Thunderflash is a new action adventure arcade shooter game developed and published by ‘SEEP’. Thunderflash is said to be coming out the 26th of February 2021 on the Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and PC. This game is coming with the old school style for sure. Ley’s take a look.

The story in Thunderflash is very simple. Here’s what it says, “The Kashmir is being occupied by a criminal organization known as Bloody Wolf, and your job is to make your country proud by taking them all down.” So you are dropped straight in the action with your gun. Firing at everything that moves. It doesn’t matter what it is. you see a squirrel… then shoot it. It shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Just one look at Thunderfash and you know it went for the old school 1980’s look. Pixels and everything.

There are two characters right now: Bad boy commandos Rock and Stan. That’s what they call them. You can either play Thunderflash solo or cop with a friend. Co-op makes a big difference for games. It’s a simple game. Just fight your way through numerous enemy soldiers, vehicles, explosions off course, drones and even bosses. Thunderflash does remind us of ‘Smash TV’ with the style and top down shooting but also reminds us of Contra due to the intensity of the combat. So if you did like either of those two games then there should be something for players here. Now off course an arcade shooter game needs lots of weapons or at least gun power ups. In Thunderflash you can get powerful weapons to use against the horde of enemies. There is also a boss rush too so when you beat the game you can face the bosses and show them who is boss (get it?). 

We checked out some Thunderflash gameplay and it’s what we expected for sure. It’s top down, running around, shooting enemies coming at you in squads, power up, try to survive and take down the boss. Arcade style, lives remaining, pixel graphic style, scrolling screens and of course explosions. Thunderflash isn’t something big and new or anything special. Just something a number of players will enjoy, either for old time sake or because the style is their type. 

Overall Thunderflash seems like. simple but alright game. You get what it says on the box. Just old school shooting action. You can’t get mad at it. We wish the game did look better graphically. We have not seen enough but we know what exactly it is. The developers ‘SEEP’ have done a alright job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to listen out what what gamers say about Thunderflash. Now Thunderflash may have old school action but that’s too old for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Ghostwire: Tokyo is a new first person shooter action horror game developed by ‘Tango Gameworks‘ and published by ‘Bethesda‘. Ghostwire: Tokyo is said to be coming out in October 2021 on the PS5 and PC. Said to be coming out on Xbox Series X a bit later but that might change especially with the whole Bethesda being under Xbox now. Ghostwire: Tokyo definitely got our attention only recently. Let’s take a look.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is off course set in Tokyo (you dummy). You control a character who decides to remain behind in the city. What’s wrong with the city? Some mysterious major league disaster happened which resulted in 99% of the population to disappear without any heads up or explanation. There are clothes left behind though which prompts some theories but nothing concrete. You are here because a supernatural force, clearly evil shows up in the city. This could be responsible for what happened to the city. It’s the only lead you have. You aren’t here to talk though.

You are here to FIGHT! Remember? This force is evil. In Ghostwire: Tokyo you will be fighting numerous spirits, some are powerful but they al have their own supernatural powers. You must combat them with your own supernatural abilities or should we say “spectral” abilities. Also figure out what happened here concerning the disaster. Some Ghostwire: Tokyo mystery right here. Maybe this can be reversed? Strangely the evil spirits aren’t the only things here in the city. The ‘Visitors’ are here. A group, of what looks like losers to us, who wears Hannya masks. Another mysterious masked group huh.

In Ghostwire: Tokyo they aren’t just simple dumb mindless spirits though. They have variety and shouldn’t be taken as a joke (unless you are us… which you aren’t). We have three names so far: shiromuku, amewarashi and kuchisake. We’ve seen spirits that are humanoid and attack from the ground. Some fast and leap while other slowish like a zombie. Another looked like a flying pumpkin sack head which launched projectiles. We hope there is a bit more variety though for this type of action game. Ghostwire: Tokyo can easily benefit from having a big range of enemies to allow for a more strategic approach concerning their weaknesses and making more abilities more useful or even add more abilities. 

We checked out some Ghostwire: Tokyo gameplay and it’s not exactly what we thought it was but it’s awesome. The graphics are excellent. Like go look up footage of the food in this game. Very detailed. The city looks very cool and dark. The effects and supernatural visual stuff happening is excellent and we like the smoothest of the combat and the creativity in the powers from fire blasts, to melt based attacks and the mobility. Ghostwire: Tokyo is looking quite special right now. It’s dark and horror but you get to fight back for real and that’s good. 

Overall Ghostwire: Tokyo looks fantastic. We truly hope they expand and capitalise on the world they have here to bring out a bunch of new stuff that keeps things new, exciting and fresh. The developers ‘Tango Gameworks’ have done a fantastic job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to this game and will keep our eyes out for sure. Now Ghostwire: Tokyo may have the supernatural going on but it’s supernatural is only child’s play compared to the supernatural of… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Dustborn is a new action adventure game developed by ‘Red Thread Games‘ and published by ‘Quantic Dream‘. Dustborn is said to be coming out 2021 on the Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC. This game has a very cool concept in it but even so, it has to prove itself to us as we are getting a certain image from this game. Let’s take a look.

