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Xbox has come a very long way and it shows. So much hard work and yeah, we at X35 Earthwalker are glad to see it. The strongest thing is that there are so many games right now on Xbox. There has been lots of criticism and off course biased takes and reviews. Good logical criticism is always needed to be better. Xbox hasn’t gotten everything right and we see where the issues are. There’s so many games… maybe too many. Let’s take look.

Xbox currently is leading the gaming world. That’s just obvious. Pc doesn’t count as it’s a computer and not a gaming console. Xbox is way ahead of PlayStation right now. People online have said that Xbox has no games. That’s clearly a lie. Been primarily on Xbox this entire time and had so many games to play. There’s actually some more games we wanted to play but don’t have the time. There’s more fun games on Xbox currently than PlayStation. Yeah, the options are huge.

X35 Earthwalker Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game pass alone puts Xbox on top. Just get into the Xbox Game Pass menu and the selection alone is good enough. There’s casual indie games of different types, like Bejeweled 2 and 3. Horror games like Amnesia the Bunker, amnesia rebirth and the amnesia collection. City or civilisation managing and building games like Airborne Kingdom and Age of Empires. Assassins creed Origins and Odyssey. The banjo kazooie games. Multiple battlefield games. Batman Arkham knights. Multiplayer beat em up games like Battle toads. If you like ‘small person in a dangerous big world’ like Little nightmares then check out Bramble: The Mountain King. Simulation games like Microsoft flight, farming and fishing ones too.

X35 Earthwalker Xbox Game Pass

That’s not even everything. Massive multiplayer competitive games like Chivalry 2. Relaxing narrative games like Coffee Talk. Demon slaying hack and slash as Dante Inferno (which we preferred more than God of war). All Dead Space games including Ignition. Zuma and Yuma revenge. Numerous Yakuza games. Wo Long Fallen dynasty. Warhammer 40000: Darktide. Multiple Wolfenstein games like The new colossus and young blood. Vampire Survivors. Totally accurate battle simulator.Rainbow six siege and ghost recon. Titanfall 2. Sims 4.The Texas chainsaw massacre. Party Animals. Numerous Walking dead games.The Outer worlds and The Gunk. Elder scrolls and Terraria. Stranded Deep. Star Wars games like battlefront. survival horror like Signalis. Scorn. Recore: Definitive Edition. Rare replay which contains numerous games like Grabbed by the Ghoulies. Rage, Quake and Prey. Best part is that this isn’t even a quarter of all the games. Plus there are more games and Xbox exclusives coming out. Remember Avowed?

X35 Earthwalker Xbox Game Pass

Then there’s massive big games that you can spend hours in like Sea of thieves, Starfield and No Man’s Sky. Tactical turn based game like Phoenix Point and The Lamplighters League. Minecraft of course. Lies of P, Limbo and Gotham knights. Monster Hunter, Among Us, Mortal Kombat 11, Naraka bladepoint. All the mass effect games.Immortal Fenyx Rising and Injustice 2. Hi Fi Rush, Hardspace Shipbreaker, Hellblade Senna’s Sacrifice, Hitman world of assassination, Hollow knight, high on life, and Hot Wheels unleashed. Redfall, Middle earth shadow of war and Ninja garden. Best of all there’s Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Off course the main stars, which are the Halo Games including halo wars, master chief edition and Halo Infinite. There’s much much more.

X35 Earthwalker Xbox Game Pass

What has PlayStation got that competes with all of that and it’s system? Even if you say that some games we mentioned are not exclusives and are also on PlayStation the major difference is that you have to pay up front to get the full games. While if you are on Xbox Game Pass, you can play all these games for FREE! So who’s winning? Obvious answer. See it, like it, download it and play it. If you want to own a copy then buy with a Xbox Game Pass discount. A Discount! If you don’t like it then just uninstall it for free as well. xbox Game Pass alone beats the PlayStation and its library. 

X35 Earthwalker cloud gaming

Thanks to the Xbox cloud system you can play Xbox Game pass games on your own mobile device or tablet. Can PlayStation do that? Only the Nintendo Switch has a counter to this. Maybe PlayStation is currently last place. X35 Earthwalker can go to his mums home, bring his tablet and play Redfall, Fig 2: Melodies of Steel, Starfield, Gang Beasts, Pacman, Plants vs Zombies, Back 4 Blood, Gears 5, Party Animals, Halo Infinite and more. If you have a good amount of data and good device you can play these games on the bus. Yes X35 Earthwalker took the bus one time, long ride and decided to play Streets of Rage 4. Can you do that PlayStation or do you need to buy a hand held console? 

