X35 Earthwalker Super Bomberman R 2

Super Bomberman R 2 is an action adventure game developed and published by ‘Konami’. Super Bomberman R 2 is said to be coming out the 13th of September 2023 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and pc. X35 Earthwalker‘s crew truly enjoyed the first game. Super Bomberman R 2 is clearly trying to make a blast… make a boom… explode on to the scene… we have more of these and can go on. Let’s take a look.

Super Bomberman R 2 is bringing back what we know. The Bomberman family is back. They are still silly, dysfunctional, funny and getting the job done. There’s another threat in the universe. The Bomberman brothers and their new friends, the ellons, have to save the universe… again. So that’s the story basically. It’s a Bomberman game after all. 

X35 Earthwalker Super Bomberman R 2

Super Bomberman R 2 is something that’s on our screens for sure. There’s lots to do in the previous game and now there’s even more. There’s even a whole new game mode too, that’s going to make players get tactical and think more. The story unlocks as you explore the planets which is a cool change. Makes exploration impactful and necessary. You go to do it. Use your bombs to blow things up, progress and defeat your foes. We hear there’s even a secret puzzle. Players may need to find hints for it.

Multiplayer in Super Bomberman R 2 is pretty much how we remember it. Use your bombs to blow up your enemies, outplay, outwit, or trap them. Whatever. It’s freaking Bomberman. You should know what to do. This also includes the 64 player mode. So yeah… the more the merrier… maybe. X35 Earthwalker won his very first 64 player battle Royale match… in his first match. That’s how good he is. Maybe he will do it again.

X35 Earthwalker Super Bomberman R 2

Now concerning the new mode, it’s called ‘Castle’. Here’s how it works. It’s a battle mode with a maximum of 16 players. Two teams. There’s an attack side and the castle side. Castle side is the defence side. It’s a battle over treasure chests and their keys off course. The castle side must defend the treasure chests and keys. There’s gimmicks available and even the Ellons. Use them well. Even better are these weapons the castle players can use. There’s three weapon types to take into battle but you must pick one. Each have conditions for players to meet, to charge the weapon. Use weapon when fully charged. Super Bomberman R 2 keeping it simple.

X35 Earthwalker Super Bomberman R 2

On top of this there’s an editor so you can custom build your own stages. Put in your gimmicks, set in some walls and finally test your stage yourself. Once it’s complete and works, then you can upload it. Add tags to it so it’s easier to find. You can easily find other players designed stages too and give them a run through.

We checked out some Super Bomberman R 2 gameplay and it’s what we expected. The animations, especially when it comes to the celebrations, seem to be a step up. The explosions are better too overall when it comes to details. After the flash of yellow/orange and red you then get the black smoke. Now hopefully this signifies whether it’s safe to proceed through their path or not is yet to be explored.  The new mode is welcome for sure as it’s just more options and more ways to play. There’s quite a bit more they can actually do here.

Overall Super Bomberman R 2 looks like it’s going to be a blast just like the previous game. The matter of how smooth the gameplay will be, especially when compared to the previous one, matters. It’s colourful and looks fun as always. There are few questions concerning the multiplayer modes but these things can be found. The developers ‘Konami’ have done a fantastic job so far. X35 Earthwalker is looking forward to using bombs. Super Bomberman R 2 may have more explosions and a castle but those two get nothing down in the presence of… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the latest big Battle Royale that came out and almost all gamers are talking about it. Apex Legends was developed by ‘Respawn Entertainment‘ and published by ‘Electronic Arts‘. Since it’s a Battle Royale, gamers should already know what to expect. Apex Legends is the latest game to challenge Fortnite. Let’s take a look. 

Apex Legends takes place in the same universe as TitanFall. Players control one of the legends. The legends are characters who are all competing in the Apex games to be known as the Apex champion. Each character has their own story, abilities and off course strengths. How you use these characters and work with others will make a big difference in matches. That’s right, we said work with others.

