Ultimate Doom

Ultimate Doom is one of those games that has it’s place in gaming history. Many gamers know about Ultimate Doom and what it’s about. If you don’t know then you are most likely one of the newer gamers. In Ultimate Doom you run around, kill demons, open doors, kill demons, find keys, kill demons, find new weapons, kill demons and get to the next level, while killing demons. Understand yet?

Players control a character called Doom Guy who later go on to learn that he’s called the Slayer (We wonder why). You start the game with a pistol which was typical of first person shooter games back then. Your first enemies where zombie men who were weak and never a problem. Ultimate Doom goes easy on you for the first level but does a good job at showing players what this whole game is about. You move fast, enemies tend to always be in groups, you must find items and ammo and there are secrets in the levels. Finding the secret location in the first level will reward you with a rocket launcher. Many players have accidentally killed themselves with the rocket launcher (admit it, don’t be ashamed).

Ultimate Doom

Eventually everything goes from “hey not too rough” to “hurt me plenty” real quick. Before you know it the levels feel like “Ultra-violence”. Why? Because there are so many enemies, traps that can result in your death, many secrets you missed and a whole abundance of projectiles coming straight at your face (can’t you sit still in your seat?). So how do you survive? It’s easy… keep moving and move fast! In Ultimate Doom, Doom Guy (you) have unlimited stamina and run really fast. You can even outrun your own rockets. Move around, aim well and take them all down before they get you, then find those medkits and stay topped up.

Many players including us enjoyed this. There were a variety of weapons. many levels, many different vicious enemies, surprises in each level and things got harder as you progressed. There was lots of colours, dead things everywhere and hazards. X35 Earthwalker, the legendary soldier himself played this game when he was very young. This game was fun. We remember getting the shotgun  for the first time and really started dropping those enemies easy. The imps didn’t phase us at all as they were easier to deal with in most situations. We had to dodge those fire balls they threw. Maybe… just maybe… we leaned to get out of the way… sometimes… maybe. It wasn’t long before we ran into the stronger pinky demons who forced you to back off as they just rushed you down but with diagonal movement until they were near you. The zombie men with shotguns was the biggest threat at that point as they had good accuracy and their shots did big damage as a shotgun should. It gets worse.

Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil

By the way we played Ultimate Doom through the game Doom 3 resurrection of evil as Ultimate Doom, DOOM 2 and the master levels were free features. Levels required you to search them completely to find keys, areas, switches and more to make your way through them. Some rooms had traps; for example, you enter a room and see the blue key you need. You grab it and then you hear many enemies. You then realised that a wall had opened up and enemies come out to say hello. Some times they were triggered by grabbing a certain weapon and some times they were triggered just for entering a room. Completing each level and seeing your completion percentage was cool but at times annoying as you always see the many secrets you missed. Today you can see whole gameplay guides showing where the secrets are. Ultimate Doom is Cleary not another shooter game.

This game was really fun. The best thing about Ultimate Doom was that you can play with others. X35 Earthwalker, the one true Earthwalker also played through Ultimate Doom with family. It was funny simply because at first we stuck together making our way through the levels but later on ended up confidently splitting up to tackle different parts of the levels by ourselves which could get chaotic. When one enemy was chasing one of us, one of the family would keep walking behind that enemy as the enemies didn’t change target until they were attacked. We even lead that enemy around the map while two of us was walking behind it. When the levels got real big and dangerous we would all be in danger and since we were far away we will always here our soldiers get hurt, die or us literally calling to another to help. The memories are definitely good ones. One time one of us fell into lava and we watched their split screen to see if they can find the exit out. Spolier, they survived.

Ultimate Doom

The enemies have to be the most memorable thing about Ultimate Doom. Especially the bigger ones like the pinky demon, hell knight, baron of hell, Cacodemon and Spiderdemon. When you see them for the first time you don’t actually panic or get scared simply because all the enemies pretty much ave the same pattern. They always come towards you, normally have projectiles attacks so you have to dodge, can take a lot of damage and give a lot more. 

The first time encountering the Cyber Demon solo was a problem as those rockets seriously hurt and multiple times had to run away to find rocket ammo. one thing about Ultimate Doom is that if the game presents and gives you loads of ammo, weapons etc, you know it’s about to go down. Those side steps to dodge rockets and that Cyber Demon took forever to die. First time facing this demon with a team was a different story. We were running around it at full speed all launching rockets like we didn’t care. It was basically a big bug being surrounded and attacked by three hornets firing their advanced explosive stingers at it repeatedly without mercy.

Ultimate Doom

Ultimate Doom did have some interesting features that can help out. For example you have a map of the level. We actually never knew we had a map for the longest time. The maps weren’t always clear as it’s 2D while we play in 3D (yes we know Doom was a 2D game they made 3D through smart coding). So when you enter a room you see some recognisable parts but mainly use the map when you are either lost or completed the level but was searching around. The map was a good feature though. Another feature which was much cooler was the fact that the demons can turn on each other and fight amongst themselves. This can be done when you make sure a demon of a different kind gets hit by an attack from another. If they are different types of demons, there is a high chance they will turn and fight them instead. We got to see who would win in a fight of one Cacodemon vs five Imps or two hell knights vs a mixed group of imps, pinky demons and zombie men. If you play your cards right, you can sit back watch the fight and place your bets (gambling is bad and we don’t encourage it). 

Overall Ultimate Doom was a super fun game. There is so much more we can say about this game. Ultimate Doom had unique features, variety in levels, weapons and enemies, there were secrets, multiple difficulty settings, boss monsters, useful power ups, surprises, monster betrayal and best of all multiplayer. We at X35 Earthwalker can safely say that Ultimate Doom was not ultimate fun but tons of fun. Now Ultimate Doom may have you fighting demons but even Doom Guy working with the demons is no match for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Doom 4 gameplay?

Bomberman Battlefest is absolutely great. This by far the best bomberman game we have played to date. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect because it isn’t. For starters it doesn’t have coin battle multiplayer mode like Bomberman Generation on the gamecube. That was a great game as well.

Bomberman battlefest is great for both single player and multiplayer. If you are playing by yourself then get ready because the bots in this game are ruthless. They are smart in terms of using power ups and dodging your bombs. There have been moments where X35 has had multiple maximum fire up remote control bombs and was dropping and detonating them instantly but the bot was just going around an dodging them all, making it look so easy. The bots also have had their dumb moments like when you put a bomb next to one but that bot doesn’t move at all, like it doesn’t know what to do. This only happens rarely though. They also have evil mastermind moments as well. For example there was that time when X35 was minding his own business collecting power ups when a bot decides to pick up and hurl a bomb, from a distance away behind a wall, and it lands perfectly behind X35 trapping him in and killing him. Those bots aren’t a joke.

