Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is a new is a new physics based puzzle game developed by ‘Clockstone‘ and published by ‘Headup‘. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is said to be coming out 2020 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Android, IOS, Mac and PC. Basically almost everything. Prepare to use your brains. Let’s take a look.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead has a very simple story. After all this is a game about building bridges. You will be following a bunch of survivors. They are obviously trying to survive against the zombies. Not just the zombies though but also a community of humans who are dangerous and described as hostile. You help them by building bridges AND other constructs.

Let’s keep this simple. Famous characters like Eugene, Michonne and Daryl are in Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead. Recognisable vehicle’s from the series are in this game too. So the Walking Dead fans should definitely see things they like. The biggest stand out for this game is that it’s physics based. So you can’t just build however you want, unrealistically and expect heavy vehicles to not fall through them and blow up. Gravity is a real thing here so keep that in mind. The enemies, zombies, are dumb so using moveable objects, bait and even explosives are viable. 

There is no gameplay of whatsoever but we know you will have a variety of locations to be building your bridges and structures. The description was “bleak landscapes and ruined structures”. The word ‘ruined’ gives some ides but we can expect broken bridges, homes or police stations too. At the end of the day you are using your brain to build bridges and solve many different scenarios. So have fun. Pule lovers should enjoy this. 

Overall it’s a bridge building game. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is for specific types of gamers. It’s not our thing but Bridge Constructor has some fans and The Walking Dead itself also has fans so when you combine the two, you may have quite the audience. There’s no comment here on the graphics and sounds. The developers ‘Clockstone’ are working on this. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see what this game will bring out. Now Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead may have physics but it’s nothing compared to the reality of… the ‘Earthwalker’ 

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Sable is a new adventure game developed by ‘Shedworks‘ and published by ‘Raw Fury‘. Sable is said to be coming out 2021 (more sources say 2021 than 2020) on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC and Mac. This game looks like another big but relaxing exploration game for players to chill and have a good casual time. Let’s take a look. 

In the world of Sable players control a character called… Sable. Yeah, that’s her name. This is a huge desert world and it requires exploration. So hope on your hover bike and make your way around. There is lots to discover and learn here. after all it is an alien planet. Sable is being described as on a rite of passage. Somehow Sable is connected to this world. She must find her place in it. 

There isn’t much to say about Sable really because this type of game has been done before and you can predict it. You know what to expect. We have seen games like ‘Shape of the world‘, ‘Beyond Blue‘ and ‘Abzu’. You stay relaxed, got good music and just cruise through the game at your own place being large places and being amazed. We know that in Sable there are ships that have fallen from space, monuments that are ancient and even architecture but clearly ruined. So get to it.  

So off course Sable wants to know the history behind these things. There’s more though. You aren’t alone. There is a nomadic people on this desert planet too. Sable has the opportunity to learn how they got here and why they are staying here. This desert planet isn’t full of life, nor is it the most welcoming place in existence. What’s this rite of passage though? 

We checked out some Sable gameplay and it’s what we expected except for the graphic style. The graphics style is very line drawn heat and bubbly particle if that makes sense. The gameplay is what we predicted though. It’s smooth and the hover bikes are a great idea for traversing the world. Climb walls, run, enter, go underground, light up, hover bike etc all around this place. Apparently this is a personal journey and lessons to learn. games haven’t been the best at teaching good lessons for life.

Overall Sable looks like a simple game. We can’t tell if it’s good or not yet. It does what it says on the box. It’s entertainment factor is unknown. It’s an exploration game. No suggestion or showing of enemies so we don’t expect a surprise factor either. We like the design of the planet and environment though. The developers ‘Shedworks’ have done an alright job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to wait and hopefully hear something new about this game. Now Sable may have a large desert world to explore but what’s way more exciting is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Golf with your Friends is a new multiplayer sports game developed by ‘Blacklight Interactive‘ and published by ‘Team17‘. Golf with your Friends is said to be coming out the 19th of May 2020 on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and PC. The whole lineup right there. This game is golf at the end day. Let’s take a look.

Golf with your Friends is exactly that… it’s golf. Now we wouldn’t care about this game if that was all it is. Sure it’s golf but it’s golf that’s not boring. For starters there are like 10 levels with themes. You can expect outer space, forests, haunted house, the woods with a lumberjack facility and more. Our favourite is definitely the level with that ancient looking temple, possibly aztec or whatever but it’s cool looking. The track looks like it’s naturally built. Simply put the level design is great. 