X35 Earthwalker Xbox Game Pass

At the end of the day, Jesus saves, but also at the end of the day, gamers need to just play games and enjoy them on the platform that you use. Remember what we mentioned earlier… about the biased critics and hate? Yeah there’s lots of that. Even ign, who sucks. If Xbox releases anything, these PlayStation people wish for it to fail and be bad. If they make a great announcement then it gets criticised and downplayed. If they buy a company then they are tyrants/monopoly types who are ruining gaming but before the buying, ignorant people said they have no games. There’s no way for them to win in these peoples opinions. They are a waste of time to take seriously.

Overall this G Blog was simply just to mention many games that Xbox has available and show some support for Xbox and their games, their systems like Xbox Game Pass. It’s good to have something positive put out there, especially in a world loaded with negativity. There’s more on the way and we at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to it. Nope Xbox may have many great games but none of them are as great as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker Halo 5 Guardians.

There’s so many good games. More than people know about and give credit to. Some good games though get judged badly. So here is just a quick list of a few games that are good or very good but judged badly by popular individuals, the internet etc. Since X35 Earthwalker is the smartest person in the world and greatest gamer, He will talk a bit on this. Let’s take a look.

Wether by biased people due to console wars or even just foolish people. This has been done to a number of games. It’s unfair and wrong. People worked on these games. Groups of people worked hard… even worked on it for years. Attacking and slamming these games, which lead to a reduction of player base, ruining their success chances. Horrible. 


Redfall is one game that needs to explanation. It’s like the main go to for a game that didn’t do well. People say it’s a fail and so bad etc etc. Actually Redfall according to many many players. Mainly Xbox players. X35 Earthwalker is one of them. The main issues came from performance problems. First of all performance issues aren’t the problem with the game itself. That’s programming errors or optimisation/porting issues. Those can be easily fixed and patched. So judging and giving a score based on bugs and issues at launch is very stupid and foolish. Secondly, It’s mainly pc players who had performance issues. The other complaint is that Redfall is 30 frames per second. That is such a weak argument. We enjoyed many games some years ago that were 30 fps. This just shows are stupid and spoilt gamers have become. Redfall is actually a very good game. We have a podcast episode and G blog on this too. We got to speak to Xbox players and they didn’t get those issues. Redfall has actually one of, if not the best details in all of gaming. We made a video showing of a part this and podcast episodes. A lot of work went into this game. Lots of it. Multiple vampires to face, factions that fight each other, vampire bosses, many side missions, skill tree with powerful abilities, especially Devinder. It’s an adventure and there’s lots of lore and reading is needed. We had fun with Redfall and so did many players.

The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol has the same complaints by the same people as Redfall. Performance issues. Again, X35 Earthwalker and others did not experience these problems on the Xbox. pc inferior race strikes again. Console just seems to be better. Others like angry joe complained about the melee system and apparently the camera too. Claims that it’s repetitive and whatever. We did a whole podcast episode on this right here. The combat is great, a plus over Dead Space and it feels good. Each strike feels so heavy and impactful. There’s good variety in the combat, interesting story for a first game and some hype and dreadful situations which you never want to find yourself in. Strongest of all is that The Callisto Protocol has the best graphics and visual details in all of gaming right now. Even that idiot angry Joe had to give massive credit to The Callisto Protocol for its graphics. the lighting in this game be crazy too. Don’t sleep on The Callisto Protocol. It’s better than the Resident evil 4 remaster and Dead Space remake. Facts. Also did a G Blog on it too. A good game judged badly.

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood got some bad treatment too and it’s mainly all because of another game… an inferior game. Another good game judged badly. The Left 4 Dead 2 community caused the most trouble for Back 4 Blood. X35 Earthwalker did a whole G Blog and podcast episode explaining the situation and proving easily why Back 4 Blood is much better than Left 4 Dead 2. Back 4 Blood might just be the most fun co-op shooter game right now zombie game right now. Again they say performance issues and the retarded claim that Left 4 Dead 2 is better. People said the game wasn’t good because they didn’t play it right. They go straight to the hardest difficulty and get destroyed on the first level. The game even tells them to do an easier difficulty so they can get cards to have amazing abilities to fight against the horde like more damage, survivability, faster reload etc. It’s just gamers once again being stupid. Nothing new. Back 4 Blood is tons of fun and also the legend Diamondz L45 loves this game. We have fought many hordes. Check this game out, especially since it got a bunch of new content including characters.