There are many different game modes which seriously mixes things up. There is: Battle, Zombie, Paint bomb, Capture the crown, Bankroll, Capture the flag and VIP. All of these modes can be done with teams so you and your friend vs two others or the bots. Some of the modes like Battle, VIP and Paint bomb are very simple and just pure fun while the others are actually very strategic. Who would have thought that Bomberman would be very strategic? Well it truly is. Especially Zombie, bankroll and capture the flag. We aren’t joking when we say that MLG ain’t got nothing on this. When you play with other people and you have communication with your team, everything changes. You have to coordinate your bomb planting and attacks to make sure you don’t hit your team mates and make them lose their power ups. Did we say power ups? They are the most important thing. At times, more important than the objective. Do you spread out the power ups amongst your team or do you have maybe one or two powerful team mates? Which enemy do you target. Who gets what role? Do you scramble for lost power ups or not.

We aren’t exaggerating. The amount of concentration required when things get serious is ridiculous. X35 has said before that a lot of times things get more intense in Bomberman Battlefest than Halo 5 Guardians and Gears of war 4. The hardest thing we ever had to do in Bomberman Battlefest was Team Zombie where on one team was X35 Earthwalker, Diamondz L45, N63 Prodigy and X7Earthenvessel vs four hard difficulty bots. This was the most difficult and intense match we ever had in Bomberman Battlefest. The worst part or should we say the best part was that we lost. It was first to five matches and the final score was 4-5. It was the final deciding match and boy was the communication flying. Stupid bots with their stupid computer calculated actions. It was all laughs and fun at the end though. We laughed at our silly mistakes and dumb deaths. Like kicking a full power bomb across the map just for it accidentally kill one of your allies in the process and then the enemies quickly scavenge most of the power ups that scattered. It’s one of those things that you just have to try for yourself. We will upload a video of X35 and some of his gaming friends soon on youtube.

The combinations that you can come up with in the matches are insane. Don’t just grab every bomb powerup you see. Think about it and what you want. For example you may want to grab the double it power up above another fire up. Double it is powerful once used correctly. Imagine what happens when you have two double it, maximum fire up, at least three bombs and the dangerous bomb. Answer is… complete map control. One max dangerous bomb covers almost like one quarter of the map but if you chain three together with the right spacing, you can completely wipe out all the enemy, especially if they are slow, while painting the entire map in game modes like paint bomb and zombie. Imagine that instead of dangerous bombs, you have cluster bombs. It’s more dangerous than the dangerous bomb in our opinion because you may forget where the bombs will explode from and when many are linked together and spread out you may feel that no where is safe and where you think it’s safe, it actually isn’t. Matter of fact X35 Earthwalker’s latest Bomberman Battlefest youtube video shows just how crazy it can get.

Overall this game is just absolutely amazing. It brings lots of countless laugh and fun. If you just want to play the game then you can certainly do that. If you want to go pro and play tournament style like matches then Bomberman Battlefest certainly has that too. X35 Earthwalker himself may plan to start actual tournaments with this game so be on the look out.

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Bomberman Battlefest is crazy. Crazy fun. Crazy good. Crazy intense. If you haven’t played Bomberman Battlefest then we understand as it is quite old-ish now but it’s one of those games where you can keep playing for years to come. Want proof? When X35 Earthwalker is still by a nintendo gamecube he will still sometimes play Pario party, Pikmin and Monkey balls which were all fantastic games but old. Bomberman battlefest is one of those games because of how simple it is to play but how deep, competitive and intense it can really get.

Intense? Don’t you just run around and blow up blocks and your opponents in Bomberman battlefest? Yes but so much more. When you play against easy difficulty bots then it feels like that but when you play against 3 hard difficulty bots then it becomes a struggle. The bots dodge bombs like they were paid to do it. They will do tricky things like throw and punch bombs out of the arena just for it to bounce around to the otherside and trap you. Yes we admit one of us did get trapped by this before. It’s embarrassing but it happens. Many times it comes down to sudden death to beat the bots as they have problems with falling blocks. Just wait. It gets crazier. It’s up to 8 players. So imagine a all against all standard battle mode against 7 hard difficulty bots. It becomes chaotic. Wait! It gets crazier.

The types of bombs are to blame. The power bomb makes your bomb blast go all the way to the edges of the arena. The remote control bomb lets you detonate bombs when you want. Pass through bomb (use to be spike bomb) allows your bomb blasts to pass through soft blocks instead of stopping at one. Laser bombs explode when someone crosses the laser lines it sets up. Cluster bomb sends out a bomb to the left, right and forward when it explodes. Rocket bombs travel in the direction you was facing when you placed it and then explodes after hitting something solid. Dangerous bomb explodes not in lines but squares, at max range this covers one quarter of the arena. Now imagine everyone fighting to get these and combine them with fire ups to increase bomb blasts, speed ups to move faster and bomb ups so that they can drop more. There are more power ups that help like power glove which lets you pick up and throw bombs. Double special which lets you drop 2 of your special bombs at a time and ‘Barrier-drop’ which lets you drop in a soft block. Now play against 3 of your friends and see how hectic things can and will get.

One of X35 Earthwalker’s favourite is when you play an all against all battle game mode on the giant map. It’s basically a standard level but with a much bigger arena. Here all players get a bit of a chance to breathe and then kick of the battle. The worse part is that bots will target you more than each other so the pressure is constantly on. A rocket bomb flying over there. A laser bomb prevents you from getting to that side of the arena. Some crazy guy running around dropping max range dangerous bombs forcing everyone to run away for their lives. Lastly there’s always that one player who stays away from everyone and keeps kicking bombs towards the others from a safe distance. That dirty coward. It’s also about speed. You must start off fast and not waste a second. Plant bombs as fast as possible and get power ups as fast as possible. The most important power ups are definitely speed ups as they allow you to compete for other power ups better and evading bombs become much easier. Off course more bombs and more blast range is also important but the main thing is to get them and keep the advantage. There is nothing worse than going up against players that are literally moving twice as fast as you. You never get power ups and they try to trap you in between bombs.

The ultimate intense strategy is when you and 3 friends take on 4 human player or even worse, hard difficulty bots in Zombie mode. This is where the real challenge comes. The aim of zombie is to paint the arena floor with your colours by your bomb blasts. Off course anyone can take over your coloured sqaures. Everyone is invincible as in they come back after every death but everytime you die you lose all your power ups and they are scattered across the arena for everyone to take take for themselves. So now what happens when the player on your team with the most power ups dies and your enemies get some of the scattered items? Winning becomes that much harder. Your top bomber could be the player with the power bomb painting many squares with one bomb. So your team makes sure to protect him but then that player dies and it’s a mad scramble. The worst is when someone has ‘Double special’, dangerous bomb and full fire. They control the whole match. Oh yeah, by the way, it’s all friendly fire so watch out for your teams bombs as well.