Now the levels are real cool but that’s not the biggest eye opener about Golf with your Friends. Yes this game is 12 player multiplayer BUT… you can all play AT THE SAME TIME. This means no waiting your turn and mocking your friends lame swings. Instead everyone is trying to get their ball to the hole and yo see everyone’s balls moving and jumping across the tracks. You can decide to race to the hole first or play legit and see who gets in with the least amount of swings. This mechanic alone makes Golf with your Friends interesting and stand out.

There is three game modes. There’s straight up classic golf, a hockey mode where the hole is instead a hockey goal post. There’s also a basketball hoop looking goal too. So mix it up people. There’s customisation too to keep things interesting. You can unlock skins for the balls, fancy trails and even hats. There’s even a level editor where you can create your own courses, share them with other players have them play it themselves or yourself. 

Overall Golf with your Friends actually looks like a good golf game. There’s even power ups and items for competitive help. There’s such effects like turning your enemies balls into a square. Trap their balls in honey and even straight up freeze their ball completely. Cool stuff. The developers ‘Blacklight Interactive’ have done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see what Golf with your Friends can really do. 

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Tanky Tanks is a new tank action shooter game developed and published by ‘EpiXR Games‘. It came out the 8th of November 2019 on the Xbox One and not the PS4 or Nintendo Switch. It is already out on Mac and PC. There is very few games like this. We just had to check this out. Let’s take a look.

In the world of Tanky Tanks, players control tanks. What a surprise? You control tanks and fight other tanks in fast paced action. Well it can slow down depending on what’s going on and how you and your opponents play. There isn’t a story or anything as it isn’t adventure. Just turn on the game, control tanks and blow the others up. 

The controls are simple, you control the aiming and moving of the tank differently so like a twin shooter basically. You have shots that do come back on like a cool down. If you rapid fire of all your shots you must wait a while before you can fire again, promoting more accurate firing and not panic. Your shots can rebound of the walls. So you can hit things around cover if you are accurate enough. Walls will get in the way and Walls and structures can get in the way and block your view of missiles or tanks behind them so be careful. You also get mines which you can plant to block of paths or blow up a target. Mines can be shot though and they will explode.

Now when you see gameplay of Tanky Tanks some gamers will get flash backs or remember another tank game. Ever played or heard of Wii Tanks? X35 Earthwalker does and he loved it. It was so much fun. Wii Tanks made players go through 100 levels of enemy tanks trying to take you out. The levels where different in design and some with a certain combination of types of tanks caused some real problems. There were tanks that couldn’t move at all but just fire when it was possible to hit you in some way. Other tanks were more aggressive and really knew how to use the rebounds. We hope that Tanky Tanks takes what was good about Wii Tanks and make something even better.

Tanky Tanks seems have to the same style in terms of gameplay mechanics. Tanky Tanks has multiple game modes like normal which is normal, invisible mode where enemies are invisible, bomb mode where you can only use bombs, speed mode where everything is twice as fast and there’s a few more. The types of tanks seem to be the same types too. (Update) We have played the game recently and it does remind us of Wii Tanks very much and in the good way. Tanky Tanks is definitely challenging and has some key differences. 

We haven’t played solo mode yet but we did co-op normal mode and we beat all 50 levels on our first try. It wasn’t easy though. X35 Earthwalker and Diamondz L45 had the advantage because they are veteran tank players from Nintendo Wii Tanks. The tanks so far are in less variety, dumber but stronger. Nintendo Wii Tanks had brown tanks that couldn’t move, grey tanks that move and had single fire, green tanks with faster missiles, light green with multiple rebounding missiles and even more tanks like red, yellow, purple, white and black. In Tanky Tanks the tanks all look similar which is a downgrade. Tanky Tanks have tanks that are dumber, you can trick them into shooting a wall they are right next to to bounce the missile back into them. They are also slower to shoot in most cases. Tanky Tank have stronger tanks though as some tanks are bigger and take multiple shots to destroy. Some tanks have regular missiles while others have slower but bigger, stronger missiles while others have smaller high speed missiles that looks like a laser from Super Man. Overall we wish there was more variety in the tanks and come colour.

