In the Shadows is a new puzzle platformer game developed by ‘Colourspace Studio’. It’s coming out October 13th for PC and on steam but later in the first quarter of next year for Xbox One and PS4.This game was supported on Kickstarter and is now seeing the light of day. Let’s take a look.

In the Shadows is about a grown man who heads back into his childhood imaginary world. He does this to remember his past (can’t you just think about your past). He wants to make sense of his life (there is literally a better and accurate way to do that). It’s suppose to be a “deep emotional story” as described on in the Shadows website. 

Now the theme of ‘In the Shadows’ is fighting your fears. Now the game does a clever way of handling this through the mechanics of the game. For example there are shadow monsters which are dangerous and supposed to represent fear but when they are exposed to light they turn into everyday objects like ladders, tables etc which players can use to their advantage. Pretty clever concept here.

There are different light sources in the game like lamp posts, table light, light boxes etc. Now these different light sources will change the monsters into different objects like a trampoline, table, ladder or even a key. Basically you have to use these monsters to advance. They may scare you but they can help in a way.

Think about it. There are these monsters but notice they are shadow monsters and they are afraid of the light. When the light hits them, they become objects and stuff that you see and use everyday. Maybe the game has a message for gamers that some people have fears that are there everyday but when they are looked at and seen in the light, it’s nothing to be afraid of but used to your advantage, hence facing your fears to advance. Maybe but let’s see. Either way, nice concept.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s sort of what we expected when you see it. It’s a simple game with simple graphics out to tell a simple but quite deep story. It’s not something to be compared to Halo 5 and the evil within 2 etc but it’s good for what it is. In the Shadows have stars for players to collect to unlock hidden levels and secrets. There are many levels and different worlds. Multiple said to be hard puzzles to solve. 

Overall this seems like an interesting game. It doesn’t seem like a great game but the developers, ‘Colourspace Studio’ did the best they could with what they have and they made something well. Many people supported this game to get developed and it’s soon here. This may not be your style but might be just the thing for others. This game may be worth checking out. Now some people are afraid of shadows but what’s always in the light is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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