Bomberman Battlefest is absolutely great. This by far the best bomberman game we have played to date. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect because it isn’t. For starters it doesn’t have coin battle multiplayer mode like Bomberman Generation on the gamecube. That was a great game as well.

Bomberman battlefest is great for both single player and multiplayer. If you are playing by yourself then get ready because the bots in this game are ruthless. They are smart in terms of using power ups and dodging your bombs. There have been moments where X35 has had multiple maximum fire up remote control bombs and was dropping and detonating them instantly but the bot was just going around an dodging them all, making it look so easy. The bots also have had their dumb moments like when you put a bomb next to one but that bot doesn’t move at all, like it doesn’t know what to do. This only happens rarely though. They also have evil mastermind moments as well. For example there was that time when X35 was minding his own business collecting power ups when a bot decides to pick up and hurl a bomb, from a distance away behind a wall, and it lands perfectly behind X35 trapping him in and killing him. Those bots aren’t a joke.

There are many different game modes which seriously mixes things up. There is: Battle, Zombie, Paint bomb, Capture the crown, Bankroll, Capture the flag and VIP. All of these modes can be done with teams so you and your friend vs two others or the bots. Some of the modes like Battle, VIP and Paint bomb are very simple and just pure fun while the others are actually very strategic. Who would have thought that Bomberman would be very strategic? Well it truly is. Especially Zombie, bankroll and capture the flag. We aren’t joking when we say that MLG ain’t got nothing on this. When you play with other people and you have communication with your team, everything changes. You have to coordinate your bomb planting and attacks to make sure you don’t hit your team mates and make them lose their power ups. Did we say power ups? They are the most important thing. At times, more important than the objective. Do you spread out the power ups amongst your team or do you have maybe one or two powerful team mates? Which enemy do you target. Who gets what role? Do you scramble for lost power ups or not.

We aren’t exaggerating. The amount of concentration required when things get serious is ridiculous. X35 has said before that a lot of times things get more intense in Bomberman Battlefest than Halo 5 Guardians and Gears of war 4. The hardest thing we ever had to do in Bomberman Battlefest was Team Zombie where on one team was X35 Earthwalker, Diamondz L45, N63 Prodigy and X7Earthenvessel vs four hard difficulty bots. This was the most difficult and intense match we ever had in Bomberman Battlefest. The worst part or should we say the best part was that we lost. It was first to five matches and the final score was 4-5. It was the final deciding match and boy was the communication flying. Stupid bots with their stupid computer calculated actions. It was all laughs and fun at the end though. We laughed at our silly mistakes and dumb deaths. Like kicking a full power bomb across the map just for it accidentally kill one of your allies in the process and then the enemies quickly scavenge most of the power ups that scattered. It’s one of those things that you just have to try for yourself. We will upload a video of X35 and some of his gaming friends soon on youtube.

The combinations that you can come up with in the matches are insane. Don’t just grab every bomb powerup you see. Think about it and what you want. For example you may want to grab the double it power up above another fire up. Double it is powerful once used correctly. Imagine what happens when you have two double it, maximum fire up, at least three bombs and the dangerous bomb. Answer is… complete map control. One max dangerous bomb covers almost like one quarter of the map but if you chain three together with the right spacing, you can completely wipe out all the enemy, especially if they are slow, while painting the entire map in game modes like paint bomb and zombie. Imagine that instead of dangerous bombs, you have cluster bombs. It’s more dangerous than the dangerous bomb in our opinion because you may forget where the bombs will explode from and when many are linked together and spread out you may feel that no where is safe and where you think it’s safe, it actually isn’t. Matter of fact X35 Earthwalker’s latest Bomberman Battlefest youtube video shows just how crazy it can get.

Overall this game is just absolutely amazing. It brings lots of countless laugh and fun. If you just want to play the game then you can certainly do that. If you want to go pro and play tournament style like matches then Bomberman Battlefest certainly has that too. X35 Earthwalker himself may plan to start actual tournaments with this game so be on the look out.

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