We not only checked out some Tanky Tanks but played it too. It’s still a lot of fun and co-op mode can get scary at times especially when your partner is dead and it’s all on you to get the victory. The game got intense multiple times and that’s a good thing, you should be slightly afraid of these tanks but get enough courage with your skills to get out there, dodge missiles and take them on. Tanky Tanks does force players to multi task. You must manage your tanks movements, control your aiming, keep your aim cursor on the screen (as it can go off), see where bullets are coming from etc. You have to focus! Another thing that Tank Tanks has that Wii Tanks don’t have is stage hazards. That’s right in Tank Tanks you can expect some levels to have natural obstacles. For example in some levels we saw basically pendulums or swinging axes. They block your missiles but will destroy whatever it hits, so don’t touch it. We also saw spikes on the ground that will destroy your tanks. Talk about mixing things up.,

Overall Tank Tanks is definitely a good game, we just hope that more work is done and added into it. Overall we still prefer Wii Tanks but Tank Tanks has their own thing going on in terms of multiple game modes, cooler mines, tanks with health and even a big boss looking tank is all great stuff. The graphics are very good indeed but the lack of music is strange. Eventually all you here is your tank moving then when you stop it’s dead silent. That’s not good. The developers ‘EpiXR Games’ have done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to what more Tank Tanks has to offer. Now Tanky Tanks may have strong tanks but those things don’t stand a chance against… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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OVIVO is a action adventure game developed by ‘IzHard’. It is said to be coming out the 3rd of July 2019 on the Xbox One and according to the official website, Nintendo Switch and PS4. Now this game is said to be quite deep, have a story and can be confusing to some. Let’s take a look. 

OVIVO has also been described as a metaphorical game. A game filled with messages and illusions. Now from that alone, we can tell that OVIVO won’t be simple and will confuse some players. One of those games where the fanbase have different theories concerning certain things and meanings. Is OVIVO trying to share a message, warning or lesson with gamers?

The world of OVIVO everything is either black or white. The black and white exist and work together. They keep replacing each other and moving around to main balance or something like that. Basically you control what basically looks like an apple. It’c called OVO and is created from the black and white of this world. OVO has the ability to switch between black and white in order to move through black or white surfaces and areas. So yes, focus is required here as you” need to know timing and what colour is needed at what time.     

Now you must make your way through this metaphoric world which won’t be easy as there are some dangers floating around. There are various dangers. There are also symbols in this world too that the player must collect. You will get answer from these symbols as they help reveal the story of this strange world. The developers have hinted that there may be different ways to interpret what’s actually going on. 

So yeah this game definitely reminds us of a legendary game that also is based on colours and requires switching between them to traverse and face dangers. The answer is… Outland. Outland mastered this game mechanic but was more action focused. OVIVO is giving a more puzzle approach. We just hope that OVIVO pulls of what it’s trying to do well.  

We checked out some gameplay and it’s very simple really. Just move through the black or white and change your colour when needed. Traverse the area and do some thinking. We do like that black dragon though. It was homing in on you, clearly intimidating and shows that there are other beings in this world that will show no mercy. It’s a simple casual like game that you just play bit by bit when you have like 30 minutes available. Looks like it will serve it’s purpose.

Overall OVIVO looks like a good game fr what it is. The graphics look very good and the level designs are varied and interesting. Nicely made. The mechanics seem to work smoothly. No obvious visible errors from what we have seen. The developers ‘IzHard’ have done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see what the gaming community thinks of it. Now OVIVO may have harmony between black and white but what has unmatched harmony is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Dual Gear

Dual Gear is a new turn based strategy action game developed by ‘Orbital Speed Studio‘. It has been saids to be coming 2018 (year soon over) on the Xbox One, PS4, Mac and PC. This game caught out attention straight away. Hope it’s very good. Let’s take a look.

