Dual Gear

Dual Gear is a new turn based strategy action game developed by ‘Orbital Speed Studio‘. It has been saids to be coming 2018 (year soon over) on the Xbox One, PS4, Mac and PC. This game caught out attention straight away. Hope it’s very good. Let’s take a look.

The world of Dual Gear is originally set in 2064  where powerful nations built the Gaia Belt which is the orbital energy station for receiving the newly discovered energy source. It was later attacked by terrorists after a test and the successful completion of phase one of the Gaia Belt in 2101. TEC deployed the orbital defence gear to defend and they were successful but the damage was heavy and even earth suffered from the battle. So TEC focused more on surface tactical units known as Dual Gears. Off course successful projects like that don’t stay at home but sold multiple units to clients around the world. Was that attack the last anyone will hear of the terrorists?…

Dual Gear

In Dual Gear, players get to control the Dual Gear units. The gameplay is off course turn based and you see everything in third person. You will control each unit separately, one by one. It’s a combination of real time shooting and quick performance cut scenes. This means players will need tactical thinking, good management, reflexes and awareness. Dual Gear has two elements that must be taken into account: action point (AP) and generator output (GP). All skills need action points in order for that skill to be used within that turn but they also need enough generator output to pull it off. The example given was a Dual Gear using a powerful weapon. It might require 1 or 2 action points during this turn but it will cost some Generator Output and if you don’t have enough, that attack isn’t going to work (it’s easier when you see it for yourself).

There’s more. Units also have a sort of health and shield system in place. The two elements here are: Armour power (AP) and Core power (CP). If you get hit anywhere then the armour power decreases for that part hit, like the right arm. If that hits zero then the core power will now start to decrease upon taking damage. If that part then hits zero now, then that part is destroyed. That’s right, Dual Gear allows the targeting of specific parts of Dual Gear units. Off course there are consequences for destroying parts of a Dual Gear. For example losing a right or left arm will off course mean you can’t use any weapons that arm wielded. If a leg is destroyed then that Dual Gear will not only travel at a much slower pace but will also consume more Generator Output (GP) than normal which also means using certain skills and weapons will be more restricted.

Dual Gear

So if an enemy unit spots one of your own it won’t do anything at first. If you start moving then it can and will fire at you. It stops firing when you stop moving again. This design choice was to allow players to not panic and think about what they want to do now. This means players will need to be aware of how much AP and GP they have before making any moves or strategizing. Management is key here so don’t be in a hurry or a rush.

Customisation is very detailed in Dual Gear as well. The options are of a wide variety. The Dual Gear is made up of five main parts. Cockpit, head, back pack, arms and legs. Each part can be customised. You can equip your Dual Gear with high weight legs which grant higher durability resistance to damage but this means less movement speed and more GP is consumed when moving. This makes you wonder about the different parts available. We hope there’s a range. Also you can customise the style. You can add camouflage, add patterns, change the colour to make that Dual Gear your very own. Also players can select an emblem. If you are going to fight at least look good while doing it.   

We checked out some. Gameplay and we saw different built Dual Gears with different weapons, weight, speed, attack range and more. Launch missiles, swing with blades and snipe from a distance. You can see how much Generator Output is being used and how much each skill will consume. When the enemy fires at you you can dodge attacks which is where the reflexes come into play. So far the action looks good and seems like a real detailed turn based strategy game.

Overall Dual Gear looks like a good game. The graphics looks good and the sounds are good too. The machines are very loud though so be careful with your speakers. The developers ‘Orbital Speed Studio’ did a very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to Dual Gear coming out. Now Dual Gear might have a lot of history but it’s history is nothing compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Serial Cleaner is a new fast paced stealth action game, developed by ‘iFun4all S.A.’ and coming out July 14th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This game looks like a little 2D game for quick fun but let’s see what’s really going on here in Serial Cleaner.

Serial Cleaner has the 1970s theme and aesthetics going on. Gamers play the main character who’s job is to literally clean. He cleans murder scenes. So the typical stuff like getting rid of blood stains, disposing of evidence, which includes murder weapons and off course… getting rid of the bodies. The developers mentioned that the key words for this game are: Experimenting, fast paced decision (even though that’s three words) and exploring. These words actually say quite a lot about the game. You must watch out for nosy bystanders and itchy-fingered police officers. Getting caught is an absolute no-no.