There are other games we can talk about but we will leave it here with these few. We made a whole G Blog some time ago about underrated games. So go search up for that one. It’s real sad to damage people’s hard work for bad reasons. You can always rely on X35 Earthwalker, the smartest man in the world and greatest gamer, to being the facts. Now these game have been badly judged but a more powerful judgement comes from… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker - Xbox has all the games

You have heard it many times from mainly playstation fanboys and other ignorant people that Xbox has no games. That was a lie, always was a lie and a dumb one at that. X35 Earthwalker has been playing on the Xbox console since the the original Xbox. We have played many games back then and funny enough played even more now. We will go over a lot of these games briefly. Let’s take a look.

Xbox has no games they said. Especially today, it’s the exact opposite. Matter of fact, this may sound silly but there’s actually too many games. X35 and many others have the same problem. There’s so many games that we try to split our time to play them as there’s many good ones we are into but off course don’t have as much time as we would want. It’s a problem from prosperity. Too many good games and not enough time. Back in the day Xbox off course had the greatest game which was Halo. The leading third person shooter which was Gears of War, the racing game Forza. Now those were the big three. There was also a bunch of smaller named games that weren’t exclusives but on the Xbox platform. There was the ‘games with gold’ where you got great games sometimes for free.

X35 Earthwalker - Xbox has all the games

When you say Xbox has no games you are saying that when you check the Xbox library, there’s only three games and that’s it. We played Bomberman, Spelunky, Supreme Commander 2, Dungeon Defenders, Assault Android Cactus, Bejewelled 3, Castlevania symphony of the night, Castle of illusions (remastered), Dante’s Inferno, Dead Space, Ultimate Doom (and sequels),Feeding Frenzy, Ghost busters sanctum of slime, Harms way Knight squad, limbo, Munch’s oddysee (Abe), strangers wrath, Sacred 3, Resident Evil, Zuma and soooooo much more. So yeah, Xbox having no games is stupid. Oh you mean in terms of exclusives? Not like that matters as games are games but yeah, we can prove Xbox has games from that angle too.

X35 Earthwalker - Xbox has all the games

First we will give you the list of Xbox exclusives we made last year back when every game on this list was to come out and not released yet. These were all the xbox exclusives that were coming out at the time last year. Take into account that playstation had like only 15 or 15 games announced to come. The list was: Halo Infinite, Second Extinction, Call of the Sea, The Ascent, Scorn, Bright Memory Infinite, The Medium, New Genesis phantasy star online 2, Hellblade 2, Grounded, Avowed, Forza 5: Horizon, state of Decay 3, Psychonauts 2, Stalker 2, Everwild, Warhammer 40000: Dark Tide, Tetris Effect: Connected, The Gunk, CrossfireX, Fable, Exomecha, Gears Tactics, The Falconeer, Sable, R-Type Final 2, Morkredd, Ark Survival 2, Perfect Dark, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Starlight, Mechawarrior 5: Mercenaries, Song of Iron. 33 games right here. Xbox doesn’t have any games… right? Now off course some of these are out right now, so we have even more games available. More games than playstation got and more games than they will get including next year too.

X35 Earthwalker - Xbox has all the games

Now for the final blow against an argument that’s already dead… Game Pass. That’s all we have to say really, but think about it. You join the Xbox Game Pass and get instant access to like 100 games, old and new games for free basically. It’s the full game too. Nothing playstation has can match that. It’s so good playstation wants to do the same thing. Xbox is leading them now. So the many third party titles, plus the 33 new games announced last year, plus the games on Game Pass, plus all the potential new ones like sequels to the games Microsoft owns through the Activision, blizzard purchase like Overwatch 2.

X35 Earthwalker. The best livestreamer

So yeah. Xbox has no games. That was false back then and it’s false now and it’s in fact the exact opposite now. There’s too many good games. We have streamed many things. Hopefully we can get a G-blog out soon about games we recommend you should check out and play. Xbox has lots of good games of different types. Now Xbox has lots of games but it ain’t no where near as big as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Halo 4

X35 Earthwalker has played games for years. Many years. Played many genres, many types, many environments and universes. Some of these games were awesome. Some of these games were not good. Some games were great. Now obviously some games stood out high above others. So now X35 decided to do his Top 5 greatest games he’s ever played. Take note that this top 5 is X35’s personal list and he’ll handle this himself. Let’s begin. 

