Immortal Cuphead

Cuphead is an awesome game. So many people and gamers have gotten into and taken on the challenge that is Cuphead. This game not only makes the 1930’s style work but makes it incredibly difficult as well. Some people have even gone as far to say that it is too hard and one person described it as the most difficult game they ever played.

Cuphead has many levels but all the levels actually aren’t that long at all. Truthfully they are short. For example boss fights are normally 2 mins long. Run and gun levels are also around that time, so when you think about it, you could beat the whole game in a matter of hours but there is a catch. The games difficulty have caused some gamers to spend nearly 30mins on some bosses, just trying to defeat them. If you look on youtube, you would see some gamers spend the whole video on pretty much one boss. 

X35 Earthwalker didn’t have as much problem with the bosses as others had and is currently getting A+ on all the bosses in world one and two so far. Cuphead is hard though and that’s the truth. The first few bosses are literally just warm ups. Funny thing is that many people have died and struggled with those bosses. Don’t let this discourage you as it’s only a matter of time before you beat them. Just study them for a bit and see their patterns.

Parrying is like the golden rule of Cuphead. When you parry you not only prevent damage (in most cases) but get a card which allows you to use an EX attack straight away. So parrying protects you and allows you to get your super attack really fast. So make sure to master parrying if you want a better chance at beating bosses. Bosses like Grim Matchstick require you to think about positioning. There are some spots that will seriously reduce your chances of getting hit by attacks while giving you easy access to damaging the boss. So think about where you should be.

Cuphead also has many charms and types of weapons for players to try and use. We really do emphasis ‘try’ here. Chaser homes in on enemies but does below less damage than the Pea shooter. Roundabout does more damage than the Pea shooter and has better coverage but doesn’t have the range unless you shoot backwards which also does more damage. Charge does the most damage when charged up but has no rapid fire, so don’t waste your shots. The Lobber does more damage than all the others, except ‘charge’, it comes out in an arc and bounces along the ground with slow rate of fire. Find the weapon that suits you.

As for charms, the Smoke bomb makes your dash invincible. Heart and double heart gives you more hits before you die but weaken the power of your shots. Whetstone turns your first parry into a strong axe attack, making parry even more useful. Coffee makes your super meter fill continuously meaning more supers for you. Sugar makes your first parry automatic meaning all you have to do it just jump into something pink. Pretty cool.

The truth is, some charms and weapons are better for certain bosses and levels. For example the ‘Treetop Trouble’ has situations and enemies that are perfect for the Chaser and Roundabout shots. Smoke bomb also works wonders on this level allowing you to dash through enemies safely. Other levels like the boss Grim Matchstick we found that charge and roundabout shots are both excellent. So if a boss or level is giving you too much trouble then exit, change your load out and get back in there.

Cuphead for the best experience is best played co-op. This is because it’s about Cuphead and Mugman. Even the dialogue from characters always refer to both of them. It’s harder in co-op, this is because enemies take more damage and bosses have much more health meaning fights are drawn out longer and you can’t just shoot enemies out of your way as fast, relying more on evading enemies. The positive of co-op though is that you can keep reviving your team mate as much as you can reach them. So technically infinite tries. We suggest you try both. Below is a video of when X35 Earthwalker and Diamondz L45 played Cuphead for the very first time:

Overall Cuphead has so far been a great experience. It’s a lot of un and a big challenge for any gamer. Some times there are many things happening on the screen at once and so you must adapt quickly. Cuphead is for everyone to try and have fun but expect a lot of retries and fails. There is one thing that we can’t fail and that’s… the Earth Walk!’

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Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game developed by ‘studioMDHR Entertainment’. It’s coming out 29th of September for Xbox One and windows 10. This looks like a interesting little old game. Let’s take a look.

Straight away you can see that Cuphead is a olden time style game. Everything from the graphics to the music. Even the trailers like the announcement trailer has 1930’s written all over it. This instantly gives it a charm. Come on look at some of those hand drawn cel animation. This game is simple meaning anyone can pretty much give it a go. Would they do well? That’s a different story.

In Cuphead you play Cuphead but thankfully there is a two player co-op and the second player gets to be Mugman. How cute. The story basically is that both Cuphead at some point must have  made a deal with the devil. Which as we know never ends well. You have to be stupid to do that. Things go wrong and now they are trying to repay their debt to the devil. They will go through strange worlds with strange enemies and strange characters. Everything strange.

The game is said to be heavily focused on boss battles. So expect many bosses. We have seen some already like the cigar boss, a large flower, a bow and arrow wielding being on a cloud etc. There’s enough bosses for everyone. Cuphead has also been described as super hard. Don’t let this frighten you because many times we see people who’s job is gaming and yet they don’t do well in certain games at all. There are many enemies and it’s one of those where you have to pay attention because you could die in the next second.

The enemies are all so strange and cartoonish that you won’t see them as threatening but might creep some people out a bit. Now there are some interesting in game mechanics. We hope you like the colour pink because anything that’s pink in the game can be parried. Which will result in you not being harmed and getting a double jump which can be useful for like getting to secret areas probably.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s literally what we thought it would be. Funny but strange big bosses who some pretty much train you by forcing players to emphasise certain skills like dash while other bosses are incredibly difficult having danger come from pretty much everywhere. It seems like on of those games that anyone will just casually play and have fun and maybe get a bit frustrated.

Overall Cuphead seems like a great game. Fun and for everyone while challenging. The graphics and sounds are something that hopefully must people will just love. It’s that old style and it does it well. The music is also very good. The developers ‘studioMDHR Entertainment’ did a excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to this game and to get into it. This game is worth checking out. Cuphead made a deal with the devil but what has absolutely nothing to do with the devil is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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