Chernobylite is a new sci-fi survival horror game developed and published by ‘The Farm 51‘. Chernobylite is said to be coming out the 2021 on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and PC. There was a PC early access but we don’t care. Now Chernobylite is looking real different from others games but survival horror aren’t easy to do. Let’s take a look.

In the world of Chernobylite, it is the year 2016. Players control a man who 30 years ago use to work as a physicist at a Chernobylite nuclear facility. A catastrophe happened though and it effected 350000 people in 1986. Your girlfriend is one of those many people who is now gone. It’s now 30 years later from that event and what happened still haunts you. The game describes it as “the demons of the past.” So you now return to a placed called the ‘Chernobyl exclusion zone. 

Now let’s get something out of the way. Chernobylite is also a survival horror game. So expect danger, strategy and combat. Chernobylite has an explorable world. Players can move at their pace and find many things. The world offers a non-linear story.

There are supernatural threats in Chernobylite and some have called them shadows. They will try to kill you but none of them look scary to us. They glow like neon lights. There are weapons like guns which off course are needed to fight back. Chernobylite is still a survival horror though, so ammo won’t be the most plentiful thing, so pick your fights wisely and when to run or hide.

The game states that they will constantly challenge you to: survive, play by your own rules and experience. Concerning experience, it’s up to the player and how you think. Whether you can stay calm, think things through and decide wisely. Remember it’s a horror game, so keep it together. Concerning Survive, player need to craft their weapons and gear in order to survive out here. It’s up to you to decide what happens out here. Concerning play by your own rules, there are challenges and new things everyday in the zone. 

What’s interesting in Chernobylite is that there is other stalkers out in the zone as well. They are also out here surviving, in combat and got stuff to do. Possibly an objective of their own. You can either work with these stalkers and be allies or you can go against them and compete. The game warns you to never fully trust the other stalkers. Stating that they have an agenda of their own. Which is true. After all, they are in the zone for a reason.

Do not forget that Chernobylite is also a sci-fi game. There are many enemies trying to harm you and they are coming from an alternate reality. As you explore you’ll need t learn and future some stuff out. So players will need to collect data through “sophisticated environment and substance analyzing tools.” You will be holding the devices and collecting information. Learning and acquiring what you need to understand and settle what happened here. At least your girlfriend isn’t here… right?

We checked out some Chernobylite gameplay and it’s not looking impressive so far. Too standard for current game standards. Remember that it’s still in development and there was an early release. So we are expecting lots of improvements concerning animations, interaction, movement and more. We truly like the combination of science fiction and survival horror. There are devices to use. Chemicals and supernatural things can get investigated but there is loads of danger, including an humanoid glowy being who is hunting you. 

Overall Chernobylite looks like it’s going to be a good game. The graphics are good. There’s clearly a big adventure going on here. Games like this aren’t easy to do. Hopefully there is actually lots of scares and very lethal enemies with limited ammo bringing a big sense of dread and feeling underpowered. The developers ‘The Farm 51’ have got something here. We at X35 Earthwalker would like this game to do well. Now Chernobylite may have supernatural danger and science but neither of those are accurate enough for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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‘Deliver Us the Moon’ is a sci-fi thriller game developed by ‘KeokeN Interactive‘ and published by ‘Wired Productions‘. Deliver us the moon is said to be coming out on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on the 24th of April 2020. It’s said to be coming to the Nintendo Switch also in 2020 but no exact date. It’s already on PC but we don’t count that. So for us, this game is new. So we are in space and there’s a moon that needs saving? What? Let’s take a look.

So Deliver us the moon is set in the future. Not too far but the “near future”. It’s an apocalyptic time. Earth’s natural resources are gone. They are depleted. So off course mankind decides to take their search to space to find the good stuff – we mean resources. They get to the moon. Things are going well. The “global powers” have worked together to make the ‘World Space Agency’. They also discovered and got their hands on a new energy source. Everything is literally going well… for once…. until (it never goes well forever) one day earth loses all contact and communication with the moon. Years later is when the player comes into play.

So, in Deliver us the moon, players take control of the so called Earth’s last astronaut. Your mission is simple, get up there and find out what happened. This kind of sounds like another regular person who gets called up into space to find out what happened and repair stuff… Isaac Clarke from Dead Space. Well it gets a bit different from here as you are not alone for this journey. In Deliver us the moon you have a small robot called ASE. So with ASE you will explore the moon, hopefully gathering information, get some clues as to what happened and off course solve the mystery of what happened here. 

