Thunderflash is a new action adventure arcade shooter game developed and published by ‘SEEP’. Thunderflash is said to be coming out the 26th of February 2021 on the Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and PC. This game is coming with the old school style for sure. Ley’s take a look.

The story in Thunderflash is very simple. Here’s what it says, “The Kashmir is being occupied by a criminal organization known as Bloody Wolf, and your job is to make your country proud by taking them all down.” So you are dropped straight in the action with your gun. Firing at everything that moves. It doesn’t matter what it is. you see a squirrel… then shoot it. It shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Just one look at Thunderfash and you know it went for the old school 1980’s look. Pixels and everything.

There are two characters right now: Bad boy commandos Rock and Stan. That’s what they call them. You can either play Thunderflash solo or cop with a friend. Co-op makes a big difference for games. It’s a simple game. Just fight your way through numerous enemy soldiers, vehicles, explosions off course, drones and even bosses. Thunderflash does remind us of ‘Smash TV’ with the style and top down shooting but also reminds us of Contra due to the intensity of the combat. So if you did like either of those two games then there should be something for players here. Now off course an arcade shooter game needs lots of weapons or at least gun power ups. In Thunderflash you can get powerful weapons to use against the horde of enemies. There is also a boss rush too so when you beat the game you can face the bosses and show them who is boss (get it?). 

We checked out some Thunderflash gameplay and it’s what we expected for sure. It’s top down, running around, shooting enemies coming at you in squads, power up, try to survive and take down the boss. Arcade style, lives remaining, pixel graphic style, scrolling screens and of course explosions. Thunderflash isn’t something big and new or anything special. Just something a number of players will enjoy, either for old time sake or because the style is their type. 

Overall Thunderflash seems like. simple but alright game. You get what it says on the box. Just old school shooting action. You can’t get mad at it. We wish the game did look better graphically. We have not seen enough but we know what exactly it is. The developers ‘SEEP’ have done a alright job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to listen out what what gamers say about Thunderflash. Now Thunderflash may have old school action but that’s too old for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Tetris Effect Connected is a new arcade puzzle game developed by ‘Monstars Inc.’, ‘Resonair’, ‘Stage Games’ and published by ‘Enhance‘. Tetris Effect: Connected is said to be coming out 2020 on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. It’s Tetris, that alone should tell you what this is all about. Let’s take a look.

Tetris Effect: Connected is Tetris at the end of the day which means you got to place falling blocks of different shapes and patterns in places to fill up rows to get rid of them and score the big points. If you don’t know what Tetris is then you should be ashamed of yourself for the most part. We never cared about Tetris but we knew what it was. Now Tetris Effect: Connected is like Pac-Man Championship Edition 2… a bigger, better game with the same foundation formula but with new features, mechanics, more colours and more flashiness.

The Single player has been upgraded and levelled up. There are all new modes like ‘Zone Battle’ which has “time-stopping Zone mechanic” which can be the thing that helps bring someone from behind in the game or maybe in front. This shakes up the 1v1 battles. New features and mechanics means new tactics and new things to taken into account. There’s said to be over 10 modes in Tetris Effect: Connected so expect lots of things to do in this game. This isn’t the main thing nor what we care about that much.

What we really care about is the multiplayer as that’s the biggest upgrade in our opinion. The multiplayer has what’s called connected mode. This where up to three players can actually connect their playing fields together and play as a team. This team must do their best to defeat CPU bosses. A whole series of them and they keep getting harder and harder. So working together and doing your best is the solution. We don’t know if there is a difficulty adjustment for the number of players working together or not. 

Tetris Effect: Connected has the green badge of Xbox Series X approval. You know what this means. “Games built using the Xbox Series X development kit are designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Xbox Series X. They will showcase unparalleled load-times, visuals, responsiveness, and frame rates up to 120 FPS.” So expect 120 frames per second of Tetris Effect: Connected goodness.

We checked out some Tetris Effect: Connected gameplay and it’w what we thought it would be just more flashy. There over 30 different stages to play on, more than 10 modes. The effects don’t make things hard to see. It’s Tetris at the end of the day, so don’t expect any sticky plasma grenades. Our favourite thing is clearly facing the CPU bosses like that scorpion. Tetrtic Effect: Connected will have both cooperative and competitive gameplay which will be both local (old for that) and online. There’s options. 

