Forza: Motorsport is the new Forza game developed by ‘Turn 10 Studios‘ and published ‘Xbox Game Studios‘. Forza: Motorsport hasn’t much information on when it’s coming out but we know it’s going to be coming out on Xbox Series X and Windows 10 PC. Forza: Motorsport was one of those games that stood out to us from the Xbox Showcase 2020. Let’s take a look.

Forza: Motorsport stood out for one reason only. The visuals. Off all the games being displayed at the Xbox Showcase, Forza: Motorsport visually looked the best of all of them. Everything they showed was declared as “footage captured in-engine”. What’s typical and very biased of many streamers and youtubers who reacted to the Xbox Showcase they lacked the skill and ability to notice this about Forza: Motorsport in the showcase. X35 Earthwalker clearly being greater and better than all of them noticed this and took the visuals into account. Racing games are basically the same at this point. Especially those who want realistic looking ones.

It’s harder to stand out in the racing game genre. You have V-Rally 4, WRC8, need for speed Payback, 2020 F1 etc which all went for a high graphics realistic looking game. Sure they have some differences and racing styles but you get the point and what the common denominator is. What really catches the eyes though is off course the visuals. That’s what it looks like Forza: Motorsport is aiming for. Their official announcement trailer which is embedded below showed the most impressive, visually, racing game ever. Now off course we have to wait for straight up actual gameplay graphics but if what we saw is truly all in-engine then the hopes can be quite high. After all it has the power and backing of the Xbox Series X. 

Forza Motorsport is going to need to do more than just racing across tracks with high speed because we’ve got that already. It shouldn’t just be about the graphics. What modes will there be, will the ‘career mode’ actually be interesting. What features will be there to shake things up. Last time we had that rewind ability which was excellent and gave the game a big stand out factor and something cool, for players to use to their advantage. So Forza Motorsport… what do you have for us this time. We aren’t feeling racing games right now. So give us a reason to want to care. We are impressed with the visuals but that ain’t enough. Bring the action!!

Forza Motorsport has the legendary green badge. You know what this means: “Games built using the Xbox Series X development kit are designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Xbox Series X. They will showcase unparalleled load times, visuals, responsiveness and frame rates up to 120 FPS.” The Xbox website has also declared it will be 4K ultra HD and HDR. So it’s reasonable to have high expectations for visuals and graphics.

Other from what was in the trailer there isn’t that much to go on concerning Forza Motorsport. It’s a racing game with so far the best graphics and visuals. Yet it’s another racing game going for the realistic approach. We truly hope there’s more.

Overall Forza Motorsport is looking real good for now. The developers ‘Turn 10 studios’ are working on it. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to wait and see what happens. Now Forza Motorsport may have high level graphics but it looks like trash when compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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The Gunk is a new third person action adventure game developed by Image & Form Games and published by ‘Thunderful‘. The Gunk is an Xbox exclusive and said to be coming out September 2021 on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows 10 PC. The Gunk is clearly going to be an adventure and there’s something strong going on with this planet. Let’s take a look.

The Gunk is about two space haulers (scavengers) who make a living by travelling from planet to planet looking for cool and valuable resources they can harvest and off course sell. This isn’t paying out too well but everything changes when they land on a new planet. The planet from a distance does look lifeless and dull but once they get there, they discover that a gunky substance which is actually a slimy parasite is actually destroying and covering up the colourful and vibrant world. This planet I cursed and dying. It’s up to you to help… or is it?

Here’s the problem and it’s what’s causing issues between the two friends. One wants to help this planet and do something about the situation while the other believes it’s not their problem as it’s not their planet and they are just here to try and make money. The developers said this about The Gunk, “To be honest, the game has frightened me many times.” and “Here’s a game about really scary stuff, slimy things and real conflict.” A game like this has potential to be scary. We hope they explore horror attributes in this planet.