In case you couldn’t tell Apex Legends drop players in teams of three. So working and communicating with your team is essential. Sure you can go by yourself and even still win but that’s unlikely. Don’t be the players who just wants to do what you want and just leave your team behind or not care. If you are a selfish gamer then don’t play as you’ll just ruin other gamers experience. Many gamers are trying to figure out what’s the best character combinations in the game. Players want to have characters that can cover all the needs in a team based Battle Royale.

Apex legends characters  

Apex legends characters

There are currently 8 characters but only 6 are available from the start. The other two must be unlocked. Each legend has a passive, tactical and ultimate ability. The legends are: Lifeline, Gibraltar, Mirage, Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Wraith, Caustic and Bangalore. To simply give a few examples, Lifeline produces a shield while reviving knocked down allies, use healing items faster and call in some very good defensive gear. Gibraltar produces a small shield while aiming down the sights of his weapon, can create a dome shield that blocks projectiles and call in a mortar strike. Mirage can create holograms of himself to fool and trick enemies while up and kicking or even downed. Pathfinder can create grapple lines for himself and his team to reach any location and also use terminals to reveal to his team the next ring location ahead of time. Bangalore gets a speed boost when she is being shot at, can fire out smoke canisters to create a wall of smoke and even call in an artillery strike. These legends are serious.

Like other battle royale games, players start in a transportation vehicle that flies across the map and it’s up to the players to decide when to launch from the vehicle and where they want to land. In Apex Legend the only player who decide when a team launches is the ‘Jump master’. The Jump master after launching then controls and directs the whole teams flight and movement to the surface. Off course players have the option to stop following the leader after holding a certain button for a few seconds but normally the jump Master is in control. 

There are supply bins that carry potentially carry armour pieces, weapons, ammo, grenades etc. Items and gear can also be found in buildings, on roofs, care packages, in small droids, basically everywhere. The game map is quite detailed but provide all the information you need for locating and finding your team and way around the map. The circle that closes isn’t that dangerous initially. The first time the circle closes, the area outside of the circle does very very little damage; however the second time it closes in the damage increases drastically. Players in Apex Legends don’t have armour in the same sense as Call of Duty Blackout. They have shields from the body armour. 50, 75 or 100. The shields always take the hit before your health does. The helmet only reduces the amount of damage you take from headshots.    

Apex legends map

Apex Legends does stand out from other Battle Royale definitely. We feel that Apex Legends is a combination of Call of Duty Blackout and Skyforge Battle Royale (our favourite battle royale). It moves and has a more realistic feel like Blackout but has the different characters and abilities like Skyforge. You can read our blog on Skyforge right here. The different abilities allows for different layers to the game, more skill to be displayed and off course different strategies. We like that the game is quite deep with a nice menu system, different types of ammo and the communication options. You can tell your team that you are defending an area, that someone has been here, mark locations for your team to travel to or look at and mark enemies you see. Communication is key. You can bring back your dead allies by returning their recovered tag to a specific machine. There are lots of goods things that we won’t go into detail on. 

There are some problems though. For starters the shields feel too weak. You can have purple body armour giving you the maximum amount of armour but one enemy can still melt your shields and health at times almost instantly. Shields should be stronger. This is also the same for Gibraltar’s passive shield ability. His shield doesn’t make a big enough impact. We’ve seen a purple armour wearing Gibraltar use his shields and face one opponent in a one on one and get downed first even when not missing much shots. The shields need a buff. The incinerate grenades need to cover a wider area to be more useful as the other two outclass it easily and therefore not worth carrying around. Apex Legends needs to keep it’s console and PC players separated. The main problem with Apex Legends though is that since it’s heavily team based, you will most likely lose if you have a bad team. X35 Earthwalker twice had a match where both team members literally split up and went their own different ways while landing. Both died within 30 seconds of landing but X35 Earthwalker lived. You are dependant on your team. They need to have a solo mode quite soon. This game isn’t perfect.

