Super Destronaut DX

Super Destronaut DX is an action arcade shooter developed by ‘Petite gaming‘. It is coming out the 11th of July on the Xbox One, PS Vita and PS4. It’s also coming out later on the PC and Nintendo Switch the 13th of July. Super Destronaut DX is tiger and crazier than before. Let’s take a look.

Super Destronaut DX is all about bringing back that old retro arcade gaming feeling. Straight away gamers can tell what old legendary game inspired Super Destronaut DX. Another clue? Some have called it the king of games. Now you’ve got it. Space Invaders! Just like that game, here players will be fending off against a horde of aliens that keep trying to reach the ground.

super destronaut DX

Now the there isn’t that much differences between the two. The aliens however are of a much greater variety here with very different shapes. Some look serious while others look silly but all are fun. Now developers building a simple game like this need to keep things interesting and show that this game is different, worth playing. Well there are 30 different challenges to conquer in Super Destronaut DX. An online leaderboard for the many challenges and scores. 3 different game modes which are: Time attack, Classic mode and Hardcore. Whenever we hear hardcore we instantly think of Dead Space 2.

This game is all about the score though. Everything is about getting your score as high as possible and being in competition with players all around the world. So that would off course mean there are different scoring techniques that gamers must be aware of. Super Destronaut DX also has 2 player multiplayer. This is always a great idea for games like this. The best 2 player Space invaders game we ever played was Space Invaders on the PS1. There were different powerful bosses, different types of aliens with different attack patterns and effects, and off course different power ups and some upgrades. Super Destronaut has different weapon types as well.

We checked out some Super Destronaut DX gameplay and it’s what we though it would be. Sort of like what Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 did with Pac-Man, basically the same thing but better music, better visuals, crazier and modern. We are really enjoying the music though. We don’t like the narrator voice (Barry Dunne). We saw the homing missiles shots, spread shots, explosive shots and more cool features. This game looks cool.

Overall Super Destronaut DX looks really interesting and fun. It’s basically what you would expect from a game like this. There isn’t much really to say about this though. It’s that simple but got content. The graphics and visuals are very well done indeed. Once again, the music is great. The developers ‘Petite Gaming’ did an excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing this game hit the stores and how gamers will receive Super Destronaut DX. Now this may be an upgrade but it still isn’t on the level as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Let Them Come - X35 Earthwalker

Let Them Come was on of those games that got very little attention from the gaming community. We at X35 Earthwalker enjoyed Let Them Come. It’s one of those casual games that you just play and don’t take too seriously at all. X35 Earthwalker has completed the game completely.

Now Let Them Come was causal but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have some difficulty to it. Matter of fact as you get past the first few levels, the game throws players into some brutal stuff. Already you are dealing with a mixture of spiderlings, grunts, danglers and shielders which in the right combination becomes impossible for new players to defeat. The game let’s you know that it’s hard but it recognises that and puts systems in place to help. For example if you fail a wave too many times you get the option to shuffle the kinds of enemies you will encounter hopefully to get a more simple combination or get a free power up from the start.

Now since Let Them Come is a game where you stay in one place and fire your heavy machine gun down a hall way of mercilessly approaching aliens this means that everything depends on your load out and the aliens. The skill required to play is very low, making it for everyone but the skill required to beat the game and master is high because of how simple it is. Some waves literally require certain bullets and items to support you. Now you have four equipment to focus on. Gun or character upgrades, items, grenades and ammo. there are loads of stuff to choose from. Some combinations and items are better than others. The waves will get brutal, especially the bosses.

The type of ammo that you use is crucial in the waves. some ammo are way more useful than others. You do not get unlimited supply for special ammo. Only standard is unlimited. Everything else you pay per bullet. No, really, you got to pay for each bullet. Best to buy in bundles of fifty. Now the only ammo we think is useless is the cluster. Simply because it doesn’t do enough damage and others do a better job. Piercing ammo will be your best friend simple because it allows you to damage everything regardless of which alien is in front. It also easily kills the shielders who can be a big problem when protecting critical aliens behind them. The most powerful ammo is dark matter which disintegrate enemies on contact but after piecing, explosive is just awesome as it destroys everything in with satisfying results. Other ammo like shock, frost and incendiary depends on how you play and feel.

