players can’t speed through this but take their time and look through the whole area for anything useful or clues. Strange creature like white chalk which shouldn’t be alive but it and can talk to you. Puzzles everywhere forcing players to take their time and use their brain. Getting headshots won’t help you here. The graphics are very good and the attention to detail is also very good as you can see the markings and more easily. It’s definitely creative, definitely clever and a different world indeed.

Overall The Tower of Beatrice seems like a good game for what it is. Gamers who like puzzles will enjoy this. Gamers who like fantasy, magical things will enjoy this. It’s not our type of game at all but we can see that it’s been made well. The developers ‘Fairy Forest’ have done a very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker hopes that things go well for this when it gets to Xbox One. Now The Tower of Beatrice may have tough puzzles but what’s not a puzzle is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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please don't touch anything

Please, don’t touch anything is a puzzle game that got updated and was developed by ‘Four Quarters‘. It is coming out the 8th of February on the Xbox One but already on Nintendo Switch. The update has stepped up the quality of the game. Let’s take a look.

Please, don’t touch anything has a very simple story for a initially simple game. Basically the player is covering for a fellow colleague who went of to the bathroom. This room you are in has an interesting set up. There’s a monitor screen that’s constantly displaying a city. It’s live by the way, so what you see is actually happening there and then. Also in front of you is a big red button and you are given one simple instruction… do not touch anything! Yep, we can see it… you’ve already decided you are going to touch everything. 

please don't touch anything

So yes, Please, don’t touch anything sounds like a simple boring game and you aren’t suppose to wait until your colleague comes back. Remember, this is a puzzle game. The red button has a function. Pressing it once may not do anything but pressing multiple times might. Also around the console in front of you are hidden secrets like more buttons, switches, hidden compartments, tools and much more. Players will need to use their heads to figure all these secrets as activating and doing certain things will trigger certain events, known as the endings. For example in one ending a UFO comes down and destroyed the city. In another ending it’s a giant monster.

Thanks to the update that Please, don’t touch anything got, things have been changed and improved around here. For starters, everything is 3D now, meaning you can look around the room itself. Check out the corners and see if their are clues or something to take notice off. Oh and the endings… there are now more than 30 different endings. Think you can find them all? So yes, get Botton pushing crazy as players will need to press everywhere. 

please don't touch anything

The graphics in Please, don’t touch anything have been improved and the endings have better visual effects and look much better than before. Sounds are better as well, so listen out for them. Yes Please, don’t touch anything can be played with virtual reality. So if you have a Oculus rift then you  get into the game and push that Button yourself.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s how we remember it from the original Please, don’t touch anything and it’s basically the same but just improved. There isn’t really much to say about the gameplay as it is simple. Touch everything, find clues and discover the endings. No enemies, no timer or anything like that. It’s simply a test. So you are either a gamer who likes this kind of stuff or you don’t.

Overall, Please, don’t touch anything, is a clever game and definitely requires patience and very good puzzle solving skills. The update even added an introduction. The developers ‘Four Quarters’ did an alright job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker aren’t looking forward to this game but we know there are some fans who would want this. Now Please, don’t touch anything may have many puzzles but what’s not puzzling is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Neonwall is a action puzzle game developed by ‘Norain Games‘. It is already out on both Nintendo Switch and PC but coming to Xbox One on the 14th of September 2018. This game certainly knows how to stand out just by looks alone. Is it any good?

Neonwall is all about timing, concentration and focus. There are lots of obstacles and many puzzles. The aim of the game really is to get the ball through to the end but the faster you can do it, the better. Players can interact with the ball by using the two lasers, which are controlled by using the joysticks. These lasers can move blocks allowing for a clear path or path adjustments. You can also break blocks too. mostly importantly though is the ability to change the colour of the ball.


Colours in Neonwall is the most important thing. For starters the ball moves faster when it’s moving on blocks of the same colour. The ball can even open doors only if it’s the same colour as the door. Also, lasers can only interact with elements of the same colour! So colour exchanging is, as we said before, very important. So basically all Neonwall is asking players to do is manage the three colours and exchange them between the lasers and the ball to successfully get the ball to the end.

Neonwall does have VR support. so the HTC Vive, Oculus rift and Windows Mixed reality. It’s said to be more immersive with one of these. They always say that. 

We checked out some gameplay and it definitely looks like a puzzle. The ball is moving and you have to look ahead to see what needs to be done and then make sure the right colours and used. Move this platform, open that, jump across the gap etc. It looks like things can get a bit chaotic later on. This game is definitely unique and we like that. 