Dustborn is set in the year 2030. You are in the United States of America but you can’t call it united anymore. Things are very different. There was a specific and big broadcast that took place 30 years ago (so 2000) that changed everything but the sounds of it. You controlPax. She’s an outcast, a con artist and ex convict. So basically a very nice girl who you bring to meet your parents. She’s got a mission, to bring a certain package across America to Nova Scotia. She’s on a journey. A road trip you can call it. She can’t do this alone, especially being four months pregnant. Is there anything NOT going on in her life?! She will meet others who will join her on this journey. 

Dustborn has been described as “third-person, single-player, story-driven, road-tripping action-adventure about hope, love, friendship, robots — and the power of words.” Dustborn is already making us quite concerned. From the description of the game to the design of the characters. It’s giving us that new marvel comics horrible forced agenda character designed feel. Now Dustborn isn’t in that league at all but it’s the feeling we are getting. Instead of writing this game off, we decided to look in and see what’s going on and the main things that made our ears open is their concept concerning words. The power of words. So don’t just write this game off. Just check it out first. It’s doing it’s own thing.

Now the power of words. They say that words have power… actual power. You can use your words to attack enemies, manipulate characters and change things. Another thing inspired by the Bible, as it teaches about he real power of words and it’s impact on people and the world but off course no one is giving credit to the Bible. In Dustborn you can use words to literally attack enemies and literally manipulate peoples thinking and ideas. We saw pax, with the large word “Move” forcefully shove a group of soldiers away, knocking them all down. There are NPCs in the Dustborn world that you can talk to but by using your words, you can completely change things. If it’s not clear, Pax has powers but they are fuelled by ‘disinformation’. Interesting.


Your crew is the interesting thing. Like just look at them. It took us just one look to understand what’s going on. There’s a robot for crying out loud and a very large woman with the typical nose ring. She’s bigger than everyone in the crew. Then you got Johnny slick hair with a mechanical hand. Looks like he ran away from a wealthy home or was part of a criminal group. The designs are saying something. Yes that’s right. Robots are moving about, talking and doing their thing. Even the robot has a story. Each character has their own story and what they are running away from. So make sure to listen to them, learn and keep the information in the files within your head. You must manage your crew too so what you say to them and how they interact each other does matter. Do your job as a leader.

This road trip is not a normal one in case you couldn’t tell. You will reach and explore a whole number of places. There’s a decommissioned school in Nevada for gifted children. There’s a former government re-education camp in Oregon. A weird great plains exclusion Zone and even robot factories in Detroit. There’s a whole lot of “pit-stops across America”. Exploration is important, especially to understand the history of America in Dustborn. The civil war that took place. The different factions and ideologies that are going on. Information maybe of the army that’s chasing you guys. Just remember, you are posing as a rock band.  

We checked out some Dustborn gameplay and it’s mostly what we thought it would be. At first we thought their wouldn’t be any real combat but there is actual engagements with the enemy. The game is described as if you will have options when it comes to your crew and recruitment but there really isn’t any. It’s the set people. We like that this is quite the adventure. We like that the world is quite active but our favourite is the concept surrounding words and their effects. Hopefully gamers playing this will rethink their view on words and their impact on things and people.

Overall Dustborn looks like a good game. It’s big and clearly doing it’s own thing with different approaches, from the cast of characters to the unique concept concerning words. We’ve seen this graphic style before and it normally works just fine, like here. We do like the environments too. It’s sort of comical in a way too.  This game looks like it has a big story to tell with twists, especially with Pax, the main character. The developers ‘Red Thread games’ have done a good so far. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see what happens with Dustborn. Now Dustborn may have a road trip across America but that’s truly a small journey compared to… the ‘Earth walk!’

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Tunnel of Doom is a new action rouge-lite tower defence hybrid game developed by ‘Antti Vaihai’ ad published by ‘Digerati‘. Tunnel of Doom is said to be coming out in the second quarter of 2021 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. This looks like another little indie game with some action. Let’s take a look. 

Tunnel of Doom has a very simple story but one you can understand. You play as a woman called Angel. She is on an adventure to save her husband. So reverse Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. The wife is saving the husband and she is willing to go through a lot to rescue him. Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing (proverbs 18:22). She will go through a mine which has randomly generated layouts every time she progresses. She’s armed and ready for what comes her way in the… Tunnel of Doom.

Now these aren’t ordinary mines in Tunnel of Doom as there are monsters and dangers all in there not afraid to take her out (not to dinner). This is here the action tower defence part comes into play. Each ear in the mine is randomly generated including the resources, perks and what’s at your disposal to combat the hordes of enemies. You can set up obstacles like barricades and offensive contraptions like cannons. Plan before you face the horde. Now how they will enter and move, then set up to counter and give yourself the best chance possible to survive. 