Not too long ago X35 Earthwalker did some serious Bomberman tournament and the matches were so intense. The bots are not easy at all. They are really tough. The best was the team zombie matches. It got to the point where the matches came down to 4-4. whoever won would have won the whole tournament. Lots of laughs, screams and strategies with a hint of frustration included for some gamers. We have never got so tactical for some fun matches before. All we are saying is that Bomberman Battlefest is absolute gold in terms of fun. Play with family, friends or even solo, it doesn’t matter. X35 Earthwalker will do some livestreams and videos of this game and the action it brings in the future so make sure to follow him on Twitter and Mixer to know when.

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Radian games ‘Crossfire 2’ is one of those games that are awesome and made excellently but never got the love it deserved. I believe the name of the game got changed to ‘Super Crossfire 2’. X35 Earthwalker played this game way back on his Xbox 360. It’s such a shame that not as many gamers as you think had this game.

Straight from the title screen, you just know that this game has got some tunes. The beat is there and it gives the impression that the game has got some action to it. Thankfully it does. Seriously, you have to listen to that music. This game isn’t that deep and complex. It’s actually quite simple with a few game modes: Conquest, Conquest plus and Score attack. Conquest is the main story where you take on 60 waves across 3 different planets. There is a check point every 10 waves but you can heal and upgrade every two waves. Score attack is where you take on 30 repeated levels but they get increasingly harder and you can heal and upgrade every ten levels. Conquest plus is where things get real crazy. Here you will go through the same as Conquest except harder. Much harder.

Crossfire 2 is all about watching everything that’s happening on the screen and those reflexes. If you can’t do both then you will have a hard and time and forget about Conquest plus. You control a small ship and you must blast away the aliens, space invaders style, and stay alive. The game takes things to the next level with your special ability to jump between the top and bottom of the screen. This should be done to avoid bullets or get behind aliens to shoot them in a weak spot or other to force some aliens to direct their attention. The aliens are pretty much always firing and the different types of aliens being there all at once is where all the difficulty comes from. The orange/red pointed alien can fire in the direction it faces. The purple ones that have three segments poking out of it don’t need to face a direction as they can fire both up and down. Also if you jump then they reappear in a different spot. The almost square alien with a large central eye shows his targeting laser and then like a second later fires a dangerous beam exactly where that laser is. There are aliens that makes surrounding aliens invulnerable, others project a filed that if you are in, you can’t jump. There are aliens that explode upon death and release many dangerous projectiles which can be hard to dodge. The worse part is that there are also bigger versions of some aliens who have more health and more dangerous.

When you get to the upgrades screen you instantly get your health replenished. Here you can also spend upgrade points to improve your ship which is something that you need to do. There are upgrades that affect your: ship, shots and superfire. It’s up to you to decide what you need to focus on as you get 3 points every 2 waves so you have to decide what you need now. Prioritise. For example you may decide to increase your ships health, speed and power of your shots making you a powerful solid ship. Or you may focus on increasing fire rate, speed of bullets and spread angle to make hitting the aliens easier than ever. It’s up to you. X35 Earthwalker himself always prioritised spread angle and number of shots first over everything else. He bothers with ship health much later as he believes, if you are good then you won’t get hit that much therefore not requiring increased health yet. See what works best for you though.

There are three difficulties in Crossfire 2: Trainee, hotshot and ace. We seriously don’t believe playing the first two modes are worth it. It’s too easy. Play through Conquest on Ace as it will prepare you for Conquest plus. Conquest plus is so hard that on one play through of it. We almost lost as we had one life left and just about beat it but that’s the thing about Crossfire 2 it can easily get intense. You will sit there watching the entire screen and trying to stay alive and dodge everything while knowing when to jump and use your superfire. By the way ‘Superfire’ is a special weapon which fires like a machine gun but with the power of a minigun. No alien can stay alive for long against it. You get ammunition for it by collecting the purple mini gem like objects that comes from dead aliens. Fill the meter up and let loose when you need it. The power ups in this game are game changers. There are 3. The purple one fully filles up your superfire meter. The yellow one grants temporary invincibility. The green literally slows down time considerably for you. All the aliens move sooooooo slow. So grab these when you can.

Co-op mode is available here. X35 Earthwalker has played with others before and it’s hilarious. The friend would die quite frequently because they struggle to watch everything that’s happening and dodge in time so X35 has to always bring them back at the upgrade screen. It’s so much fun. We will be jumping around, fire non stop and that’s what’s also difficult about this game. There are projectiles pretty much everywhere so some lose track of what’s going on and even lose where their ship is and finds it but only a few moments before it dies. 

Overall Crossfire 2 is an amazing game. The graphics are great. The music is great. The sounds are very good. The game could have been bigger but it originally was like an ios game for phones and tablets so it’s acceptable by those standards. It’s a great amount of fun, even to this day. The developers ‘Radian games’ did a fantastic job with this game. Just wished more people had it. This game is still worth checking out. Whether you think this game is great or not is not as important as thinking about… doing the ‘Earth Walk!’ 

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Gears of war 3 is still to this day one of our favourite games to play. Gears of war 3 is the game that all the other gears of war games need to learn from when it comes to multiplayer mechanics and gameplay. The games were all very good and we love them, it’s just that they either lack or missing some great things that gears of war 3 has. 

For example gears of war ultimate edition has the same feel and movements like gears of war 1 but refined. The movements are still and we feel that wall bouncing is much harder to perform unless you have your sensitivity set to maximum, which isn’t something everyone can handle. We never liked it at all. Since it was based on the first game there is only the ‘Curb stomp’ execution which will always be awesome by the way.

Gears of war judgement is one of my favourites. This game was hated by many fans but it’s because of their mentality. Gears of war judgement was the best at balancing the weapons for multiplayer. Short range weapons rule short range battles. Mid range weapons like rifles actually rule mid range battles. Gears of war 3’s gnasher shotgun was the most over powered. The damage was really high, combine that with the range and you have a weapon that everyone uses. That shotgun could beat rifles at mid range literally. It’s that powerful. Don’t get us started on how much worse the weapon is with a perfect active reload as it increases the range and damage of the weapon. In gears of war 3, the shotgun literally is the best weapon to have and use. When in doubt, equip your shotgun. We hated the shotgun always. In gears of war judgement you could actually defend yourself against shotgun users.