Number 5

Gears of war 3

Gears of war is number 5 in my Top 5 because it truly did amazed me. The story is quite dark. Humanity has to work together to fight the Locust and even when together they are still losing. There still is unity amongst the humans as there are some like the stranded who hate the COG. Gears of war 3 had the best multiplayer of all of them and so many are still playing it to this day. You can still find heated battles now. The characters are memorable and have their own stand out traits making it clear who your favourite character is. The lancer was a cool looking weapon, that when I was younger and didn’t have an Xbox 360 yet, I read the booklet many times and wondered how brutal and cool this weapon would be. The monsters are unique. They came from underground (why has no one discovered them all this time then) and they have terrified players. I had friends who told me that when they first played Gears of war 1 the game actually scared them. Fighting in the dark, kryll bats that kill you if you aren’t in the light and the loud horrible noises the enemies made all added to the fear. Let’s not forget about the berserkers who are the females of the Locust race (not sure who is brave enough to mate with one of those things), they are blind but huge, muscular and can smash through concrete. The graphics and sounds were excellent and Gears of war stood out amongst other games at it’s time. It’s one of the games that made people wish they had an Xbox. The story is shows humanities desperation, about sacrifices and how easy it is to die in the war. it’s more realistic than some games. On top of all this you know a game is really good when even your mother played the game after watching you play. I’m not lying. My mother played Gears of war 3 online, to this day. Matter of fact my whole immediate family played Gears of war, whether multiplayer or horde. Be honest guys, how many people you know who’s mum plays Gears of war? That’s how you know a game is amazing. It’s debatably one of my top 5 as there are some contenders who maybe could take Gears of wars place but it won’t be easy.

Number 4

Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime is number 4 in my Top 5 and was one of those games that blew me away when I was a kid. his game was honestly too big for me. It was the first huge world game I ever played. It wasn’t linear levels. You could go to these different planets, explore and boy was there a lot to explore and discover. I remember finding different power ups like missile launchers, charge beam and the screw attack. The graphics were ahead of it’s time. Everything looked amazing and the game was so big. The four main locations were so different, bringing in new enemies, bosses and feels. Tallon Overworld was full off greens, all natural, had waterfalls and was peaceful. Chozo ruins was all design, technology, artefacts, ancient stuff and systems, giving that old feel but you knew this place was serious. Magmoor Caverns was… well… hot. Full of magma, closed spaces until you came to an open cave space where  there was even more magma and more danger. Player couldn’t even enter this place without a special suit to protect you from the heat. Phendrana drifts is like the Antartica with ice adapted monsters, cold pools, grand ice structures with statues and history. Even the music was so different. It was clear when you entered the different areas. You could be blind folded and still know when leaving or entering and which place it was. The bosses were huge, creative and a real problem. A giant rock boss called ‘Thardus’ rolled around and tried to crush you and you needed the thermal vision to beat him. This game was just big in everyday from areas, to graphics and bosses. Matter of fact I couldn’t complete the game when I was younger. I completed it when I was older. It was too cryptic for a child finding those Chozo keys. It was a real adventure. Getting more powerful with power ups, defeating creative creatures and even getting scared of the dark facility area in the Phendrana drifts and you could only see with the thermal vision and those stupid Metroid kept trying to latch onto your face and that was real creepy. Never forgetting that one. Metroid has so much going for it. Immense sense of progression, epic and huge boss fights, massive sized world filled with secrets and unique enemies, lots of creativity. Lots of lore and information to discover while looking good. The memories are real. Definitely one of my top 5 games.

Number 3


Pikmin is number 3 in my Top 5 and was one of the stranger but cuter games. At the time there was nothing like Pikmin. You played a character who couldn’t really do anything by themselves. Olimar had to rely on the Pikmin for everything including survival. These creatures are the highlight of the game. There were three types, red, yellow and blue. Red had a nose, yellow had ears and blue had a mouth. Red was fire proof, yellow was lighter and could be thrown higher while blue could go in water. The graphics were beautiful and some levels looked so calming and made you want to explore while one didn’t, the Forest Naval I mean. It’s very funny that Olimar is treating Earth as a weird planet. yes I know that he’s a alien and therefore earth would be strange to him but when we play, especially in Pikmin 2 where he deals with objects like cans, some fruits etc, he gives them creative strange names describing what they are. Olimar, it’s a strawberry, your are suppose to eat it. What’s cool is that they use their enemies (defeated one) to make more of them when you bring them back to the onion. It literally becomes a business management job as you need to expand your workforce, find ship parts, fight enemies, explore new areas, increase Pikmin strength, organise Pikmin into groups and even watch over them while they carry stuff. You are a manager at the end of this. (Maybe Richard Branson is hiring). Eventually you develop a connection to the Pikmin who are so loyal to you. Which leads to the most significant part of the game probably. You truly care for your Pikmin. So the worse thing ever is when you hear the wail or scream of your Pikmin who die. You feel so sad, guilty and like it’s your fault which it is because you are in total control, they won’t run from an enemy unless you call them away. I remember when I was a child, my sister and I would go to mum crying telling her that a giant monster ate almost all our Pikmin. Laugh if you want. I remember my most heated moment was when the final boss ate a lot of my Pikmin with it’s sticky tongue, I never knew what it could do as that’s my first time facing it. I was so sad but vowed revenge. I came back with hatred and rage, with an army of 90 red Pikmin and 10 yellow Pikmin who were carrying bomb rocks. We demolished that enemy and my rage was appeased with blood. Pikmin is the only game that has ever made me cry. No game or movie has ever done that. I didn’t cry when Dom died in Gears of war, I didn’t cry or feel anything when Cortana went bad but I did care when the Pikmin died. Without a doubt Pikmin is one of the greatest I’ve ever played. It moved me emotionally, built a connection with characters that cannot even talk and completely different style from others while looking beautiful and making earth a mystery.