As for the action part in Tunnel of Doom, Angel can also fight by herself too. This reminds us of Dungeon Defenders (an awesome game) where you set up towers and defences but your character can also go into the field and fight toe to toe with the enemies. Same principle. Angel can have both ranged and melee attacks. You and leap across gaps to traverse the room, smash boulders with your pick axe to get resources, action roll like in dark souls to smash pots or quickly evade… maybe. The roll looks real weak though. Also make sure to stack up on money too as there are beings that sell items like a shop. So grab what you need. Use everything to your advantage. 

Here is some information concerning Tunnel of Doom from their page:

  • Find Perks: Better traps. Improved weapons. More resources. There are 50 perks to discover, each offering an array of stat boosts and gameplay tweaks.
  • Dream Mode: Escape the mine to unlock this new, endless challenge.
  • Weapon Combat: If your revolver or rifle ammo is running low… improvise! Throw rocks or glass. Swing your pickaxe. Break out the TNT. Do what it takes to avoid being mobbed by the monsters!
  • Randomly Generated: The layout of the mine, perks, and monster battles change with each new game, meaning every run is different! 
  • Set Traps: It’s you against the hordes! Boost your chances of success and survival by strategically positioning cannons and barricades before battles begin.
  • Gather Resources: Smash lamps. Destroy crates. Blow up rocks. Search the mine for materials that can be used as makeshift weapons or ammunition for traps.

We checked out some Tunnel of Doom gameplay and it’s what we thought it would be for the most part. We expected the graphic style but didn’t expect the mining aspect of the game. We like that the character is completely involved in the action. We like that you can improvise too… to some extent. For example you can hurl rocks at the enemies to harm them or even throw glass at them too. Your dynamites can be used as weapons too which makes sense. The enemies do not look scary at all. Feel like we can solo punch them to death. 

Overall Tunnel of Doom looks like another good indie game. We don’t think the did the rouge-lite tower defence hybrid blended perfectly together but Tunnel of Doom did it well still. Not a fan of the graphics and the animations are alright. Tunnel of Doom might have a tough time on release but we hope things change. The developers ‘Antti Vaihai’ have done an alright job with Tunnel of Doom. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to hear where this tunnel leads. Now Tunnel of Doom may have a hybrid going on but even combined it isn’t comparable to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Hunting Simulator 2 is a hunting action simulation game developed by ‘Neopica‘ and published by ‘Nacon‘. Hunting Simulator 2 is said to be coming out 2021 on the Xbox Series X and PS5 but it’s already out on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC. Going out to hunt your some deer sounds like fun. Let’s take a look.

Hunting Simulator 2 is exactly what you think it is. You are literally going hunting. Heading out into the forest, walking around, crouching, hiding and looking out for animals or whatever prey you seek. That’s what this game is. Like hunting in real life though, there can be some dangers to man. For example, what if you come across a bear? Wouldn’t you know what to do? Would you be attacked? That’s for you to find out.

We have never played hunting simulator games before nor have we cared about them and the same goes for flying simulators. It’s not because we think they are bad… no, it’s simply because it’s not our type of game. We do know that in Hunting Simulator 2 you are working together with your hunting dog. Dogs… a man’s best friend they say but seriously the dog will be a very useful ally in the hunt. You must select your gear for the hunt from “the best official weapons and accessories”. In context they must mean the best hunting specific weapons and not the best weapons in the world; otherwise you would have the option of a heavy machine gun. That would make hunting interesting. 

There’s some variety to the hunting locations in Hunting Simulator 2 as there is the texan desert, Colorado and the forest of Europe, all large areas. You’re a travelling hunter by the looks of it. Your hunting dog capable of tracking your targets. Also there are types of hunting dogs, like beagle, labrador retriever and German shorthaired pointer and the type matters as they have their own hunting attributes. So there’s quite a bit of stuff to think about before heading out into the vast wild. Hey! Is that a moose over there? We eating good tonight.

We checked out some Hunting Simulator 2 gameplay and it’s what we expected. Lush environments or dry environments, forests or deserts off course. A loyal well trained dog to back you up and just enjoying the hunt. There’s 33 different animal species for players to hunt. There’s over 160 accessories, weapons and clothing items to choose from and equip. Also they are brands like kryptek, winchester, verney-carron, browning and bushnell. So hunters out there might really like this. It’s hunting, what else can we say but the fact that the frames, visuals and performance will be much better now that it is coming to the next gen consoles, especially the Xbox Series X.

Overall Hunting Simulator 2 looks like a very good game for what it is. You are going hunting. You are working with a dog to hunt down your prey. Many different weapons, items, equipment and more. Multiple locations and hopefully some dangers. You hunt. What else? The developers ‘Neopica’ have done a good job. Now hunting simulator 2 might be the real hunt but it’s a complete walk in the par for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Curse of the Sea Rats is a new action adventure game developed by ‘Petoons Studio‘ and published by ‘PQube Limited‘. Curse of the Sea Rats is said to be coming out in the year 2021 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and PC. Curse of the Sea Rats has got an interesting twist going on here. Let’s take a look.

