Hello fellow gamers. This is another message from X35 Earthwalker. Gaming is awesome. Gaming is entertainment and it obviously means more to some people than others but we all have to be sensible with our gaming. like seriously be sensible.

Destiny 2 has come out today and it has got many gamers and especially Destiny fans crazy. Once again some people have skipped school, college, etc. some have called in sick for work. This is ridiculous. X35 when he was younger went to school when Halo Reach came out. He didn’t skip school. He waited for school to finish and then went home to play Halo Reach. The point is that we need to set priorities. Gaming is important but at the end of the day gaming is fictional while real life is real life. Don’t be foolish. 

You aren’t going to be putting the fact that you are ranked 11 on a leader board on your CV or resume. This isn’t the only area where some gamers are acting foolish in. Some gamers for some reason think that gaming all through the night is smart or a sign of a true gamer. This is again, foolish. Gaming is not more important than your health. What these gamers need to go through the night is energy drinks. Energy drinks can be tasty but are so bad for you. Terribly bad. Some have multiple through the night and day which is terribly bad. Be sensible. Your health is important. 

Now we are gamers and X35 himself is a serious gamer all the way from the Sega to the Xbox one. he even played the Atari lynx for a bit. So we aren’t insulting gamers because we are also gamers but we have to be sensible. So stop all the foolish gaming. Your life comes first, do your job, responsibilities and everything else because video gaming is primarily and originally for entertainment, like painting. So let it have the priority of a form of entertainment. So this is a quick message to all the gamers out there to just be sensible with your gaming. Thanks for reading and feel free to contact X35 Earthwalker with your comments, thoughts and ideas.

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