Gears of war 4 was the closest thing to the mechanics of gears 3. The gameplay is faster than 3 but feels a little more like ‘Ultimate edition’. The game, because of the faster gameplay, has less executions and less rivalry. The best thing about gears of war 4 is that everything feels closest to perfect, except for the fact that their is no real defense against the shotgun now. The ‘Retro lancer’ and ‘Sawed off’ are gone now. The replacement that any player can equip is the ‘Enforcer’ smg. This gun has really high rate of fire but has a small clip with low damage. This means that unless you catch someone out of cover, you aren’t really going to kill them. Gnasher users can easily pop shot them making the Enforcer useless. The hammerburst has been nerfed so much that there really is no reason to use it as the lancer has better damage and a bigger clip. X35 Earthwalker just uses it for fun but says you need the active reload as that makes it fire twice as fast meaning you can down any opponent really fast. In gears of war.

Gears of war 3 was the closest to being perfect for many reasons. The gameplay was at a great speed. If you stayed still for too long, be sure that someone will come up behind you with the shotgun and kill you. The pace was also not to fast to the point where you don’t have time for executions and targeting certain players. The weapons felt like they do the right amount of damage. You can easily tell the pros and cons of the 3 rifles and when they should be used. Off course the gnasher shotgun was still too powerful and the main issue of gears of war 3. If you can’t use it, then you are screwed. Simple as that. 

To compare Gears of war 3 had the best balance out of all of them. Gears of war judgement not having four weapons as usual changed how some players could play due to the lack of options. The fact that you could throw a grenade without changing weapons because of one button made combat in most cases faster than normal but more grenade happy than they were in gears of war 3. The frag grenade having the ability to stick to enemies just made it clear that the best frag in the game was the frag; however the different options did make matches interesting and only the best will use the other grenades. Judgement also had the ability for us to drop of ledges to areas below and climb over edges too. This forced players to be more aware as attacks could easily come from above, like someone dropping in with a ‘Scorcher’ flamethrower while in 3 you just had to look ahead and behind. Judgement had the best weapon balancing of them all meaning that everyone couldn’t just rush with shotguns all the time unlike 3 where everyone lives of that gun. Gears of war 4 made wall bouncing easier and feels easier to use the shotgun making it more beginner friendly. This means that everyone stands more of a chance in matches than with gears of war 3. The gameplay in 4 is faster than 3 which does lead to less rivalry and targeted playing while in gears of war 3 you are always looking for that one player. Ultimate edition just feels to stiff and the shotgun was hard to understand in terms of what it can do.

Overall all Ultimate edition was the worse for us as it still has the mechanics and gameplay of gears of war 1. Ultimate edition also had the most weirdest damage for weapons making them unreliable. Judgement has the best weapon damage balancing but was overall just too different from what we are use to; however it is our second favourite multiplayer of all the gears of war because all the weapons are actually useful and the gnasher wasn’t the only thing to use. Gears of war 4 did an excellent job at balancing all aspects but in order to please majority of the gears fans, they made the gnasher the best weapon in the game again and left no counters to the weapons meaning you must learn the ways of the gnasher or be gnashed (whatever that means). Gears of war 3 has the right pace and the best tension in matches which makes all the difference. The rifles are still effective, also there are counters to the gnasher shotgun so if you can’t wall bounce and kill then you can rely on other weapons to stand up to them. Gears of war 3 is our favourite and we believe has the best multiplayer mechanics. Time to do executions and the boom shot is nice and explosive. We believe Judgement did the best for what it is but it was most enjoyable with gears of war 3. This is just our opinion after all but whether opinion or not… you must never forget to do the ‘Earth Walk’!

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Terraria is one of those games that are incredibly fun and excels at being exciting most of the time. Terraria is a 2D action-adventure sandbox video game. It was developed by ‘Re-Logic’ and released in 2011 for PC but consoles in 2013. Terraria is one of those games that you have to try, so get the free demo and see for yourself.

Now straight away from looking at the game, gamers may feel like this isn’t anything special at all but we at X35 Earthwalker always give games a chance before casting a verdict. It’s only when you get going in the world of Terraria that it reminds you so much of another game. Some people just call this a 2D Minecraft; however it is so much more. Sure you can mine, chop down trees, fight enemies, collect and build whatever you want but they aren’t the same, similar but not the same. Minecraft is centered around creativity and the gamers imagination while Terraria is more action, combat, survival and adventure. Terraria is far more brutal and has much more going on.

Since Terraria is 2D it means that mining in this game is no where near as annoying and frustrating as Minecraft. Have you ever spend numerous minutes and lots of time trying to find diamonds in Minecraft? Sometimes you may have excavated the entire area and nothing is there. In Terraria you can see everything around. You could be mining downwards and then see iron to the right, copper to the left or gold below you. All because it is 2D. It literally makes mining for resources so easy and more fun because you aren’t wasting time, you can see if something is there or not. You no longer have to worry about just digging down in a straight line as you can see whether there is lava below you or not. You can see when an enemy is approaching or an NPC in the distance or whatever. 

In Terraria you over time encounter different NPCs, which are basically other characters like you who visit you when you meet certain conditions and either visits temporarily or sell you things. Most NPCs live with you. That’s right, you have room mates here. The house that you built for yourself initially will be the house that the NPCs live in. Off course you can expand and built houses specifically for them. There are many NPCs like the guide, the merchant, the nurse, the old man, the arms dealer, the goblin tinkerer and much much more. Trust us on that. Each one are different from the other in terms of what they say, what they do and what they sell. So get as many NPCs as you can. They may have some powerful items for you or other rare stuff. Beware though as NPCs can be killed but don’t worry as they will come back. Multiple personalities and characters in Terraria.

There are so many items in Terraria that it is crazy. There are lots of furniture for you to build and decorate you houses with. Lots of chairs and the type of wood you use will change the look and style of it. Same with beds and tables. You can build a safe which prevents others from entering and taking your stuff just incase you invite other players. You can light up your place with lanterns, torches, chandeliers and even a camp fire (now that’s what we call options). There are even statues that can be found throughout the world of Terraria. The strange thing is that some actually have special abilities like the slime statue can create slimes. There is a total of 108 statues. Gotta catch em all! You can create weapon racks, item frames and even put up paintings. Why not build some benches, bathtub and even a toilet. This game has options and a half.

Accessories are the special items that you equip your character with. They grant wither just armour or special abilities. Accessories are immensely important and make all the difference in this game so make sure to spend some time searching for them. They can be dropped by monsters, pop out of smashed vases and most commonly found in chests. There are movement, informational, health/mana, combat, construction, vanity and much more. The ‘Aglet’ increases your movement speed. ‘Cloud in a bottle’ allows you to double jump. ‘Flipper’ allows you to swim in water instead of just sink to the very bottom (fatty). There are powerful accessories with mighty effect like the ‘Lucky horseshoe’ which negates all fall damage and the ‘Rocket boots’ which allow you to temporarily fly we believe for 1.6 seconds. Accessories can be combined together to form powerful ones like, for example, by combining the ‘Jellyfish diving gear’ and ‘Ice skates’  you get the ‘Artic diving gear’ which grants the ability to swim, greatly extends underwater breathing, provides light under water and extra mobility on ice. That’s some next level diving gear right there. Trust us when we say there are far more accessory with more effects, so go and find them as you will need them in the world of Terraria.