Overall Neonwall looks like a very cool game. The graphics are excellent for it’s neon style and we like the level designs. Players need to be prepared. The developers ‘Norain Games’ did an excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will look to see how Xbox One gamers receive this. Now all the colours and puzzles may be a lot but it’s nothing compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Lumines Remastered

Lumines Remastered is a music puzzle game developed by ‘Resonair‘. Lumines Remastered came out the 26th of June on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC. This game is the new and improved version of the original which came out in 2004. More blocks anyone? Let’s take a look.

Lumines Remastered is one of those games for casual gaming. Having a good time and relaxing. In Lumies Remastered players must drop in and align blocks of 4, which have different colours, normally 2 different colours. Once a combo of the same colour has been formed, it will remain there until the timeline sweeps across. It’s all about getting things ready in time.

Lumines Remastered

To get even more points, you just have to add more of the same colour to the combo. Then there are multipliers which are only gained through having combos that consist of 4 or more quads in a single pass of the timeline. Sounds simple right. Right?

There are over 40 skins with different atmospheres from more relaxed and chill to something faster with a beat.  More can be unlocked in another mode. 2 Player local play is available and have a block off or make it your mission to climb the online leaderboards.

Now Lumines Remastered. Is basically just a superior version. There is even vibration settings which allow for more ways to play such as rhythm & blocks, blocks only and no vibration. Lumines remastered is all about working to the music.

We checked out some gameplay and we aren’t impressed. Lumines was obviously very popular with many gamers but we don’t exactly see why. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad game, not at all. It’s just definitely not our thing. It’s all in HD and 4K so be prepared for that. Better and more music with more going on than before. Shuffle mode is new and it’s basically the levels you have unlocked but you go through them in random order. Endless mode is still there.

Overall this is a improved version and any fans who loved the original would love Lumines remastered definitely. The graphics and music are great. The developers ‘Resonair’ did a great job. Once again this isn’t our thing out thing and so we at X35 Earthwalker aren’t going to check this out. Now Lumines may have gotten remastered but one thing that doesn’t need remastering is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Shift Quantum

Shift Quantum is a new action puzzle platformer game developed by ‘Fishing Cactus‘. It’s coming out the 29th of May on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC but coming out the 30th of May in the United Kingdom. This game is expected to really engage player’s brains. Let’s take a look.

The story of Shift Quantum isn’t exactly that clear or written well at all but basically someone called Axon Vertigo promises to bring about better life quality for everyone using the Shift Quantum program. All puzzles in this game are meant to force players to think in different and specific ways. The players task is to solve puzzles. There’s more. You must transform barriers into escape routes by creating negative space. Get to the exit to get exactly what you’ve been promised by Axon Vertigo… happiness.

Shift Quantum

Players need to keep an eye on the whole environment and Shift Quantum world. This is because you have the option to twist the environment and shift the world. Make use of all special gameplay blocks to overcome obstacles and get to the exit to find the happiness you have been searching for and promised by Axon Vertigo. 

Players also have the opportunity to create their own levels as well. Adding the different blocks and areas that change gravity direction and off course making obvious places that can only be traversed through the shifting mechanic.

Since it’s also a puzzle game, expect the difficulty to be amped up. players will have to stop and think how they can complete the level, what is needed and what order should these things be done. Eventually timing will be brought into the equation too.

We checked out some gameplay of Shift Quantum and it does look very cool. The animations are good. The level designs are excellent. The negative space mechanic looks awesome as your character literally gos through the stage to the other side and things flip around the the colours become negative. The black and white visuals work well with this game. The puzzles are certainly worthy of the name ‘puzzles’. Shift Quantum comes of as very unique.

Overall Shift Quantum is a very cool game. The graphics and visuals are very good. The sounds are just good. The level designs are excellent. The developers ‘Fishing Cactus’ did an excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing how other gamers take to this game.

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The Long Reach

The Long Reach is a new puzzle adventure game developed by ‘Painted Black Games’. This game is coming out March 14th on the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC. Games like this are only for a specific category of gamers. Let’s take a look.

Many have compared The Long Reach to ‘Lone Survivor‘ but we don’t see that much. If anything it’s more comparable to ‘In the Shadows’ but whatever. Basically it’s pixel style graphics in a big world though. Big in terms of what is going on. Some have classed it as a horror game. We can see that too but wouldn’t say that either. It just seems like another game where you go around, talk to characters and collect stuff. The setting though is different.

In The Long Reach, the game takes place in new hampshire in the town of baervox. You play normal people in a regular town. Things; however get real bad because of scientists. Once again it’s the scientists. They always ruin everything. Basically they were working on something called experience-sharing program. Now people have nightmares and dreams without being asleep. This is crazy and creative of The Long Reach. Just imagine this. Kids running if fear because they see Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy’s chasing them in broad daylight. Or old war veterans grabbing their guns again because they see the enemy army soldiers coming around. Or Teenagers chasing after their favourite celebrities. It will turn the whole town crazy, which is exactly what happened. Many went insane.