Overall we do like Apex Legends. It’s made very well, things run smoothly but there’s always some players with bad connections. The graphics are great ad the sounds are very good. You can clearly tell where your opponents are when nearby thanks to their noisy footsteps. As it stands right now, Apex Legends is currently our second favourite battle royale and the second best overall. We definitely recommend that players give this game a try if they haven’t already. It’s free so if you don’t like it, then uninstall. Now Apex Legends may have legends but even they are nobodys when compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Skyforge Battle Royale

Skyforge is a very large game and it’s got the content and game world to make a Battle Royale possible. If you didn’t know about the Skyforge Battle Royale by now, then just read our previous G-Blog about it right here. We mentioned that there is a lot of strategy in this battle Royale which sets it apart from the others like Call of Duty‘s Blackout, Fortnite and Pubg. Let’s take a look into that.

The first thing that clearly makes a difference in gameplay is the character abilities. The first three that are available from the start are the recruits. Tough, agile and accurate. Now only two of the recruits have good abilities.

Tough Recruit – is the weak link here as this character class only bonus is having 10% more health. So instead of having 100 health, the tough recruit has 110. This honestly makes almost completely no difference in combat. There are some moments when you survive a firefight and thanks to the extra 10 health you come out with only 6 health left. So it isn’t completely useless, just the least useful.

Agile Recruit – has 25% more stamina and also has faster sprint. The accurate recruit (as the name suggests) grants slightly increased accuracy with all weapons that you must fire. So with agile recruit, you can get to weapons faster than anyone else early game because obviously you are faster. You can also traverse the battle field better because of the larger stamina. This means heading from place to place to find weapons and more is something easy with this character.

Accurate recruit – When playing as the accurate recruit you should feel more confident in combat as you will always have the advantage in terms of aiming. Some weapons like the plasma thrower have bloom as you fire, meaning your shots get less accurate as you hold down the trigger. This character class will suffer less from that thanks to the slightly increased accuracy. 

Skyforge Battle Royale

Now the other nine character classes are much different with more various abilities. They must all be unlocked though, by spending in game currency called ‘Token of the king’. You earn these every time you play. Depending on what place you get after a round of Battle Royale determines how much you get. For example if you died 5th, you get like 490 while winning you get 700. It coasts 500 to ‘rent’ a character for one match. Strange but here’s how it works. You can rent for one match and then after using them, spend 500 more. If you rent a character class 50 times, you permanently unlock the character. That’s too much in our opinion but if you keep playing and have fun, you will horde up those token of the king currency and be able to purchase a character every time. Let’s look at those characters.

Morgan, the Filibuster – has a special weapon and item. The weapon is a explosive cocktail which can be thrown at enemies to light them and the ground on fire. they will take serious burn damage and reduce their accuracy. The item is a bottle of rum that when you drink restores a small amount of health over a few seconds and it also increases your melee damage. The cons of the Filibuster is that you can’t use other grenades or medkits you find in the match. A great way to use the Filibuster is in ambushes. Lead them around a corner, or wait behind a rock or tree and throw your cocktail at them, then shoot them as they panic. Then heal up after the fight. She is also the best character at the start of a match as she can drink to increase her punch damage and kill enemies who try to pick up weapons near you. Fun fact, the cocktail does so much damage that players having maximum armour shards and full health will get brought down to 60 health meaning you yourself only need to fire a few shots to finish the kill.

Dolph, the Mercenary – has a ability and perk. The Mercenary has infinite firearms ammo. So rifles, dual pistols, heavy pistol, dual sub machine guns, dual shotguns can all be used with ever having to find ammo. You still need to reload though which is a big downside. The perk is that you have 20% more health so basically 120 instead of 100. The cons for the Mercenary is that you can’t use mines, grenades, weapon scopes or gadgets. A great way to use the Mercenary is to be aggressive right from the start. grab a firearm and hunt down others early game, you will always have the advantage since you have more health and have infinite ammo while every else is running around looking for ammo. Try and find armour to make yourself tougher to kill. Fun fact, the Mercenary when he has heavy armour is the most durable character in the whole game having 50 more points of health than anyone else so the chance of the Mercenary winning a 1v1 is almost always guaranteed.