You decide to help the planet after learning more about it. That there was a civilisation here and it’s off course ruined and destroyed by this gunk parasite. Now how do you deal with the Gunk? You use your vacuum like device and suck it all up. You ain’t running away from the gunk, you’re going towards it. Now whether there’s a limit to how much you can suck up isn’t clear. Maybe players will need to use something to destroy the gunk since it has been identified as an enemy. Do not take the Gunk lightly. The Gunk can hurt you and some creatures are hostile too.

We checked out some The Gunk gameplay and it’s looking really good. It’s definitely an adventure. There’s a mystery, a broken civilisation, a mysterious gunk parasite. There’s quite a bit to discover and solve. There are enemies in The Gunk and they seem very hostile. They aren’t plentiful though. This game needs enemies besides the gunk but they need a good amount of frequency. Action is needed so we hope there’s enough combat and encounters. The whole reason for the two space scavengers to be at conflict with each other or should we say disagreement concerning the planet comes down to a sense of duty, realisation, kindness of the heart. We like conflict with good meaning that’s realistic. The game does need to be more interesting. It feels more like exploration mostly right now. It needs something more explosive involved.    

Overall, The Gunk looks like good game. It isn’t a simple run and jump and open doors type of adventure. There’s mystery, danger, conflict, scares, basically more going on that initially thought. It’s not a just a blob you have to suck up. The graphics look very good and we are liking this colourful and creative world with great visuals which will be better on the Xbox Series X with the raw power. The developers ‘Image & Form Games’ have a done an excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see more of what’s going on but liking what’s already been seen. Now the Gunk may have a gunk parasite but even that’s insignificant when compared too… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Lost Ember

Lost Ember is a new adventure exploration game developed by ‘Mooneye Studios‘. It is coming out in spring  2019 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC (and Windows 10). Lost Ember has gotten lots of attention. It has even gotten lots of nominee and won some awards already. Let’s check this out.

In Lost Ember, players get to explore a world that has been taken back from mankind by nature. So don’t expect any people around here. Players control a wolf but not just any wool. This wolf has the ability to inhabit other animals and control them. This is where the different perspectives come from. First of all how comes this wolf has the power to control other animals? Did this wolf use to be a person? A nature mage or something? Hopefully the game explains this.

Lost Ember

Off course, since this is a exploration game and man is gone, there will be ancient cultures, ruins, forgotten civilizations and more for players to check out and learn what happened, secrets of this world and what’s going on. So being a wolf has the obvious advantages of being fast. So you can cross areas quickly and get from point A to point B. You will come across areas where the wolf cannot go, like high ledges for example. Taking over a bird solves this problem as you can then fly up to see what’s up there.

Control small animals to go through tight spaces, control a fish so that you can explore the waters because wolves can’t go that deep with dying. Even control moles who then can dig underground. Who knows, you may find a cavern or a diamond pick axe (get it?). Either way the main concept of the game is clear and simple. Run around and explore but if there is somewhere the wolf can’t go then control the right animal for the job. Simple. Explore and learn about this mighty civilisation that has fallen and learn about certain characters from the past.

Lost Ember

Now let’s talk some details because games like this, we are sure you know the formula by now, so there isn’t much to really say about it. It’s an exploration game with some mystery. Lost ember is built using Unreal Engine and they did a good job because the looks and art style is one of the main things that got so many people’s attention. Many have said it’s a beautiful game and others have made some really big claims about it’s beauty (calm down now).

Lost Ember will also be compatible with VR (Virtual reality). People have asked and they delivered. The game has been tested with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and according to the developers “it’s awesome”. They are also looking into being compatible with PlayStation VR. Lastly gamers can pre-orderfrom two options: the regular where you get a digital copy of the game and two karma points which you can spend to unlock free rewards. The digital plus bundle gives you a digital copy of the game with the digital soundtrack and art book along with 4 karma points. Take note that pre-orders for windows is only available right now.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s what we expected. We expected a colourful world, lights, animals and fictional stuff like creating structures a light companion etc. It looks very nice. Not as impressed as those critics were though. This game reminds us of the other exploration games we have already written about. We haven’t seen anything that makes us want to play Lost Ember though. Fans of exploration will probably love this and rightfully so. Once again it’s down to the gamers and their taste.