Number 2


Catherine is number 2 in my Top 5. Many haven’t heard of this game and that’s a shame. As I can confidently say there is not another game like this one. Literally. This game has so much going on that it deserves more attention. The story is the best thing about it. Everyone who has ever reviewed it has praised the story. It is unique, you want to find out what happens next, multiple mysteries, plot twists and what makes it most engaging is that it enters around problems and things in real life like relationships, marriage, cheating, lies, choices etc. It has well done cut scenes and anime styled cutscenes as well with the right balance. The game is split into two types. One half of the game is like a more social talk to characters, interact kind of stuff like a thriller/horror while the other half is straight up puzzle solving action. The puzzles are difficult and meant to test all who play. Many have even stated that normal difficulty is basically hard in disguise while hard is meant for masters. The game knew it would be hard so they allowed players to change difficulty in game. I never found it that hard. Honestly normal difficulty isn’t hard if you think and apply what the game teaches you. there are 8 different endings meaning there is a lot of replay value and the things you unlock are worth it. You can unlock two player mode where you face another player in 1v1, racing to the top or kill your opponent. Those can get intense at times. This game came out in 2011 and at that time, the graphics were great and the details were there. The music was excellent, each level had their own tune from classical to something with a beat. Favourite tune has to be the quadrangle level and second would be the Emporium. No two areas are similar or alike. If you was a master, you would take on Babel which has the most difficult mountains to climb. I have beaten Axis Mundi and saw the big secret at the end but there are still some things left unanswered. Matter of fact I did a livestream on Thursday and everyone saw one of the most clutch and intense moments ever. The third boss almost had me, about to crush me but I brought it back and won getting a gold prize in return. I was literally close to sweating. Even now in 2018 I have never encountered a game like Catherine. Story, gameplay, characters, intenseness and more are all things Catherine did with excellence. Definitely one of my top 5 games ever played.   

Number 1


Some weren’t surprised by this one. Halo was that game that truly amazed me when I first discovered it back when I was a child. Halo was the top of the list in terms of creativity. It was set in the future, large space ships and carriers, A.I’s, advanced aliens, enhanced suits, regenerating shields and with a whole lot of story, lore, and stuff going on. There was things like plasma grenades that stuck to you and if you stuck an enemy they panic and ran. The aliens, the covenant were an interesting and new enemy. Each one was so different and brought a new threat to the table. The grunts were a joke, especially when you see them running for their lives and screaming. The elites were the real threat and fought like soldiers. Jackals prevent you from speeding through fights as you need to be specific with your aim. Hunters were like mini boss battles, especially in harder difficulties. Halo in Legendary difficulty was legendary indeed. Matter of fact beating this game in Legendary solo when I was very young was one of my biggest gaming achievements. it was strange to see a human hug an elite for the first time. So many silly co-op moments of my sister accidentally killing me either through her mad bombings, running to me for help when an invisible elite who has a sword chases her for me to turn around to get sliced up in my back and way more wacky ways. Oh the memories (practically endless). There was no game like this at the time. It was all creativity. Games like call of duty were army games that didn’t take creativity to come up with as it’s humans with gun faces humans with guns, kind of like what’s in the news paper. Halo was something completely different. Other games like mass effect all were inspired by Halo. Halo even set the bar and made online multiplayer what it is today. It’s the game with many accomplishments and revolutionised gaming. Remember using the warthog for the first time? Yep. No game has given me more memories. To think back then I thought grunts were little alien midgets like 3ft tall saying why not just kick them out your way, only to find out that those little grunts were actually 5ft tall, meaning they were bigger than me at the time and could easily kick me out of their way. That was hillarious. Without a doubt Halo is one of my top 5 greatest games and sits firmly as the greatest game I have ever played. Not only is it the greatest game I have ever played but it’s also my favourite game too. 