In Curse of the Sea Rats some weird stuff happened. A group of heroes, through magic, got transformed into rats. Flora Burn is the evil witch that did this. So now Douglas, Buffalo, Akane, and Bussa, as rats, must continue their mission to rescue the admirals son… but also to break the curse and go back to their original form. That’s important because who wants to be a rat? If you said yes, then close this page and unsubscribe (just joking).

Now Curse of the Sea Rats has also been described as a metroidvania game which means expect to use a map frequently, search for abilities and power ups to Be able to access new areas you couldn’t go before. Exploration will be key so don’t get lazy. metroidvania games require time and good observation skills. There has to be secrets. What game like this doesn’t have secrets? Just think about the collectibles you’ll have to find. The developers need to make it worth collecting them and feel good getting them. 

There are off course boss battles but this is a rat game, expect enemies that are around your size. We have seen a fat rat guy called fatso who uses barrels for his mobility and projectile attacks. There was even a Dracula rat dude who uses bats to hopefully not drink your blood. We even saw a large crab that definitely wants to crush you. There’s definitely more and games like this need many Boses of variety for epic battles. Hopefully they have the right music to go with it.

We checked out some Curse of the Sea Rats gameplay and it’s sort of what we expected. This game has hand drawn animations and they look good. There’s also what looks like 4 characters to choose from who are: David Douglas, buffalo calf, bussa and akane yamakawa. We say “looks like” because sometimes games like this have means to unlock hidden characters. This might be the case here in Curse of the Sea Rats. We saw that you can grab ledges, there’s combos for your attacks and there’s even a dash ability which can also be used in the air like with Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The characters have different weapons and combat styles with Bussa seeming to prefer his fists and physical strength over weapons. There is also special moves that can even clear a whole screen.

Overall Curse of the Sea Rats looks like it’s going to be a good game. Since it’s rats, we don’t have high expectations or expect the craziest things t show up or happen. Seeing their original human form would be cool though. Play the game to find out. The graphics are good for the times The developers ‘Petoons Studio’ have done a good job on this game and it’c clear hard work went into it. We at X35 Earthwalker don’t like rats so we might get biased with these characters. Now Curse of the Sea Rats may have rats but even they would be exterminated by… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps is an action, adventure platformer game developed by ‘Moon Studios‘ and published by ‘Xbox Game Studios‘. Ori and the Will of the Wisps came out in 2020 so it is new. It is an Xbox launch exclusive but later came unto the Nintendo Switch. By the way Ori and the Will of the Wisps is perfect for Nintendo Switch. We wanted to write about this game and give our views on it since we are the best after all. Let’s take a look.

Now straight away let’s just say that Ori and the Will of the Wisps is one of the best games ever made and we aren’t crazy for saying this. So many critics and reviewers have overwhelmingly rated Ori and the Will of the Wisps incredibly high. Here’s some examples: Games Beat – 98/100, The Games Machine – 9.8/10 and two gave perfect scores: Daily Star – 5/5 and Hardcore Gamer – 5/5. The lowest is 9/10 and the average is like 9.5/10. There was one reviewer which was clearly biased in favour of the PlayStation gave it a 8.5 so we don’t count or care about that reviewer. So overall everyone believes Ori and the Will is an excellent game with some saying it’s a perfect game. 

Let’s keep this simple. The first thing about Ori and the Will of the Wisps is most likely the best looking game ever made. It’s graphics and visuals are completely fantastic. It really looks that darn good. No exaggeration. Everyone we know who has seen this game is instantly impressed and calls everything beautiful. Especially in the Luma Pools area where the true beauty really shines. We dare you to look at the Luma Pools and say you wouldn’t want to go there (except for the dangers in that area). There are very amazing looking games like Tetris Effect: Connected, Final Fantasy XV, Outland, indivisible etc but Ori and the Will of the Wisps beats them all. Just look at the particle effects. Ori and the Will of the Wisps has the best looking particle effects too. The Tower knight in the new demon’s souls remake has amazing particle effects on his magic blue projectile attack but Ori and the Will of the Wisps looks better than that easily. When it comes to graphics, visuals, particle effects, fanciness and even frame rates, Ori and the Will of the Wisps scores perfectly. Take into account that X35 Earthwalker played Ori and the Will of the Wisps on the Xbox One only. Ori and the Will of the Wisps has an improved next gen version for the Xbox Series X where frame rates and graphics and performance is even better.

The next things is the locations in the game. Ori and the Will of the Wisps has been described as an indie game as it isn’t large at all but there’s big areas in this game. There’s a good variety here. You have: Willow’s end, Windswept wastes (which contains Windtorn ruins), Silent woods (not to be confused with David Wood), Kwolok’s hollow, Inkwater marsh, Wellspring glades, Luma pools, The Wellspring, Baur’s reach and Midnight burrows and Mouldwood depths. That’s 12 areas. Each area is very different from each other and some have their own environmental themes that effect things. For example in mould wood depths there is darkness which will straight up kill you if you stay in it for at least 4 seconds. Baur’s reach being the far north and cold some enemies and objects are frozen solid and need to be thawed out. Luma pools obviously since it’s in the name has loads of water, so managing your air meter getting air is crucial.  

