JYDGE is a top down shooter game developed by ’10tons’. It’s coming out October 6th for Xbox One, will come on PC and Nintendo later this year but already out on PS4. This game is said to contain brutal justice. Let’s take a look.

In JYDGE players basically must build their own Jydge with which to handle and eliminate crime in the megacity called Edenbyrg. Now this isn’t any normal justice. This is violent, brutal justice. Get in there and gun down all the criminals and scum of the mega city. No handcuffs, not court, no innocent until proven guilty and no mercy. Use rocket launchers to blow stuff up, smash through walls or riot shields to protect yourself from harm. Just get in there.

You can modify your Jydge to suit your play style or the situation at hand. You can modify your gavel rifle deciding which parts have which effects and deciding which companion drones to join you on your mission. So are you going to have a stealthy Judge who can blend in with the environment using chameleon or will you just go all guns blazing. It’s up to the player.

Jydge his said to have over a billion different configurations concerning mods, companions, cybernetics and items. Now that’s a ridiculously large range of options. Let’s hope that’s the truth though. So many options to serve justice with like: rockets, electricity, fire lead, lasers and more. Don’t forget to collect medals and unlock new equipment to test your abilities, situation solving skills and get more options. Oh in case you haven’t guessed yet, the environments are very destructible.

 Jydge does sort of reminds us of smash TV that old game which was a top down shooter with many ways to die. Best of all Judge has local co-op which means you can call in a squad of your own to help you demolish the place faster and solve any situation. The level of destruction will be crazy. We respect any game that has local co-op. 

Overall this game seems quite cool. The graphics are good, the sounds are good too. The level designs are great though. The developers, ’10tons’ did well with this game. This game might be worth checking out. Justice is important but certainly not as important… as the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Get Even is a new first person shooter action game developed by ‘The farm 51’. Get Even is coming out June 23rd for Xbox One, PC and PS4. This game has gotten a lot of attention from some gamers but there isn’t much information on the game, not even the official website has much information at all which is just bad, the website should have information but maybe the developers did that on purpose because it’s release is some time away.

On steam it says, “Black – an ice-cold mercenary and hired gun – awakes in a mysterious old asylum with no memory of his past. Under the guidance of his anonymous captor, ‘Red’, Black embarks on a form of treatment, facilitated by a unique technology – a headset that allows the user to relive their memories and experience them again in the present. And so Black tries to remember. With the help of the ‘Pandora’ headset, he travels into the depths of his own mind to explore the truth behind the only thing he can remember: the rescue attempt of a teenage girl with a bomb strapped to her chest.”

This game reminds me of that movie called ‘Deja vu’ where Denzil washington and a group had a device that allowed them to watch events from the past in present time. It’s a great concept and hopefully Get Even does it well. There’s a bit more to it though. Get Even is trying to merge single and multiplayer together. What do you mean you ask? Basically when you go on a single-player mission, other gamers on the network can join the mission as well but as enemies, this means that players never know whether their opponents are human or just CPU. Sounds crazy but awesome and frustrating. Imagine playing Gears of war 4 story mode trying to beat it in insane difficulty when that swarm grenadier in the back is a real player wall bouncing towards you with the shotgun. The rage is real!

Overall this game has a awesome new game mechanic behind it and we at X35 Earthwalker truly want to see the developers ‘The farm 51’ make this work as it this would not be a simple mechanic to make work and balanced. Both the graphics and sounds are good. This game is worth checking out.

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Shadow Warrior 2 is a first person shooter game developed by ‘Flying Wild Hog’. It is the sequel to Shadow warrior 1 (We are sure you guessed that). It’s coming out May 19th for Xbox One and PS4 but already out on PC. Now this looks like a game that we want to play and try for ourselves. 

Shadow Warrior 2 takes place 5 years after the prequel. Lo Wang’s actions has stopped one problem but created another. There is now a new order where demons and humans live side by side. Lo Wang is currently a hired sword, like an assassin. There is this one mission that goes wrong and now he has new enemies: A cult leader, a new drug called ‘Shade’ and a brilliant scientist. This forces him to do what he does best. Grab some powerful guns, wield some magic and use some swords. The battles have gotten crazier.