So yes, it’s a space exploration game really. You along with your ASE robot will traverse the moon and even get to explore abandoned facilities. There is stuff, buildings and things left behind from previous “lunar missions”. This means you can hopefully learn from their mistakes and see what’s going on. Surely there is no danger out here on the moon… right? Rely on your robot to learn what took place in the lunar colonies. 

Off course being a sci-fi game, players will need to make full use of the technology available to them. There are useful tools like cutting lasers, robotic arms, some awesome space suits which come with their own effects. There’s even rockets! We know we will put those to good use. If we something we don’t like, we blow it up. Simple rule. We at X35 Earthwalker do not condone blowing things up in real life.

Now if you are a gamer that doesn’t like using their head for some reason then you’ll, have a tough time here as Deliver us the moon has a number of puzzles. It’s described as “intricate puzzles”. So make sure to use your head. There will be numerous obstacles and danger is confirmed. We don’t know if there’s an actual enemy around or whether it’s environmental danger etc. Judging from the overall design of the game, we believe it’s definitely environmental. 

We checked out some Deliver us the Moon gameplay and it’s what we expected except for the additional stuff. We liked that you get launch a rocket from space that you get to experience that. We like the level of freedom for exploration and that there is multiple means of exploration. You can drift through space with zero gravity and just chill really. You can explore the WSA space station on foot,

zoom across the surface of the moon in a rover. There’s even a monorail for you to get to the real far distance places much easier and faster. 

Overall Deliver us the Moon seems like a cool game. It’s definitely has emphasis on the atmosphere. We wonder if this game will have actual enemies as it’s not clear. The graphics are excellent and what you can see is very well done. The environment is definitely what you would expect and it looks great. It’s the moon, what else do you expect besides the same colour and rocks. The developers KeokeN Interactive’ have done a very good job from what we see so far. We at X35 Earthwalker are quite glad to see another space game. Now Deliver us the Moon may have an adventure and mystery in space but it’s very bland and obvious when compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Hovership Havoc is a sci-fi twin stick shooter game developed and published by ‘Snow Day Software‘. Hovership Havoc is said to be coming out on Xbox One the 17th of January 2020. It’s also out on PC. Now Hovership Havoc aim to be different from other twin stick shooters. Let’s just say it has something to do with a different perspective. Let’s take a look.

Now lets say what makes Hovership Havoc stand out from the others or should we say what they hope will make them stand out. There’s a top down view as you are playing through the levels but when you face a boss, you then have a third person view. That’s right. It becomes a third person shooter when you face a boss. Now that’s cool. 

Now Hovership Havoc has randomly generated levels. This includes everything concerning the level like the rooms in the levels, the enemies you will encounter and even the pickups you can get. So like spelunky, expect everything to be different all the time. 

There’s four different hoverships for you to select from in Hovership Havoc. Each one has their own weapons and their own stats. There are some abilities that you can get as you play like shields, drones, shockwave pulse, rockets and even shockwave pulse. There’s suppose to be more than 30.

There’s more than 15 types of enemies who all have no problem destroying you. In Hovership Havoc you will face them across 3 different environments which we hope stands out from each other nicely. Also don’t for get to collect orbs as you go because they are what will make your ship more powerful.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s what we thought it would be. The enemies do look pathetic tough, like they can’t d anything while the bosses look like a big threat. Seriously the enemies look like discount aliens from space invaders. Other from that it all looks smooth and good. The levels seem alright for now, reminding us of Assault Android Cactus

Overall, Hovership Havoc just seems like another twin stick shooter game but with their own secret weapon which is the third person shooter boss fights. Graphics and sounds are very good and we like the abilities. The developers ‘Snow Day Software’ have done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will keep an ear open for this game. Now Hovership Havoc may have third person boss fights but no matter what perspective you have, you won’t beat… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Beacon is a new sci-fi action rougelike game developed and published by ‘Monothetic‘. Beacon is said to be coming out on Xbox One in the last quarter of the year 2019, there hasn’t been given a set date though. Beacon is already out on PC the 27th of February 2019. Now this game has something interesting going on. Let’s take a look.