Let’s talk about the controls and combat since they go hand in hand in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The controls are very smooth. Not once have we had control issues. Everything is very responsive and works well. Every command comes out and works. The only time a jump doesn’t come out or a certain ability is because the player doesn’t understand the mechanics and how many times you can perform an action in a row. Now this matters because it makes a difference in combat. Ori and the Will of the Wisps has superb combat. Some enemies require footsies to beat and avoid damage. Not joking, footsies sort of like a fighting game as some bigger enemies like Gorleks will try to do a big hit against you even while you are hitting them and so you have to dodge in time. You will find the dash ability which is so strong as it’s excellent for mobility and travelling quickly and better for dodging attacks almost instantly. The dash is just that good. You will unlock the double jump and maybe get the triple jump. There’s a grapple ability which when upgraded can be used to grapple to enemies and not just grapple points, there’s also a bash ability where you can do a bash of an enemy to knock them away or just propel yourself. When you combine, double, triple jump, dash, grapple and bash, with your attacks you can end up doing many combinations and string moves together to keep attacking, dodging and wiping out enemies even without touching the floor. The responsive controls makes all the difference here. 

Next let’s talk about the abilities and upgrades here in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. There’s so many of them and they are mostly useful and powerful. Some abilities are found through the story of the game and you have no choice but to find them like ‘Light burst’ while others like ‘Sentry’ can be learned from a specific character for a price. Let’s quickly go through the abilities: Spirit edge which is basically a light sword for melee damage. Regenerate which is where you can use your energy to recover health. Spirit arc is basically your bow for shooting light arrows. Blaze is an area of effect flame burst from the center of Ori’s body to set enemies on fire but when fully charged it’s full screen. Sentry is an automated 360 degrees turret. Spike is basically a big spear headed projectile that hits the hardest of all your weapons and when upgraded explodes. Spirit smash is basically a powerful spirit hammer attack with high knockback. Flash is basically an aura sphere of light that is damaging to enemies and ‘lightens’ things up. Light burst is an arc throwable fireball that sets enemies alight and can be used to melt stuff. Those are the offensive abilities. 

Next is the shards. These are just things you can find or earn and they grant even more abilities, either passive, active or change the way Ori or an ability works. There’s a shard that allows you to rapid fire your spirit arc bow. There’s another that increases the amount of damage you do while also increasing the amount of damage you take. Risk reward thing. There’s shards that improve your bash and grapple. There’s a shard that increases your damage against flying enemies. As you can see in the image below, you can find lots of shards and they are worth finding. Combine the abilities you set with the shards you choose and you can change how your combat works, survivability and even energy acquiring and consumption. These things actually make a difference.

Finding these things aren’t that difficult. There’s an excellent map. The map is clear, there are keys for the map that clearly identify what is what. You can zoom in and navigate it easily. It also helps show you where certain things are if you got near them. If you’re smart enough you can use the map to figure out where secret areas are and where secret paths are. There’s a a certain character, for got his name but it’s the bug who loves making maps and you can purchase maps for him to add to your map allowing you to see everything except hidden items. There’s many collectibles and items to find; and so you will need the map. 

There are many collectibles and items to find but there’s also side quests. These side quests aren’t boring, repetitive or lame rewards. For example you can help tuley (hope we got the right name) find and plant seeds which are around the world. There is 6 in total we believe. Finding and growing each one creates a plant that helps you access different parts of the Wellspring glades where all the friendly people are, to find spirit light or meet new characters or get new missions. The ‘hand to hand’ side mission is where you acquire an mission item but you must find who needs that item, give it to them, and they will give you a different item, which you then need to find who needs it. Keep it king until completion and you get a so worth it item. A map stone which when placed in a ancient tablet allows you to see EVERYTHING on the map. Every collectible: Gorlek stones, life cell and energy fragments, spirit light etc. So it’s well worth it if you want to get 100% completion or to just find the stuff to get stronger. Completing spirit trials grants you an additional shard slot so you can equip more. If you do all you can have a maximum of 8 shard slots which helps makes you so powerful. Simply put, doing the side quests rewards you well most the time and is fun.

The story is very good and does keep you paying attention and getting sucked into it. There’s others who said it made them cry or close to tears. There’s funny moments, shocking moments, sad moments and even parts that brought about possibly anger or hatred. You knew why the wisps were important, where they came from and what you need them. You learn about Shriek, her past and why she’s got a heart of stone and so murderous and hateful. You learn about the voice narrating the story but if you pay close attention to details you could figure out who the voice is from the beginning of the game. Seeing Shriek attack Ku and seeing the result be a funeral brought rage and made you want to destroy Shriek but you knew she was too powerful and would stomp you harder than how superman would stomp goku (get triggered). This works well with this Metroid style game where you start of trash but gain powers to get stronger and in the end you have numerous abilities, regeneration, powerful attacks with loads of health and energy AND only then you feel you can square up with Shriek… but not until then. We still wanted to help Shriek as we are merciful people but Shriek didn’t want it and it made us feel bad. You understand Shriek in the end. She reminds us of real people. What happened to Kwolok upset us and we respect that giant toad and glad to see the stink spirit die. There’s so much. In the end after a major league epic battle you feel hyped but then sad after seeing Ori make a life changing decision which saves everyone. You are proud, sad but also understand why Ori did it and why it made sense. The story was great from start to finish. We aren’t giving big details as Ori and the Will of the Wisps came out in the year 2020 so not everyone has played or knows how the story goes. Simply put, an excellent story that we cared about.