Skyforge Dolph the Mercenary

AVER RP-800, the Android – has a gadget and perks. The Android’s gadget when used allows you to detect enemies and reveal their location to you in a large radius. The perks is that the Android always shoots accurately and has infinite sprint. The cons of the Android is that this character takes increased damage from energy weapons and cannot use other gadgets like the active camouflage for example. A great way to use the Android is to be constantly on the hunt for items and weapons, traveling around the map quickly thanks to the infinite stamina. This can be done with confidence because if you approach a bullion for area with chests, then use your detect gadget and expose any enemies in the building, area or even following you, giving you the clear advantage in that fight. Fun facts, thanks to infinite sprint the Android is the one character that players, when using, have no excuse for getting killed by being outside the safe zone. Also the detect gadget doesn’t seem to detect camouflaged characters. Also having the experimental boots is most effective with the Android thanks once again to infinite sprint.

Kerr, the Devourer – has some abilities. The Devourer does 50% more damage… to monsters! So A.I monsters on the field are easier to kill. Also every time the Devourer kills either a monster or player, he gets a growing bonus to health and damage. The cons of the Devourer is that you can’t use armour or armour shards which isn’t much of a negative honestly. A great way to use this character is to grab a weapon and run away in search of monsters, forget other players. Kill as much monsters as you can find as each monster (the green coloured ones) grant 3 more health while stronger ones add more, also killed monsters drop loot. So if you killed ten weak enemies you will have 130 health instead of 100. If you happen to slay some players too you may end up with over 160 health and the amount of damage you do will be really high. It’s all about the kills. Fun fact, did you know X35 Earthwalker himself got over 200 health when playing as the Devourer killing many players and monsters.

Alecto, the Faceless – has a special ability and a perk. The Faceless has permanent active camouflage and the first attack you launch when invisible gets a 30% damage boost. The cons of the Faceless is that your camouflage gets disabled when you attack, take damage or pick up an item. You are also slightly exposed when you swap weapons too. Also you cannot use other gadgets and have 25% less heath so 75 instead of 100. A great way to play the faceless is to be patient and stalk your enemies, waiting for the best time to attack them from your invisibility. You can also sneak into locations ad loot everything quite comfortably thanks to your invisibility but be careful as you can still get spotted. Snipers and blasters are weapons work well with the Faceless. Fun fact, the Faceless is one of the most hated characters by players so it’s very funny when you stalk a character, wait for them to open a chest and then you kill them and take the prize for yourself.

Anna-Malia, the Hacker – has some abilities. The Hacker can summon a random item right in front of you. The other ability is that this character can instantly teleport forwards (off course there is cool down) and gets a speed boost right after the teleport temporarily. The cons of the Hacker is that you can’t use other gadgets or traps (like mines) and your maximum health is reduced by 20% so you have 80 instead of 100. A great way to use the Hacker is to keep creating the random item as soon as the gadget is available as you never know what you can get. Maybe something powerful or useful. Use the teleport to help you traverse the map faster and find the items you need before getting into fights. Also If someone gets the drop on you, then quickly teleport forwards and use that speed boost to get out of there. Fun fact, that ability to summon a random item can even give you a legendary weapon! Like we said, you never know what you will get so keep using it.

Ivy, the Sapper – has special traps and a ability. The Sapper can detect enemy mines from a great distance and even disarm them, meaning that you should never fall into traps. Also the Sapper always has three mines that can be thrown into desired positions (off course cool down). The cons of the Sapper is that you cannot use other mines, gadgets and grenades. A great way to use the Sapper is to always from time to time plant a mine behind you as you travel to hit following enemies or those just happening to be running past. You should also plant a mine at the entrance of a building you are looting so uninvited guests will pay the price for trespassing. You can also throw a mine near an enemy player who will then take big damage making killing them all the much easier. Fun fact, once X35 Earthwalker himself was at an elevated location near the final closing of the safe zone and three all three mines in there, the other 3 players all ran in towards the centre and all took heavy damage while he shot from the top and killed all without taking any damage.

