Gaming has been ruined. Yep. So beware. This isn’t going to be a long one but it’s a G Blog regardless. X35 Earthwalker is the smartest and wiser gamer of all time. He doesn’t even need to use a fraction of his intelligence to notice this. Let’s take a look. 

Many peopler have made videos on this or a similar topic. Gaming use to be so simple. You just had a console to play the games that you enjoy. Some consoles had exclusives and you bought which ever one had the ones you wanted or cared about. That was all. You played games after school, before bed or all day. Whatever. 

Things like reviews weren’t really a thing that anyone cared about. X35 Earthwalker himself never cared about game reviews. Don’t think he ever read one either.  All X35 did was check out the from cover and then read the back. Check it if has local co-op that kind of stuff and then bought it or not. Simple. You played the game and had fun. The purpose of games is entertainment. Simple. A bad game could still entertain you and give you good times.

X35 Earthwalker Xbox

Now we are in a world where too many stupid people care about reviews made by low iq reviewers. Groups like ign, kotaku and people like angry joe are some of the worst and they help ruin gaming. They are obviously biased, one sided and it shows. More and more people are finally learning the truth and seeing for themselves. Groups and people out here are clearing bought and paid by PlayStation. They showed their bias when the next gen consoles Xbox Series X and PS5 came out and they did comparisons. 

The biggest example yet was them speaking overwhelmingly positive about Spider-bug 2… sorry we meant Spider-man 2. Hundred of trash reviews and not one of them mentioned the bugs in the game. Even a hardcore playstation fanboy who calls himself lucas (claims he’s amazing) even called them out for this and called it disgusting. Those reviewers covered for Spider-bug 2. Said nothing bad about it basically and gave it 10/10 and high 9s. We did a podcast episode talking about this and more. 

But when it came to Starfield which is doing incredibly well, was attacked heavily. Many posts and tweets all negative about it. Every bug (Many caused by mods) was brought up, exaggerated and front & centered. This was called out and shamed. Of course the people whose side this all favoured… the playstation fanboys… defend it and love to see this stuff. ign even declared that quantum error, which is a huge failure and laughing stock on the internet as even a playstation fanboy youtuber refused to review it as they will have nothing positive to say about it. They score quantum error higher than the latest Call of Duty campaign.

Notice how Call of Duty is now getting attacked so severely and unfairly now that it belongs to Xbox. Things are just console wars online all the time. Sad individuals who want to see entire games and projects fail. So eager to make posts declaring w’s and l’s. Laughing and cheering when a game fails even when lots of hard work went into it. This is what gaming has become now. You get more likes and views for being negative than positive. Bashing games gets you more viral. Negativity rules. What a sad state for gaming. Can’t trust the internet, can;’t trust reviewers, can’t trust the fanboys, can’t trust the met scores, can’t trust the awards. Wow. 

What’s the final verdict? You can’t trust the lying game media and outlets, especially when it comes to Xbox exclusives. They will attack everything. Never be fair and do it all to defend Playstation. Just look at the pathetic game awards. Only the ignorant and foolish care about the awards but even this sham exposed the bias. Starfield got basically no nominations and hogwarts got literally no nominations. Rigged and fake crap. Gaming is ruined and you can’t trust these guys. X35 Earthwalker can be trusted though. Now idiots like ign and angry Joe can’t be trusted but what can be trusted is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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