Overall Tetris Effect: Connected is looking like an excellent game so far. Tetris Effect was good but this new game is even better. It has all the previous great stuff plus more. The multiplayer is definitely going to be the best feature of this game and we like the flashiness and work that’s gone into this game. The developers ‘Monstars Inc.’, ‘Resonair’, ‘Stage Games’ have done an excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see what else Tetris Effect: Connected has up it’s sleeves. Now Tetris Effect: Connected may have a new flashy upgrade but it’s incredibly dull when compared too… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Streets of Rage 4 is an arcade beat em up game and off course the fourth game in the Streets of Rage series. Many have been waiting for this game. Many. X35 Earthwalker is one of them but off course the greatest and coolest of them. Things are different this time around in Streets of Rage, in multiple ways and for the better. Many have talked or reviews this game (they did alright) but remember… a game hasn’t been reviewed until X35 Earthwalker has reviewed it. Let’s take a look.

Streets of Rage stories have never been complicated. They are always straight forward and simple. In Streets of Rage 4. There’s crime in the city, an evil syndicate is behind it all and the vigilante heroes go in to stop it… beating the crap out of everyone and everything that gets in their way. Simple. This time though Mr X is not the one behind it. He’s dead. It’s his children… the Y twins! Mr and Ms Y. So this time Axel, blaze, Cherry? and Floyd? with rage in their hearts take on the streets of rage. Yep, we got new characters. Cherry hunter (if you couldn’t tell by the name) is the daughter of Adam Hunter. Floyd Iraia is the apprentice and assistant of Dr Gilbert Zan. So no Adam again?…

The rules are the same in Streets of Rage 4. Keep moving to the right and beat up all the bad guys. Reach the end of the level and face a boss. Get enough points and you earn an extra life. Each of the characters have their own stats which can be viewed in the extras menu but you must unlock it first. They each have special attacks with a few like Blaze having an additional. There’s the defensive and offensive special attack. The defensive is like a ‘get off me’ move which during you’re also invincible. Offensive is normally longer range, travels a little and does straight up damage. Each character also has an ultimate attack. These require stars to activate which don’t come easy. For example, Floyd’s ultimate is him firing huge laser like he’s Cyborg from Injustice. Cherry is the fastest of all the fighters and the only one who can sprint. Floyd is the biggest and strongest but slower than slow itself. Axel is a balanced fighter with a powerful offensive special move. Blaze is also balanced, bit weaker than axel but got an additional special attack.  

Streets of Rage 4 isn’t a hard game but a fair challenge, unlike Streets of Rage 3. The difficulties are: Easy. normal, hard, hardest and Mania. Mania is as the descriptions says… unfair but it’s only for the masters of Streets of Rage 4. Familliar enemies like Galsia, donavon, yellow signal are all here and ready to fight. Matter of fact, enemies from different Streets of Rage games are all here. They come back as mini bosses, actual end of level boss or just strong enemies. Big Ben, the fat guy in red introduced in Streets of Rage 2, is back and he charges you spiting fire (somehow) just like the good ol days. Barbon who was a boss in streets of Rage 2 is back and also a boss. He still kicks hard. Garnet, the women who jump and kick you from Streets of Rage 3 are here too. The Muay Thai fighters are back too and they are worse in our opinion. There are new enemies too like Honey who we hate the most. Stupid enemies indeed. When there’s multiple of them, expect a rough time. Police officers including one with a futuristic shield called Murphy (robocop anyone?). Goro who really slows down how you play and is dangerous when more than one is present. There’s more.

The old techniques are there in Streets of Rage 4, like landing on your feet when launched or thrown. You can break grabs as well and even juggle enemies with multiple simple hits to lead up with a strong finisher. Let’s dive in a bit more concerning some enemies. Yes enemies have variations of them just like the older Streets of Rage games. Galsia is normally blue and the weakest but then you will come across a green, red and white version who have more health and more aggressive. Donavan has a green and red pants versions of them. We believe the green one is called altet, something like that. Anyways, the red ones can throw weapons at you and even catch weapons throw at them. The last version of them is called ‘z’ and they at times can have armour. Big Ben has variations. There’s Gourmand and Anry. Gourmand will always try to belly flop drop on you while Anry will roll for an attack like Sonic the hedgehog but only vertically. Watch out for these guys. These guys and others aren’t much of a problem really but it becomes a huge problem when you play in hardest difficulty. The character designs are excellent. Amazing. Majority of these characters were designed right. Their design says quite a lot about them. Our favourite enemy design is Diva, hands down. Her design from her clothes, to heels, to hair style all have character. Her movement animations is also excellent. Combine it all together and she’s tough, a boss, dangerous, sexy and got attitude. You need to beat her up first before she complies.

