X35 Earthwalker After Us

After Us is an action adventure game developed by ‘Piccolo studios‘ and ‘Private Division’. After Us is said to be coming out the 23rd of May 2023 on the Xbox Series X, PS5 and pc. X35 Earthwalker will judge this game himself. After Us is doesn’t look like it’s playing around. Let’s take a look.

The story in After Us is that you are Gaia, the spirit of life. You are here to salvage souls. More specifically the souls of extinct animals… hey there Dodo bird. The last of the animals are dead and, who’s called mother, has used up all of her life force to save their souls. Gaia is to bring those souls back to mothers ark. So yeah, get out there and navigate your way to those souls.

X35 Earthwalker After Us

After Us will have players learn the fates of these creatures as you revive them. Some examples were given. The final eagle was caged. The last whale was harpooned. The last deer was hunted down… probably tasted good too. So warning to players… things might get emotional. Weak players might cry.

After Us right off the gate does look really cool. It clearly wants to be a visually amazing type game. As in, as the player travels, you take in the sights and say wow. We have played multiple like that and so we will hold this game to a high but fair standard. So After Us… what chu got? We will say this though. We like that Gaia brings beauty and life back into the world. Undoing all the negative aspects of the world. It’s great to see. the effects need to be fitting and top level.

X35 Earthwalker After Us

After Us is also a platformer game. So expect to move, explore, jump, and get around. Some even through in the puzzle description. So make sure your brain is activated for this one. Gaia has traversal abilities to help with the world navigation. Dash, jump and even glide. Good thing too as there’s some deadly traps… so we heard.

We checked out some After Us gameplay and it’s mostly what we expected. After Us certainly looks cool. We like what we see. Hopefully there’s good information concerning the world After Us is set in. There’s not just traps but also actual active threats. There’s devourers who are these “oil-covered” beings that roam the wasteland. They are looking for any remaining life. 

Overall After Us looks like a very good game. We like the design of the animals souls and its effects. The visuals are excellent. The graphics are good. The animations are alright for 2023. The details are good. There’s definitely something going on here. The developers ‘Piccolo studios’ have done a very good job here. We at X35 Earthwalker will keep an ear open concerning After Us. Now After Us may have vulnerable souls but they would have been saved a long time ago but… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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