Armour is even more far in depth than Minecraft. You start of with no armour at all and then aim for the wooden, copper, iron, silver and gold armour. There is much more armour out there with their own stats. To name some: Rich Mahogany, Boreal wood, Palm wood, Ebon wood, Shadewood, Eskimo, Angler, Cactus, Tin, Pumpkin, Lead, Tungsten, Platinum, Ninja, Bee, Jungle and even more. You can mix and match the armour like have a pumpkin helmet, tungsten body and wooden legs armour but having the whole set adds a bonus. For example if you equip the whole ‘Meteor’ armour your bonus is: +21% magic damage, space gun requires no mana to use and get a cool flame particles when moving for style. Obviously some armour are more powerful than others and you will move on to new armour as you progress. All of these armours can be built except for a few like the ‘Ninja’ armour is found from killing a certain enemy. Make sure to collect all the resources you can find when you can. If you see some gold then go straight for it as there will come a time where you will need gold, whether armour or items.

The biggest difference between ‘Terraria’ and ‘Minecraft’ and probably the coolest thing is the bosses in the game. Terraria has some terrifying bosses who show absolutely no mercy if you want to take them on. Each boss truly tests the might and skills of a ‘terrarian’ (a terraria player). They have large amounts of health, do heavy damage and chase you down. The first boss we encountered was the ‘Eye of Cthulhu’ which has two forms. In the first form it keeps some distance, releases smaller eye enemies (Servants of Cthulhu) to attack you and charges at you. Once his health falls below half way then it transforms into the second form where it charges more aggressively and quickly. There are many bosses and some can be spawned by fulfilling certain requirements or manually by items. We will most likely talk more about this in another blog.

Terraria is such a fun game to play with many objectives, tons of customise and accessory items, lots of different enemies, many biomes which change everything, many secrets and powerful mean bosses. This game is well thought out and very well done. The developers ‘Re-Logic, Engine Software, 505 Games’ all did a very excellent job here. This game is worth checking out. Just don’t forget to do the ‘Earth Walk’!

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Dead Space 3 was one of those games that we were looking forward to. Dead space 3 was a science fiction survival horror third-person shooter game developed by ‘Visceral Games’, which came out February 5th and 8th. Now this game was known for scaring people. X35 Earthwalker has a friend who hasn’t passed the first level of Dead Space 1 to this day. This game even got an award for being one of the scariest games of the year we believe. The game had some good jump scares and didn’t make us play a weak and defenseless character who must run and hide all the time. Maybe one of the best things about this game is the creative idea behind the weapons in this game. Dead Space is probably best known for bringing a sort of new enemy for gamers to face and fear.

You play Isaac Clark, an engineer, who is incredibly unfortunate. Trust us, play the first two Dead Space games and you will understand what we mean. Now he is pretty much being forced into the action once again by two dudes who appear in his apartment and are quite aggressive. It turns out that many people are looking for him and it’s not for good reasons. Even worse, the ‘Necromorphs’ are back. These are the unique enemies of Dead space. You can guess what they are from the name. They are basically aliens that are formed from dead things, mainly humans. You will eventually end up on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis where the means to finally ending the Necromorphs is there. So like with the other two prequels, you must use your engineering skills to build weapons that destroy Necromorphs like it was art, use your engineer styled brain to fix things and most importantly, survive.

The Necromorphs are the most interesting thing about the game. Ever since the first Dead Space we always wanted to know and see all the different types of Necromorphs. First things first, all the Necromorphs are mean and will try to kill you. They are capable of showing up from almost any location because they love to use vents and spaces in rooms. They for some reason are incredibly hard to kill if you don’t dismember them. So make sure you have the means to cut or shoot of their arms, legs or other limbs. Lastly they are so persistent and one minded in trying to kill you that even when some are missing the lower half of their bodies, they are still alive and still trying to get you. Now that’s scary.

The Infector is a crawling bat like Necromorph enemy is the one who finds dead bodies and then slowly changes them into other Necromorphs. This one only attacks you when there is no bodies to infect. The most common one though is the humanoid one with scythes for arms called the Slasher. Get use to this guy as you will see them everywhere. They can come out of vents and even worse they can play dead. That’s right! Play dead! Like how do they even know how to do that? Do they even sleep? Many questions. So if you see a group of bodies be careful as you may get attacked as soon as you walk by. They will even sprint at you after a short period of time making you panic and some more. There are other humanoids ones who can spit and spray acid. The Lurker are ones that are small and move on walls and ceilings and shoot projectiles from it’s three tentacles from a distance. The ‘Leaper’ is one we hate so much. The bottom half of their body is now a tail like a scorpion. They are capable of closing the gap between you and them by running so fast and even leaping around, most of the time on you. ‘Swarms’ are those annoying little ones that die from anything but attempt to jump and latch onto you. Hate them but easy to deal with. There’s another one that is permanently attached to a wall called a ‘Guardian’ who releases ‘swarms’ and capable of instant killing you if you come near. There are are many more Necromorphs and each has to be dealt with different’y but dismembering them is the key for all so never forget that.

The game specialises in making you take the game slow and when you get to in to it then a jumpscare might just make you more trigger happy than ever before. Enemies can come from almost anywhere and because of this, you couldn’t just sprint through. Well we mean you could but you would most likely end up regretting it. When you are in a corridor a Necromorph could come crashing through the vent from the ceiling or crawl out of a space in the wall. If you sprint there are times when they fall on top of you, staggering you for a while. Most of the time when you enter a room, it gets locked down because of quarantine as enemies are nearby and you can’t leave until they are all gone. Rooms always have multiple spaces, vent and entrances all around so there isn’t really a “Safe” corner but some corners are safer than others. Since there is a wide range of Necromorphs normally many types will show up causing all kinds of chaos. For example you are set up in a corner when ‘Lurkers’ show up and fire at you from afar, so you aim to deal with them when a ‘Leaper’ or two shows up and rushes you done. You are now forced to move but can’t move to far as a ‘Exploder’ just appeared from a vent further down in that direction and so now you are trapped on getting leaped on and then exploded. Nice ending to the story. By the way Exploders are creeper thin creatures which will swing it’s incredibly swollen arm at you which explodes on contact. Basically stay away from at all times but if you shoot the glowy arm then it explodes by its self. Now that’s a good ending.