Our second favourite enemy design is Mr Y. This guy has evil crime lord written all over him, from the trendy stylish coat, to his hair and fighting style. He doesn’t back down, regardless and knows he’s powerful. He was meant to be a bad guy. What’s that? He wanted to be a chef, well too bad, crime is his life.  He looks good for sure. Our favourite hero design probably has to be Blaze. We feel like this is the best look for her possible. She’s got her jacket back which is a good thing. They went for a beautiful, sexy design but also she would kick your butt in many ways if you even try it on her once. Now some have a problem with her design but we think those people just need to grow up. Yes her skirt is real short but for what she does it’s actually practical. Look at her fighting style over the Streets of Rage games. She kicks… a lot. She does flips and jumping kicks. Jumping was her best stat in the very first game. How are you going to jump kick effective in a long skirt, you can’t unless it has a slit going all the way up to your hip. She can kick high if she needs to and flip. Her shirt makes it possible. It rides up when she does which is very realistic. We get it, some of you dads out there thinking, “young lady, go back upstairs and change. You ain’t fighting crime dressed like that!” We understand but her outfit is good, realistic and practical. This is coming from a martial artists with over 12 years experience. We don’t like Axel’s design. He looks kind of chubby now, like his six pack formed on top of the fat. He was a martial artist so why would he let himself go. Being a wanderer and searching for direction or whatever he’s doing doesn’t mean you stop caring. Wish he was in shape like Adam. Adam looks great but we can think of better designs for him.

Next let’s talk about the music. Streets of Rage games have always been known for their music. The boss music in Streets of Rage 1 is the best. You can bop and jam to it while facing the bosses. Streets of Rage 2 had two levels that we really enjoyed the music off. Also Streets of Rage 2 also has the best character select screen music, hands down. Streets of Rage 3 was the least of all the games in our opinion. Streets of Rage 4 has real nice menu music for chilling. You can get the Streets of Rage 2 character select screen music in the settings. In Streets of Rage 4 the best stage music of them all hands down is part 1 of level 2 the Precinct. Easy. If you say no, we will give you a location, meet us there and we will fight you. We aren’t responsible for all wounds you WILL get. Back to topic. Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and part 2 of level 9 had good to very good music. The others music was alright or not impressive to us sadly. Music in Streets of Rage 4 has build up music as in the music starts with a simple or unimpressive beta but as you go through the level the music builds up and extra beats are added and then it becomes something real good. We like that style. Level three hasn’t got good music at the start but then becomes something you can jam too but if you switch retro music for that level, it’s the boat music level from Streets of Rage 2 which was excellent. Sadly the retro music is better than the modern. We wish the developers did more concerning the music. The variety is definitely there even giving a more oriental music for the china town level.

Let’s now go over what we didn’t like. We don’t like that you had to beat level 4 before you can play as Adam. Adam was missing from both Streets of Rage 2 and 3 in terms of being playable. Then now in Streets of Rage 4 we got to play a bit to get him. Speaking of characters we don’t like that you can’t play as modern Shiva. If you look at the title screen you see Estel, Diva and Shiva on the front screen like they are a part of the cast. They have good looking character designs with their own moves but not unlockable. Maybe they plan to bring them in as DLC but if they at the front then either they are significant or playable. Simple. You might say they are there because they are bosses. Good point but Barbon, Nora, commissioner, DJ K Washi etc aren’t on the front. So yeah it’s not consistent. What we don’t like is hw the biker girls like Honey and the Muay Thai fighters have almost instant reflex hitting moves that can even joggle making certain sections practically unfair. The biker girls slide attack still hits you diagonally and forces you to save yourself by using special moves which drain your health and leave you in a bad state. What’s also disappointing is that besides the first thing levels like 1,2,3,4 the rest of the music isn’t great and the retro audio options aren’t good either. We was expecting the greatest Streets of Rage music of all time. Didn’t happen. The striking window or time for enemies to hit you remains the same regardless of difficulty.

