Crucible has been around for a bit now so we decide to take another look at it. Crucible is a team based action shooter game developed by ‘Amazon Games’. So check out our first G-blog post on Crucible right here. So we just wanted to give our thoughts on the action.

The first things that really jumps out and what we like is the environments. These maps are big, got space and obstacles allowing for moving around and making cover out of a big hill or rock for example. There’s colours everywhere and it meets your idea of a futuristic alien planet. You expect colourful flora and fauna, you expect crystalline rocks sticking out of the ground. If there is intelligent life, you expect some strange infrastructure. The maps look good. 

Ajonah, the Orisi, character is clearly more of a long ranged fighter and her abilities show that. Her squid mine doesn’t seem that effective from what we have seen so far. Yes, the mines along with her other equipment are meant to help her stay away and keep foes away. Her grappling hook is really good though. The hook has a big range, bigger than you would think. You can grab a rock or whatever and swing through the air like spider man. The animation she has as she swings is excellent and acrobatic. 

Sazan is a straightforward character and is all about cycling through her weapons for the best situation. The Electroknife is good for that in between attack as it recharges weapon energy getting your equipment ready and if you land that knife throw it does damage over time for a good while. Her shotgun doesn’t seem good though. The damage seems too low and seems very in accurate. Overall she does what it says on the box.

Crucible does get tactical and will force players to work together as some characters are far weaker than others in terms of their health. For example Bugg is clearly a support type and not to be upfront as other characters destroy him quick. He is strong by shielding allies and even setting up turrets. So players need to take into account what they are suppose to do with that character. Like what were they made for. If you want to rush in then get an actual rush character. 

The equipment make a difference. Like the medkit which off course restores health and can get you back in the fight faster. The characters equipment customisation is simple and straightforward. 

The map of the battlefield is very good. It’s a full map, detailed and has multiple symbols to show everything. This gives a goo amount of information for players to use. You can see your team and move while viewing the map.  

There’s an in game during match upgrade system where as you gather essence you upgrade your character. For example on upgrade on Sazan means a more accurate shotgun and even dashing more frequently. The dash ability does make a difference.  

We like what we see in terms of gameplay. We just hope the balancing of the characters improve. Yes we know the games new but it’s just our thoughts. In more time players will figure out the upgrade paths for all characters and we hope those are balanced too which is hard to do in games like this.

Crucible just looks like a fun game right now. Definitely different from other games right now but obviously a similar concept. The A.I enemies which makes Crucible stand out need more variety. We need more than just that big alien cow thing. We need fierce monsters the are risky too. Now Crucible may have some good stuff going on but it’s not nearly as good as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Paladins is a team based shooter game developed by ‘Hi-Rez Studios‘. Paladins, Champions of the realm is one of those games that X35 Earthwalker himself got into, sort of recently. So far we have had a fun time but there’s quite a lot going on. Take a look.

In Paladins, two teams of five champions go head to head to either out slay the other or generate and push a payload to their enemies side of the map. Sounds simple but there are many factors to this. There are a bucket load of characters to pick from and each one has a role and their own abilities. The roles are: Damage, flank, Support and Front line. Damage is well… all about dealing damage. Flank are all about getting around and hitting the enemy from the side of behind. Support do anything from buff and heal allies and nerf enemies. Front line are suppose to be tacky (take a lot of damage) and stay in the front grabbing attention.

So the main strategy in Paladins is that the front line goes for the payload and stands in the area for the objective. The support strengthens and heals the frontline to keep them alive. The flank splits the enemy teams’s attention by attacking them from their side while the damage dealer tries to finish destroy everything. Off course, the enemy team won’t let you do that. So you have to keep an eye on their flank, shut down their support and avoid taking damage dealers head on. There isn’t that much variety to the maps to play on but they have been carefully designed and each one off course presents different opportunities. Some maps are more suited for some champions more than others. Make sure to lay all and know what’s best for what champion. Experience is key in Paladins.