The music is excellent. It’s perfect in some cases to set the mood or match what it going on. The major boss battle music helps get you hyped and in the mood for an epic battle. The music for when you are getting chased by something big and powerful is also very good and gets you to focus. The music when Shriek shows up and there’s clear danger and you should run, it makes you understand the magnitude of the situation. We love the music and it adds to the game. Never got annoying. We wanted to quickly bring up something. We saw a review done by Angry Joe and they did another disappointing review. They claimed some stuff was bad or not polished about the game but it was due to them not being good at that those things in the game. Now the gap in skill between X35 Earthwalker and angry Joe and his friends is massive. They died over 500 times! In X35 Earthwalker’s first play though we died less than a quarter of their deaths. They even said combat wasn’t polished but the gameplay they showed of them in combat was terrible. They were fighting the gorleks without dodging even when a telegraphed attack was coming their way yet they say the combat isn’t polished. They said abilities were in the background and didn’t pay attention to it even though they are a big part of there game. They even said that all you have to do to beat the bosses was just grab and redirect their attacks back at them which is so false. Use your abilities. Use Spike, sentry, blaze and more. That’s what they are for… combat. Sadly not everyone is at our level of gaming skill and intelligence. Once again if you want accurate reviews and good points then come to us. 

There’s more to say but we have to leave it here for now as we are running out of time. We will have to update this post later. Let’s summarise. The boss battles are excellent and exciting. Facing bosses like stink spirit, howl, mora, the armoured bug beetle and even Shriek isn’t easy. They are complete monsters on hard difficulty though. On easy they are too easy. So bosses, music, graphics, side quests, story, combat, controls, sense of getting stronger, collectibles, fast travel, methods to find collectibles, ending, variety of enemies, variety of weapons, variety of shards and builds are all very good and lead to a fantastic experience. We like how the last section Willows End basically has platforming that requires you to use everything you have learned to survive. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the new standard for games when it comes to animations and graphics. It’s called an indie game but clearly triple A standard and better than majority of them. We love this game.

Overall Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the only game right now we can call a perfect game. 10/10 easily. Last of all Ori and the Will of the Wisps is available on Xbox through gamepads which means it is free. Go and play it. We would happily spend £40 on it. It’s just that darn good. It isn’t a big game and can be beaten under 10 hours easily and even 4 hours if you know what to do and sprint through it but it’s called an indie game for a reason. There’s also a improved Xbox Series X version of this game. So there’s not a better time to play this game. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is better than demon’s souls remake, better than spider man: miles morales, the latest god of war and many more. This game is so underrated and not enough people were talking about this. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is 10/10 but what’s better than Ori is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an action adventure game that many have played and talked about. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an PS5 exclusive. Now this game got loads of reviews and pretty much all of it was good stuff. No one really said much negatives. We don’t like most video game critics and reviewers because they overall aren’t good at what they do. We have seen negatives with Spider-Man: Miles Morales and going to give our quick review on those negatives. Let’s take a look.

Now lets get this out of the way. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a good game overall but we can no longer call it excellent since we’ve seen so much more of this game. Now first things first is the enemies you face. You only really face three groups of enemies. Roxxon troopers, the underground and escaped prisoners. Roxxon and underground are basically the same troops when it comes to standard units like sword wielders and rifle users. They are just as easy to beat as each other. Also the Roxxon troops look like a reskin of the sable troopers from the original Spider-Man game which is lazy. There’s no variety of enemies here. There is room for different types of enemies in this game but they didn’t take advantage of that. Why couldn’t roxxon with all their technology, have machines, enhanced exosuit troopers etc. The underground could have had high mobility troops who actually use that mobility in combat. They all get beat the same way and none of them forces a change of strategy. The venom punch and techniques makes them all pointless and easy.   

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is inferior to Spider-Man. Spider-Man is an excellent game while Spider-Man: Miles Morales is just good. Straight up the best part of Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the very beginning of the game. The part that had both Spider men working together. That whole scene with Miles chasing Rhino through the city while Peter Parker rides rhino, then Miles riding Rhino while Peter Parker is moving people out of the way and removing obstacles from the destruction path. That was literally the best part. Anything thing else after the rhino battle is inferior. Nothing is as awesome or exciting and that’s sad. Speaking of rhino… they made him trash because of how overpowered they made the venom powers which is something we will get into later. You only faced three (3) bosses. Rhino twice, prowler and the tinkerer. If we forgot one then sorry, please remind us and that also shows how unmemorable that missing boss was. Original spider man had you face shocker, vulture, rhino, scorpion, mr negative, doc oct and electro. Big difference. There was a lack of big guys and when the bosses did come, the venom power really shuts them down. It would be better if the bosses would have a second mode when their health drop by half they gain a technique that forces you to use your venom abilities more strategically or wiser. Like you have to time it. If you just venom punch, they have a counter or get off me move or they dodge it clean depending on the type of boss.

