shovel knight: king of cards

Shovel Knight: King of Cards is a new action adventure platformer game developed by ‘Yacht Club Games‘. It is coming out the 9th of April 2019 on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS Vita, 3DS and PC. This is the final campaign in the Shovel Knight: treasure trove saga. Let’s take a look.

Some gamers should know what Shovel Knight is about by now. You run around, collect treasure and attack with shovels but there is some changes here. In Shovel Knight: King of Cards Players control King knight. Now king knight has a different fighting style so he isn’t a clone or skin character. Basically king knight is on a journey to take on and best the current three kings who rule over the land. This isn’t a simple walk up the road as king knight will need to make his way through 4 new worlds. There are more than 30 courses too. Players better be prepared.

shovel knight: king of cards

King knight has a signature bash attack for destroying his enemies and a spinning strike. King knight is definitely a physical fighter. Shovel Knight: King of Cards has lots of in-game stuff. There are lots of abilities, weapons, followers and armours for players to find, collect and use to your advantage and become a powerful ruler. What else is new? Shovel Knight: King of Cards has card battles (big surprise) which are not physical battles but more mental ones. Players have to be strategic and clever to defeat their opponents and come our victorious. There are challenge stages, only for those who want to push themselves. There are challenges that let you take on the bosses again in a rematch. There are also platforming challenges too.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards is taking the retro approach. As you can see, the graphics are 8-bit style which we are sure older fans would definitely appreciate. Gamers aren’t done yet as there is a new game+ mode. This will give the players new challenges and there are more secrets in the world. So those who like to complete and get 100% will need to beat Shovel Knight: King of Cards twice. There isn’t really much we can say about Shovel Knight: King of Cards. It’s a shovel knights game, you are either a fan or not.

We checked out some Shovel Knight: King of Cards gameplay and it does look retro but definitely advanced. The music is very good and fits what’s happening on the screen. The graphics are definitely 8 bit styled and looks good. Controls seem simple and the action is simple too. Jump on enemies to destroy them. Spin and jump to destroy projectiles, bash through blocks, take on other knights and explore these worlds. There are hidden areas, hidden behind breakable walls. Some areas can only be reached by timing your jumps on projectiles to reach the higher area.

Overall Shovel Knight: King of Cards looks like a good game filled with action. There is some replay value and things look good. The developers ‘Yacht Club Games’ did a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are not looking forward to Shovel Knight: King of Cards simply because like the previous Shovel Knight games, it has shown or got anything that makes us want to play it. Just seems like another good action platformer but nothing special. This one is a good game though. Now Shovel Knight: King of Cards may have the king knight but that king is a peasant when compared too… the ‘Earthwalk!’  

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Super Destronaut DX

Super Destronaut DX is an action arcade shooter developed by ‘Petite gaming‘. It is coming out the 11th of July on the Xbox One, PS Vita and PS4. It’s also coming out later on the PC and Nintendo Switch the 13th of July. Super Destronaut DX is tiger and crazier than before. Let’s take a look.

Super Destronaut DX is all about bringing back that old retro arcade gaming feeling. Straight away gamers can tell what old legendary game inspired Super Destronaut DX. Another clue? Some have called it the king of games. Now you’ve got it. Space Invaders! Just like that game, here players will be fending off against a horde of aliens that keep trying to reach the ground.

super destronaut DX

Now the there isn’t that much differences between the two. The aliens however are of a much greater variety here with very different shapes. Some look serious while others look silly but all are fun. Now developers building a simple game like this need to keep things interesting and show that this game is different, worth playing. Well there are 30 different challenges to conquer in Super Destronaut DX. An online leaderboard for the many challenges and scores. 3 different game modes which are: Time attack, Classic mode and Hardcore. Whenever we hear hardcore we instantly think of Dead Space 2.

This game is all about the score though. Everything is about getting your score as high as possible and being in competition with players all around the world. So that would off course mean there are different scoring techniques that gamers must be aware of. Super Destronaut DX also has 2 player multiplayer. This is always a great idea for games like this. The best 2 player Space invaders game we ever played was Space Invaders on the PS1. There were different powerful bosses, different types of aliens with different attack patterns and effects, and off course different power ups and some upgrades. Super Destronaut has different weapon types as well.

We checked out some Super Destronaut DX gameplay and it’s what we though it would be. Sort of like what Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 did with Pac-Man, basically the same thing but better music, better visuals, crazier and modern. We are really enjoying the music though. We don’t like the narrator voice (Barry Dunne). We saw the homing missiles shots, spread shots, explosive shots and more cool features. This game looks cool.

Overall Super Destronaut DX looks really interesting and fun. It’s basically what you would expect from a game like this. There isn’t much really to say about this though. It’s that simple but got content. The graphics and visuals are very well done indeed. Once again, the music is great. The developers ‘Petite Gaming’ did an excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing this game hit the stores and how gamers will receive Super Destronaut DX. Now this may be an upgrade but it still isn’t on the level as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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