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Starfield needs no introduction. This massive Role Playing Game was developed and published by ‘Bethesda’. Starfield is a Xbox exclusive. Starfield is truly an adventure in the future and space. X35 Earthwalker can confirm that Starfield is an excellent game. There is so much to do in this game. Players easily have over 100 hours in this game and it’s probably one of the easiest games to get over 100 hours in. Starfield is massive in more than one way. Let’s take a look.

Starfield is massive as in a massive success. So much of a success that in September, Starfield was the best selling game in the US. What makes this more impressive is that Starfield is on the Xbox Game pass. This is even more impressive as angry playstation fanboys attacked the game online, swarmed stores like steam with negative reviews to try and bring down its score all because things aren’t going well for playstation and their only game spider-Man 2. Listen to the X35 Earthwalker podcast episode on this matter. Even gaming media outlets and groups like ign are super biased and attack anything Xbox but glorify playstation. The hate for Starfield is so great that when it out performed Spider-man 2 and got more positive attention than it that playstation fanboys finished their exclusive game in 9 hours and went straight back to X (formerly known as twitter) to attack starfield again. Starfield is so massive and successful that over 2 months after its initial release, people are still talking about Starfield. It’s that big. Starfield even caused a surge in the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Starfield elevated Xbox to a higher level. Bethesda’s best game and work yet. It will forever plague the salty playstation fanboys. Now more specifically about the game.

X35 Earthwalker Starfield

Starfield is also massive as in the literal game itself. There’s so much to do. The first few hours aren’t boring. X35 Earthwalker found it interesting. You got to travel through space, engage in space ship battles and basically raid a facility filled with space pirates… no Samus Aran. How is that boring? Again just online idiot haters. What’s true though is that the game does get much better as you progress. To make this simple let’s break this down to some extent. There’s the main story missions, there’s also side missions, there’s faction missions, there’s activities and there’s constellation missions, infinite repayable missions and bounty hunting missions.

X35 Earthwalker Starfield

Main missions are obvious, the main story. The side missions can be found as you travel and talk to some people. They are bigger than activities and can lead to additional things. Faction missions are the full adventures you can have with the four factions. For example the UC, Crimson fleet and Freestar Collective. Actives are the small missions and they can come from almost anywhere. X35 Earthwalker found an actives mission just by standing near a group of people who are having a conversation. Normally quick stuff. Constellation normally consist of finding natural formations on certain planets in specific systems or getting a complete survey of a planet. You get far enough you can get the repayable missions like constantly fight terrormorphs to clean up the galaxy and get money and experience points. Bounty hunting is simple. Get a target, find them and fight. Space battles or in facilities.

These alone will take you over 100 hours easily. So many players in Starfield have the same situation which is they are numerous hours in and haven’t even started the second story mission yet. There’s just so much. You can face terromorphs, defend a city from an attack, travel to classified facilities to uncover a dangerous secret that many died for. Work as a space police officer, investigate a big operation, go undercover and during that undercover, go undercover. So you’re undercover going undercover. Wow. so we think you can see what we mean when we say there is so much to do in Starfield. Even the conversations with some of these characters can get out of hand, funny or straight up weird. So try talking to some with actual dialogue choices.

X35 Earthwalker Starfield

Players can off course build outposts, which are your bases. You can use different designs for your base and the facilities. build a watch tower which is massive and very effective. Set up turrets which will fire automatically on all enemies. build extractors to harvest certain materials and through some base building mechanics can get that stuff dumped right into your storages. You can recruit employees for your outposts or ship and their stats and strengths make a difference. You can even own homes/properties in Starfield and decorate them with furniture and other things you find. There is also off course the ship building. You can buy a ship, deconstruct it and build it up with a lot of freedom. There are many crazy design online that you can look up and see. Including a master chief head and hamburger like looking ship. It’s that crazy.

Overall Starfield is amazing and easily Bethesda’s best work and biggest game. We haven’t even talked about how big the universe is and how many systems there are and the many different planets with the different alien species and flora around. The numerous minerals and materials you can harvest and collect. We haven’t even talked about the supernatural abilities players will obtain in the future. Some call it space powers. there’s sop much that X35 Earthwalker has discovered yet as we haven’t been completed the main mission quests yet. Just started. This should tell you just how massive Starfield is. Xbox and pc players are definitely getting way more than their money worth. Spider-man 2 was completed by some fans in 9 hours while Starfield players are hounders go hours in and still got so much more to do. We knew Starfield will be great and it was more than we expected in many ways but there is still lots of room for the game to be bigger and better. Now Starfield may be a massive game with so much to do but it’s so small in comparison to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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