The Long Reach

Now the game does encourage you to try and escape and save yourself but you can try to help fix the problem going on. You will need to talk to everyone as much as you can to get information from them but be careful. Some people aren’t exactly as sane as you think you are. Some might try to attack you because if they are having a nightmare they may see you as a wretch from Gears of war, so may try to kill you with a crowbar or something. So whenever you are in trouble just run. Seriously, just run! Otherwise they won’t think twice about it.

Most importantly, especially if you want to make progress in terms of fixing the problem and solving puzzles, you need to collect everything. Every item you find may come in handy in the future. So exploration is incredibly important. Be that player who sees something shiny in the trash bin.

We checked out some gameplay and we can it’s just like some of the others. Run back and forth find stuff, see something is it danger then act accordingly. It isn’t anything special from what we have seen but it is done very well. The set up is good, the sounds are very good and the whole world looks good too. The mysteries within The Long Reach is the games best feature here. What is real? What is a nightmare? Who are you really? What’s going on? why are there giant tentacles like that of a monster? So much going on.

Overall this game this is good but again only for certain gamers. Many will not like this game at all or not get into it. It’s something you just have to check out for yourself. It’s easy to know what this game is about and sort of what it has to offer. The developers ‘Painted Black Games’, did a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker aren’t interested at all but other gamers may certainly be. Seriously we encourage all to check it out for themselves. Now some may be reaching for this game but no one can reach… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor was one of those games that many looked forward to. It had a lot of hype and man was there a lot of content on youtube concerning this game from CoryxKenshin, Markiplier, 8-Bit Ryan and more. There was quite a lot theories being made as well. Even Game Theory got in on the action. There were multiple betas for the gamers to play and some alphas. The developers Dynamic Pixels truly did work hard on this game. We are going to talk about the disappointing stuff about Hello Neighbor. The stuff we didn’t like.

Now the difficulty of puzzles and the amount of thinking increases drastically with each Act. The sad part is that there is only three acts. We at X35 Earthwalker and some others thought there would be more. The game is actually quite short if you cut out all the time you spend on puzzles. It makes us wonder if there will be DLC in the future maybe. We actually expected a bigger adventure, more missions etc but we aren’t the developers. Now off course there were many glitches and issues but they weren’t game stopping glitches. The most annoying one is when you walk through items or boxes and then you get launched into the air for some reason. The funniest one was when X35 Earthwalker threw a box at a window to break the window but instead the box went right through the window with breaking the glass. We caught that on livestream.

There isa seed in Act three that you can plant and then it grows into large tree which is suppose to give us an item when fully grown. Sounds great but the problem is that the tree takes forever to grow. It has been stated that it takes 3 actual hours to grow completely. Three hours! That’s stupid. We ain’t got that kind of time to chill in Hello Neighbor. Now maybe Dynamic Pixels thought that if players found the seed and planted it the tree would have grown by the time they get through all the puzzle solving, searching, hiding and running away from the Neighbor. This isn’t guaranteed as the seed was pretty much the last thing X35 Earthwalker found so that means he had nothing to do while waiting for the tree to grow. It’s suppose to give a golden apple we believe. So didn’t like the tree mechanic at all.

Act three was ruined. This is because Act three is exactly the same as the beta that the developers released for gamers to play. This means that a bunch of people already knew what to do because either they played that version of the beta or they watched CoryxKenshin and Markiplier play through the whole thing. We think this is a fail on the developers side. We get that maybe they wanted to make sure everything worked properly but you can’t release an the whole actual level of Act 3 of the game as a beta. The thing is, this didn’t have much effect on us because we never played the beta so it was sort of new for us. Which is why we spent a long time trying to solve everything and do every puzzle bit by bit.

Next is how cryptic Act 3 is. Now we know that the puzzles do force gamers to slow it down and start thinking but this was too much for many. For starters unlike Act 1 we have no clues of what to do. The only ones who do know played the Hello Neighbor beta or watched it. Finding the mannequins was a hard task. One of them you can’r reach until you get a code which must be inputted through buttons on the wall. You need binoculars to see far and find the code yourself. Another mannequin is hiding in the highest room of the house directly in front of you from the front of your house. How was anyone suppose to know that one is up there? You can’t see the mannequin through the window. You need to firstly use an object and super throw something to smash open the window. Then get to the top of the house and jump of with an umbrella (which surprisingly can support our weight) and glide through the window to the grab the mannequin. Finding the four cakes is no easier and getting the gramophone with the red record wasn’t easy either. You have to get the globe, then freeze the globe, then place it back on it’s stand and then race to the top before the ice melts to get it. First of all you can’t just place the globe, you have to use the interact button to snap it in. Also the only clue we get about this globe freezing water thing is a map next to the globe which has a pin on the Antarctica. Cryptic anyone?

