In the Shadows is a new puzzle platformer game developed by ‘Colourspace Studio’. It’s coming out October 13th for PC and on steam but later in the first quarter of next year for Xbox One and PS4.This game was supported on Kickstarter and is now seeing the light of day. Let’s take a look.

In the Shadows is about a grown man who heads back into his childhood imaginary world. He does this to remember his past (can’t you just think about your past). He wants to make sense of his life (there is literally a better and accurate way to do that). It’s suppose to be a “deep emotional story” as described on in the Shadows website. 

Now the theme of ‘In the Shadows’ is fighting your fears. Now the game does a clever way of handling this through the mechanics of the game. For example there are shadow monsters which are dangerous and supposed to represent fear but when they are exposed to light they turn into everyday objects like ladders, tables etc which players can use to their advantage. Pretty clever concept here.

There are different light sources in the game like lamp posts, table light, light boxes etc. Now these different light sources will change the monsters into different objects like a trampoline, table, ladder or even a key. Basically you have to use these monsters to advance. They may scare you but they can help in a way.

Think about it. There are these monsters but notice they are shadow monsters and they are afraid of the light. When the light hits them, they become objects and stuff that you see and use everyday. Maybe the game has a message for gamers that some people have fears that are there everyday but when they are looked at and seen in the light, it’s nothing to be afraid of but used to your advantage, hence facing your fears to advance. Maybe but let’s see. Either way, nice concept.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s sort of what we expected when you see it. It’s a simple game with simple graphics out to tell a simple but quite deep story. It’s not something to be compared to Halo 5 and the evil within 2 etc but it’s good for what it is. In the Shadows have stars for players to collect to unlock hidden levels and secrets. There are many levels and different worlds. Multiple said to be hard puzzles to solve. 

Overall this seems like an interesting game. It doesn’t seem like a great game but the developers, ‘Colourspace Studio’ did the best they could with what they have and they made something well. Many people supported this game to get developed and it’s soon here. This may not be your style but might be just the thing for others. This game may be worth checking out. Now some people are afraid of shadows but what’s always in the light is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game developed by ‘studioMDHR Entertainment’. It’s coming out 29th of September for Xbox One and windows 10. This looks like a interesting little old game. Let’s take a look.

Straight away you can see that Cuphead is a olden time style game. Everything from the graphics to the music. Even the trailers like the announcement trailer has 1930’s written all over it. This instantly gives it a charm. Come on look at some of those hand drawn cel animation. This game is simple meaning anyone can pretty much give it a go. Would they do well? That’s a different story.

In Cuphead you play Cuphead but thankfully there is a two player co-op and the second player gets to be Mugman. How cute. The story basically is that both Cuphead at some point must have  made a deal with the devil. Which as we know never ends well. You have to be stupid to do that. Things go wrong and now they are trying to repay their debt to the devil. They will go through strange worlds with strange enemies and strange characters. Everything strange.

The game is said to be heavily focused on boss battles. So expect many bosses. We have seen some already like the cigar boss, a large flower, a bow and arrow wielding being on a cloud etc. There’s enough bosses for everyone. Cuphead has also been described as super hard. Don’t let this frighten you because many times we see people who’s job is gaming and yet they don’t do well in certain games at all. There are many enemies and it’s one of those where you have to pay attention because you could die in the next second.

The enemies are all so strange and cartoonish that you won’t see them as threatening but might creep some people out a bit. Now there are some interesting in game mechanics. We hope you like the colour pink because anything that’s pink in the game can be parried. Which will result in you not being harmed and getting a double jump which can be useful for like getting to secret areas probably.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s literally what we thought it would be. Funny but strange big bosses who some pretty much train you by forcing players to emphasise certain skills like dash while other bosses are incredibly difficult having danger come from pretty much everywhere. It seems like on of those games that anyone will just casually play and have fun and maybe get a bit frustrated.

Overall Cuphead seems like a great game. Fun and for everyone while challenging. The graphics and sounds are something that hopefully must people will just love. It’s that old style and it does it well. The music is also very good. The developers ‘studioMDHR Entertainment’ did a excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to this game and to get into it. This game is worth checking out. Cuphead made a deal with the devil but what has absolutely nothing to do with the devil is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Get Even is a new first person shooter action game developed by ‘The farm 51’. Get Even is coming out June 23rd for Xbox One, PC and PS4. This game has gotten a lot of attention from some gamers but there isn’t much information on the game, not even the official website has much information at all which is just bad, the website should have information but maybe the developers did that on purpose because it’s release is some time away.