The world of Dual Gear is originally set in 2064  where powerful nations built the Gaia Belt which is the orbital energy station for receiving the newly discovered energy source. It was later attacked by terrorists after a test and the successful completion of phase one of the Gaia Belt in 2101. TEC deployed the orbital defence gear to defend and they were successful but the damage was heavy and even earth suffered from the battle. So TEC focused more on surface tactical units known as Dual Gears. Off course successful projects like that don’t stay at home but sold multiple units to clients around the world. Was that attack the last anyone will hear of the terrorists?…

Dual Gear

In Dual Gear, players get to control the Dual Gear units. The gameplay is off course turn based and you see everything in third person. You will control each unit separately, one by one. It’s a combination of real time shooting and quick performance cut scenes. This means players will need tactical thinking, good management, reflexes and awareness. Dual Gear has two elements that must be taken into account: action point (AP) and generator output (GP). All skills need action points in order for that skill to be used within that turn but they also need enough generator output to pull it off. The example given was a Dual Gear using a powerful weapon. It might require 1 or 2 action points during this turn but it will cost some Generator Output and if you don’t have enough, that attack isn’t going to work (it’s easier when you see it for yourself).

There’s more. Units also have a sort of health and shield system in place. The two elements here are: Armour power (AP) and Core power (CP). If you get hit anywhere then the armour power decreases for that part hit, like the right arm. If that hits zero then the core power will now start to decrease upon taking damage. If that part then hits zero now, then that part is destroyed. That’s right, Dual Gear allows the targeting of specific parts of Dual Gear units. Off course there are consequences for destroying parts of a Dual Gear. For example losing a right or left arm will off course mean you can’t use any weapons that arm wielded. If a leg is destroyed then that Dual Gear will not only travel at a much slower pace but will also consume more Generator Output (GP) than normal which also means using certain skills and weapons will be more restricted.

Dual Gear

So if an enemy unit spots one of your own it won’t do anything at first. If you start moving then it can and will fire at you. It stops firing when you stop moving again. This design choice was to allow players to not panic and think about what they want to do now. This means players will need to be aware of how much AP and GP they have before making any moves or strategizing. Management is key here so don’t be in a hurry or a rush.

Customisation is very detailed in Dual Gear as well. The options are of a wide variety. The Dual Gear is made up of five main parts. Cockpit, head, back pack, arms and legs. Each part can be customised. You can equip your Dual Gear with high weight legs which grant higher durability resistance to damage but this means less movement speed and more GP is consumed when moving. This makes you wonder about the different parts available. We hope there’s a range. Also you can customise the style. You can add camouflage, add patterns, change the colour to make that Dual Gear your very own. Also players can select an emblem. If you are going to fight at least look good while doing it.   

We checked out some. Gameplay and we saw different built Dual Gears with different weapons, weight, speed, attack range and more. Launch missiles, swing with blades and snipe from a distance. You can see how much Generator Output is being used and how much each skill will consume. When the enemy fires at you you can dodge attacks which is where the reflexes come into play. So far the action looks good and seems like a real detailed turn based strategy game.

Overall Dual Gear looks like a good game. The graphics looks good and the sounds are good too. The machines are very loud though so be careful with your speakers. The developers ‘Orbital Speed Studio’ did a very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to Dual Gear coming out. Now Dual Gear might have a lot of history but it’s history is nothing compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Edge of eternity

Edge of Eternity is a new action J-RPG developed by ‘Midgar Studio‘. It’s coming out later this year (2018) on the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac and Linux. Edge of eternity was funded through Kickstarter by many supporters. Let’s take a look.

Edge of Eternity takes place in Heryon. Heryon was, as with every other place in video games and anime, a peaceful world. There are also three realms: Dehostra, Astrya and Junor. Each of these realms have the same access to magic powers through crystals. So it’s clear that this world is about balance. Then off course trouble comes along. Invaders in a massive spaceship appeared above Junor and destroyed everything and took possession of the realm.

edge of eternity

Reynan who is the grand General of Dehostra’s armies was in command of the defence of Heryon. He formed the consortium and led the counter attack. The consortium got the upper hand and was pushing the invaders back. All the way to their spaceship. Their ship transformed into an invincible fortress. The general and his forces couldn’t break through. The invaders then cheated by releasing a deadly biological weapon, called the metal disease. The war continues still. Players control Daryon who is wanted and hunted by the consortium. 