Overall lost Ember looks like a good game. Designed well, people waiting for it, supported and will have VR. Definitely got some stuff going for it. It isn’t our thing though and we believe it needs more going on in the world for it to be exciting. Exploration doesn’t mean that’s all the game should have. It needs to stand out from the others. The developers ‘Mooneye Studios’ clearly did a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are not looking forward to Lost Ember but we know for a fact there are some who are. Now lost Ember has a wolf that can control other animals and that’s cool but it’s lame when compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Gears of war 5 crimson omen

Gears of war 5 was announced at E3 and is being developed by ‘The Coalition‘. Many Gears fans have been waiting for this game. It has been said to come out in 2019 on Xbox One and Windows 10. So much new things are happening and that’s a good thing. We at X35 Earthwalker respect exploring different directions and taking some risks. Let’s take a look.

First things first. The lead character for Gears of war 5 is Kait Diaz. The story will be mainly entered around her, her family mystery. Already some fans are being stupid about this and complaining, saying that Gears shouldn’t have a female lead and that this is a feminist movement thing. If there was no solid reason for focus to be on Kait then we would agree that the story could centre around something else but this is not the case. Kait and her family have the biggest Gears of war secret right now. Something that many if not almost all the fans have been asking about. Let us explain.

Gears of war 5

Gears of war 1 we heard a narrative female voice who sounded like a leader talking about the horde and humanity’s attempt being pointless pretty much. In Gears of war 2 we meet the Locust queen who surprised us all… even Cole Train who said “I thought she was suppose to be butt ugly”. She was human but how was that possible. In Gears of war 3 we know that she had communications with Adam Fenix who is Marcus’s dad. So everyone has been wondering how does a human lead the monstrous locusts and boy has that springed forth some theories. Then in Gears of war 4 we find that Reyna was being treated differently by the Swarm (who are the Locust), held in a separate place sort of like a throne and that Kait has the Locust symbol stating that it belonged to her grandmother. We demand answers. Was the Locust Queen mistreated and abandoned by humans, found by gentle locusts before they were war hungry and she with hatred for humans inspire and lead the locusts to take their rightful place living on the surface and taking it away from humans who fight each other and pollute the planet?

Gears of war 5 JD Fenix

Now the characters have received some design changes. Del doesn’t look cool in the slightest, his armour and hat makes him look actually quite silly. We don’t like it. Kait looks the same and that’s good. JD has the biggest change, having a shaved head, looking rougher than ever, which is understandable as there isn’t someone going around with a cart selling vaseline and coconut butter for their skin. He also has some sort of arm contraption that seems to stabilise his arm (where did they get the technology for that). His arm looks infected and dangerously red like he was wounded and infected by a new Swarm species and thus needs that contraption to keep him in check. Marcus however; hasn’t aged a day. In fact he looks like he got younger. We aren’t joking. Look at Gears of war 4 old man Marcus and then Gears of war 5 Marcus. You see? We told you so. How? We don’t know… maybe it’s maybelline…

Gears of war 5

Gears of war 5 is guaranteed to be the largest Gears game yet. Notice the large environments like those glaciers. Notice how Kait and Del used a vehicle to traverse the ice. This means that exploration will be part of the story. It’s confirmed that in Gears of war 5 players will travel across glaciers, check out sunken ruins and even head across deserts. Like seriously, sunken ruins. Did someone call Lara Croft. Honestly like with Halo Infinite, Gears of war 5 is sounding sort of like an open world game. We aren’t saying is but sort off. Gears of war isn’t that big of a game for that but we definitely will be travelling.

