X35 Earthwalker EvilVEvil

EvilVEvil is a First Person Shooter game developed and published by ‘Toadman Interactive‘. EvilVEvil is said to be coming out the 16th of July 2024 on the Xbox Series X, PC and PS5. X35 Earthwalker has mastered slaying vampires with all kinds of weapons. EvilVEvil is looking to bring fast paced vampire action. Let’s take a look.

EvilVEvil is all about vampire slaying action. It’s about going through hordes of them “without remorse”. There’s vampire characters, that’s right you are the vampires. Each one has their own style, attitude and abilities. Fight and shoot through their story. They are more closer to a vampire like Blade than let’s say Redfall and their vampire gods. These vampires have weapons and more.

X35 Earthwalker EvilVEvil

The main focus is taking down Zagreus and his followers. Some say a cult. Feed on them. shoot them ip. Blast them and more. Zagreus even has machinations. Humanity is in danger and it’s up to the vampires this time? Strange stuff going on here. By the way the name of the three we have seen are: Mashaka, Victoria, Ramirez.

Now one of the main features promoted about EvilVEvil is the co-op action. You can have up to two others join you in your battles. This allows for some crazy action. Even playing by yourself will feel powerful… more powerful. will co-op be a straight up shooting experience or is there co-op mechanics to add to it.

X35 Earthwalker EvilVEvil

So concerning the vampires you can sum them up basically with berserker, assassin and arcanist. We all know they do not fight the same way at all. Each character is enhanceable. You can improve what makes them good and more than make up for their weaknesses with some artifacts. We even see one that looked like an energy sword which destroys foes.

We checked out some EvilVEvil gameplay and it’s what we expected. It’s definitely fast paced. There’s some hordes for sure and you got to blast through them. The berserker loves getting up high and dicing into a crowd with ground pounding abilities. Area of effect abilities, automatic weapons and off course the strong dingle fire revolver type weapon. It’s just all action.

Overall EvilVEvil looks like a good game. Some stuff like the animations and trajectory of some abilities need some adjustments. Regardless EvilVEvil gives exactly what it says on the front of the box. Vampire fighting, slaying, shooting action. Co-op for the friends and bite on some neck meat. Nothing deep. Just fun. The developers ‘Toadman Interactive’ have done a great job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are alright with seeing friendly-ish vampires helping out. Now EvilVEvil may have powerful vampires weighing artifacts and guns but they are too weak for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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