Now in the world of Beacon, players control Freja Akiyama who is a space privateer. She has a mission. Freja needs to find her crashed ship’s emergency distressed beacon. So it’s obvious that the player is stranded here as the ship crashed. When Freja came to and looked through the remains of the crashed ship, she finds what looks like her body. It is her body. Basically the ship also had a cloning bay. This means that when Freja dies she gets cloned and the clone continues on. This changes everything. A bit more on this later. 

This world where you crashed on is an alien world and definitely a hostile one. So going around to find what you need is going to be problematic. You are armed though. You have your gun so you can fight back. In your journey you will find weapons and useful items. Not only that but here comes the interesting concept of Beacon that changes everything. Players will also be obtaining the DNA of fallen enemies. With their DNA, when you die, you get the chance to to apply their DNA to your own. This will give you physical mutations which off course gives you different stats, abilities and changes up the gameplay quite a bit. So every time you die, your nest run will be quite different.

This begs the question then, just how long have you been here? In Beacon, when you die a clone is made. Since you came to and found your dead body, that means you are a clone. Is that body the original body or just another clone. Does this cycle ever end? Either way this gameplay mechanic, where you can use enemies DNA to change yourself and get different abilities, is what’s going to make this game stand out. So how many different enemies are there, transformations can you take?

There’s a number of stuff going on in Beacon. There’s more than 75 different mutations. That’s good. There are unique weather types with storm events, so watch out for Tesla storms and polluted tornadoes. More than 75 weapons. 5 randomly generated levels so expect to go through a cryptic prison vault, a forest, swamp and more. More than 125 items and there are 4 item classes like one time use, passive, grenade mods and re-usable auxiliary. There’s over 50 enemies and 8 champion variants. There are different factions of enemies too like Native, Onyx, Prism, Solus and uncharted.

We checked out some Beacon gameplay. It does look cool. We really like what we see so far. We like the concept. We like that the different enemy factions will fight each other also which makes things more realistic and gives a better universe. We know there are huge boss fights like the excavation spider and the Solu hivemind. Variety is always good so the amount of enemies, weapons and mutations is very good. Definitely liking this. Beacon is fast paced too.

Overall Beacon does seem like a very good game. We definitely will need to see more gameplay but there’s enough information. The graphics are okay, we thought things would be sharper. Music and sounds are good though and we do like the environment designs of the levels. The developers ‘Monothetic’ have done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to when Beacon comes on to the Xbox one. Now Beacon may have clones and DNA mutation but what’s more real and pure is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Rebound Dodgeball Evolved is a new twin-stick sci-fi dodgeball game developed and published by ‘Hexterion‘. Rebound Dodgeball Evolved is said to be coming out the 20th of September 2019 on the Xbox One and PC. Who likes dodgeball? We do but what about other gamers. Is the game a hit or a miss. Let’s take a look.

Rebound Dodgeball Evolved is basically dodgeball but crazier. So since we all pretty much know what dodgeball is, it’s safe to say that we should know what to expect from this game. If you have the ball then throw it hard and fast to smack someone else with it. If someone else has the ball then run away and dodge that ball which is coming straight for you. Simply right? Hit and don’t get hit. So what else does this game have to offer? 

Now Rebound Dodgeball Evolved is top down camera angle, so hiding from your opponents isn’t possible. This means there’s no stealth, it’s all action. Twin stick is quite simple controls so players should get the hang of it real quick. It’s fast paced so expect things to get quite intense at times. We hope there are intense moments. Now Rebound Dodgeball Evolved is clearly a multiplayer game but it’s both off line and online which is always better. We hate online only multiplayer.  

Now there are mutators in Rebound Dodgeball Evolved. Think of them like the skulls from Halo. Basically mutators can change the very rules of the game. This is done by either effecting how the dodgeballs behave or special abilities. For example there’s a Time glitch ball that sends people “back in time to where they were shortly before”. So basically players need to remember where they were a few moments ago when this ball hits the deck or you’ll get destroyed in the past. There’s also a nitro ball which has reversed momentum. Everytime the ball collides with something it speeds up making things crazy and scary. 

We checked out some Rebound Dodgeball Evolved gameplay and it’s what we expected basically. It’s fast paced and can get quite competitive. Catch the ball, dodge the ball, throw the ball and mix things up with game modes, mutators and 15 different maps. Some of these maps come with hazards so things can really get shaked up in this game. The graphics are great for what it is and the details in the shapes and level designs are also very good. Expect to get smacked with a ball for sure. Besides the different mutators the game doesn’t look that much different or varied in gameplay. It just seems like moving around and throwing the ball and doing a little jitter for dodging and faking out the enemy. We probably need to see more.