Gears of war 5 Swarm infecting machines

The Swarm have definitely upgraded. There are some new ones around and following the patterns of the original Locust. There are some small numerous ones flying around in the air like how schools of fish swim around in groups. This is just like the aryls from Gears of war 1. They were a great enemy and good to see something like that back. There is a giant leech like enemy that can latch unto people and uses a big mouth to try and devour you. There are some that act like parasites and can infect machines. Some old Cog bots like the DR-1 have been taken over by the swarm and can now move and worse, fire at you with their shoulder mounted tri-shots. There are also large Scions who wild two large spiked clubs that are perfect for smashing your head in (who would have guessed). Well those juvies are still here and man are they so annoying.

Gears of war 5 Scion with two spiked clubs

Now as a Microsoft release, expect cross platforming between the Xbox One and Windows 10. The whole campaign is playable in co-op. Both online and local with a friend. That guy sitting next to you. Gears of war is meant to be a visual showcase as well. So players can expect amazing HDR at 60 frames per second with 4K Ultra HD resolution on the Xbox One X. All wonderful stuff. Check out the trailer down below for some extra sight seeing.

Overall Gears of war 5 is looking to be the be a huge impact. They didn’t release any information concerning the multiplayer, weapon balancing etc but without a doubt many will be waiting and eager for that. Just make sure that the Gnasher shotgun isn’t the clearly dominate weapon in the game From a story point of view this is going to be huge without a doubt. Now once again, concerning Kait being at the centre we have no problems with it but the whole family mystery thing can easily be solved and revealed as a strong secondary while having the main story focusing on taking the fight to the Swarm but either way, we hope it’s done well. Now Kait’s family may be mysterious but no where near as mysterious as.. the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a new open world multiplayer pirate life game developed by, ‘Rare‘  and coming out 20th of March on the Xbox One and Windows 10. Sea of Thieves is a very large game with lots going on and lots to do. All about exploration and adventure. Let’s take a look.

In Sea of Thieves gamers get to live the pirate life. As in cutlass, drinks, shanties, scaly wags, bar wenches kind of pirates. Straight away it’s clear that it is a multiplayer game but you can be a legendary solo pirate or a powerful pirate crew. Grab your boat and head out to sea. The world is very large with many islands to discover and explore. The ships can be fully interacted with. You can raise or lower the sails, raise or drop the anchor, control the helm to steer the ship, go up into the crows nest and be a spotter. The sails actually have an effect, to raise the anchor you need to literally turn the wheel yourself to slowly raise it up. Also the crows nest is important as spyglasses are in this game and can be used to see other ships from a good distance away giving your time to decide what actions to take. That’s right you aren’t the only person in this game. There are countless other pirates and many pirate crews who are all about building their reputation as well. Are they friendly and want to socialise or do they draw their cutlass and flintlock pistols and want a battle? Be careful though as cannon balls do what they should do, which is damage and cause water to fill up in your ship meaning you need some crew members to get rid of the water and patch up the holes in your ship but that means their are less hands on deck to fight the attacking pirate ship. So crews must work together to handle battle.

Sea of Thieves

There is so much more to this game then originally believed. There are a bunch of other NPC characters who have their own reasons goals for being in the sea of thieves so make to check them all out. It’s important. There are trading companies like the the order of magic who want to control the ancient and magic of the pirate world, the merchant alliance who’s goal is to control and handle trade in the seas and Gold Horders who are all about the treasure. Each of these trading companies are essential for building your reputation and making progress. Players must decide what trading company they want to be affiliated with because each one represents a certain play style. So what is your pirate crew about? Are you the riches pirates who can buy all the rum they want, are you top level business pirate men who buy and sell or are you a cursed pirate crew like Barbossa from pirates of the Caribbean who deal with magic? It’s actually cool when you think about this way. As you build reputation with them, you get promoted within their ranks and get cool items and titles for you to show off and prove how far ahead you are. So take on their favoured activities and voyages. As you make progress they get much harder and more mechanics to take into account.