X35 Earthwalker’s favourite thing about the game is the weapons you now can have in the game. In the previous Dead Space games you have set weapons and could have multiple. They were creative and nice but they stayed how they were. In Dead Space 3 you can create your own weapons using certain frames, parts and attachments. The options are plentiful. There are 8 different parts of the weapon that you can change. After selecting a frame you can select your upper and lower tools. Pick from: Military engine, Pneumatic torch, Survey charge, Telemetry spike, Plasma core, Rip core and Tesla core. Just find these tools or build them. Each of these grant access to different types of weapons like bullets, shock waves, energy blasts, blades, and even fire. The attachments add little boosts to your weapon with different effects like the ‘Flame glaze’ adds fire damage to your projectiles. ‘Scope’ allows you to zoom in more. There are many more. The types of combinations you could make are crazy. You could make a sniper rifle shotgun by having your upper tool as the sniper rifle and then the lower tool is the shotgun. So kill from afar and if they get close you can blow a hole through them. You could create a plasma cutter force gun or a double machine gun, or a ice and flame thrower. That’s right it’s that crazy. Then you can improve the fire rate, damage, reload speed and clip size of your weapons by using circuits. Do this all at work benches. X35 Earthwalker created two ultimate weapons which he kept for the remainder of the game. We won’t give his secrets but one of them was a powerful almost always one shot sniper rifle with a flamethrower. The sniper had the ‘Full zoom scope’ we believe. What can you make? A chain gun that fires javelines? Tell us through twitter.

The gameplay was smooth, flows and easy to use. The way the jump scares work were good most of the time. The amount of panic and pressure the Necromorphs gave players is realistic and how it should feel. The action and combat was fun and when you had your powerful weapons, you felt like a boss but a careful boss. The story was interesting and of a great length so you can’t call the story short. One awesome feature that Dead space 3 has is the fact that you can do the whole story with a friend who plays ‘Carver’. You get scared or own the Necromorphs together. You could watch each others backs and heal each other. You don’t know how satisfying it is to finally take on and kill that giant stupid spider like Necromorph thing which does nothing but cause you problems throughout the game. Man we hate that thing. The graphics and the attention to detail is a bigger improvement over the the prequels and looked nice for its time. This game is worth playing with a friend even now. The developers ‘Visceral Games’ did a really great job with this game. We really like Dead space.

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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines is another game from X35 Earthwalkers past that he has recently begone playing again. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines is an action third person shooter video game that was released, we believe, September 6th 2011 for Xbox 360, PC and PS3. This game is part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and was developed by ‘Relic’. In this game you play Captain Titus, a space marine of the ‘Ultramarines’. A soldier who is well seasoned and a veteran of many battles already.

From when you start the game, you see a conversation by a screen with text. It finally mentions that they are sending the Ultramarines. You then get to see three Ultramarines preparing to start a mission. From the moment you see them you can tell that these guys aren’t your average troopers. They are big, well armoured, fearless from the looks of it and that they get the job done. They jump of a ship and literally land right into the action, aboard a large battle ship commanded by Orks. A giant war is going on between the humans and the orcs. Basically a huge horde of Orks has invaded an Imperial Forge World called ‘Graia’. Only an the power of an ultramarine will make a difference here. The humans are being slaughtered and backed into corners. Straight from the tutorial you could see what kind of game this was and it was exciting from the beginning. When you first start slashing up those horrible Orks with your combat knife you felt like a unstoppable monster. The shooting felt real good as the bullets look like they hit very hard, almost like explosive rounds but when you do your first execution of an enemy after stunning them, you just want to do more.

You have a rechargeable shield which we believe is best for protecting you against gun fire. Once the shield is down, your health starts to take the hit but if you want to regain health then you have to execute an enemy in brutal fashion. The main problem we see with this is that you have to know when to execute as even while you are executing, the enemy can still attack and harm you meaning if too low on health, you could die in the process of an execution which we hate. It is realistic if you think about it. Would you just stand a wait for your enemy to finish of your ally in style before attacking. No! We’d pop that guy in the head but it’s a video game and we prefer fun majority of the time. The melee system in the game is what really caught our attention as we are use to shooter games were you have the simple one click melee where you hit with your gun or fist and that’s it. As a space marine it’s very different. It’s Prince of Persia or Dante’s inferno with the combos. You can do the simple repeated melee strike where each hit does more damage than the last or you can mix it up producing powerful kicks, charges and even a ground pound stomp like attack which sends enemies flying back in cool slow motion action. The combos and moves also change depending on the melee weapon you have.

There are options for when it comes to killing your enemies. You are firstly introduced to the combat knife but soon later you will come across the ‘Chainsword’ a sword with chainsaw abilities. There is also the ‘Power axe’ which cuts throw metal and anything really with ease. Scariest of all is the ‘Thunder hammer’ which is a heavy and powerful hammer that utilises a power field. It makes you feel like ‘Tartarus’ from Halo 2, smashing everything and everyone. If an enemy walks past, you smash them. If an enemy is chewing gum, you smash them. If an enemy even looks at you wrong, you better believe you smash them. It’s that simple. Pick your weapon wisely for the fight as they do have their strong points and draw backs. The guns will remind you of ‘Gears of war’ with the d-pad to select weapons and how they feel, which is definitely a good thing. You start of with the ‘Bolt pistol’ which fires heavy rounds into the enemy but aim for the head for that extra damage. The ‘Bolter’ which is the standard assault weapon for space marines, firing explosive kinetic rounds in automatic fashion. The ‘Plasma cannon’ is the gun you use when something big needs to be put down quickly. There are much more weapons including a sniper rifle one as well. You can hold four at a time so have fun.

The Orks are the main enemies of the game and they are quite the enemy indeed. Orks are fearless, cocky and aggressive. There are two types of Orks to deal with: ranged and melee. At the start of the game you will encounter very small ones that rush you in numbers to bring you down. They normally work alongside the bigger, main Orks which rush you to strike you with heavy hits. They are good at making themselves a harder target as they dry to side step out of your line of fire as they make their approach. There are bigger Orks that carry a large club like weapon and will charge you down and try to beat you death with it. They take a lot of shots but you get rewarded with a brutal execution to finish them with in the end. The Orks with guns keep their distance and fire constantly at you with very good accuracy. They may show up from high places with the elevation advantage. Who said that all Orks are stupid. They are good at killing in this game. Eventually you will come across even more Orks or creatures that are used by the Orks, one of which is a little dog like creature that reminds us of the ‘Slogs’ from ‘Abes Oddysee’. They have explosives attacked to them and they will run at you, get close and go boom. Smart gamers will shoot them when they are near to the enemy to give them a nasty surprise. Never forget that the enemy is merciless and very aggressive. They will charge you, surround you and beat you to death and on harder difficulties that becomes a realistic threat indeed.

