Skyforge Battle Royale

Skyforge is a very large game and it’s got the content and game world to make a Battle Royale possible. If you didn’t know about the Skyforge Battle Royale by now, then just read our previous G-Blog about it right here. We mentioned that there is a lot of strategy in this battle Royale which sets it apart from the others like Call of Duty‘s Blackout, Fortnite and Pubg. Let’s take a look into that.

The first thing that clearly makes a difference in gameplay is the character abilities. The first three that are available from the start are the recruits. Tough, agile and accurate. Now only two of the recruits have good abilities.

Tough Recruit – is the weak link here as this character class only bonus is having 10% more health. So instead of having 100 health, the tough recruit has 110. This honestly makes almost completely no difference in combat. There are some moments when you survive a firefight and thanks to the extra 10 health you come out with only 6 health left. So it isn’t completely useless, just the least useful.

Agile Recruit – has 25% more stamina and also has faster sprint. The accurate recruit (as the name suggests) grants slightly increased accuracy with all weapons that you must fire. So with agile recruit, you can get to weapons faster than anyone else early game because obviously you are faster. You can also traverse the battle field better because of the larger stamina. This means heading from place to place to find weapons and more is something easy with this character.

Accurate recruit – When playing as the accurate recruit you should feel more confident in combat as you will always have the advantage in terms of aiming. Some weapons like the plasma thrower have bloom as you fire, meaning your shots get less accurate as you hold down the trigger. This character class will suffer less from that thanks to the slightly increased accuracy. 

Skyforge Battle Royale

Now the other nine character classes are much different with more various abilities. They must all be unlocked though, by spending in game currency called ‘Token of the king’. You earn these every time you play. Depending on what place you get after a round of Battle Royale determines how much you get. For example if you died 5th, you get like 490 while winning you get 700. It coasts 500 to ‘rent’ a character for one match. Strange but here’s how it works. You can rent for one match and then after using them, spend 500 more. If you rent a character class 50 times, you permanently unlock the character. That’s too much in our opinion but if you keep playing and have fun, you will horde up those token of the king currency and be able to purchase a character every time. Let’s look at those characters.

Morgan, the Filibuster – has a special weapon and item. The weapon is a explosive cocktail which can be thrown at enemies to light them and the ground on fire. they will take serious burn damage and reduce their accuracy. The item is a bottle of rum that when you drink restores a small amount of health over a few seconds and it also increases your melee damage. The cons of the Filibuster is that you can’t use other grenades or medkits you find in the match. A great way to use the Filibuster is in ambushes. Lead them around a corner, or wait behind a rock or tree and throw your cocktail at them, then shoot them as they panic. Then heal up after the fight. She is also the best character at the start of a match as she can drink to increase her punch damage and kill enemies who try to pick up weapons near you. Fun fact, the cocktail does so much damage that players having maximum armour shards and full health will get brought down to 60 health meaning you yourself only need to fire a few shots to finish the kill.

Dolph, the Mercenary – has a ability and perk. The Mercenary has infinite firearms ammo. So rifles, dual pistols, heavy pistol, dual sub machine guns, dual shotguns can all be used with ever having to find ammo. You still need to reload though which is a big downside. The perk is that you have 20% more health so basically 120 instead of 100. The cons for the Mercenary is that you can’t use mines, grenades, weapon scopes or gadgets. A great way to use the Mercenary is to be aggressive right from the start. grab a firearm and hunt down others early game, you will always have the advantage since you have more health and have infinite ammo while every else is running around looking for ammo. Try and find armour to make yourself tougher to kill. Fun fact, the Mercenary when he has heavy armour is the most durable character in the whole game having 50 more points of health than anyone else so the chance of the Mercenary winning a 1v1 is almost always guaranteed.

Skyforge Dolph the Mercenary

AVER RP-800, the Android – has a gadget and perks. The Android’s gadget when used allows you to detect enemies and reveal their location to you in a large radius. The perks is that the Android always shoots accurately and has infinite sprint. The cons of the Android is that this character takes increased damage from energy weapons and cannot use other gadgets like the active camouflage for example. A great way to use the Android is to be constantly on the hunt for items and weapons, traveling around the map quickly thanks to the infinite stamina. This can be done with confidence because if you approach a bullion for area with chests, then use your detect gadget and expose any enemies in the building, area or even following you, giving you the clear advantage in that fight. Fun facts, thanks to infinite sprint the Android is the one character that players, when using, have no excuse for getting killed by being outside the safe zone. Also the detect gadget doesn’t seem to detect camouflaged characters. Also having the experimental boots is most effective with the Android thanks once again to infinite sprint.

Kerr, the Devourer – has some abilities. The Devourer does 50% more damage… to monsters! So A.I monsters on the field are easier to kill. Also every time the Devourer kills either a monster or player, he gets a growing bonus to health and damage. The cons of the Devourer is that you can’t use armour or armour shards which isn’t much of a negative honestly. A great way to use this character is to grab a weapon and run away in search of monsters, forget other players. Kill as much monsters as you can find as each monster (the green coloured ones) grant 3 more health while stronger ones add more, also killed monsters drop loot. So if you killed ten weak enemies you will have 130 health instead of 100. If you happen to slay some players too you may end up with over 160 health and the amount of damage you do will be really high. It’s all about the kills. Fun fact, did you know X35 Earthwalker himself got over 200 health when playing as the Devourer killing many players and monsters.