Since Sea of Thieves is a game all about pirates that means you can have or be part of a crew. This means multiple pirates on a ship. Each crew member has their own voyages and personal progress in the sea of thieves. Crew members can propose voyages to the whole crew and so the team can, as a team can decide what missions to go for. This also means some players have voyages that others won’t have so having them in your crew is an advantage. So having a player who is much ahead of you in terms of personal progress is actually a good idea because they will have bigger and more difficult voyages and that’s a good thing for your reputation. Remember that voyages are based on your reputation with trading companies. There are no barriers in place concerning players playing together. The most challenging voyages can be accessed by your lower progress friends meaning you don’t to wait for your friend to be a level 100 for example (no levels in sea of thieves). This is also means you won’t have to worry about running into too powerful enemies. it all comes down to how you use your weapons. There is the guns and blades. With the guns it’s just a matter of landing your shots, you all die just as fast. With the blades, you have to know when to block players attacks and when to actually strike back. There is actually some skill gap here in terms of combat so make sure to get some practice in.

Sea of Thieves

If you thought that other pirates was the only threat on these sees then boy are you mistaken. Remember how some are interested in the magic and ancient of the Sea of Thieves? Well on some islands there just happens to be some skeletons who walk around and wield weapons as well. These Skeletons are not here to play, they can hit hard and even block your attacks. They also do not fight alone and will come in numbers to defeat your crew and keep you off the islands and away from treasure. If that wasn’t enough, skeletons don’t really die do they? Skeletons seem to keep coming over time, after all they are already dead. It’s pretty much like fighting the cursed crew of the black pearl from pirates of the Caribbean. There is more. There are sharks that inhabit the waters so falling of your ship or being blasted of by a cannon is the last thing that you want because we heard it takes two bites from a shark to kill you and they are off course faster than you. It gets worse, even the weather is against you, there can be storms which will make you lose control of the ship, make you crash and even send you way of course. Worse a lightning bolt might strike your ship which will cause real damage. It has been hinted by the developers that there are more threats in the Sea of Thieves so be on your guard and don’t get caught “unprepared and unawares”.

Sea of Thieves do have other things to take into account. For example if you and your crew are on a voyage and go to a island, you drop the anchor and head on to the island. The problem is that your ship is sitting there alone unguarded. So what if another pirate team came along and saw your ship, two of them climb on board, raise the anchor and then they leave with both ships and your crew is left with the treasure on an island with angry skeletons on land and deadly sharks in the sea. What do you do now?  We believe there is some sort of respawn system that brings you back to your ship, so there is a chance to get your ship back.

We checked out some gameplay and it so far looks like a top level game. The art style works well with pirates. the graphics are very good and the sounds are excellent, especially when you use the instruments to make good pirate-y music. We like the acceptable level of interaction like dancing, music and even drinking, which by the way actually gets your pirate drunk meaning blurry and moving vision and harder to control and throwing up (all included). Sea of thieves will also be enhanced on the Xbox One X Sea of Thieves isn’t a released done and finished game. It has been explained that it’s a ever growing game and that new features and adventures will be added after launch continuously. This makes us at X35 Earthwalker wonder what else they could put in. There is a lot of opportunity here. For example what if they add a massive Kraken that becomes another threat that forces players to keep an eye out on the seas as they may end up going near one. What about their own version of Davy Jones with a ship that also can come out from under the water to fight or what about NPC famous pirate crews with larger ships that move around through the game and players can take them on. All possibilities. 

Overall Sea of Thieves is an awesome game with lots of potential. It’s a simple game but just has a lot going on. Travel around, have fun, meet other players, go on voyages, enter duels, fight skeletons, get drunk, go for a swim, dance around with music and much more. The developers, ‘Rare’ did a fantastic job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing what Sea of Thieves fully has to offer. Now pirates are very popular but definitely not as much as…the ‘Earth Walk!’