X35 Earthwalker instantly liked this game simply because it was action packed, fighting demons, and fast flowing. It’s brutal. For some games this works very well. There are over 70 firearms and blades for you to wield and use against the enemies. There are hand claws, katanas, crescent blades and short swords. Find your favourite and put it to work. We have seen firearms that function like rifles, shotguns and even dual wield smgs. This game so far does not lack variety. Also if you pre-order the Shadow Warrior 2 you get the ‘Razor back katana’. Basically a katana but lined with chainsaws around the edge.

Shadow warriors have a lot of features and details for gamers to use. First of all, the environments are procedural generated. Meaning that missions will always have different action and looks keeping everything fresh and new to some extent. When in combat there is a system which allows you to use blades to cut of the enemies heads, or limbs. This allows you to fight strategically and have more control over your actions. There is a upgrade system as well. You can do this by equipping them with stones which can grant your weapons elemental effects and improve their performance. So things like damage and having fire damage on blades and guns we believe. Find and equip armour and karma amulets to boost Lo Wang even more. Things are getting crazier and crazier.

The enemies aren’t short on variety either. There are advanced human enemies, humanoid demon and straight up demons all waiting for the chance to destroy you. So you must pick the right weapons to deal with the enemies that you face. Some demons are large, while some carry weapons. Some strike you with magic and power while others prefer to claw, slam and smash you to bits. Don’t let that happen.

Best of all Shadow warriors has four player co-op. All this mad action and you can share it all with your friends, family etc. Imagine four gamers just rushing around, blasting holes through demons, slicing of enemy limbs and heads while blowing everything up together.

We have checked out some gameplay and we can confirm that it is excellent. The fights are fast pace and required the gamer to think fast and keep dishing out the pain to the enemies. Switching at anytime between swords for melee slicing action, to demon shredding guns is quick and painless (for you anyway). The enemies don’t wait for their turn in Shadow warriors 2. The little ones rush to attack you. The big ones with weapons will keep up their assault while blades are coming your way. Use magic to impale, immobilise enemies or straight up harm them. Use more powers like zooming across certain distances giving you the mobility you need against your foes. The graphics are excellent, the sounds are great and the main character comes out with smart answers, cheeky comments and more. A lot of work went into this game.

Overall we at X35 Earthwalker are happy with what we have seed of Shadow Warriors 2. The developers ‘Flying Wild Hog’ did a fantastic job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are definitely looking forward to seeing what more gamers have to say about this game. This is worth checking out. Do you like killing demons? Whether you do or not make sure… to like the ‘Earth Walk!’ 

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Black & White Bushido is a new 2D arena brawler game developed by ‘Good Catch Games’. It’s was already out on PC but a better and new release of Black & White Bushido is coming out May 17th for the Xbox One, PC and PS4. We at X35 Earthwalker have never heard of this game so let’s see what it offers us gamers.

Now 2D arena brawlers are always fast pace, can be brutal but mostly fun. They are quick fun games that you can play with just about anyone. Siblings friends and anyone else. Why not challenge your school teacher. Black Bushidos are samurai of the shadows while White Bushidos are samurai of the light. It’s shadow versus light. Now naturally light should be stronger while shadow is cooler but in this game both Samurai have the ability to blend and disappear into their respective colours which allows them to move and traverse without being seen at all. This whole game must have been inspired by that episode of ‘Samurai Jack’ where Jack was camouflaged in the white light because of his all white uniform but the black ninjas could hide in the shadows in all black outfits. This is so far our favourite feature of the game. It’s quite new and adds another layer to the game play.

In Black and White Bushido you fight for control of the dark and light in multiple different arenas. Hiding from your enemies and picking your moment to strike is very important and what the whole game is about but there’s more. There’s traps and items around for you to collect and use to your advantage. There are five different arenas to duel in. There is a nice single player mode where you take on computer controlled enemies. Two game modes to master: Team deathmatch and capture the flag. Best of all is that Black & White Bushido is multiplayer. That’s right! 4 player local. Take on your friends and slice their heads of.