On steam it says, “Black – an ice-cold mercenary and hired gun – awakes in a mysterious old asylum with no memory of his past. Under the guidance of his anonymous captor, ‘Red’, Black embarks on a form of treatment, facilitated by a unique technology – a headset that allows the user to relive their memories and experience them again in the present. And so Black tries to remember. With the help of the ‘Pandora’ headset, he travels into the depths of his own mind to explore the truth behind the only thing he can remember: the rescue attempt of a teenage girl with a bomb strapped to her chest.”

This game reminds me of that movie called ‘Deja vu’ where Denzil washington and a group had a device that allowed them to watch events from the past in present time. It’s a great concept and hopefully Get Even does it well. There’s a bit more to it though. Get Even is trying to merge single and multiplayer together. What do you mean you ask? Basically when you go on a single-player mission, other gamers on the network can join the mission as well but as enemies, this means that players never know whether their opponents are human or just CPU. Sounds crazy but awesome and frustrating. Imagine playing Gears of war 4 story mode trying to beat it in insane difficulty when that swarm grenadier in the back is a real player wall bouncing towards you with the shotgun. The rage is real!

Overall this game has a awesome new game mechanic behind it and we at X35 Earthwalker truly want to see the developers ‘The farm 51’ make this work as it this would not be a simple mechanic to make work and balanced. Both the graphics and sounds are good. This game is worth checking out.

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Race The Sun technically isn’t a new game as it did come out in 2014 but we have never heard of it nor do we know anyone who has heard of it. Well now people will. Race the sun was developed by ‘Flippfly LLC’. This game is finally coming out to Xbox One on April 21st, meaning now everyone can get the game which is what they should have done before.

Race The Sun is classed as a endless running game. In the world of Race The Sun you control a solar craft and the sun is literally your “death timer”. Why? Well you are a solar craft and run on solar energy like the sun, so if the sun sets, you have no power and you lose. Yes this is a pointless struggle and you must delay the inevitable for as long as possible. This game isn’t easy as there are lots of obstacles that will get in your way and cause you to crash like falling pillars, pyramid shaped structures, rolling balls and more. What’s even better is that your solar craft moves at breakneck speed. You are literally zooming around so that means reflexes is the crucial skill here. If you don’t have that, then you are screwed. Along the way you will run pyramid shaped energy boosts which reverse the setting of the sun temporarily, buying you more time. The question is how long can you survive and how far can you get?

Simple make sure to do the following things: stay in the light at all times, never slow down regardless and off course don’t smack into something solid (crash). Easier said then done when the worlds are said to be random generated worlds that change every day. Now that’s not all this game is. There are objectives that once completed unlocks upgrades for your ship and levels it up. Level 25 is the maximum we believe. There are different attachments that will give you the edge you need like granting faster turning. Race The Sun has a feature that more games need, a built-in editor which you can use to create your own endless worlds. So have fun with that. There are world portals that will take you to other user-created worlds and thanks to the built-in editor you know there are some crazy designs out there. It is said that there is a mode that you must unlock called ‘Apocalypse’ which is a extremely hard world. Probably keeping the player alert at all times forcing them to never be able to look away.

From what we have seen of the game, it does look like a lot of fun. It is really fast, the design of the world do make Race The Sun quite challenging. The regions are quite diverse from each other which is great as we love variety. The power ups available make things interesting as there is one which grants the solar craft the ability to jump. This sounds simple but if you play the game you will see just how useful that it as you jump really high. It can get intense even to watch. We at X35 Earthwalker are already really interested in Race The Sun. The graphics are very good for a simple game. The sounds are good and the music is okay

Overall this is a really fun game. It’s challenging. Will make you want to take multiple tries and simple to understand. The developers ‘Flippfly LLC’ did a very great job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are really looking forward to seeing what ‘Race The Sun’ has got for us. It is worth checking out. Whether you can race the sun or not it doesn’t matter but what does matter is that… you do the ‘Earth Walk!’

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