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JYDGE is a top down shooter game developed by ’10tons’. It’s coming out October 6th for Xbox One, will come on PC and Nintendo later this year but already out on PS4. This game is said to contain brutal justice. Let’s take a look.

In JYDGE players basically must build their own Jydge with which to handle and eliminate crime in the megacity called Edenbyrg. Now this isn’t any normal justice. This is violent, brutal justice. Get in there and gun down all the criminals and scum of the mega city. No handcuffs, not court, no innocent until proven guilty and no mercy. Use rocket launchers to blow stuff up, smash through walls or riot shields to protect yourself from harm. Just get in there.

You can modify your Jydge to suit your play style or the situation at hand. You can modify your gavel rifle deciding which parts have which effects and deciding which companion drones to join you on your mission. So are you going to have a stealthy Judge who can blend in with the environment using chameleon or will you just go all guns blazing. It’s up to the player.

Jydge his said to have over a billion different configurations concerning mods, companions, cybernetics and items. Now that’s a ridiculously large range of options. Let’s hope that’s the truth though. So many options to serve justice with like: rockets, electricity, fire lead, lasers and more. Don’t forget to collect medals and unlock new equipment to test your abilities, situation solving skills and get more options. Oh in case you haven’t guessed yet, the environments are very destructible.

 Jydge does sort of reminds us of smash TV that old game which was a top down shooter with many ways to die. Best of all Judge has local co-op which means you can call in a squad of your own to help you demolish the place faster and solve any situation. The level of destruction will be crazy. We respect any game that has local co-op. 

Overall this game seems quite cool. The graphics are good, the sounds are good too. The level designs are great though. The developers, ’10tons’ did well with this game. This game might be worth checking out. Justice is important but certainly not as important… as the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game developed by ‘studioMDHR Entertainment’. It’s coming out 29th of September for Xbox One and windows 10. This looks like a interesting little old game. Let’s take a look.

Straight away you can see that Cuphead is a olden time style game. Everything from the graphics to the music. Even the trailers like the announcement trailer has 1930’s written all over it. This instantly gives it a charm. Come on look at some of those hand drawn cel animation. This game is simple meaning anyone can pretty much give it a go. Would they do well? That’s a different story.

In Cuphead you play Cuphead but thankfully there is a two player co-op and the second player gets to be Mugman. How cute. The story basically is that both Cuphead at some point must have  made a deal with the devil. Which as we know never ends well. You have to be stupid to do that. Things go wrong and now they are trying to repay their debt to the devil. They will go through strange worlds with strange enemies and strange characters. Everything strange.

The game is said to be heavily focused on boss battles. So expect many bosses. We have seen some already like the cigar boss, a large flower, a bow and arrow wielding being on a cloud etc. There’s enough bosses for everyone. Cuphead has also been described as super hard. Don’t let this frighten you because many times we see people who’s job is gaming and yet they don’t do well in certain games at all. There are many enemies and it’s one of those where you have to pay attention because you could die in the next second.

The enemies are all so strange and cartoonish that you won’t see them as threatening but might creep some people out a bit. Now there are some interesting in game mechanics. We hope you like the colour pink because anything that’s pink in the game can be parried. Which will result in you not being harmed and getting a double jump which can be useful for like getting to secret areas probably.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s literally what we thought it would be. Funny but strange big bosses who some pretty much train you by forcing players to emphasise certain skills like dash while other bosses are incredibly difficult having danger come from pretty much everywhere. It seems like on of those games that anyone will just casually play and have fun and maybe get a bit frustrated.

Overall Cuphead seems like a great game. Fun and for everyone while challenging. The graphics and sounds are something that hopefully must people will just love. It’s that old style and it does it well. The music is also very good. The developers ‘studioMDHR Entertainment’ did a excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to this game and to get into it. This game is worth checking out. Cuphead made a deal with the devil but what has absolutely nothing to do with the devil is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Gigantic is a new MOBA game developed by ‘Motiga’ and coming out 20th of July for Xbox One and Windows 10. 