So we hope you enjoyed my top 5 list. Gears of war, Metroid Prime, Pikmin, Catherine and Halo are my top 5 greatest games. There are other great games and maybe if I sit down longer and think about it, something else could take spot 5 but the other 4 stay where they are. I have made content on some of these games so check out my channel to see some action using the button below. Now these games are the greatest but none of them are greater than… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Elex is a new action role playing open world game developed by ‘Piranha Bytes’. It’s coming out October 17th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Fantasy and science is coming together in this game. Let’s take a look.

Basically there is a planet called Magalan which seemed to have everything going for them. With a population over billions and well advanced in technology. What could go wrong? Well a meteorite showed up and hit Magalan. It’s now a battle to survive and deciding the fate of the planet. Elex is a very important element which is limited and guess what… it came with the meteorite. Elex can do a number of things like make magic possible and provide access to it, “re-sculpt life into a new form” and even power machines. Valuable indeed. So what’s the future for Magalan? Magic, technology or is Elex not trustworthy and more dangerous than they thought.

From what we know, there are four groups or factions of people right now with very different believes and ideas for the future of Magellan. The ‘Berserkers’ in Edan use transmute Elex into pure mana to do crazy things like turn a wasteland into a lush forest. They rely on magic to bring hope and reverse the damage of the meteorite. The ‘Albs’ in Xacor consume Elex to make the people stronger, think with increased clarity and be free from emotions. They believe that the strong survive and get somewhere as they go to conquer all of Magalan relying on strength for the future. The ‘Outlaws’ in Tavar want nothing to do with Elex, gods, being emotionless or magic. They just believe in choice and want everyone to have what they call freedom. They scavenge for equipment and weapons and want easy lives. The ‘Clerics’ in Ignadon worship the god calaan and believe that the consumption of Elex in any form is a sin. They instead use Elex to power their machines. They are all about technology. They have plasma weapons and even mechs. They believe in a more powerful technologically advanced Magalan.

There is a load of emphasis on the role playing aspect of Elex. Players will have to select a companion and a faction. From there you will influence the world. You influence the world through all your decisions and actions. Will you make an enemy or an ally? What is your attitude towards people you encounter? Will you go by how you feel or by what you know? Interesting right? Well many games say this but not all get this free choice consequences system right. Will Elex get it right? We hope so. This game also hasn’t got your typical class system. Instead there are skills that you can learn but you need to find a teacher who can teach you such skills. This sort of reminds us of the game Shoalin where you must defeat masters of different martial arts to learn their techniques and moves.  Pretty cool.

In terms of combat and weapons in Elex, there is a lot of options. This game has magic, science and brute force styles so that means a lot of weapons and styles. There are swords, shotguns, rockets, cross bow, flame thrower, plasma rifles, harpoons, hammers, magic and much more. So get out there and grab what you want. Players have access to all five regions of the game right from the start. So you can go wherever you want and fight do whatever you want pretty much. Beware though of mutant creatures that are throughout the world of Magellan. As they can be powerful forces that end your adventure.

Overall this game seems really cool. The concept is good and the ideas behind this are big. The factions are very different and so are their beliefs which work well. The graphics look fantastic from what we have seen already. The sounds are great as well. The developers ‘Piranha Bytes’ did a fans tactic job with this game. It is definitely worth checking out. The factions believe different things but we know they all believe in… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Hob is a new suspenseful action adventure game developed by ‘Runic Games’. It’s coming out 26th of September for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This game instantly looks weird but let’s take a look.

Not much information is given on Hob but we do know that it takes place on a world in disarray. The players job is to slowly figure out their role in saving this world and the life here. Hob is certainly not short on exploration. The environments are large and have a lot to offer. There are puzzles to solve and it is even said that players can transform the planet itself. That sounds very interesting.

In Hob players must rely on the giant mech arm. This arm is capable of warping, punching and grappling. Now to get these abilities and grow more powerful, players must use the GUS (Glove upgrade system). It’s like Metroid, you will need these abilities to access certain areas in the different environments. Also there are different creatures around as well and some of them are not friendly, meaning you will need your arm to fight them. Remember this.

We checked out some gameplay and it made the game much better in our minds. The graphics are excellent. It all looks smooth and well done. The environments and their designs are great. Thy look worth exploring which for games like this is very important. The sounds are excellent as well. When you land on a platform that then descends it sounds like platforms from ancient ruins. 