The trick to handling Barbon isn’t clear like the other bosses. When he does his repeated roundhouse 360 kicks you are suppose to jump but it doesn’t look like that’s possible so you don’t try that. Especially someone like mFloyd who can’t jump high at all (sucker has 10cm vertical leap) the kick visually goes through his body but doesn’t hit. Also having the biker girls come out to join Barbon because you smash the bikes isn’t good either as you want the items but when you smash the bikes they come out. If you aren’t careful you will end up fighting Barbon and 6 biker girls at the same time. Adam had practically no relevance in the story besides his reveal which again is just bad. For some reasons Streets of Rage 4 on Xbox One has a shorter combo window than others. We watched some people including CoryxKenshin play Streets of Rage 4 (video below, watch when he hits the car) and we noticed that when they finished fighting someone their combo number in the top left hand corner stays for much longer, flashes and then shrinks showing it’s going to reset soon. That doesn’t happen on our Xbox One version. It resets so fast. Also when you hit the car in stage 1 that counts as hits and raises your combo counter. It doesn’t do that for us. Also if you hit cones, bins, water machines, whatever destructible which normally hide food or whatever under it, it also counts as a hit and even eating the food prevents the combo from ending. This allows you too easily get crazy combos. Very unfair. Where’s the section that allows us to play music from the game? They should have had that.  

Let’s finish with more good stuff. What’s cool is that the levels and dialogue make it clear that the Y twins respected their dad. Family love. We like how each characters special attacks are so different from each other. Floyd being technology and pure force, Axel having fire as usual, Cherry having abilities linked to her guitar and music, Blaze having what looks like energy and off course Adam looking like green flames with dragon shapes at least for the offensive special move. The effects look excellent. We like the additional information and stuff you unlock in the extras menu. Those are actually interesting stuff. The ultimates look fantastic and make you want to use them a lot but sadly you get punished for using them by getting a lower score as you get 500 points for each star you hold on to at the end of the level.The fact that you can play as one of the characters from the previous Streets of Rage games is a big brain move. You can literally go through the whole game a streets of rage 1 Axel. That’s big. Players off course loved that they did this. The story is simple and easy to go with including cinematic scenes. It makes sense and you just roll with it. We also truly enjoyed that there are hidden levels where you face old bosses from past Streets of Rage games like Jack and even Mr X. It’s like a blast from the past. See clip below for an example alone with X35 Earthwalker getting an out of this world combo.

Overall Streets of Rage 4 is an excellent game. It’s awesome. We are having so much fun playing it. We have beaten the game multiple times. Gotten the perfect and out of this world combo achievements. We still have quite a bit more stuff to do. Even mania difficulty can’t stop us. If you are a fan of Streets of Rage or new to the series you will most likely enjoy this game. We haven’t tried the multiplayer but it’s clear. Either play online and go through levels with others or battle against over players online in battle mode to see who has more rage in their heart. The developers have done an excellent job but there is room for more. We suggest you get Streets of Rage 4 besides it’s not even expensive like £21. Off course we don’t go over everything but the main stuff. Now Streets of Rage 4 may have great designs, music and animations but those would have been much better if they done… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Music Racer is a musical arcade game developed and published by ‘AbstractArt‘. Music Racer is said to be coming out the 29th of January 2020 on the Xbox One. It’s already out on PC though. So what stood out to us was the graphic style. So racing plus music. Let’s take a look.

So there isn’t a story in Music Racer. It’s literally just a straight up arcade game in terms of it’s all about the gameplay, that’s it. Now players control one of two types of vehicles: a car and aircraft (we think). Just travel along the track along to the sounds of YOUR music. As you go along you must hit the beats and get the rhythm. So literally just race along and chill to the beats YOU are playing.

The type of music that YOU select will impact many factors like: the length of the track, how much time you have and the movement speed of the player. So think about the music YOU select for each round.

Now if you haven’t caught onto the clues we gave you, then shame on you. Music Racers requires YOUR music to play the game as in your very own music! So players need to have music files like MP3, Ogg, Flac, Wav etc (at least the PC version required them). You can stream from YouTube too so you can get tunes from there.

We checked out some Music Racer gameplay and it’s what we expected for the most part. You are racing through what looks like a digital world with neon tracks. Move left or right to catch the beats and get that tune going. Nothing special but looks good though. There’s multiple colours and since the track is dependant on song, there will be great variety.