The venom power being overpowered, the rhino battles being ruined is all under the umbrella of “the game is too easy”. This is a problem for original Spider-man too. The game is too darn easy. Even in spectacular mode which is the hardest difficulty (yes there is ultimate but it’s not initially available). It’s so easy to the point where if you get hit in combat then you are not that good or weren’t paying attention. In Batman Arkham asylum and arkham city it was harder because Batman has way less mobility and powers than spider man. Batman can get countered and some moves are forbidden to use because a stun baton carrying thug and they are immune to certain attacks. Spider is a much more powerful character and truthfully that’s how spider man would be in a fight. He would never get hit by these thugs. Never. Those attacks and swords?… He dodges those, clean. So the game is accurate but it should be like that for normal and easy difficulty where you literally become spider man and he’s near impossible to kill. While spectacular mode should have you nerfed and buff the enemies. They should be more aggressive and relentless, deal punishing amounts of damage and make beating the game an actual challenge. The venom recharge rate made rhino a joke. It Ade dealing with the enemies a joke and too easy. The venom abilities are excellent and cool though but needs to be nerfed for the higher difficulties. The hardest part of the game was the final battle with the tinkerer as she has a useful counter ‘get off me move’ which deals good damage. Nothing else in the game was hard.

The length of the game was too short and it proved the xbox fans right, that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a DLC that costs $50 (in America). It’s over priced. Now we saw this coming as the official name is Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It’s a smaller adventure within the Spider-Man world. If you just go for the main story, you can blow through it very fast. Yes there are side quests and collectibles but they weren’t made interesting enough. Even CoryxKenshin, the ankle breaker himself (got his ankles broke by X35 Earthwalker though) made it clear he is not doing that mix tape side quest where you collect the sounds to learn the truth concerning the dad and prowler. Even CoryxKenshin who was hyped as freak for that game couldn’t be bothered and didn’t want to do it. So the game is really short. Coryxkenshin was shocked that he was at the last part of the game already. So let’s quickly sum up. Spider-Man: Miles Morales had a lack of bosses, the rhino boss fights were lame, lack of variety of enemies, the game is too easy even on the hardest initial difficulty and the game is too short. This is just us without going in depth and keeping it simple. We don’t believe the game is worth $50. It’s a dlc and should have been marketed that way. But seriously though, look at the gameplay of the beginning of the game below and tell us it’s not awesome. Shame that’s the best part of the game and nothing else is on it’s level.

Now overall Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a very good game. The animations are very good, the cinematic scenes are excellent, the story was good and made sense, the combat and powers while too easy was fun to play as a powerful super hero called Spider-man, graphics are excellent, the web slinging was good but you have heard many people already say all this and we are mainly focusing on the negatives here. So yeah, easily Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Indivisible, Gears tactics and Tetris Effect: Connected are all better games for what they are but players will still enjoy Spider-Man: Miles Morales. We would give it 6/10. Sounds harsh but nowadays with next gen consoles and technology almost all the serious games have great graphics, music and animations. It’s become the standard and not some big point winning factors anymore. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a very good game button as good as people say it is. Now Spider-Man: Miles Morales may be at it’s best at the beginning of the game but one thing that’s always at it’s best all the time is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Morkredd is a new action adventure puzzle game developed by ‘Hyper Games‘ and published by ‘Aspyr‘. Morkredd is said to be coming out in December 2020 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC. Morkredd has a heavy concept as in the whole game is centred around it. It’s about an orb. Fine, there’s more to it though. Let’s take a look.

Morkredd is all about an Orb. This is what’s being said: “The orb is your fate”, “The orb calls for two”, “Gaze into the orb”, “Your path is the orb”, “The orb is your only friend”, “you are the orb’s protector” and “the orb’s light is your”. This is all very weird. This even sounds creepy. They really want to drive home that this orb is something pretty special. So what is the orb? Most don’t know. Do we know? Maybe…

Now Morkredd is primarily a co-op game. Remember that the orb always calls for two. Morkredd I best played with a friend but if you want to go solo then you will have to control both characters with dual character controls. Players will need to solve puzzles using the orb and keep the orb with you. After all, you are it’s protector. The main threat is darkness and this includes shadows. This includes shadows caused by your partner. This is really cool. this means you need to communicate with each other to prevent either of you from ruining the other. 