Overall there isn’t much information as of now to go on concerning this game but from what we know it looks like a good game. A bit interesting but hasn’t interested us enough. It’s not our type. Gamers who are explorers will like this and those for a bit of a mystery. The developers ‘Runic Games’ did a great job with this game and it shows. We at X35 Earthwalker will listen out for news concerning Hob. This game might be worth checking out. Make sure you do though as we ourselves know how hard and long it takes to make games. The world of Hob is in danger but guess what’s never in danger… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Downloadable content is pretty much popular and everywhere now. All the biggest games and even the mobile games have DLC. Gamers have something to say about this. In fact, gamers have a lot to say and some youtubers are very vocal about it. We at X35 Earthwalker have our own views concerning DLC and have seen the effect of some DLC in certain games. We will also deal with microtransactions as well, as to us we consider them the same thing pretty much but aware of the differences.

Downloadable content is basically additional content for the game that you can download and attach to your game bringing either new characters, skins, weapons, map/levels etc. Some DLC are whole new sections of the game. So straight away DLC allows us get extra, new cool stuff. Now some DLC are free while others cost money. This presents the first problem. There are some cool stuff that becomes available in the game markets but not everyone can get them due to finances. Now we don’t have a problem with that and honestly, no one should. It’s like if you see a nice new chair in the furniture shop and it costs £99, you can only get it if you have the money. If you don’t then come back another time and that’s fair. So price isn’t the issue in most cases.

Some games like Halo 5 and Gears of war 4 have a system in place where you can earn in game currency like credits which can be used to purchase packs to get new items or skins (Gears of war) etc. Now one problem with Gears of war 4 is that the amount of credits you gain per match is very low like 70-80, so if you want to get those 2000 credit packs then you will need to grind quite a bit to get those. This makes it clear that using real money is the better way to go. They need to increase the amount of credits earned. Now many gamers say no micro and DLC but we must understand that video games is also a business and developers want to make money as well. Off course they are going to release new stuff and yes that new stuff takes time and work to make, so putting a price tag on it isn’t wrong. We have to look at it from both sides: the gamers and the developers. It’s only fair. Just don’t release the games true ending in a charged DLC or release single player co-op as charged DLC or anything that should have been in the game from when it was released otherwise you won’t get a pence or dime from us at X35 Earthwalker. Release full games.

Gears of war 4 has a real problem though and we are sure it’s the same with other games as well. At times certain packs will come out with some cool new content but for a limited amount of time. These packs are completely random in their content and never guarantee a new card. You could get doubles, triples and more. So you may get 10 packs not get the legendary new character. People like X35 Earthwalker who has a business to run, other projects and things like see family don’t have time to sit in front of the T.V grinding matches for 8 hours straight. Not in a rude way but some of us are gamers but have a life. We have to be somewhere and do certain things. This isn’t a problem for youtubers as they can sit there and record all their matches and that counts as work for them because it’s what they do. So if we don’t have the time and can only get 1/3 of the pack contents then the only way to get more is to resort to real money which will turn out to be expensive. So it isn’t fair for those who don’t have extra cash at hand.

The contents of the packs make all the difference. If it is just cosmetic as in skins and designs of weapons then it’s less of a problem even though it would be nice to still get them. When the contents are powerful weapons, stats boosters, speeds up processes or new characters with new abilities then it becomes a problem. You have some gamers who have £400 at the ready to spend to get all the skins, weapons and whatever. While some use their mums credit card (do not do that. Seriously Don’t) and instantly upgrade their headquarters up to max level in Boom beach etc and rule the map destroying everyone else is a problem. Halo Wars 2, sadly,suffers from this problem in the blitz game mode. If you get multiple of a certain card they help level up that ability or unit increasing their damage, armour and health. You can get cards from packs that you can unlock but also buy. So what happens if a level 5 tank goes up against a level 2 tank? The answer is that level 2 tank gets destroyed easily. I have seen a max level tank take on and beat 3 cyclops who are anti vehicle units. Now that’s a problem. The bottom line not every gamer has cash like that ready because some pay rent and live by ourselves or whatever the reason. This however; doesn’t mean the ones with more money are in the wrong. If you have the cash and you want to spend it on games and extra packs then go ahead, there’s nothing wrong with that and no one should blame for it but developers need to take into account that certain features can cause problems. 

There isn’t really much more to say concerning this matter. If you have the cash to get certain things then why not. If you don’t have it then just forget about it and play to have fun, you will gain the in game currency over time. For DLC like extensions to the game like what Destiny had (The taken king), contain some real awesome stuff like the swords and whole new levels and missions. X35 Earthwalker at the time didn’t have the money for it so he ignored it and to this day he hasn’t bothered with it at all. Games that release as bare boned but bring out, what should have been in the game in the beginning, as DLC are in the wrong. That’s just crooks after our cash. A fully complete game with all it’s stuff brining out DLC is not a issue. Overall DLC and microtransactions (we consider them the same) are a good thing. Good but need to be used right. DLC brings in new stuff that adds more to the experience and fun (at times) and allows you to get new things but when certain items like packs grant an actual advantage to certain gamers then there is a problem. So yes, we should have DLC & micro but they must be done fairly and properly to give all gamers to some extent an equal chance.

