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There’s so many good games. More than people know about and give credit to. Some good games though get judged badly. So here is just a quick list of a few games that are good or very good but judged badly by popular individuals, the internet etc. Since X35 Earthwalker is the smartest person in the world and greatest gamer, He will talk a bit on this. Let’s take a look.

Wether by biased people due to console wars or even just foolish people. This has been done to a number of games. It’s unfair and wrong. People worked on these games. Groups of people worked hard… even worked on it for years. Attacking and slamming these games, which lead to a reduction of player base, ruining their success chances. Horrible. 


Redfall is one game that needs to explanation. It’s like the main go to for a game that didn’t do well. People say it’s a fail and so bad etc etc. Actually Redfall according to many many players. Mainly Xbox players. X35 Earthwalker is one of them. The main issues came from performance problems. First of all performance issues aren’t the problem with the game itself. That’s programming errors or optimisation/porting issues. Those can be easily fixed and patched. So judging and giving a score based on bugs and issues at launch is very stupid and foolish. Secondly, It’s mainly pc players who had performance issues. The other complaint is that Redfall is 30 frames per second. That is such a weak argument. We enjoyed many games some years ago that were 30 fps. This just shows are stupid and spoilt gamers have become. Redfall is actually a very good game. We have a podcast episode and G blog on this too. We got to speak to Xbox players and they didn’t get those issues. Redfall has actually one of, if not the best details in all of gaming. We made a video showing of a part this and podcast episodes. A lot of work went into this game. Lots of it. Multiple vampires to face, factions that fight each other, vampire bosses, many side missions, skill tree with powerful abilities, especially Devinder. It’s an adventure and there’s lots of lore and reading is needed. We had fun with Redfall and so did many players.

The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol has the same complaints by the same people as Redfall. Performance issues. Again, X35 Earthwalker and others did not experience these problems on the Xbox. pc inferior race strikes again. Console just seems to be better. Others like angry joe complained about the melee system and apparently the camera too. Claims that it’s repetitive and whatever. We did a whole podcast episode on this right here. The combat is great, a plus over Dead Space and it feels good. Each strike feels so heavy and impactful. There’s good variety in the combat, interesting story for a first game and some hype and dreadful situations which you never want to find yourself in. Strongest of all is that The Callisto Protocol has the best graphics and visual details in all of gaming right now. Even that idiot angry Joe had to give massive credit to The Callisto Protocol for its graphics. the lighting in this game be crazy too. Don’t sleep on The Callisto Protocol. It’s better than the Resident evil 4 remaster and Dead Space remake. Facts. Also did a G Blog on it too. A good game judged badly.

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood got some bad treatment too and it’s mainly all because of another game… an inferior game. Another good game judged badly. The Left 4 Dead 2 community caused the most trouble for Back 4 Blood. X35 Earthwalker did a whole G Blog and podcast episode explaining the situation and proving easily why Back 4 Blood is much better than Left 4 Dead 2. Back 4 Blood might just be the most fun co-op shooter game right now zombie game right now. Again they say performance issues and the retarded claim that Left 4 Dead 2 is better. People said the game wasn’t good because they didn’t play it right. They go straight to the hardest difficulty and get destroyed on the first level. The game even tells them to do an easier difficulty so they can get cards to have amazing abilities to fight against the horde like more damage, survivability, faster reload etc. It’s just gamers once again being stupid. Nothing new. Back 4 Blood is tons of fun and also the legend Diamondz L45 loves this game. We have fought many hordes. Check this game out, especially since it got a bunch of new content including characters.

There are other games we can talk about but we will leave it here with these few. We made a whole G Blog some time ago about underrated games. So go search up for that one. It’s real sad to damage people’s hard work for bad reasons. You can always rely on X35 Earthwalker, the smartest man in the world and greatest gamer, to being the facts. Now these game have been badly judged but a more powerful judgement comes from… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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