There isn’t much really to say about it. It’s a simple game. We do know that the game has gotten some very good reviews from different groups so this game must have something. From what we have seen the game is creative, smart and fun. That’s something I think we all look forward to. We have checked out some gameplay and it does look fun indeed, quick but crazy at times when parts of the level becomes light or shadow.

Overall this game looks real good. The graphics are simple and the sounds are very good. The action is fast paced but with some strategy. The developers ‘Good Catch Games’ did a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker must see more of this game first. It’s worth checking out. Whether you prefer the light or shadows is not as good as preferring the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Colony is the newest leader in Halo Wars 2. First of all Colony looks cool. He is a hunter but a hunter in charge. His voice is like one of the coolest voices ever. He speaks simple short sentences but that voice just make us wish we could have it as the new default voice for announcements, answer machines etc. It’s so cool. Now as usual when a new character comes out everyone does nothing but just play that character. X35 Earthwalker yesterday did a livestream where he only uses Colony and in every match there was a Colony. Colony on Colony violence.

Colony stands out greatly from other Banished leaders, not just from how he’s designed but from his units and leader powers. He actually brings some new units into the battlefield. Now when Kinsano came out, We never cared to get her at all. She seemed not that fun to use still seemed similar to the other leaders is many ways. Can’t really blame her since the UNSC are humans meaning they will be similar in units but Colony takes things to the next level.

Colony seems to excel most at being at the front of the battle. Colony has the Goliath infantry units which are giant sized hunters that behave like gorillas. They are all about melee. Goliaths are strong against buildings, alright against infantry, weak against vehicles (for some reason) and can’t hurt air. I know they need to balance out the units in the game but how comes a big strong creature (twice the size of a hunter who are 12 feet tall) are weak against vehicles. Those things could smash them apart but whatever… balancing and all that. Goliaths are no joke. They are literally the best units against buildings. Just two of them do some serious damage against enemy bases. Goliaths also have the ability to ram which is great for dealing with annoying vehicles as it is fast and travels quite the distance.

Colony also brings skitterers which are small little mech bots that scuttle along the ground and fire lasers. These mechs are easy to build and come with the ability we have been waiting for. They can attach themselves to another unit becoming invincible and attacking enemies that come near the attached unit. So you could attach skitterers to Goliaths meaning Goliaths can now defend themselves against air units. You could attach them to hunters so they can defend against air as well. It’s up to you gamers to figure out some crazy combinations. You can attach two skitterers to units by the way.

Colony’s leader powers are very different cool. They really have the ability to mix things up. You immediately have access to living barrier and skitterers. We all know about skitterers but living barrier is something X35 Earthwalker underestimated at first but later saw how good it is. Living barrier let’s you drop down Lekgolo caltrops in a line that completely blocks infantry and vehicles. The enemy has to fight and destroy these barriers to get through. So while they are fighting the barrier you can target the enemy. It’s good for distractions, cutting of the enemy while fleeing, blocking movements, extra eyes around the map and more. It’s only for the strategic.

Engineer swarms calls in many engineers to start healing any units or buildings in range. They stay for quite a while and can really help turn the tide of a battle. Upgrade this ability to make killing your army near impossible. Combat repair makes all your units and buildings slowly heal over time, even in battle. This encourages strikes and retreats, keeping your units alive and building their veterancy since they heal by themselves. Colony drop calls in two level 2 veterancy Goliaths meaning they hit harder and themselves are harder to kill. Vehicle symbiotes allows you to buff selected vehicles and buildings with increased range and armour. So good for turrets on defense and off course your vehicles like locusts. Hunters brand allows you to fire 3 glassing beams that quickly converges in the middle. It’s actually very strong and doesn’t take too long to recharge but when it’s level 2 or 3 it is devastating. Lastly Devastating host lets you drop in multiple different vehicles like wraiths, locusts etc but get a instant buff from a vehicle symbiotes. This is powerful indeed. As you can see Colony is something powerful.