Skyforge Battle Royale

Joe, the Engineer – has a special item. The Engineer has a portable auto turret which he can plant to have it fire at both monsters and players. The cons of the Engineer is that you cannot use mines and you have reduced stamina and your stamina recharges slower. A great way to use the Engineer is to go look for monsters and kill them with help from your turret. They not only drop loot but, for the engineer, turret parts which when enough is collected upgrades the turret making it deal more damage and more durable. Once your turret is at least level 2, make sure to plant that turret when you spot an enemy coming your way to give a nasty surprise. The engineer can do ambushes as well. Fun fact, X35 Earthwalker himself was facing one more player and the circle was getting really small, so he planted a level 3 turret. The last player jumped into the safe area but was getting hit by the turret and focused on that instead of the legendary soldier himself and was quickly defeated.

Selena, the Night Huntress – has two perks. The Night Huntress receives a 30% bonus to damage and movement speed at night time. The con of the Night Huntress is that she is 20% slower during the day time. A great way to use the Night Huntress is to literally go on the hunt when it is night time. As soon as it’s dark you really feel so much faster and not even strong monsters can defeat you. So hunt down players as it’s most likely you will win every time. Also take down some monsters for extra loot to get some ammo and powerful items to prepare for the final moments of the match. Nothing is more scary than a Night Huntress hunting you down at night, there isn’t that much you can do if she spots you. Fun fact, when the Night Huntress has the light armour at night time, she’s is the fastest thing in the game. it’s gets worse when she has the experimental boots. A floating rim reaper.

Thanks to all these different characters, the Skyforge Battle Royale has the most unpredictable and epic matches. Different strategies are being used during the same match by multiple players and some completely destroy others depending on the environments, situation, weapons and items at hand. Even though some characters are clearly stronger than others most of the time, any character can win. X35 Earthwalker has won a Skyforge Battle Royale match with each character which you will be able to see for yourself eventually on the X35 Earthwalker Youtube channel. Skyforge’s Battle Royale definitely stands out from the others like Call of Duty’s Blackout, Fortnite and Pubg and we’ve definitely had way more fun in the Skyforge Battle Royale matches. We trust that this information will be useful to players of this game. Off course we didn’t give away X35’s personal developed strategies. Now Skyforge Battle Royale may have many characters but even if they work together, they are no match for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Epic Skyforge gameplay

Skyforge Battle Royale


Battle royale is definitely becoming quite the trend now. Multiple popular games have battle royale or got popular because of battle royale. Everyone knows about Fortnite, Playerunknowns battlegrounds, Call of Duty’s Blackout and another new one called Realm Royale. All focus on having many many players like 100 drop into a field all look for chests, weapons and equipment to fight until one player is the last one standing. Well Skyforge has one too and it’s looking awesome. Let’s take a look.

Skyforge is a very large MMORPG featuring many monsters, many characters, a large story, many weapons, powers and abilities. So Skyforge is one of those games that is suitable for a battle royale. In fact, we never knew Sky forge had a battle royale until one day when going through our games it showed it on display. That was a shock. From when you enter battle royale mode you are instantly greeted with someone the others don’t really have. A character selection screen. This is where things get real interesting and you should take your time here.

Skyforge Battle Royale

Each character in Skyforge’s battle royale has abilities or maybe perks is the better word. For example the engineer can deploy a turret once every 40 seconds which fights for him. The downside is that the engineer has less stamina and the stamina recovers slower, also he can’t use mine items. The night huntress is stronger than anyone at night time because only at night she gains a 30% damage buff and movement speed but during the day her movement speed is reduced by 20%. The accurate recruit has no negatives but one positive which is that they get slightly increased shooting accuracy. The devourer gets a growing bonus to their health and damage every time they kill a monster on the map or another player but can’t use armour or armour shards (health only). We only mentioned four just now but remember, there are eight more each with their own special abilities, pros and cons. Off course 9 of these characters require players to rent for a match. As you play you earn resources which can be spent to rent characters for one match. If you rent and play them enough times, you permanently unlock them. So you can try them out before focusing on a main.  