Each champion in Paladins has their own abilities. 4 fixed ones, one ultra and one you which is more like a perk that you must keep for the whole match. No characters in Paladins are really similar, despite what haters say. There are three Champions who use rifle like guns: Viktor, Tyra and Vivian but each of their guns have a different rate of fire, clip size and damage per bullet. There abilities and uses truly separate them. Viktor can throw grenades for additional area of effect damage and run very fast to chase down enemies or retreat quickly. Tyra has a grenade launcher which is area of effect damage and fire bombs which sets the area of fire for area denial. Vivian has a frontal shield that takes the damage for her and sensor drones which reveals the locations of enemies in a big radius.

Now just from what you heard about these Paladins characters, you can see where they shine most or come up with different play styles; however there is more. For example if you select the cardio perk ability Viktor heals for 250 health every second while using hustle. So players can chase down enemies knowing that they will have more health than them; or run away while healing making it harder for you to die. If you then use the right card in your load outs you can grant damage resistance during the hustle to make you much harder to kill while chasing or retreating. With Tyra you can use many cards in her load outs to make the fire bomb ability cool down much faster and then combine that with the ‘Burn monster’ ability and she can pretty much shut down a payload objective as no one will want to stand there at all. So come up with some combos.


So you can imagine the many different play styles and strategies that players can come up with the many different champions. Who knows you may even be able to stand up to X35 Earthwalker who has been called the greatest Jenos player in the world. What’s really good about Paladins is that players can see the statistics for the damage of their attacks, how much percentage does damage reduction grant and life steal etc. This makes Paladins quite mathematical. You can actually calculate who would win in a straight up fight through maths alone or know how much of what is needed to survive an attack or take someone down. So those who paid attention in school will have a definite advantage here. For example Buck’s shotgun does 700 damage per shot and rate of fire is one shot per second. So if you got level 3 damage reduction Buck’s shotgun will instead do 490 damage to you. Meaning if you are let’s say Tyra, it will now take you 5 seconds to die to buck instead of 4. That extra second sounds small but in Paladins makes a difference.  

Off course a game as statistically and large like this will always have problems with character balancing. Some characters seem to outshine others while some are too powerful maybe. For example many have a problem with Maeve. Her daggers deal 400 damage each. You throw both at the same time which means 800 in total. This means she can kill Vivian within 3 seconds. Others take 4 seconds. Not only that, she has an ability called Artful dodger, where activating nine lives heals her for 400 but then combine her pounce, which nine lives can reset the cool down of by the way, she can deal and extra 800 quickly meaning she can kill someone like Skye in slightly under 3 seconds. Now that’s fast, too fast. Buck is another character that some have something against. He deals 700 damage as we already discussed but can also heal himself 1000 over 1.5 seconds but if you use the a bulk up ability you heal for an extra 600 and your maximum health increases by 300 for 3 seconds. There are also multiple loud out cards that grant damage reduction to using Recovery and Heroic leap meaning Buck becomes one of the most difficult things to kill while dishing out so much pain. Worst of all both Maeve and Buck are FLANKS! They aren’t damage types. 

Which brings us to the next issue. Flanks shouldn’t be able to out damage, damage dealers. Damage champions should be the ones that you don’t one to 1v1 against as you should almost always lose. We have seen Maeve and Buck out damage and kill damage characters in 1v1 and not by catching them off guard which shouldn’t be the case. Flanks should either have low health and second highest damage or medium health but really high mobility to run away and come back later to harass the enemy. Oh well, we aren’t the developers. Lastly for now, we don’t like how long it takes to level up your character naturally. We know you can spend earned gold to level up faster but that’s not how we roll here at X35 Earthwalker.

After playing Paladins for a good while we can say this it’s an excellent game. Always a lot of fun and different things to try. Some characters are clearly harder to use than others. Terminus can be very difficult and match up is everything for him. If you are Terminus and your opponents are Viktor, Lian, Buck, Tyra, those with guns then you are going to have a good time as they get countered by Terminus so hard. We have learnt and discovered so many cool things that there is multiple reasons to keep playing this game this. The good certainly outweigh the bad here. We’ve never had any interest in Overwatch and Paladins but now it’s clear we prefer Paladins. That doesn’t mean that Overwatch isn’t a good game.

Now Paladins may have loads of characters to choose from and the mechanic to ride horses and mechanic cougars but those aren’t good enough to it to compare to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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