Overall Music Racer just seems like another quick, fun arcade game. Nothing serious at all. Just  casual fun. The graphics are good for its style. The music is dependent on the players taste. We haven’t seen anything that makes us want to play but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It does what it says on the box. The developers ‘AbstractArt’ have done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see what Music Racers will do. Now Music Racers may allow us to use our tunes but no matter what you bring, it’s dry when compared too… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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It Came from Space and Ate Our Brains is an arcade top down shooter game developed and published by ‘Triangle Studios‘ but also published by ‘All in! Games‘. It Came from Space and Ate Our Brains is said to be coming out the 28th of January 2020 on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4. It’s already out on PC though. Aliens wanting brains is strange. Let’s take a look.

It Came from Space and Ate Our Brains at first look will give players an exact idea of what this game has to offer. Pretty much everyone knows what arcade top down shooters are about. Run around, get items, survive while firing like crazy at the hordes of enemies that are coming after you. This is what’s going on mostly in It Came from Space and Ate Our Brains. 

Basically the story of It Came from Space and Ate Our Brains is that a dangerous alien race has shown up. They invaded earth and mercilessly feed on brains. Human brains. Players control a guy who is described as no-nonsense. This guy has two things in life: a weapon and a flashlight. For some reason the military is not doing well at all and everywhere you look, there’s chaos. You have to save the world again.

We checked out some It Came from Space and Ate Our Brains gameplay. There’s a campaign which has 6 missions, this whole game is local co-op and there’s suppose to be a whole range of weapons. There’s even special abilities too called powers. There are different modes like setting a highscore and survive for as long as possible. Just expect a whole bunch of enemies all coming for you as you make your way, so be prepared to fire… a lot.

Overall, It Came from Space and Ate Our Brains is just another arcade top down shooter game. The graphics are okay for what it is and the levels don’t seem all that interesting but there are some mechanics that does add some elements to the fights. So far there isn’t anything that makes us want to play the game or interests us. Definitely isn’t the best looking game of it’s type but it’s still a whole game that got developed through work. It’s something you must check for yourself. The developers have done an alright job with

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Tempest 4000

Tempest 4000 is the new action arcade style game developed by ‘Llamasoft Ltd‘ but published by ‘Atari‘. It is coming out the 17th of July on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Jeff Minter is the developer of Tempest 4000 and made sure that it stayed true to the original Tempest game. Let’s take a look.

Tempest 4000 since it’s staying true to the original Tempest, players can expect loads of high speed combat, lots of enemies and threats all while keeping an eye on where you are at all times. Sounds crazy but that’s sort of what this game is about. 

So from that it’s obvious that there isn’t much to say about this game we all should know by now what to expect. what we do know is that the game off course has a graphical boost. Expect all the Tempest 4000 action in colourful 4K resolution. There is also a leaderboard so you can see how your score stacks up to the rest of the world gamers. 

Tempest 4000

Like all other remasters/ remakes and whatever, there is new music with beats that could possibly get the head moving and maybe the shoulders (if you know how to dance). There are 100 geometric levels which is allot in case you couldn’t tell. Each filled with different enemies who won’t make this easy for you. Players can also find different weapons and powerups as they are definitely needed. Lastly there are bonus rounds which grant the opportunity to earn upgrades.

There are three game modes (they always do three). They are: Survival, Classic and Pure. Each one will see how good you really are. In Classic mode, players have three lives and given the chance to continue from the last level they completed. Survival mode is where you have 8 lives and you just go to go for a s long as you can. Pure mode is where you also have three lives but if there run out, you must start from the beginning. Pretty cool right?

We checked out some gameplay. It’s what we thought. All chaos and lots of high speed combat. Players will need some reflexes for this game and quite an amount of concentration. Players have to know what side they should be on, when to move and what to get rid of first. Some say, just listen to the music but that isn’t as effective here. Not a big fan of the graphic style though.

Overall Tempest 4000 is a very cool game. It’s not as great as we thought it would but it’s a good  at what it does. The graphics and good but the music is very good. The level designs are very good as well. The developers ‘Llamasoft Ltd’ did a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are not looking forward to Tempest 4000 but we are sure others are. Now Tempest 4000 may chaotic but it’s chaos is no match for the order of… the ‘Earthwalker!’