Alecto, the Faceless – has a special ability and a perk. The Faceless has permanent active camouflage and the first attack you launch when invisible gets a 30% damage boost. The cons of the Faceless is that your camouflage gets disabled when you attack, take damage or pick up an item. You are also slightly exposed when you swap weapons too. Also you cannot use other gadgets and have 25% less heath so 75 instead of 100. A great way to play the faceless is to be patient and stalk your enemies, waiting for the best time to attack them from your invisibility. You can also sneak into locations ad loot everything quite comfortably thanks to your invisibility but be careful as you can still get spotted. Snipers and blasters are weapons work well with the Faceless. Fun fact, the Faceless is one of the most hated characters by players so it’s very funny when you stalk a character, wait for them to open a chest and then you kill them and take the prize for yourself.

Anna-Malia, the Hacker – has some abilities. The Hacker can summon a random item right in front of you. The other ability is that this character can instantly teleport forwards (off course there is cool down) and gets a speed boost right after the teleport temporarily. The cons of the Hacker is that you can’t use other gadgets or traps (like mines) and your maximum health is reduced by 20% so you have 80 instead of 100. A great way to use the Hacker is to keep creating the random item as soon as the gadget is available as you never know what you can get. Maybe something powerful or useful. Use the teleport to help you traverse the map faster and find the items you need before getting into fights. Also If someone gets the drop on you, then quickly teleport forwards and use that speed boost to get out of there. Fun fact, that ability to summon a random item can even give you a legendary weapon! Like we said, you never know what you will get so keep using it.

Ivy, the Sapper – has special traps and a ability. The Sapper can detect enemy mines from a great distance and even disarm them, meaning that you should never fall into traps. Also the Sapper always has three mines that can be thrown into desired positions (off course cool down). The cons of the Sapper is that you cannot use other mines, gadgets and grenades. A great way to use the Sapper is to always from time to time plant a mine behind you as you travel to hit following enemies or those just happening to be running past. You should also plant a mine at the entrance of a building you are looting so uninvited guests will pay the price for trespassing. You can also throw a mine near an enemy player who will then take big damage making killing them all the much easier. Fun fact, once X35 Earthwalker himself was at an elevated location near the final closing of the safe zone and three all three mines in there, the other 3 players all ran in towards the centre and all took heavy damage while he shot from the top and killed all without taking any damage.

Skyforge Battle Royale

Joe, the Engineer – has a special item. The Engineer has a portable auto turret which he can plant to have it fire at both monsters and players. The cons of the Engineer is that you cannot use mines and you have reduced stamina and your stamina recharges slower. A great way to use the Engineer is to go look for monsters and kill them with help from your turret. They not only drop loot but, for the engineer, turret parts which when enough is collected upgrades the turret making it deal more damage and more durable. Once your turret is at least level 2, make sure to plant that turret when you spot an enemy coming your way to give a nasty surprise. The engineer can do ambushes as well. Fun fact, X35 Earthwalker himself was facing one more player and the circle was getting really small, so he planted a level 3 turret. The last player jumped into the safe area but was getting hit by the turret and focused on that instead of the legendary soldier himself and was quickly defeated.

Selena, the Night Huntress – has two perks. The Night Huntress receives a 30% bonus to damage and movement speed at night time. The con of the Night Huntress is that she is 20% slower during the day time. A great way to use the Night Huntress is to literally go on the hunt when it is night time. As soon as it’s dark you really feel so much faster and not even strong monsters can defeat you. So hunt down players as it’s most likely you will win every time. Also take down some monsters for extra loot to get some ammo and powerful items to prepare for the final moments of the match. Nothing is more scary than a Night Huntress hunting you down at night, there isn’t that much you can do if she spots you. Fun fact, when the Night Huntress has the light armour at night time, she’s is the fastest thing in the game. it’s gets worse when she has the experimental boots. A floating rim reaper.

Thanks to all these different characters, the Skyforge Battle Royale has the most unpredictable and epic matches. Different strategies are being used during the same match by multiple players and some completely destroy others depending on the environments, situation, weapons and items at hand. Even though some characters are clearly stronger than others most of the time, any character can win. X35 Earthwalker has won a Skyforge Battle Royale match with each character which you will be able to see for yourself eventually on the X35 Earthwalker Youtube channel. Skyforge’s Battle Royale definitely stands out from the others like Call of Duty’s Blackout, Fortnite and Pubg and we’ve definitely had way more fun in the Skyforge Battle Royale matches. We trust that this information will be useful to players of this game. Off course we didn’t give away X35’s personal developed strategies. Now Skyforge Battle Royale may have many characters but even if they work together, they are no match for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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