Overall Rebound Dodgeball Evolved seems like a interesting quick game to play with friends. It does exactly what it says on the tin. This has potential for big fun with friends and can get quite competitive. The developers ‘Hexterion’ did a very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker think this game will hit a good number of players once released correctly but miss other groups of gamers. Now Rebound Dodgeball Evolved may be fast paced but nothing moves faster than… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Genesis Alpha One

Genesis Alpha One is a new sci-fi first person shooter game developed by ‘Radiation Blue‘ but published by ‘Team17‘. Genesis Alpha One is coming out the 4th of September on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Survival games can get real deep and we hope this one is done very well.

The story in Genesis Alpha One is basically, humanity is in a bad state thanks to many wars, very bad pollution and off course corrupt regimes. We all know it’s never complete without corruption. So 4 powerful or should we say influential corporations have started the Genesis program. Players control the captain of the Genesis starship. It is your duty to make sure everything goes smoothly and to make the right decisions.

Genesis Alpha One

So time for the survival stuff. In Genesis Alpha One, players will have to explore a really large universe. It’s never that simple. You will also need to collection and manage resources, build and manage a space vessel. If you can do all of this then completing the main mission is possible. What’s the mission? It’s simply finding new homes for humanities DNA and off course saving humanity from extinction.

Off course things aren’t that simple either. There are aliens around and boy are they hostile. some are even described as terrifying. Worse are alien infestations which off course have to be cleared out and handled, if that’s even possible. This means combat is a big part of the game as well. Genesis Alpha One is a first person shooter after all. Not much information is given about the aliens but some look like taller Juvies from Gears of war 4. There are some tentacle big mouth punching enemies and another that sort of look like a combination of head crabs with the main aliens from Star Ship Troopers. Scary right?

Genesis Alpha One

Not only that, technology is really advanced as you can clone things like creatures and even your own troops. There is permanent death in Genesis Alpha One which means every troop in your team matters. If they die, they stay dead. Every decision you make as captain matters. Sort of like with XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Not only that, it gets worse. It’s all random generated. So every time you journey into Genesis Alpha One, you will get a different galaxy loaded with dangers and things to do. It won’t be the same.

We checked out some gameplay. There is a lot of decisions to be made in how you approach things, whether it’s to set up defences like turrets, is it safe to search the alien bodies for DNA samples? Stuff like that. You also have to keep an look out for infestations which look like small fungus growth. If left unattended then expect a whole lot of trouble. Manage and have enough plants in your green house to keep everyone alive. There is lots going on and we like it. There is customisation as well. For example if you build a quarters for your crew members you can change the colour of the sofa and other individual objects. Glad to see that you can see what resources can be found on each planet. 

Overall Genesis Alpha One looks really cool. Seems like a deep game indeed. The graphics are very good. The sounds are great too. the planets are random generated so you never really know what you will come across out there. The combat is simple, point and shoot. There’s so much that can go wrong and knowing when to fall back is important. The developers ‘Radiation Blue’ did an excellent job. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward bro seeing what Genesis Alpha One has to offer gamers. Now the Genesis program has a big mission but that mission is so small when compared to… the ‘Earth walk!’

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Elex is a new action role playing open world game developed by ‘Piranha Bytes’. It’s coming out October 17th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Fantasy and science is coming together in this game. Let’s take a look.

Basically there is a planet called Magalan which seemed to have everything going for them. With a population over billions and well advanced in technology. What could go wrong? Well a meteorite showed up and hit Magalan. It’s now a battle to survive and deciding the fate of the planet. Elex is a very important element which is limited and guess what… it came with the meteorite. Elex can do a number of things like make magic possible and provide access to it, “re-sculpt life into a new form” and even power machines. Valuable indeed. So what’s the future for Magalan? Magic, technology or is Elex not trustworthy and more dangerous than they thought.

