Elex is a new action role playing open world game developed by ‘Piranha Bytes’. It’s coming out October 17th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Fantasy and science is coming together in this game. Let’s take a look.

Basically there is a planet called Magalan which seemed to have everything going for them. With a population over billions and well advanced in technology. What could go wrong? Well a meteorite showed up and hit Magalan. It’s now a battle to survive and deciding the fate of the planet. Elex is a very important element which is limited and guess what… it came with the meteorite. Elex can do a number of things like make magic possible and provide access to it, “re-sculpt life into a new form” and even power machines. Valuable indeed. So what’s the future for Magalan? Magic, technology or is Elex not trustworthy and more dangerous than they thought.

From what we know, there are four groups or factions of people right now with very different believes and ideas for the future of Magellan. The ‘Berserkers’ in Edan use transmute Elex into pure mana to do crazy things like turn a wasteland into a lush forest. They rely on magic to bring hope and reverse the damage of the meteorite. The ‘Albs’ in Xacor consume Elex to make the people stronger, think with increased clarity and be free from emotions. They believe that the strong survive and get somewhere as they go to conquer all of Magalan relying on strength for the future. The ‘Outlaws’ in Tavar want nothing to do with Elex, gods, being emotionless or magic. They just believe in choice and want everyone to have what they call freedom. They scavenge for equipment and weapons and want easy lives. The ‘Clerics’ in Ignadon worship the god calaan and believe that the consumption of Elex in any form is a sin. They instead use Elex to power their machines. They are all about technology. They have plasma weapons and even mechs. They believe in a more powerful technologically advanced Magalan.

There is a load of emphasis on the role playing aspect of Elex. Players will have to select a companion and a faction. From there you will influence the world. You influence the world through all your decisions and actions. Will you make an enemy or an ally? What is your attitude towards people you encounter? Will you go by how you feel or by what you know? Interesting right? Well many games say this but not all get this free choice consequences system right. Will Elex get it right? We hope so. This game also hasn’t got your typical class system. Instead there are skills that you can learn but you need to find a teacher who can teach you such skills. This sort of reminds us of the game Shoalin where you must defeat masters of different martial arts to learn their techniques and moves.  Pretty cool.

In terms of combat and weapons in Elex, there is a lot of options. This game has magic, science and brute force styles so that means a lot of weapons and styles. There are swords, shotguns, rockets, cross bow, flame thrower, plasma rifles, harpoons, hammers, magic and much more. So get out there and grab what you want. Players have access to all five regions of the game right from the start. So you can go wherever you want and fight do whatever you want pretty much. Beware though of mutant creatures that are throughout the world of Magellan. As they can be powerful forces that end your adventure.

Overall this game seems really cool. The concept is good and the ideas behind this are big. The factions are very different and so are their beliefs which work well. The graphics look fantastic from what we have seen already. The sounds are great as well. The developers ‘Piranha Bytes’ did a fans tactic job with this game. It is definitely worth checking out. The factions believe different things but we know they all believe in… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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