Now this game will remind some gamers of Paladin and Overwatch. We can confirm that it isn’t exactly the same though. This third person shooter game is all 5v5 pvp action. Meaning that players have to think fast, act fast and be bold about it. 

So straight away we should know what to expect from this game except Gigantic has something else… Something big… Something gigantic (see what we did there?). Your team must power up, defeat the enemies and control the map to unleash your guardian. The guardian is basically that gigantic thing. These large creatures will rule the field and trash everything so make sure to have your guardian first. X35 Earthwalker, What happens if both teams unleash their guardians? Well that’s simple. An gigantic epic clash of gigantic monsters. 

Your team will have creatures which will help you control the map and gather power. These creatures are worth summoning and protecting. Simply because you can upgrade them making them tougher and more of a pain for your enemies to deal with. Gigantic is a fast and fluid strategic hero shooter. The key word is ‘strategic’.

Now there are a range of heroes to choose from. There is said to be 18 heroes. Each hero is very different from each other in looks and role. The many characters are said to cover every major type of gameplay there is. That’s a big statement. Heroes like ‘The Margrave’, a tank, who replaced the arm he lost with the arm of a demon. ‘Imani’, a shooter, who is said to wreck anyone who enters her sights. ‘Wu’ a fighter, everyone of his limbs including his tongue is dangerous. Mozu, a caster, who has a range of spells and can teleport. Many more heroes to check out and test for yourself.

Overall this does seem like a cool game. We checked out some gameplay but it was a beta so the real thing will be much better. The graphics were nice and colourful. Gigantic had really cool environments like the clouds, the maps that you battle on. The sounds could be better and should be for the real release. The action was indeed fast and quite a bit to do. The gigantic guardians are epic though but we hope that they do more on the battlefield though. This game might be worth checking out. Gigantic has powerful guardians but X35 Earthwalker has… the ‘Earth Walk’!

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A Walk in the Dark is a new action platformer developed by ‘Flying turtle software’ coming out May 19th for the Xbox One and Windows 10. A Walk in the Dark might remind some gamers of games like Limbo and even Outland, which was an awesome game by the way. So the style of the game has worked for others so there’s a good chance it will work for this game too.

A Walk in the Dark has a nice traditional rescue story. Basically Arielle and her cat, Bast, go for a walk through the forest. Apparently they have done this many times before but this time they encounter an ancient, evil creature that has awakened somehow it’s target is Arielle. The player takes control of Bast and you must venture out into the forest to rescue Arielle. Now like with any other journey or rescue or game for that matter, the journey will be hard. This ain’t no regular forest. This forest is dark. It’s also filled with dangerous traps and strange creatures. You will need to slide, jump and run your way through many levels in order to rescue their Arielle from that ancient, evil creature. 100 levels to be precise. So get to it.

We have checked out some gameplay of A Walk in the Dark and we are happy with it. It all looks very good. Seriously. The levels are designed very well from what we have seen. We think there may be a slight problem with the controls of the cat in terms of jumping and bouncing of the walls. Now when it comes to these types of game the only game that nails it perfectly is Outland. We aren’t over rating that game but it’s that good and the controls seem less perfected but more will be revealed over time. The enemies range from basic as in move left and right or up and down to ones that aren’t so simple. Each level also has dandelions to find and a par time to beat. So you can beat the level at your own pace or aim for perfection by getting all the dandelions and the par time in the same run. It’s worth a try.

Overall A Walk in the Dark looks real good. The graphics are very nice and the sounds are very good as well. We think the music is better though so make sure to listen. The developers ‘Flying turtle software’ did a great job. This game might be worth checking out. Whether walks in the dark is your thing or not, we know that your thing… is the ‘Earth Walk!’

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