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Super Destronaut DX

Super Destronaut DX is an action arcade shooter developed by ‘Petite gaming‘. It is coming out the 11th of July on the Xbox One, PS Vita and PS4. It’s also coming out later on the PC and Nintendo Switch the 13th of July. Super Destronaut DX is tiger and crazier than before. Let’s take a look.

Super Destronaut DX is all about bringing back that old retro arcade gaming feeling. Straight away gamers can tell what old legendary game inspired Super Destronaut DX. Another clue? Some have called it the king of games. Now you’ve got it. Space Invaders! Just like that game, here players will be fending off against a horde of aliens that keep trying to reach the ground.

super destronaut DX

Now the there isn’t that much differences between the two. The aliens however are of a much greater variety here with very different shapes. Some look serious while others look silly but all are fun. Now developers building a simple game like this need to keep things interesting and show that this game is different, worth playing. Well there are 30 different challenges to conquer in Super Destronaut DX. An online leaderboard for the many challenges and scores. 3 different game modes which are: Time attack, Classic mode and Hardcore. Whenever we hear hardcore we instantly think of Dead Space 2.

This game is all about the score though. Everything is about getting your score as high as possible and being in competition with players all around the world. So that would off course mean there are different scoring techniques that gamers must be aware of. Super Destronaut DX also has 2 player multiplayer. This is always a great idea for games like this. The best 2 player Space invaders game we ever played was Space Invaders on the PS1. There were different powerful bosses, different types of aliens with different attack patterns and effects, and off course different power ups and some upgrades. Super Destronaut has different weapon types as well.

We checked out some Super Destronaut DX gameplay and it’s what we though it would be. Sort of like what Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 did with Pac-Man, basically the same thing but better music, better visuals, crazier and modern. We are really enjoying the music though. We don’t like the narrator voice (Barry Dunne). We saw the homing missiles shots, spread shots, explosive shots and more cool features. This game looks cool.

Overall Super Destronaut DX looks really interesting and fun. It’s basically what you would expect from a game like this. There isn’t much really to say about this though. It’s that simple but got content. The graphics and visuals are very well done indeed. Once again, the music is great. The developers ‘Petite Gaming’ did an excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing this game hit the stores and how gamers will receive Super Destronaut DX. Now this may be an upgrade but it still isn’t on the level as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Let Them Come - X35 Earthwalker

Let Them Come was on of those games that got very little attention from the gaming community. We at X35 Earthwalker enjoyed Let Them Come. It’s one of those casual games that you just play and don’t take too seriously at all. X35 Earthwalker has completed the game completely.

Now Let Them Come was causal but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have some difficulty to it. Matter of fact as you get past the first few levels, the game throws players into some brutal stuff. Already you are dealing with a mixture of spiderlings, grunts, danglers and shielders which in the right combination becomes impossible for new players to defeat. The game let’s you know that it’s hard but it recognises that and puts systems in place to help. For example if you fail a wave too many times you get the option to shuffle the kinds of enemies you will encounter hopefully to get a more simple combination or get a free power up from the start.

Now since Let Them Come is a game where you stay in one place and fire your heavy machine gun down a hall way of mercilessly approaching aliens this means that everything depends on your load out and the aliens. The skill required to play is very low, making it for everyone but the skill required to beat the game and master is high because of how simple it is. Some waves literally require certain bullets and items to support you. Now you have four equipment to focus on. Gun or character upgrades, items, grenades and ammo. there are loads of stuff to choose from. Some combinations and items are better than others. The waves will get brutal, especially the bosses.

The type of ammo that you use is crucial in the waves. some ammo are way more useful than others. You do not get unlimited supply for special ammo. Only standard is unlimited. Everything else you pay per bullet. No, really, you got to pay for each bullet. Best to buy in bundles of fifty. Now the only ammo we think is useless is the cluster. Simply because it doesn’t do enough damage and others do a better job. Piercing ammo will be your best friend simple because it allows you to damage everything regardless of which alien is in front. It also easily kills the shielders who can be a big problem when protecting critical aliens behind them. The most powerful ammo is dark matter which disintegrate enemies on contact but after piecing, explosive is just awesome as it destroys everything in with satisfying results. Other ammo like shock, frost and incendiary depends on how you play and feel.

