X35 Earthwalker Age of Water

Age of Water is an Open World Adventure Massive Multiplayer Online game developed by Three Whales Studio and published by ‘Gaijin Network‘. Age of Water is said to be coming out the 18th of April 2024 on the Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC. X35 Earthwalker loves wonderfully done open worlds in gaming. Age of Water is said to be unforgiving… we doubt that. Let’s take a look. 

Age of Water has a simple to understand story. Ir’s post apocalyptic so you already know something big has happened and the world is in a bad state. The whole world is submerged. People live in settlements and homes they built on top of what ever is above the water. Survival is the top priority here. Platers control a sea captain. Lead your boat through a “unforgiving” world. Explore, fight, trade and mine.

X35 Earthwalker Age of Water

Games like Age of Water normally haver lots for players to do and a lot going on. Since Age of Water is also a MMO, we can expect co-operation with other players to help conquer the seas sort off. We hear there will be storms and off course hostile groups on the oceans. Expect to encounter people on small boats while some have warships. So players must pick their battles wisely. What we hope for though are additional threats but in the ocean itself. We truly hope there are actual dangers like sharks, maybe giant squid or depending on how real world they want the game to be, maybe something more fictional.  

X35 Earthwalker Age of Water

Players will get involved in trades. Sell some artifacts that you find. Maybe straight up take someone else’s boat for yourself. You can also build your own too. On the business side of things players should aim to mine the the resources found on the ocean bottom. Not only is it resources but it’s the way to learn some secrets and uncover the mysteries in Age of Water.

X35 Earthwalker Age of Water

We checked out some Age of Water gameplay and it’s what we expected. We like that some people haven’t given up on the idea of finding land. There are settlements for players to engage with. Speak with the local people and even take on missions. Of course a game like Age of Water must have bases. You can construct your own base in this watery world. There is off course technology to spend points on and unlock new things, including stuff like “superstructures”.  

Overall Age of Water looks like a good game so far but nothing has truly grabbed us right now. There’s definitely a number of things going on here. We like the ocean, we like a post apocalyptic world that brings in the feeling of one. We like the style of the game as well. Lots of gamers will like this and be drawn the world. Those massive warships are currently the most impressive thing so far. We will have to see more of this game though. The developers ‘Three Whales Studio’ have done a very good job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker might have to place a tracker on Age of Water. Now Age of Water may have a submerged world but it’s not deep enough for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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