Grenades can be the thing that saves your life in critical moments. Like with the ammo, there is a variety of grenades but similar to ammo like shock, molotov, freeze and black hole. Now mines are very different and useful. Throw them down and then decide when to detonate. There is one boss in particular where the mines come in handy. Now items or secondary weapons are essential. They are what protects you from spiderlings and crabs jumping on you or for that extra damage. You start off with the knife which get rid of enemies about to pounce on your head. Immediately you will upgrade to more powerful items like the baton or throwing knives. Throwing knives are very good as it’s extra damage and can throw it out there and keep shooting. The best item according to X35 Earthwalker is the Tomahawk which is basically a stronger and bigger throwing knife but at  slower rate of fire.

The bosses are the absolute worse. They are large powerful aliens that will force players to concentrate. There is nothing casual about these guys. Aliens like the Smasher sort of prepare you for how a missed opportunity can ruin everything fast. Bosses like the Blob will have multiple enemies coming after you while you must block projectiles while waiting for opportunities. The last boss called experiment 7 is one that forces players to use the riot shield otherwise there is no way of winning. Basically, the bosses are a big deal.

Now the negatives with to Let Them Come is that they they shouldn’t have had the cluster ammo as it basically is garbage. We can’t see a reason for using it. It feels like the developers ran out of ideas. Also the cluster mod is a let down completely, we tried it once and then never again. The charge mod is great only for some of the ammo like the pierce. Explosive is not worth it. The story isn’t satisfying at all. it’s so simple and sort of cliche-ish. The ending cinematic is also not good enough either in terms of quality now we are aware that maybe this game didn’t have a large team obviously. They aren’t Bungie and 343 industries. it could be a few people so we aren’t going to hang them for it but we do think that the ending cinematic isn’t good enough. The walking animation for the host alien is exactly the same as the walking for the main character when moving from stage to stage. Not a bad thing but we did notice. Lastly the power up frenzy is too weak. X35 Earthwalker himself got a perfect rating for Frenzy and it didn’t kill things as fast as as double barrell did in some cases. We aren’t exaggerating. When we have double barrel or double damage we feel like it’s slaying much faster than anything else. Except unlimited ammo explosive ammo. that’s destructive.

Overall Let Them Come is just a great game. it’s simple, it’s fun, it’s difficult. When you complete the game and can do another campaign but a plus campaign, the mix up of aliens are more dangerous, the bosses are stronger and more difficult. Anyone can play this game but not everyone will complete the game. it’s about getting your resources and buy-in or upgrading the stuff that will make a difference and get you through the wave. Change your items to suit the situation. Which ammo do you use? Should you be spamming grenades? Stuff like that. Also the idea of buying your items is just a good idea. This game is still worth checking out and playing. Now Let Them Come may be a good game but it’s no where near as good as the… ‘Earth Walk!’

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Assault Android Cactus

Assault Android Cactus is a arcade style twin stick shooter game developed by ‘Witch Beam Games’. It’s coming to the Xbox One the 7th of November but already out for PC and PS4. This game does look fun but let’s take a look.

In the Assault Android Cactus universe players control junior constable Cactus who takes on a task bigger than herself. Basically she responds to a distress call but ends up stranded on a space freighter. It gets worse. The worker robots on the crippled space freighter are after her as in going to attack her. She needs to reach the brain of the ship. She might find other fellow androids along the way.

Instead of lives Cactus uses a mechanical device that works like a battery. Like a battery it loses power over time. So Assault Android Cactus forces players to move fast, think fast and whatever you ned to do, do it fast. The battery drains very quickly over time. So expect bullets and explosions everywhere. 

There are 9 playable characters or should we say Androids. Each one has different play styles and personalities. So maybe stats like speed, damage etc. There are 25 stages in the campaign and they are split into 5 areas which are different parts of the ship. There is a mode called ‘Infinity drive’ where you can take on daily challenges and test your skills and might. It’s also here where you can get competitive with the rest of the Assault Android Cactus community. 

We know this game has been out for a long time now but we at X35 Earthwalker have never heard of Assault Android Cactus. We checked out some gameplay and Assault Android Cactus does look like a fun game. It is fast paced and the bullets are definitely everywhere which is what you would expect from a twin stick shooter game. Best of all about this game is that there is co-op action up to 4 player.

Overall this game has a good amount of cool stuff to offer. Assault Android Cactus did not get our interest or attention but we can see that it is a good game. The developers ‘Witch Beam Games’ did a good job with this game. Assault Android Games might be worth checking out. Now androids may run out of batteries but guess what never runs out… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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