Grenades can be the thing that saves your life in critical moments. Like with the ammo, there is a variety of grenades but similar to ammo like shock, molotov, freeze and black hole. Now mines are very different and useful. Throw them down and then decide when to detonate. There is one boss in particular where the mines come in handy. Now items or secondary weapons are essential. They are what protects you from spiderlings and crabs jumping on you or for that extra damage. You start off with the knife which get rid of enemies about to pounce on your head. Immediately you will upgrade to more powerful items like the baton or throwing knives. Throwing knives are very good as it’s extra damage and can throw it out there and keep shooting. The best item according to X35 Earthwalker is the Tomahawk which is basically a stronger and bigger throwing knife but at  slower rate of fire.

The bosses are the absolute worse. They are large powerful aliens that will force players to concentrate. There is nothing casual about these guys. Aliens like the Smasher sort of prepare you for how a missed opportunity can ruin everything fast. Bosses like the Blob will have multiple enemies coming after you while you must block projectiles while waiting for opportunities. The last boss called experiment 7 is one that forces players to use the riot shield otherwise there is no way of winning. Basically, the bosses are a big deal.

Now the negatives with to Let Them Come is that they they shouldn’t have had the cluster ammo as it basically is garbage. We can’t see a reason for using it. It feels like the developers ran out of ideas. Also the cluster mod is a let down completely, we tried it once and then never again. The charge mod is great only for some of the ammo like the pierce. Explosive is not worth it. The story isn’t satisfying at all. it’s so simple and sort of cliche-ish. The ending cinematic is also not good enough either in terms of quality now we are aware that maybe this game didn’t have a large team obviously. They aren’t Bungie and 343 industries. it could be a few people so we aren’t going to hang them for it but we do think that the ending cinematic isn’t good enough. The walking animation for the host alien is exactly the same as the walking for the main character when moving from stage to stage. Not a bad thing but we did notice. Lastly the power up frenzy is too weak. X35 Earthwalker himself got a perfect rating for Frenzy and it didn’t kill things as fast as as double barrell did in some cases. We aren’t exaggerating. When we have double barrel or double damage we feel like it’s slaying much faster than anything else. Except unlimited ammo explosive ammo. that’s destructive.

Overall Let Them Come is just a great game. it’s simple, it’s fun, it’s difficult. When you complete the game and can do another campaign but a plus campaign, the mix up of aliens are more dangerous, the bosses are stronger and more difficult. Anyone can play this game but not everyone will complete the game. it’s about getting your resources and buy-in or upgrading the stuff that will make a difference and get you through the wave. Change your items to suit the situation. Which ammo do you use? Should you be spamming grenades? Stuff like that. Also the idea of buying your items is just a good idea. This game is still worth checking out and playing. Now Let Them Come may be a good game but it’s no where near as good as the… ‘Earth Walk!’

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Assault Android Cactus

Assault Android Cactus is a arcade style twin stick shooter game developed by ‘Witch Beam Games’. It’s coming to the Xbox One the 7th of November but already out for PC and PS4. This game does look fun but let’s take a look.

In the Assault Android Cactus universe players control junior constable Cactus who takes on a task bigger than herself. Basically she responds to a distress call but ends up stranded on a space freighter. It gets worse. The worker robots on the crippled space freighter are after her as in going to attack her. She needs to reach the brain of the ship. She might find other fellow androids along the way.

Instead of lives Cactus uses a mechanical device that works like a battery. Like a battery it loses power over time. So Assault Android Cactus forces players to move fast, think fast and whatever you ned to do, do it fast. The battery drains very quickly over time. So expect bullets and explosions everywhere. 

There are 9 playable characters or should we say Androids. Each one has different play styles and personalities. So maybe stats like speed, damage etc. There are 25 stages in the campaign and they are split into 5 areas which are different parts of the ship. There is a mode called ‘Infinity drive’ where you can take on daily challenges and test your skills and might. It’s also here where you can get competitive with the rest of the Assault Android Cactus community. 

We know this game has been out for a long time now but we at X35 Earthwalker have never heard of Assault Android Cactus. We checked out some gameplay and Assault Android Cactus does look like a fun game. It is fast paced and the bullets are definitely everywhere which is what you would expect from a twin stick shooter game. Best of all about this game is that there is co-op action up to 4 player.

Overall this game has a good amount of cool stuff to offer. Assault Android Cactus did not get our interest or attention but we can see that it is a good game. The developers ‘Witch Beam Games’ did a good job with this game. Assault Android Games might be worth checking out. Now androids may run out of batteries but guess what never runs out… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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