From what we know, there are four groups or factions of people right now with very different believes and ideas for the future of Magellan. The ‘Berserkers’ in Edan use transmute Elex into pure mana to do crazy things like turn a wasteland into a lush forest. They rely on magic to bring hope and reverse the damage of the meteorite. The ‘Albs’ in Xacor consume Elex to make the people stronger, think with increased clarity and be free from emotions. They believe that the strong survive and get somewhere as they go to conquer all of Magalan relying on strength for the future. The ‘Outlaws’ in Tavar want nothing to do with Elex, gods, being emotionless or magic. They just believe in choice and want everyone to have what they call freedom. They scavenge for equipment and weapons and want easy lives. The ‘Clerics’ in Ignadon worship the god calaan and believe that the consumption of Elex in any form is a sin. They instead use Elex to power their machines. They are all about technology. They have plasma weapons and even mechs. They believe in a more powerful technologically advanced Magalan.

There is a load of emphasis on the role playing aspect of Elex. Players will have to select a companion and a faction. From there you will influence the world. You influence the world through all your decisions and actions. Will you make an enemy or an ally? What is your attitude towards people you encounter? Will you go by how you feel or by what you know? Interesting right? Well many games say this but not all get this free choice consequences system right. Will Elex get it right? We hope so. This game also hasn’t got your typical class system. Instead there are skills that you can learn but you need to find a teacher who can teach you such skills. This sort of reminds us of the game Shoalin where you must defeat masters of different martial arts to learn their techniques and moves.  Pretty cool.

In terms of combat and weapons in Elex, there is a lot of options. This game has magic, science and brute force styles so that means a lot of weapons and styles. There are swords, shotguns, rockets, cross bow, flame thrower, plasma rifles, harpoons, hammers, magic and much more. So get out there and grab what you want. Players have access to all five regions of the game right from the start. So you can go wherever you want and fight do whatever you want pretty much. Beware though of mutant creatures that are throughout the world of Magellan. As they can be powerful forces that end your adventure.

Overall this game seems really cool. The concept is good and the ideas behind this are big. The factions are very different and so are their beliefs which work well. The graphics look fantastic from what we have seen already. The sounds are great as well. The developers ‘Piranha Bytes’ did a fans tactic job with this game. It is definitely worth checking out. The factions believe different things but we know they all believe in… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Morphite is a new atmospheric exploration sci-fi shooter game developed by ‘Crescent Moon Games’. Morphite is coming out the 7th of September for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, IOS and PC. Talk about making a game accessible. We at X35 Earthwalker love that.

Morphite did get our attention straight up we can say that this is for gamers who like exploration, space and future like stuff. This game was inspired by some old classic games like Metroid Prime and Ratchet & Clank. So already we have certain expectations of Morphite. Sort of think of this like a more combat focused, deep story, poly style graphic looking no man’s sky but better.

There is a mysterious rare material called ‘Morphite’. Your goal is to unravel this mystery by traveling and exploring the galaxy. On your journey you will need to research animals & plants while taking on hostile entities in combat. Not everything you see is friendly. So with Morphite, players can expect an open-ended player driven discovery and exploration. The developers stated that this game is set to be “a deep and enriching single player experience”. If you haven’t guessed it by now, Morphite is set far in the future where humanity as already populated the distant reaches of space. Count us out. In terms of the story, the official website says, “The player takes on the role of Myrah Kale, a young woman residing on a space station and workshop under the care of her surrogate father, Mr. Mason. What starts as a simple exploratory mission to gather supplies to support their shop rapidly turns into a journey revealing Myrah’s unknown past and her relationship to a rare, coveted, and nearly extinct material called Morphite.”

Now Morphite has quite the amount to offer in terms of gameplay action. After all this game is about exploration. There are many worlds in Morphite and they are all random generated. There are a wide range of things for players to find and check out. You will find many different caves, landscapes, rivers, various creature types; however in space there are space stations to explore but they may not be normal ones as some space stations are abandoned or ruled by alien life. Scanning creatures is important because that information can be sold to upgrade your ships and weapons. Real time space combat. There are random vehicles and weapons that can be found on various planets. Environmental puzzle solving. Fully voiced main storyline. Best of all there are huge bosses to fight and hopefully defeat and much more.

Overall Morphite looks like a lot of fun. It certainly has lots of deep mechanics and features within. The graphics are Poly styled and the sounds are nice. The way the health and ammo floats to you after you kill an hostile entity definitely reminds us of Metroid. The developers ‘Crescent Moon Games’ did an excellent job with this game. It is worth checking out. Now Morphite is rare indeed but not as rare… as the ‘Earth Walk!’

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