Here’s an interesting fact. Serial Cleaner uses Real-World Data to modify gameplay according to the time of day in player’s location. The levels take inspiration from actual 1970s murder scenes. The atmosphere and humor is said to be inspired by the Pulp Fiction movie and Fargo series. The game awards exploration. We checked out some gameplay and it’s safe to say that we were right. It’s a simple game meant for quick fun action. That’s it. Nothing to take seriously but something to give a go and have a laugh. Even the theme and style screams this at you. The mechanics are well done and work well so it is a good game but it really comes down to the gamers as to whether it’s their taste or not.

Overall the game has nice graphics for it’s style, the music is good and the inspiration behind the game gave Serial Cleaner and a nice boost. The developers ‘iFun4all S.A.’ did a good job with this game. Serial Cleaner may be worth checking out. Who here likes cleaning? Well we do like… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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‘Aaero’ is a new musical rail-shooter game developed by ‘Mad Fellows’ coming out in February 2017 for Xbox one, PC (steam) and PS4. From what I can see of this game, it’s clear that this game places heavy emphasis on music. We mean music is like the whole point of the game. It’s all about the in game tracks and the songs but still a shooter which would remind you, in a way, of ‘Star fox’ with the flying and the shooting.

You control a small drone like ship and the main aim is to stay on some light trails, which we think are called ribbons. As you stay on the trail the music plays and the closer you are to it the better your score. It increases and becomes score multipliers. This is very clever as almost everyone loves music and many love games so why not combine them in a fun way but more attention on the music. We can imagine X35 Earthwalker bopping his head to the tunes while blasting enemies away. You can even destroy enemies in tune with the music, so you will have to become one with the beat but you don’t have to. The ship we control seems to attack mainly by a lock on system and then firing. The enemies seem to all be other small flying drones and ships but they have different designs to them, which is nice.

Music is even the key to defeating the bosses we have heard. It’s like the tunes will let you know when is the perfect time to attack, again you don’t have to do it that way but it’s a big clue and help. The bosses are large creatures that should do a good job at the getting the gamers excited and their attention, like a large sand worm like thing that borrows in and out of the ground, a giant squid like creature that can be seen trying to pull a space ship below water (why do they always do that?) and off course a giant spider which looks the meanest of the bunch we have seen so far. It chases you. We are guessing that they have certain weaknesses and once found, should be exploited to the beat.

The graphics looks lovely in this game. It’s just so nice to look at. It’s colourful and bright at times. The particles and lights all work very well and just add to the game. You can tell that a lot of time went into this game just from looking at the attention to detail. The environments are very nice to look at. The graphic style looks like that special kind of material that people can sculpt structures and images out off. You can see where areas were smoothed and which areas remained rough. The style works. The music, well what can we say. If the rest of the tunes are fun and entertaining like some of the ones we have heard already then it will be great indeed. Just wonder what other music and tunes they have in this game.

From what we know, the game is single player but since there is a whole scoring system, we can imagine people getting really competitive and trying to hit that high score. This game does seem like it’s more of a casual relaxing game than a difficult and challenging one. We hope there will be a challenge mode or something like that were there are many enemies which you must fight while still staying on the light trail to rack up the points. Forcing us to rely on our reflexes. That would be awesome. The level designs look very nice and it’s like it takes you for a ride through the place. Some levels look like a city, some are like tunnels or mines while some just look futuristic.

This game is interesting and taking a new turn with the whole musical approach. X35 Earthwalker himself says that he wants to see what becomes of this game. The developers ‘Mad Fellows’ did a great job with this game. We can see that they worked hard. Keep it up and look forward to what you plan to do next. This game is worth checking out and most important of all… Do not forget to do the ‘Earth Walk’!

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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines is another game from X35 Earthwalkers past that he has recently begone playing again. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines is an action third person shooter video game that was released, we believe, September 6th 2011 for Xbox 360, PC and PS3. This game is part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and was developed by ‘Relic’. In this game you play Captain Titus, a space marine of the ‘Ultramarines’. A soldier who is well seasoned and a veteran of many battles already.

From when you start the game, you see a conversation by a screen with text. It finally mentions that they are sending the Ultramarines. You then get to see three Ultramarines preparing to start a mission. From the moment you see them you can tell that these guys aren’t your average troopers. They are big, well armoured, fearless from the looks of it and that they get the job done. They jump of a ship and literally land right into the action, aboard a large battle ship commanded by Orks. A giant war is going on between the humans and the orcs. Basically a huge horde of Orks has invaded an Imperial Forge World called ‘Graia’. Only an the power of an ultramarine will make a difference here. The humans are being slaughtered and backed into corners. Straight from the tutorial you could see what kind of game this was and it was exciting from the beginning. When you first start slashing up those horrible Orks with your combat knife you felt like a unstoppable monster. The shooting felt real good as the bullets look like they hit very hard, almost like explosive rounds but when you do your first execution of an enemy after stunning them, you just want to do more.