Skyforge Battle Royale

If you read the last paragraph a little carefully you would have spotted two other big differences that Skyforge has. Skyforge’s battle royale has a night and day cycle. When the time of day changes the map gets affected as well. For example some plants glow and look alive at night which can draw attention, highlight certain areas and off course being night means it’s harder to see your opponents. There are more changes too. but we won’t spoil everything. Also there are monsters and enemies on the map that aren’t human players. Enemies from the main story mode are here. They normally mind their own business but get too close and they are up for a fight. Why fight them? Simple because they could be holding onto some powerful and unique items. Enemies are also colour coded. Green are weak, blue are tough and while purple are real monsters and require real fire power to defeat. Pick your battles wisely.

Skyforge Battle Royale

Players when traversing the giant map will come across stations which are also marked on your map. One of them is a healing station where you activate for free and gradually regain health. That sounds very good, there must be a catch to it right? Well honestly no but you must take into account that they are in open spaces which means while you are healing someone might come along and shoot you. It’s good, it’s free but has a small risk. There is also suppose to be a armour repair centre as well. So be on the lookout for these as they can come in handy. X35 Earthwalker, the legendary soldier himself as used the health station twice successfully. It turned the fight in his favour.

The main way to find items and weapons is in chests which again are coded by colour, green is bad, blue is good and orange is awesome. The things that players can carry with them are three types of weapons. Guns that use bullets like the rifle, energy based weapons like a blaster and explosive heavy ammo weapons like a grenade launcher. Players can also find med packs that recover health, mine type items that can be planted, gadgets that can have powerful effects and grenade type items. All items and weapons are classed by colour, green is the lowest, blue is average, purple is powerful and orange is a weapon and a half. Med kits can be use repeatedly but have a cool down. There are mine items that when planted will pull in a nearby enemy and knock them down leaving them vulnerable. There are gadgets that can even grant the players temporary active camouflage like in Halo. There are grenades that work as a flash bang to blind and even a psi field that disables enemies. Find what works for you and the situation.

Skyforge’s Battle Royale is definitely more strategic and deeper than Fortnite. For starters the different characters with different abilities means that there are favourable situations and battles for some and not for others. If you can plant a turret then maybe you should focus more on staying the closing circle, wait for others to come and set up a turret to help. The night huntress will most like travel and fight and night times while she has the advantage. The devourer will at the start of a game seek to destroy weak hon human enemies to get stronger to overpower everyone else. So players have to keep all this in mind. What’s good is that before a match starts players can run around at the starting area and see what characters other players have chosen allowing you to prepare for when they come.

Since there is quite the range of weapons and items, players need to quickly decide what they want to go with the strategy or approach in mind. Snipers are good especially if you get your hands on a gadget that grants active camoflague. A flash bang may be more useful than a explosive grenade in multiple situations. You can even find armour that increase speed or big armour that grants damage resistance. There is a gadget that allows you to jump higher than the master chief, but not as high as spider-man. There’s a powerful equipment that lets you hover and move really fast across the ground. That could go well with two handed sub machine guns for that quick travelling damage. We aren’t going to give everything away but there are multiple layers and deep strategy to this game over the other battle royal. For example in footnote it’s all about finding a shotgun and building really fast. That’s gets boring quick. In Skyforge there are many effective ways to survive and get the kill.

Skyforge Battle Royale

Already it’s perfectly clear that Skyforge’s battle royale is the best looking of them all. Look at the giant battle field. The design and visuals are beautiful. There are temples, water, stairs, underground sections, elevated areas, nice vegetation which look better at night and lots of room and places to explore and fight in. The matches are faster paced too simply because the safe zone gets smaller more frequently. You have a goof amount of time to gather and explore at the start but that ring closes quite fast forcing quick decisions, picking your fights wisely and running into others much faster. More players are catching on to Skyforge and so match start up much faster too. 