The darkness is a real problem here. You are surrounded by huge amount of darkness. It’s described as “an endless abyss of deadly shadows”. There are dangers in the dark. It can be pits, traps but we don’t know if there are any enemies in the darkness though. It doesn’t look like that kind of game but that would be really good. So stay near the orb if you want to live. There’s over 60 puzzles in Morkredd so that’s something to look forward to. Remember that this game is an Xbox exclusive. It will be available on   PC (not a console) but not PS5.  

We checked out some Morkredd gameplay and it wasn’t what we expected. We didn’t really know what to expect. You roll around the orb like it’s a giant hamster ball. You stand on buttons, trigger mechanisms, open gates, light the way, use a boat and more. It’s simple gameplay and concept but a funky twist. This looks like a good game. We would want it to be more dynamic but it seems more casual right now. Rightfully so, players can discover the ancient secrets of the orb and know what it’s about.

Overall Morkredd looks like a good game so far. Bit of trivia. Morkredd is Norwegian. It means “fear of the dark”. How fitting for a title of this game. This game was also inspired by nordic culture obviously and ‘long winters’. There’s quite bit going on. The developers ‘Hyper Games’ have done a good job so far. Now Morkredd may have darkness and a fear of darkness but one thing that’s not scared of the dark is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Hyperdot is a simple action arcade game developed by ‘Tribe Games‘ and published by ‘Glitch games‘. Due to an amazing change in circumstances, G-blogs will be shorter as we have less time. Hyperdot is a game we started playing quite a bit and we had lots of fun with it and some annoying times. So here’s a quick review. Let’s take a look.

Hyperdot is as simple as it gets in terms of controls, which is move with the control stick, and even concept, which is don’t touch anything. We aren’t joking. Just love around and do not touch anything. That’s Hyperdot at it’s base level. You control a circle and you move around within another large circle stage where enemies which are shapes are spawned in and are moving. Avoid them all and survive long enough to pass the level. Now in the campaign of Hyperdot this is what you will face and some variations. Time to dive in the details more.

Now the primary levels in Hyperdot are just survive but you’ll encounter other levels like collect tokens or staying in a designated zone for a period of time. Now this all sounds simple but remember the enemies. There’s multiple. The most common and simple are squares which just travel in a straight line from where it’s released. The pentagons are just like squares except where they are released they will travel in a straight line in YOUR direction. So they are aimed at you. Triangles are annoying as they just aim for you and follow you around for a period of time. Stars also come after you but instead of continuous movement they move in a straight line then stop, then move, then stop, then move and then stop until they decide to leave the stage. Last is a cross or plus sign which comes in then stops, spins and then breaks to release 4 small pieces in the direction where the ends of the cross is pointing. Simple enemies.

Simple, controls, simple enemies and simple concept and level rules. So what’s difficult about Hyperdot? It’s how they work together. You could have a level in a large circle and the objective is collecting tokens but squares are coming in ripe fire where you can’t pass until an opening is available but then pentagons are being launched at you while triangles are then sent after you and you have to dodge them all while in a confined space. Each of the levels in the campaign are different. Some an be beat in ma y different ways. A few have a straight pattern for you to master. Hyperdot does get really difficult at times. The much later levels of the campaign get ridiculous. A very few felt like chance was a factor alongside skill. It can get merciless. Playing Among Us is for babies as anyone can do that… but Hyperdot is for those gamers with some IQ, some intelligence some, real skill. Most can’t beat the campaign. challenge the streamers you watch to that. By the way, come watch the best gaming action on our channel

Even more, Hyperdot has got some extra stuff. For starters there’s level editor mode where you can create your ow levels. They can be played by others or yourself for fun. You can edit how much enemies spawn in, how fast they are, what objective for the level, if survival then how long to survive for, the background, colours: primary, secondary and tertiary etc. There’s lots to work with for how small and simple this game is. On top of that, Hyperdot has the best hit detection we have sen in gaming from our experience. It’s sooooooooooo precise. When you touch something, you are annoyed by it but you accept it as you now you got touched. Only once did we lose but we didn’t think it touched us. That only happened once though. If w got a reply then maybe we will be convinced. 

There’s multiplayer so you can try to out survive your friends. Build levels for each other. Work together collecting tokens etc. There’s even bonus levels and even if you have done the campaign (you most likely cheated you scrub) then you can face the impossible levels. There’s going to be lots of stuff to do. You can even select which theme colour you want and if you beat multiple levels of the campaign you can unlock even the enemy colours; which is the colour of the enemies like squares and stars.  

Overall, Hyperdot is awesome. It has everything for what it is. There’s lots of modes, end game content, build your own levels, multiplayer, great graphics, great music, excellent hit detection, very challenging, customisation, variety of enemies, basically everything. It’s also totally fun. Some frustrating moments for sure but still fun. Some levels aren’t truly hard, just had to execute what they wanted you to do, perfectly and vice versa where execution isn’t as important but felt more like chance due to the high difficulty. Hyperdot is available on the Xbox game pass so why not get it and see how far you get. We at X35 Earthwalker would rate Hyperdot 10/10 for what it is. A simple game that does everything right. Now Hyperdot may have done everything right but it’s still wrong when compared to the standards of… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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