You have a rechargeable shield which we believe is best for protecting you against gun fire. Once the shield is down, your health starts to take the hit but if you want to regain health then you have to execute an enemy in brutal fashion. The main problem we see with this is that you have to know when to execute as even while you are executing, the enemy can still attack and harm you meaning if too low on health, you could die in the process of an execution which we hate. It is realistic if you think about it. Would you just stand a wait for your enemy to finish of your ally in style before attacking. No! We’d pop that guy in the head but it’s a video game and we prefer fun majority of the time. The melee system in the game is what really caught our attention as we are use to shooter games were you have the simple one click melee where you hit with your gun or fist and that’s it. As a space marine it’s very different. It’s Prince of Persia or Dante’s inferno with the combos. You can do the simple repeated melee strike where each hit does more damage than the last or you can mix it up producing powerful kicks, charges and even a ground pound stomp like attack which sends enemies flying back in cool slow motion action. The combos and moves also change depending on the melee weapon you have.

There are options for when it comes to killing your enemies. You are firstly introduced to the combat knife but soon later you will come across the ‘Chainsword’ a sword with chainsaw abilities. There is also the ‘Power axe’ which cuts throw metal and anything really with ease. Scariest of all is the ‘Thunder hammer’ which is a heavy and powerful hammer that utilises a power field. It makes you feel like ‘Tartarus’ from Halo 2, smashing everything and everyone. If an enemy walks past, you smash them. If an enemy is chewing gum, you smash them. If an enemy even looks at you wrong, you better believe you smash them. It’s that simple. Pick your weapon wisely for the fight as they do have their strong points and draw backs. The guns will remind you of ‘Gears of war’ with the d-pad to select weapons and how they feel, which is definitely a good thing. You start of with the ‘Bolt pistol’ which fires heavy rounds into the enemy but aim for the head for that extra damage. The ‘Bolter’ which is the standard assault weapon for space marines, firing explosive kinetic rounds in automatic fashion. The ‘Plasma cannon’ is the gun you use when something big needs to be put down quickly. There are much more weapons including a sniper rifle one as well. You can hold four at a time so have fun.

The Orks are the main enemies of the game and they are quite the enemy indeed. Orks are fearless, cocky and aggressive. There are two types of Orks to deal with: ranged and melee. At the start of the game you will encounter very small ones that rush you in numbers to bring you down. They normally work alongside the bigger, main Orks which rush you to strike you with heavy hits. They are good at making themselves a harder target as they dry to side step out of your line of fire as they make their approach. There are bigger Orks that carry a large club like weapon and will charge you down and try to beat you death with it. They take a lot of shots but you get rewarded with a brutal execution to finish them with in the end. The Orks with guns keep their distance and fire constantly at you with very good accuracy. They may show up from high places with the elevation advantage. Who said that all Orks are stupid. They are good at killing in this game. Eventually you will come across even more Orks or creatures that are used by the Orks, one of which is a little dog like creature that reminds us of the ‘Slogs’ from ‘Abes Oddysee’. They have explosives attacked to them and they will run at you, get close and go boom. Smart gamers will shoot them when they are near to the enemy to give them a nasty surprise. Never forget that the enemy is merciless and very aggressive. They will charge you, surround you and beat you to death and on harder difficulties that becomes a realistic threat indeed.

The graphics of the game were very nice for it’s time. The battlefields all look worn torn and nicely designed. The voice acting was very good and the sounds are definitely appropriate. Effort went into this game and it shows. I would say that the main downside to the game was that it didn’t have the best story. I’m sure it makes more sense to the fans of Warhammer 40,000 who know exactly where this game takes place in the timeline but from within the game it was not as awesome but still interesting at times. The gameplay was fast, action packed and bloody.

We haven’t had the chance to play the multiplayer as when we got the game it was long after when it was released, as a result there isn’t anyone on multiplayer anymore, which is a shame. The game was said to have very good multiplayer though with multiple game modes.You could either be a Space Marine squad or Chaos Space Marine and battle it out in 8 vs 8 matches. You could unlock new weapons and armor to customize your space marine. There were three classes: Devastator, Assault, and Tactical. Each functioning quite differently from each other. Must have been very chaotic.