Hello Neighbor leaves to many things unexplained. How did the Neighbor’s children go missing? We see him crying by some missing posters. Worse we also see something dark, glowing white eyes and an evil presence watching the neighbor. What is this thing? we have seen it more than once in the game but no explanation as to what it is. Is it a symbol as in just showing that the neighbor has his own demons. Or does it represent the one who stole his children? In Act one we saw the neighbor lock something in the basement. When we get in there, we don’t see anyone or anything. He wasn’t wrestling with the air right? After being trapped in the room if you look through the keyhole, you will see a cardboard cut out of a boy rise up and unlock the door for you, allowing you to escape. Cardboard can’t do that by itsself. We don’t know what happened to the neighbor but he seems sad at times like at the end when he sees us through the window, like we mean something to him which is strange. We get an achievement which says “like father, like son”. So who’s the father and who’s the son? It can’t be the character we play as we got kidnapped by him and we ran away like he’s a stranger. Why wouldn’t he recognised the neighbor as his dada if that’s the case. maybe he was too young and didn’t know? Then why would he live exactly opposite from the neighbor. We know that the neighbours wife died and so our characters mum couldn’t be the neighbours wife. Also if we were adopted or taken away by social services then why are we put on a poster as missing or living directly opposite the man? We have come up with some awesome theories but they are all just theories… a game theory (Sorry guys). Too much questions. 

Lastly is how the Hello Neighbor ends. After protecting a young version of our self from a giant dark entity we have a quiet place with just a door and a part of the neighbours house. The neighbor looks sad and has a dark entity knocking on his door. If we go through the other door the character wakes up and starts moving his things into his house to live there again. We then watch a continuous loop of the character carrying boxes. nothing else, no hidden cutscene after the credits. Nothing! This was incredibly disappointing because of all the questions we are left with. It wasn’t satisfying at all. Now we are aware that a game like Hello Neighbor has to have secrets and hidden things that will give more clues or information. We know there has to be more but a standard player wouldn’t find those things but instead wait for others to find to find it. Like seriously we first think the neighbor is all bad but then we learn he lost his wife, kids go missing and has something dark haunting him by the looks of it. He looks sad when he sees us and tried to approach us but couldn’t. What happened to him? Is he okay? his house is burned down. Too many questions. 

Overall we did have a lot of fun playing the Hello Neighbor but we were disappointed for sure. Too cryptic, three hour waiting tree, so many questions, glitches here and there, not an epic boss battle, too many unanswered questions and a unsatisfying ending. Off course just highlighting the bigger stuff Hello Neighbor. We were really disappointed with the game. It was still fun with many laughing moments but disappointed.

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Circuits is a  musical based puzzle game which was developed by ‘Digital Tentacle’. It’s already out on PC but will be coming to the Xbox One the 16th of December. Now Circuits has a simple concept but it’s sort of deep. Let’s take a look.

Circuits looks so simple, that’s because it is. It’s concept is truly simple but Circuits is a challenging game. Now in Circuits you have to reconstruct a song that has been messed up and sliced up. Now how will we go about doing this. the answer is ‘music’. The music is the key. Players will have to listen carefully to the song to be able to reconstruct the whole song. So those who love music should like this game.

There are currently 25 songs which means 25 levels which is a good amount by the way for what circuits is. Now don’t start asking us what kind of music there is because we do know. There is some orchestra,  which was composed by David Garcia by the way, some electronic ambient and even some dubstep. We believe there will be a bit more.

We checked out some Circuits gameplay and we can confirm that it is a unique game. The concept here and how it’s done is definitely different from any other game. Circuits definitely requires players to have a good ear and the ability to focus. Off course there isn’t much emphasis on graphics and looks because the developers wanted all the focus to be on the music and ears. For what it is, the graphics are good and things do look nice. the music has been said to be awesome. It’s definitely a puzzle game and takes some time to progress in.

Circuits - X35 Earthwalker

Overall, circuits is very unique. It’s new. It’s different. It’s musical and it works. Many have had things to say about this so far most say that the game is good. we at X35 Earthwalker agree. The graphics are good but the music is excellent. The developers ‘Digital Tentacle’ did an very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will wonder how this game will impact the gamers of the Xbox community. Now Circuits may be musically unique but it still ain’t as unique as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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