His leader unit, The hunter captain, is a very useful leader. It is a giant hunter, pretty much the same size as the goliath units. This hunter instead comes with shields and can actually fire his cannon at air units (wow). As he does damage he siphon some health back. He’s great against vehicles and infantry, alright against air and buildings. Once upgraded his cannon beam has area of effect so he can damage groups and does more damage overall. He can be upgraded to get the taunt ability which forces nearby enemy units to target the hunter captain instead. This is good since he can take lots of hits and siphon health meaning he won’t die easy. Combine him with Combat repair and Engineer swarm and he’ll never die. His main weakness is that he is so slow. Completely slow. The slowest thing ever and because of this he slows down the whole speed of your army so it takes you forever to cross the map and attack or help out an team mate. That’s the only negative thing.

During the livestream X35 Earthwalker won all his matches with Colony except the match where he was teamed up with a rank 7 and he had to go against level 32 and 41 (round about) and the level 7 team mate left the match. Through practise we have seen just how useful Colony is. He is very powerful and when used correctly can be devastating against everything. He is a lot of fun to use and it’s so satisfying when you beat another player who is using Colony as well. He is worth getting. Whether you try out Colony or not… you can always try the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Outlast 2 is the long awaited survival horror game sequel developed by ‘Red barrels’ coming out April 25th for Xbox One, PC and PS4. Outlast 2 is soon here. In a week in fact. Quite a few people have been talking about this game and their expectations. From what we have heard, this game isn’t a joke. 

In the world of Outlast 2 you control Blake Langermann. He is a camera man and he works with his wife, Lynn. By following clues they have come miles into the Arizona desert concerning the murder of a pregnant lady called ‘Jane Doe’. Why? Oh, that’s because Blake and Lynn are investigative journalists. Risking their lives to find the story behind the stories and uncover the truths. Basically doing stuff that no normal person would do. We are’t dissing, just saying, we aren’t going into the desert to investigate some murder but that’s the plot so let’s go with it.

Now some people have declared Outlast as the scariest game they have ever played. There are jump scares, sneaking, creep looking people, crazy people (it’s an asylum), a large humanoid monster that won’t stop following you like seriously why is it so persistent and much more. The game also centered around a cool mechanic where it’s really dark and in order to see, you will need to use your camera which has night vision. Kind of like in Doom 3 where you had to at multiple times switch between your gun and your flash light. This made the game more dreadful for some as using the camera consumes battery life. So when do you use the camera is up to you. There was one moment where a certain person was sneaking around, then stopped and decided to use his camera. He saw a threat dead right in front of him, which was a scary moment for him but a hilarious moment for us.

From what we have seen and heard concerning Outlast 2, the game looks like it going to take a darker and creepier turn. The location is dark and so not welcoming. The atmosphere seems to have been done right concerning the location. There is even a pit filled with the bodies of dead babies which must be one of the most disturbing things ever in video games. It’s obvious at this point that the fact that the murdered lady, Jane Doe, being pregnant is related to all this. In the demo you see a book, blood, a manger like thing and symbols. This has to be the work of a religious cult that apparently believes in killing babies and stuff. The whole evil religious cult theme has been done a lot over the years so let’s see if Outlast 2 gets it right as some have been too predictable or didn’t go big enough with it but a pit of dead bodies is considered a start for some. 

The game has more details than before as sounds have been carefully placed in like stepping on certain bodies produces a squishy fleshy noise which will disturb some weak stomach gamers. This game is literally out to scare people as they even have the instant look behind you button because we need a nice mug shot of whatever will be chasing us. Nice feature though, we actually like it. It’s always better to give options to gamers. We are interested to know more about that scythe wielding humanoid lady who has no problems ripping of a certain part of the main character in the demo (seriously go watch it for yourself). Here’s the thing though. X35 Earthwalker is one of those people who doesn’t get scared from these games. Whether it’s slender man, five nights at freddy’s and even dead space. It just doesn’t seem to work but he is looking forward to seeing what this game has in store.

Just to let you all know, also on the 25th of April ‘Outlast trinity’ will be coming out which is basically a physical collection of the Outlast series: Outlast, the Whistleblower DLC and Outlast II. Take note of this as when Outlast 2 comes out, it will come out digitally for the Xbox One, PC and PS4. So decide what type of copy you want.