Overall Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines was a great game and still very fun to play at times. We believe ‘Relic’ did a great job with the game. Controlling a space marine is fun.

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Outland was a game that we had our eyes on for a very long time. Years even. Outland was originally on the PC, Xbox and PS3. It’s a 2D dynamic platformer game. This game is awesome straight up. X35 Earthwalkeris currently playing the game and has nothing but good things to say about it. Basically you play a man who has the same destiny as a man from 20,000 years ago. Two powerful being called, ‘The sisters’, helped created everything but also wanted to destroy everything. They got imprisoned by the gods. The man from 20,000 years ago went to a place called ‘eternity’ to face them, wielding the powers of light and dark. Our character starts of with yellow/orange-ish lines all over his body which is the neutral colour in this game, meaning not light or dark. Things that are orange are neither light or dark. A bit further into the game you get to control that man from 20,000 years ago and there are some clear differences. The man has the ability to become pure light or dark (blue or red respectively). When light, light energy attacks can’t hurt him. When dark, dark energy attacks can’t hurt him either. Also he could only hurt light enemies when he is dark and vice versa. Up until that point we only faced neutral enemies. The next major difference is that our character stands in a ready to move position with hands by his side, while the man from 20,000 years ago stood like a boss, with arms folded everything. Bursting with confidence. Do we seriously get to become like this guy?

You travel through multiple areas. Starting with the ‘Jungle’, a lush quiet place filled with natural enemies like spiders and plants. Lovely looking level that prepares you for everything to come. Next is called ‘Origin’ where the player can reach all the other areas and the gate to where the Sisters are. The next area is the ‘Underworld’ where things are dark, dirty and not pleasant at all, filled with humanoid weapon wielding enemies and flying enemies that shoot light and dark energy. giant sized spiders we believe are found here as well. The next area is the ‘City’ and boy does it look like a grand city indeed. Ancient and super large. This place has multiple humanoid enemies, giant soldier enemies with large maces, flying enemies. This area has is also the start of tricky level design like moments when you have to switch between light and dark quickly while dodging energy and even while fighting. The next area is ‘The Sky’ and boy this is literally. You are high up in a snowy mountain and everything we have encountered before is here and worse. All enemies can come as either light or dark. Giant sized spiders and soldiers are back as well with a new enemy too. This level will frustrate players with how difficult the levels within this area are now. The last area is called ‘Eternity’. This place is where everything you come across and face is back and in full force: enemies, hard level designs, light & dark energies, giant enemies, and even mini bosses like that giant soldier with the sword and shield. Combine it all together with the fact that enemies can now change from light to talk after a few moments and you have ‘eternity’.

As you play through the game you come across power ups, which have to be bought using the coins you find and get for killing enemies, and abilities like a ground pound, smite and energy shield. As you collect them, you start to feel more and more like the man from 20,000 years ago and eventually you feel way more powerful than he was. Honestly at this point we feel over powered (OP) for sure. You get to create combos like  like to send an enemy  flying forwards, then uppercut an enemy in the air, then  jump up to slash and finish with a charge attack and if they are still alive then finish with a powerful energy beam. this game is creative and does it very well. The graphics in the game are excellent, the sound effects are relevant and on point. The scenery is well detailed and the music is great and perfect at setting the feel of the locations. My favourite music in the game is the one for boss battles. It really makes me feel that I am in an epic battle and believe me the battle are epic. The boss battles are my favourite part of the game. They are all powerful and large enemies. Each fight requires a specific way to beat them, encouraging strategy and all your abilities work on them also. The boss in the ‘Sky’ is X35 Earthwalker’s favourite and he even said that it was the most epic battle so far. Also each boss has an interesting background story which gets revealed after defeating them. If you want a rematch with the bosses then go to arcade mode and take them on again. Also the achievements for this game are not impossible ones and can all be done.

You will have fun going through this game; however the story could have been told better as we don’t get much except at the beginning and after every boss fight. Other from that we honestly don’t really have a complaint against this game. We would also say that this game should have more music with more obvious differences between them. maybe more dramatic music for some levels though.  The developers ‘Housemarque’ did an excellent job. Many big reviews sites, like ign, game spot meta critic and eurogamer, and gamers all speak very highly of the game and rated it high. This game is awesome and definitely worth checking out.

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