The graphics of the game were very nice for it’s time. The battlefields all look worn torn and nicely designed. The voice acting was very good and the sounds are definitely appropriate. Effort went into this game and it shows. I would say that the main downside to the game was that it didn’t have the best story. I’m sure it makes more sense to the fans of Warhammer 40,000 who know exactly where this game takes place in the timeline but from within the game it was not as awesome but still interesting at times. The gameplay was fast, action packed and bloody.

We haven’t had the chance to play the multiplayer as when we got the game it was long after when it was released, as a result there isn’t anyone on multiplayer anymore, which is a shame. The game was said to have very good multiplayer though with multiple game modes.You could either be a Space Marine squad or Chaos Space Marine and battle it out in 8 vs 8 matches. You could unlock new weapons and armor to customize your space marine. There were three classes: Devastator, Assault, and Tactical. Each functioning quite differently from each other. Must have been very chaotic.

Overall Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines was a great game and still very fun to play at times. We believe ‘Relic’ did a great job with the game. Controlling a space marine is fun.

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Minecraft is absolutely popular and we’re sure that every gamer has heard of it by now. It’s the world made of blocks. Now this game straight away is for some gamers and not for some. Many say that this game is boring and that there is nothing to do. In a way, this was true; however Minecraft relies on the players imagination and creativity. It’s originally for the creative. We at X35 Earthwalker know that there is much do.

In this game the objective is pretty much whatever you want it to be. Do you want to build a house? Do you want to build a ship? Do you want to build a underground base or a tree top hideout? It’s up to you. When you start your own world you will have a map and nothing else. You could get wood from trees and then turn that wood into tools like pick axes and axes to get cobble stone and more wood. Then with the cobble stone you could make stronger tools and get coal. Then turn some wood into sticks and combine with coal for some torches. Use the cobble stone to make a sword. Then build a furnace using the cobble stone. Go digging underground and eventually you’ll find some iron ore. Then put that in your furnace and smelt it by using your coal as fuel. Now with iron, you can make stronger tools and even make armour. You see what we mean? As you take action, you will discover and find new things. Then those new things will bring about new ideas, in which the player will then take action and the cycle repeats in a way. The game is literally dependent on the player.

We remember our first moments playing Minecraft and boy was that fun and exciting. The most memorable moment was how scary the game could be when you was accidentally caught some distance from your safe home or shelter and it was turning night time. This was bad as at night is when all the monsters of the game show up. You see, during the day there are many A.I called ‘Mobs’, like cows, pigs, chickens, wolves and more. Most don’t hurt you and aren’t capable of harming you but at night, aggressive mobs spawn and they don’t think twice about attacking you. Such Mobs include ‘Spiders’, which can even climb walls and more to get to you, ‘Zombies’, which just brainlessly (get it?) walks towards you, ‘Skeleton’ which fires arrows at you rather accurately if you ask us, ‘Creepers’ which has to be the most famous thing in Minecraft. Creepers are mean creatures that chase you down and when near you they will explode in an attempt to take you with them to the grave. There are some more mobs though like the ‘Enderman’ who can teleport but when you only have a stone sword and no armour and then you see these enemies appear everywhere, making horrible noises and chasing you down, trying to kill you in the middle of the night, it can get scary. It’s too dark to see your way and don’t get us started on the infamous sound you hear when a Creeper is near and about to blow up.

There are 3 game modes in Minecraft: Survival, creative and story. Survival is the traditional mode of Minecraft where you must work for everything, you must mine everything and get everything yourself. Creation is where you get unlimited of everything in the game and therefore can solely focus on building whatever you want. Story mode (which isn’t free) is an episodic point-and-click narrative-driven graphic adventure where your choice and actions effect the story. Now X35 Earthwalker only plays ‘Survival’ mode as he believes it’s the main and proper way to play. Survival is the main game mode but ‘Creative’ mode became incredibly popular since it allowed players to build whatever they wanted with ease. It should also be mentioned that you can fly in Creative mode and do weird stuff like summon mobs and whatever you want. Be sure to try our all three and see what’s your favourite.

This is where some gamers get bored. They finally have all diamond armour and all diamond equipment including a sword. They have a big fort like house and a farm area for the cattle. They now wonder what do they do next. It;s up to you. We have seen many crazy and cool inventions. X35 Earthwalker created many things in his world. He created a giant fortress house protected by two huge walls. First wall is made of dirt while the outer wall is made of cobble stone. Underneath the fortress is his largest mines system in his world. He digged it out so far, lighted it up and placed ladders, doors and even a mine cart system within. Next two the fort is a glass pool raised in the air and lighted by glow stones. On the other side is a snow shelter (made from 100% snow). At front of the house is a redstone gate system operated by levers. Further up in front of the house is a large Igloo with a pool inside lighted by torches. In the center of the pool is an opening that leads down. If followed you come to a secret undreground netherworld temple with lava and everything. In the back of the world is X35 Earthwalker’s summer house, made of stone and decorated blocks with a unique underwater glass tunnel system. He even built a sky rail to take people from the fortress to the summer house. Probably his greatest creation is his sky village. A whole village built in the air over the sea.. He even built a giant hedge maze.

Our friends have built some crazy stuff as well. The point is that there is literally so much to do in this game. In another world we even built a giant lookout tower of pure stone. Thanks to updates the game survival mode got a main objective. The player must first locate a stronghold. This is where the end portal can be found. In order to find this strong hold, which is underground, you will need the help of an ‘Eye of ender’ to find it. Once inside and the portal is located, you must activate it by using 12 Eyes of ender. Once activated hop in to head to ‘The End’. There you will found lots of ‘Endermen’ and the feared ‘Ender dragon’. Lately, since December 19th there was another update which included so much stuff. Such things like:

New blocks: Chorus Flower, Chorus Plant, Dragon Head, End Gateway, End Rod, Purpur Block, Purpur Pillar, Purpur Stairs, Purpur Slab.

New items: Chorus Fruit, Popped Chorus Fruit, Dragon’s Breath, Elytra, End Crystal, Lingering Potion, Water Splash Potion, Potion of Luck, Tipped Arrow, Boats made from Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, and Dark Oak.

New mobs: Shulker, Stray, Husk, and Skeleton Trap Horses.

Updates to terrain generation:

Added new Tutorial world.

Added Elytra, which let you glide around the world when you are wearing them. Jump while falling to start gliding.

Boats are now controlled differently and can have multiple passengers.

Brewing now requires Blaze Powder as fuel for the Brewing Stand.

Updated crafting interface to allow crafting Firework Stars and Fireworks.

Villages now generate naturally in the Taiga biome.

Added Amplified Terrain option.

Added Fallout Mashup Pack trial.

