Hello to everyone and happy new year. I, X35 Earthwalker, thank God that you all made it into the new year. Since it’s now 2018 I wanted to encourage everyone with some words. It’s the new year, so let’s start it right.

2018 already confirmed is going to be an even greater year and boy are we expecting many great things. We gamers have a lot to look forward to as well. Many big games and releases will be taking place this year also and off course new technology and more for our gaming pleasure but let’s also use wisdom.

There’s nothing wrong with gaming but do not let gaming become more serious than it’s intended to be. Games are for entertainment. Not something that rules your life or takes priority over real life important things in your life. I’m a gamer too and if there was a definition of a true gamer then that would be me. I came from a gaming family and was playing video games from when I was a child. I spend many hours playing games too so i am a gamer but I have wisdom to place limits.

Make sure to spend time with your family. Don’t be one of those gamers who forever stay in their rooms and only come out when it’s dinner time. Not smart and not healthy. Eat with your family and have some family time with them. It will greatly benefit you now and in the future. Don’t skip work or school for more gaming time. Your life is more important than any game (even Halo 6). If you have to study or be at work then fulfil your duties first and prove yourself as a good student who is going somewhere in life and a essential employee and makes a difference in the business.

Do not let games control how you feel. Don’t be a silly rager who smashes their good equipment like key boards, chairs, tables and worse your consoles. It’s stupid, bad for your health and a huge waste of money. Be the one who has self control and knows when to take a break or able to laugh it off.

Lastly, I am a Christian, born again and have a wonderful relationship with Jesus. I pray for many people, including my followers, viewers, supporters, fellow gamers etc. It’s up to you but I recommend you learning your purpose in life by seeking God. Know Hm for yourself, have an actual encounter with Him as I can guarantee it’s better than any awesome game. I say this out of love for you all. If you have any questions then please contact X35 Earthwalker.

Have fun blasting aliens, defending the planet, racing at top speed and fighting dragons in your games. Have an awesome year. Be joyful and have a good time. Push yourselves to achieve and do your best in everything that you do. Start 2018 right and with wisdom. 

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