Overall Outlast 2 looks great. They emphasise the importance of using cover effectively. The graphics are improved and look good. The sounds have been stepped up. The atmosphere in out opinion is very good indeed. If you want a survival horror game that will keep you focused, double checking corners and eventually scared to the point where you have to pause the game then this might be for you. The developers ‘Red barrels’ did a great job with this game. Keep it up guys. We at X35 Earthwalker are keeping an eye out to see what this game can do. This game is worth checking out. Whether you get scared or not, never be scared… to do the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Shiness: The lightning kingdom is a new RPG game developed by ‘Enigami’ coming out April 18th for the Xbox One, PC and PS4.  This game has already gotten awards concerning the ‘Games connection Europe 2014’ and more. You can see those and more on the steam page.

In shiness: the lightning kingdom you play as Chado and his crew in a universe that is said to be ‘doomed to destruction ever since the fragmentation of the planet Mahera’. So a dying world. There appears to be a war between different kingdoms where Chado and his companions (Poky, Kayenne, Askel and Rosalya) have landed. The first aim is to solve the problem. Possibly create peace between the kingdoms or maybe right the wrongs that one kingdom has done to another. Each of the five characters have different powers and you must know when to use each one to traverse the large world in this game. One character will have immense strength, another has telekenetic abilities. Yep ill be some magic and some straight up physical combat in Shiness the lightning kingdom.

The developers have said that Shiness the lighting kingdom offers players a great amount of freedom. Freedom in both combat and exploring. That is something that developers must take into consideration when making large games, RPG and also open world games. Some gamers like to just follow the story all the way through while others want to do things their ow way. Making sure their is a way to do both will always gain way more approval than disappointments. The elements that we all know: earth, fire, air, water etc are called ‘Shi elements’. So the fire Shi element character will use fire in some attacks but also will use it in more subtle ways like light a torch. The lightning kingdom being large also has objects and equipment for the player to find and use to increase your character stats. There are also parchments that contain new skills and abilities. This means that exploration should be included in your schedule while gaming. If we know RPG’s, and we think we do, there will be some large and powerful bosses that will be a real problem without a good amount of stat increases and abilities. Apparently some of the Shi elements can be combined for example air plus fire equals thunder. How interesting.

The developers have made it so that you can complete quests in more than one way. This is interesting as that has to mean that the different ways produce different outcomes which we at X35 Earthwalker believer will effect the story. We were correct as it has been confirmed that the decisions you make and the characters in your group will impact the rewards you will get and the main storyline. Remember this when you go out to take on the quests. There are a number of different locations in this game that needs to be explored. There is ‘Gendys’ which has plains, ‘Gromiz has caves, ‘Mantara’ has a flying city and more locations which are very different from each other. When we think of a flying city we think of that planet from Metroid prime 3 corruption. 

The fight system is like final fantasy  13 lightning returns except no paradigm shifts. It’s similar as in you can attack whenever but so can your enemy. It’s up to reflexes and timing. Know when to attack and knowing when to be defensive. You can call on your team mates to replace the lead fighter at anytime. We hope this means that there are Shi element match ups. For example a water user would have the advantage over fire users. So the player would have to switch it up against certain enemies. Well we hope that system is also included as it adds another layer to combat. There are abilities which will heal you and while there are others which will temporarily boost your stats during the battle. All the more reasons to find those parchments as those attacks, physical and magical, come from them. The more you find, the more powerful you potentially can become. There is also special parchments called hyper parchments which allow you to learn ultimate attacks. Very cool indeed.

What’s probably most interesting is that this game was originally a manga. The little secret is that within the manga contains some hidden quests that you must read to find. So get reading if you want to get everything out of the game. Also just in case it wasn’t obvious to you the manga also contains extra information about the story, the characters, the Shiness universe and more. Shiness: the lightning kingdom is quite the world indeed.

The graphics are nice and the environments are well designed and the music was excellently composed (of what we have heard). Overall It’s clear that a lot of work has gone into this game and it does look like a very large one at that. Fun? We believe so. The developers ‘Enigami’ have done a excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will keep an eye on this game and see what becomes of it with the gaming community. Whether you think about this game or not is not as important as thinking about whether… you have done the ‘Earth Walk!’

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