One big negative about the game so far is the lag issues at times. Which thankfully isn’t frequent but they are annoying and could ruin things for you. Also three matches now the match started but we couldn’t jump down to get into the map, a bunch of players were stuck n the starting zone which is very frustrating especially when you spend resources to use a character but now it’s wasted. We hope the developers look into this fast. 

Overall Skyforge’s battle royale is very good. We can confirm that X35 Earthwalker, the one true Earthwalker has won many matches and currently always places within the top ten (except for that one match where a glitch happened). There is a lot of variety in weapons, characters, items, monsters (sort off), strategies and more. Skyforge is without a doubt the battle royale that we have the most fun with and the matches are the most interesting and even less skilled players stand a chance. We at X35 Earthwalker recommend this game to all fans of battle royale. Now Skyforge may have the best battle royale but it still ain’t as good as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Call of duty: Black ops 4 blackout

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is definitely on the way and is coming with a battle Royale mode called ‘Blackout’. The developers are ‘Treyarch‘ and ‘Beenox‘ while the publisher is ‘Activison‘. Many have a lot to say about battle Royale. Now let’s see what we have to say.

Battle Royale are very big games containing so many factors and things to consider. Therefore they are never easy to get right. The size of the map, what type of weapons should be in it, vehicles yes or no? That’s just some stuff. There’s nothing with a game trying battle Royale. Too many immature people say that if you try battle Royale like call of Duty did, then you are just copying Fortnite and desperate. That’s stupid. Fortnite and Pubg didn’t invent battle royale, even old wrestling games had that. If the game has a suitable setting, universe size, genre etc then they can try it. 

Call of Duty: Black ops 4 blackout

Call of Duty’s Blackout so far definitely looks serious. The map use for Blackout has been declared the largest map ever in Call of Duty history. There’s a dam, hill and mountainous elevated areas, buildings, sand, a bit of greenery, water and a good amount of cover and open space. This is allowing for multiple forms of combat whether standard shoot outs while using cover or letting your opponents chase you and then going round to take the high ground for that elevation advantage. This giant map will have many battles and hyped moments for sure.

Unlike Fornite Blackout will have vehicles. The developers on their website said land, sea and air vehicles are available. We have seen, Mongoose from halo – We mean the ATV which can have one driver and one passenger who can shoot, a cargo truck which holds 4 passengers (and off course one driver). Concerning the sea there is the zodiac inflatable boat which has one driver and a passenger, it’s all about speed. For air there is a helicopter and we know everyone will be fighting over this thing. Again (not doing a comparison) but remember when playing Halo Reach trying to secure an objective but multiple enemies in a falcon flying over you shooting you down. Helicopters will be a problem.

Call of Duty: Black ops 4 blackout

Off course there is more. Those stupid RC – XDs cars things are here too. So players have to keep their ears open at all times or a small car comes in and messes up your whole plan. There’s something much worse in these battle Royale matches. Call of Duty fans are no stranger to them… zombies. Imagine all that battle Royale Blackout style goodness finding a nice place to take cover but zombies are there. they will not be a game change in our opinion since they should be easy to kill but firing will give away your position, may cause you to use up ammo, or force you out of a certain location.

off course there will be standard weapons. So expect to find pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns and the most feared, in some cases, the sniper rifle. With a map like the one for Call of Duty Blackout, all of these will have some use. There are multiple items. Some allow you to set up traps like trip wires. There are grenades, healing kits and much more. How much more? There are 17 considerable perks, 3 tiers of armour and health, 12 equipment items, 24 different weapons and 8 primary ammunition types and 125 items in total but off course games like this always gets updates and expansions so expect much more. 

We checked out some gameplay and everything looks quite good. No offence but the best way to sum it up is that it looks like an improved Pubg. Glider suits are used for entering the battlefield which looks cool, graphics are very good, the environment seems to be designed well but more variety is needed for the future. A battle royale will off course have some nerfs and buffs as big games like this will be almost too difficult to get right the first time. We like the idea players on foot could be hiding from a helicopter and a crew on the sea is patrolling by all coasts. This danger from all directions really does hep keep things as a battle Royale.