Edge of Eternity has character progression and is all about exploration. There are a lot of large open areas and many locations on the world map for players to dive into. Edge of Eternity gives players two choices concerning the combat system. You can either have active time battle or turn base. The fact that Edge of Eternity is giving players a choice is awesome. We at X35 Earthwalker already node in agreement of this decision. Nice one! The combat in this game has an event system which even takes into account factors like the time of day and the weather. Depending on the time and weather, either your team or enemies will gain advantages or suffer from it. Your team can have up to four characters allowing room for experimenting with combinations and strategies.

Edge of Eternity

So as a J-RPG, best there is character progression with experience points and increasing sats but Edge of Eternity takes it further by adding another layer. There  is a weapon customisation system too. It’s based on two things: crystals and levelling up. As you fight with your weapon, you it will eventually level up thus getting more powerful and even evolving. The crystal side of things is different as it’s here where players can choose which branch to go along and the different crystals grant different effects like stats, skills and powers. When you take a look at the crystal system, the first thing that may come to your mind is the levelling up system from final fantasy XIII and XIII-2. It’s practically identical.

Edge of Eternity is said to have an adventure that responds to your choices. Your characters effect have a direct impact on each area they visit so keep that in mind. The story is said to be non-linear and that players and choose and their own paths. There are many quests, people to talk, different options and even random events that will take place.   

Edge of Eternity

We checked out some gameplay and Edge of Eternity looks amazing. The graphics, size of the whole and environments remind us heavily of Final Fantasy, which is a good thing as those are great games. Lots of work clearly went into this and their is potential for more too. Some of the enemies look too large and powerful while others are clearly fodder. The running animation for the characters does look silly though. The lighting and different spells and abilities look very cool. The music is very well done and at times epic. This team has been putting in work.

Overall, Edge of Eternity looks like an awesome game. They have so much going for it right and there is a good amount of well deserved hype. We hope this game takes a different direction in terms of story from other games concerning certain characters and enemies. The developers ‘Midgar Studio’ did a fantastic job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to seeing what Edge of Eternity has to fully offer. Now Heryon is in trouble but the perfect solution would be… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Super Weekend Mode

Super Weekend Mode is a new 2D Action shooter game developed by ‘Pixelteriyaki’. This game came out the 14th of February on valentines day. Released on Windows and Mac. This game is considered crazy. Let’s take a look.

Super Weekend Mode is one of those games that clearly from the concept wants to wow people with how different it is. The developers said that Super Weekend Mode is a mashup of Tetris, Space Invaders and Gradius. Now that sounds crazy and must make you wonder sort of how that works. Now we at X35 Earthwalker must make it clear that this game requires gamers to have reflexes, don’t panic, focus and persistence. if you lack any of those four things, then you will not get anywhere.

The story is incredibly basic. You are a princess and someone called ‘that guy’ took some of your stuff, so it’s only natural that you would want your stuff back. The gameplay is very basic as well meaning anyone can try Super Weekend Mode. Only three buttons. One to move one pad, another to move the other pad and one to shoot. That’s it. The story and controls are simple but the game its self is not simple in the slightest.

In order to pass the level you must either grab hearts that fall continuously or shoot the boss. Hearts aren’t the only things that falls. There are also skulls which you must not touch. If you touch one, you instantly lose a life. Dust bunnies also fall and you mustn’t let them touch the floor, so defeat them by bashing them with the side of your pad. If you miss, you lose a life. Now shot on the boss and heart collected gets you ten points. They also are worth a chain and the higher your chain, the more points you earn. Even this sounds easy, just push start and see for yourself.

Super Weekend Mode

The rate and speed that these items drop is something gamers will not be ready for. Especially in the second level where everything is faster and more aggressive. Gamers will panic. Gamers will lose and have to try again. It’s one where you will lose and lose and continually lose and only then you will get better and get the hang of it. It’s very difficult but lots of fun. You will want to try and try again just to get past the first level and see the wrath of the second level.

X35 Earthwalker Himself got to try the game and he can confirm that everything works and plays well. It’s definitely difficult but he didn’t get much time to play but made good progress in it and gave his feedback. The graphics are pixel style and look very cool. The music is fitting and works well with the game.

Overall Super Weekend Mode is a cool game. Very cool indeed. The developers ‘Pixelteriyaki’ did a very good job with this. We at X35 Earthwalker are going to see how the gaming community reacts to this game. Now Super Weekend Mode may be crazy but it still doesn’t come close to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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