Thanks to this update there has been new inventions battles and explorations for players. You could even try to take on the Nether and it’s Nether fortress’s which have dangerous mobs. The Nether has always been a notorious place. Other than from looking scary, there is fire everywhere, huge cliffs and drops, dangerous enemies like the zombie pigmen and the ‘Ghast’ which shoots fireballs which explode and set things on fire. Scary fact though. If a Ghast lands an attack on the nether portal you used to get there, it shuts the portal down, so make sure to keep your flint & steel on you at all times. Otherwise you may end up trapped in the Nether.

As you can see, it all comes down to what kind of adventure do you make for yourself. Are you going to explore random generated ruins in the desert or search the oceans? If you want more then you can always check out minecraftmaps to play some maps created by the community, anything from adventure to parkour to survival maps. There are even some horror maps. Minecraft has truly expanded. So now there is lots to do. Go build something. The developers, ‘Mojang’ truly made an interesting game. 

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Supreme commander 2 is a real time strategy (RTS) game that came out in March 2010, developed by ‘Gas Powered Games’. This game is one of our favourite RTS games and most likely the best one we have played. This game allows you to have complete control over your army and building. The name Supreme commander is definitely suitable here. The game features immensely large battles with a wide range of units for the player to use to their advantage. We still play this game to this day and X35 Earthwalker himself talks about how one mistake can cost you the entire match making it quite tense.

In the world of Supreme Commander 2 there are three factions: UEF, Illuminate and Cybran. The UEF are like the normal military with ranks, protocals and traditional units which look like modern day tanks. The Illuminate are more like an advanced energy based group that stick to themselves. The most peaceful. The Cybran look the most sci-fi and technologically advanced group with tube generated humans and even a mutated creature. In the campaign you get to control 3 different commanders who command, build and battle in an ACU (amoured command unit). A ACU is a giant mechanical machine that has loads of armour and one arm cannon. These things are rare on the battlefield since only commanders can use them. With the ACU you have complete control over everything from what you build, who builds and your army. The first part of the campaign is about the UEF and you control ‘Dominic Maddox’, who is UEF, and go through his story dealing with being on the run from your faction due to disobeying orders. The second part is about the Illuminate where you control ‘Thalia Kael’, who is Illuminate and start of by defending against an attack from Cybran forces. The third part is about the Cybran where you control Ivan ‘Brackman’ who ends up in an all out battle against a commander who has both Cybran and Illuminate units. The campaign in it’s self isn’t all that interesting to us but it did have it’s moments though with the connections between character and individual stories.

The main thing about this game is literally the multiplayer battle action. The wars in this game can be so large that you may lose track of certain aspects of the battle. Console versions of the game have a maximum unit cap at 200 while PC can have up to 500. Imagine having over 100 tanks to attack an enemy base while keeping your engineers building, while researching new units and creating an effective base layout all at once while defending against attacks and predicting all at the same time. It gets crazy and intense over time. There are three types of units in the game: land, air and sea. I’m sure gamers can guess what each are about but let us say this. Sea units like submarines and battle cruisers are very powerful and not to be ignored. A group of ships can destroy an enemy base by themselves. Each type has multiple different units. Some units are specialised as in they have one purpose only while some have multi functions like can do air dog fights while also performing as a gunship assaulting land units. You have units like the ‘P-shield’ which creates a shield that protects ally units from fire and artillery while others focuses only on shooting missiles out of the air. Specialised units are more powerful than multi task units at what they do. Each faction has their own units and experimentals so what faction you are and what faction your enemies are changes everything. 

Since there is so much types and many different units the amount of strategies One of the best things about this game is almost endless different situations you can find yourself in and endless different attack strategies you can throw at your opponent. As if watching the lands, sky and sea was bad enough, there is also experimental units that alone can wipe out your army. Experimentals are very large super units that have a lot of health, high damage and always earn attention. For example, the ‘fat boy 2’ has an ridiculously large range. When it look like you are a mile away the fat boy 2 can still hit that target, because of this they are one of the best at harassing your enemies and forcing them to make a quick move against you to save their bases. The ‘Cybranosaurus rex’ has incredibly large amounts of health and breaths fire on everything (except air), while launching mini explosives and missiles from it’s back. Then there’s the ‘Kraken’ which rules the seas with its tentacles which all fire lasers at anything and we mean anything not even air units are safe. It can dive under the water to protect its self from damage and attack many units at once. There are many experimentals so you can’t just really have one strategy and think it would work for the whole match. Boy are you wrong. If an air fortress shows up and then releases a multitude of gun ships, you might just die after all. However, nothing is more terrifying than seeing multiple ‘Monkey Lords’ approaching your base. Rumour has it that there is no stopping that

This is one of the main reasons that we felt this game was one of the best of it’s kind (Excluding all the hacking and glitch cheats) was because there were so many options on how to war. You could have over 100 hundred tanks swarm your enemies, bring slow certain doom to them by huge experimentals, bombard from the sea with your fleet of annoying ships, snipe the enemy commander with bomber ships from the sky, upgrade your ACU making it an unstoppable one man army machine, or just straight up nuke the enemy and everything they stand for. X35 Earthwalker even once created 5 nuke launchers and sent 25 nukes at an enemy base and their sub base. By the way, nothing was left. UEF are said to be more defensive and artillery based, Illuminate are said to be more rush and sniping based while Cybran are said to be more experimental hording based. Thanks to all this variety, scouting out what your enemy is doing regularly is so important, otherwise you will never know what will come next. Switching up strategies in this game is so easy and we love that. One minute your enemy comes with an army of air and after surviving that attack, you then find that you are being bombarded from the sea and if you don’t have defenses in place, then most of your base will be destroyed before you have suitable means to counter. Matter of fact you may get hit by an air force, seas force and some land experimentals but thanks to the options you can even survive and counter against that. This game has that many solutions and options. Never forget to scout. 

Matches would almost always be over an hour in length. The graphics were great for it’s time and the maps were a nice variety. You could do ‘free for all’ (FFA) on large or small maps or team battles. The two game modes, assassination and Supremacy make all the difference. In supremacy you have to destroy absolutely everything that belongs to the enemy players to defeat them and win the game but in assassination you only have to destroy the enemy ACU so sniping techniques are always going to be thrown at you, whether by a long chain of bombings from flying units, heavy fire from gun ships, teleporting units or the classical nuke. Strategies literally change up depending on the game mode. X35 Earthwalker does prefer assassination though as he believes the matches are shorter and feel more strategic when it comes to offence and defense.

Supreme Commander 2 really did do well at making the player feel like they had supreme command over their armies, ACU and even how and where they build, making this one of the best real time strategy games ever made in our opinion. ‘Gas Powered Games’ did an excellent job with this game.

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