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Bomberman live Battlefest is absolutely crazy. A lot of people have not heard of this game and that’s a shame as it’s something every Bomberman fan should have. Matter of fact this game is in our top 3 Bomberman games of all time. There is no story mode to this game. It’s all good ol fashion bomb blasting multiplayer. This game is the sequel to the successful ‘Bomberman live’. This game is an improvement in every way, literally… except for one thing. The main menu music in the sequel is not as good as the previous game. That’s it though. Seriously, the menu music in Bomber live’ made us want to jam along with the Bomberman and swing our arms in synchronized style. 

There are lots of stages to battle on. You can choose from a pier level, castle level, laser grid like level, volcano, desert, a tropical beach level and more. What’s better is that each level has a gimmick now which changes everything. It’s basically a special condition that stage alone has. For example the pier level’s gimmick is that the stage is no longer a traditional layout but split into 3-4 sections by gaps over water and you can only cross by bridges; however bomb blasts travel across gaps adding more things for players to remember and think about when battling it out. The castle level’s gimmick is that from time to time, a strong wind will blow across the battlefield from top to bottom, blowing out the fuse of all planted bombs, meaning they won’t blow up but can still be set off by other bombs. Crazy stuff like that. So if you are good enough, take the game to the next level with gimmicks. At times it makes things unpredictable and fun.

There is a lot of game types to play. Battle is the classic Bomberman mode we all know and love, where you have to be the last player standing by blowing up your enemies. Paint bomb, where you must use your bombs to change the floor tiles to your colour and be the player who has the most coloured tiles on the battlefield. Capture the crown, where you must grab the crown and hold it for as long as possible and if someone else has it then do what bombermen do best and blow them up to get it. Bankroll, which is the same as ‘battle’ except each player can collect money found in blocks, which can be used to purchase power ups at the start of each round. Then there are the team based game types as well like ‘capture the flag’ where your team must steal the enemies flag and bring it back to your own base. VIP, where each team has a very important person which you must protect at all times. If they die then your team loses. With all these modes, you could do all kinds of things like no gimmicks straight up skill matches, tournaments, team matches and more.

Battlefest truly is a battlefest as the game has more power ups than ever before. The traditional power ups like power bomb, piercing bomb (which is now called passer or pasture bomb, not sure), bomb kick, remote control bomb and power glove are all here but the bunch of new ones are what really shakes things up. Laser bomb is basically a laser trip wire bomb where the lasers reach all the way until hitting a solid surface and anyone who touches the line will set of the bomb. Cluster bomb, which explodes and releases three more bombs which all will explode in a certain pattern, making this bomb dangerous to enemies and if not careful the user as well. Rocket bomb is a rocket that flies in the direction the user was the facing when deployed and anyone in the way is stunned briefly but when it hits something solid it explodes like a regular bomb. Dangerous bomb is pretty much the most feared bomb as it explodes in a grid, not lines, and when bomb blast range is maximized these bombs cover almost half the battlefield! We know, it’s crazy! ‘Double it’ basically allows you to place a second bomb of whatever special bomb you have like rocket, cluster, laser and dangerous bomb. We have seen what horrors two maxed out dangerous bombs can do. It leaves nothing behind.

If that wasn’t enough the game also steps up the character customisation. There are more costumes available and you can mix up the head, face and body. So you can end up with a bear face, bee antennas and samurai armour body if you want. As you play, golden octagonal objects will appear, get them to unlock new items for customisation. Online multiplayer is still there; however single player is more entertaining a snow the bots are actually a challenge. When you set them to hard mode, they actually become a threat. They chase you down, mercilessly, set traps and dodge bombs very well. Fighting them will keep you busy, while fighting three at once is super hard. If you though 3 was bad then imagine facing 4. That’s right. Bomberman battlefest allows up to 8 players at once! You could put yourself on one team and then take on 4 hard mode bots and believe me, victory isn’t certain at all, or jump into a 8 way free for all and see who is king.

Bomberbattlefest live is awesome. This game is great for fun online matches and better for 4 player local play. This game has been out for 6 years I believe and it’s still bringing great entertainment and fun. You have no idea how many times we have laughed at our own silly deaths in this game. The developers ‘Pi Studios’ did a fantastic job. Try the very generous demo and see what you think. 

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