Overall Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout does look very good. Doesn’t seem to be much lag or hit detection issues. The graphics again are very good. We hope for more items in the future and that they should be kept separate in another mode. The developers Treyarch and Beenox did a very good job with this mode. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing how well this all goes. Now Call of duty’s Blackout may seem like it has all the good stuff but all it’s good stuff combined doesn’t stack up when compared to the goodness of… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Playerunknown’s battlegrounds is a battle royale last-man-standing shooter game, developed by ‘Bluehole, Inc’ and is currently on PC. They have said that it will be released on console later. We will have to wait and see if that happens.

Battle royale games are at times the most intense games simply because your death could happen at almost anytime. Made your way up to higher ground and then get shot because you are easier to see. Found a nice spot in a building taking shots but then someone sneaks up behind you with a shotgun. In a nice position behind a large rock where no one can see you, except that guy in the distance with a sniper. This stuff can all happen to you and more in battle royale games. This battle royale game takes place on a massive 8×8 km island. The whole island looks good though. Some good level of attention to detail.

In Playerunknown’s battlegrounds the action starts with everyone in a plane which flies around the island. You can eject out at anytime. This means you can sort of decide where you start. So remembering the map and knowing good locations will give you an advantage. As you fall pull your parachute for a soft landing. Then find some weapons and equipment. Then survive to the end while everyone else is doing the same thing. You might find a police body vest, you might find a good rifle, or even a shotgun. Other items like bandages are important. The main thing about this battle royale is survival. Do you grab a vehicle and keep zooming around looking for easy prey? Do you get nice items and hide it out in a building? Do you play aggressive and actively hunt down other players? Honestly they are all correct answers. It’s about survival. Do what you have to do.

The developers have made some big improvements to the game ever since the testing and closed beta. Now you can set mouse sensitivities for all views, and added hotkeys for healing items and boost. They have also increased the number of graphic and sound settings you can change. There are new locations like a swamp, shooting range river, underground bunker, lake, logging area, a flooded town, power plant, quarry and ruined castle. If you get shot down into a revive state then you can crawl (like the dog you are), hopefully towards a team mate. Also wooden doors can be destroyed, which is a very good decision if you ask us. No longer will hiding behind a simple wooden fence protect you from a shotgun blast. Same goes for some of the fences as well. The max number of players in a match now is 96 which is a large number. Imagine being in a battle royale and you are fighting for survival while 95 other players are doing the same thing. 

Players must pay attention to the map as overtime, to make sure the match does eventually end and to keep the action from getting stale, the area where players can play in the match gets smaller by a electricity field which no one can survive in. So grab items, kill whoever crosses your path and stay with the safe circle of the map. We were wondering if there will be any additional factors that pose a threat to the players in the match. For example random selected air strikes which will be marked on the map or a group of well armed mercenaries on a vehicle that passes into the map and then leaves but attacks anyone they come across. That would be cool if that happened. There is an air drop though. During the match at times a plane will fly over and drop of some stuff that falls by parachute. So the decision that needs to be made is whether to go for the drop or not. What if someone gets there before? Why not stay by the landing of the dropped goods and wait for other players to come by and get easy kills. In a battle royale you have to use your head gamers. 

For how big and everything that’s going on. Playerunknown’s battlegrounds has great graphics. Sounds are okay but the visuals are definitely the better here. The improved lighting helps out a lot with what you can see. We do think there needs to be some more tall grass in some areas for cover and hiding spots. 

Overall this looks like a fun game. We do believe that it will be the newest go to game for battle royale action. King of the kill will be replaced. This looks fun, it is fun and will create some tense moments. especially for those who are among the last standing players left. The developers ‘Bluehole, Inc’ did a great job with this game. This game is worth checking out. Now some will survive but whether you survive or not… make sure you do the ‘Earth Walk!’.

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