Element Space is a turn based strategy role playing game (RPG) developed by ‘Sixth Vowel‘ and produced by ‘Inca Games‘. Element Space is said to be coming out the 24th of March 2020 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s already out on PC. This game is suppose to be a futuristic battle, so let’s see what it’s got. Let’s take a look.

In the universe of Element Space, the year is 2199. That’s not as far future as Halo but still far. So basically earth somehow was close to being destroyed, so humanity had to expand into space. An organisation called the sixth vowel, the movement of light, made space travel and their missions possible. Suddenly though this same organisation turned on humanity. There was a big war which lasted years. Now the factions that worked together are now having tension amongst each other. There will be another war. The players job, is to bring the starship inspiration which is the symbol of the galactic war to the city of Truce so that the first galactic congress can be held to unite all the factions. 

Element Space all turn based combat so players need to take their time and think about what to do next with what options they have. An excellent example of turn based combat is XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Information tells us that there is a variety of strategies and approaches because there are 32 ranged and melee weapons and character skills that can help mx things up. Games like this need vary and options in abundance. 

Another factor that’s important is the enemies. Element Space is said to have a range of enemies. Some have blasters, others have rifles, some have a great sword, others have two short blades, some have multi hits and fast, basically there’s stuff to be concerned about in this game. The factions have different uniforms and we hope that there co meat style and strategies are different and distinguishable too. So expect to see these guys across 24 different levels.

For more variety and flavour you can unlock and acquire new weapons and perks as you make a name for yourself with the galaxy’s factions. Get the best equipment for your squad. Speaking of squad, throughout the world of Element Space you will encounter and recruit new allies who will aid you in your mission and off course combat. Each companion has their own unique skills. The developers have also given them their own story and past so you can know it if you want.

This is tough but Element Space is trying the whole, your choices and actions effect the story or characters mechanic. Most games don’t pull this off well and fail at it. We hope this isn’t the case. Aid factions will make their leaders support you and unlock you those perks and weapons we talked about but if you fail them, they may turn against you when you need help.

Your companions have upgrade trees where you will decide what they would be best at. Also decide what roles to take with you into combat like: Duelist, flanker, tank, support, gunslinger or assault. The cover system is here too in Element Space. Full and half cover. Full is obviously better better but both are destructible. All cover is destructible so keep this in mind when on both the offence and defence.

We checked out some Element Space gameplay and it’s not exactly what we expected. It’s definitely more action packed than we thought. There’s some awesome hand to hand combat animations for moves, we mean proper fighting. It looks good. You can use grenades, rockets and abilities to really do damage and we like that. The bullet trajectory and hit detection is better than XCOM 2’s but the overall flow and quality isn’t on the same level but it’s still very good. We are only comparing it to XCOM as it’s the best and Element Space is doing very well. We hope it’s even better for the console releases.

Overall Element Space looks like a really good game. We actually like what we see. The graphics are good, the sounds are nice we wanted more but it’s nice. The environments make sense and a good amount of cover for options. We hope there are even more dramatic enemy designs so it isn’t just all people in armour. The developers Sixth Vowel have done a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will keep an ear open for this game. Now Element Space may be a battle in the future but it’s still miles behind… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a new tactical adventure game developed by ‘The Bearded Ladies’ (we are not making this up) but published by ‘Funcom‘. It is coming out the 4th of December on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This game will capture the interest of gamers just from sight alone. Let’s take a look.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a strange game set pretty much in a strange world. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden has been described as a tactical adventure, turn based with real time stealth. Straight away  you sort of get how this game will play like. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden does remind us of XCOM 2 in a way. Basically the story is that the world has ended (strange since the world is still there). There has been global economic issues, old and new superpowers are against each other, off course extreme climate change  and nuclear weapons which form mushroom clouds and other issues.   

Now nature has taken over… Well nature and some mutants (where did they come through). There are n humans left, they are all gone and the only things in the zone now are the mutants, animals and deformed humanoid. Players control a group who must venture of the zone in order to survive. Your destination is the Eden which suppose to be a haven and where the truth is according to legend. This sounds like quite the adventure. 

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is suppose to be a deep tactical strategy game. They have said it has been inspired by XCOM which means it should be good. Players can explore ruined destroyed looking areas like damaged highways, clearly abandoned cities. Off course each mission needs a plan and supplies which is why you will return frequently to a place called the Ark where you can get body armour like police vests, powerful rifles and even something like a top hat for style.

The members of your team are strange. There is a four foot duck (Dux) who has an attitude problem, a boar (Borwin) who clearly has anger issues and Selma who seems like a deformed humanoid and leader. There are multiple other characters in this world and they have their own distinct personalities and behaviour also. 

Even though Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is definitely a lot of combat and fire fights, stealth has been emphasised and encouraged. You have shadows to use to your advantage, floodlights will expose you, line of sight is a mechanic here too, fully destructible environment like walls to get the drop on enemies and much more. This is real time stealth so players have full control on their approach and how you want to do it.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

There are upgrades and new abilities called mutations. For example that duck (Dix) can learn an ability to sneak into a base full of enemies completely undetected and unnoticed even though he is a walking duck who is armed with weapons. Don’t ask questions, just go with it. The boar (Borwin) can learn to charge enemies which makes sense. Selma can learn a mutation called stone skin which literally makes her skin stone, we guess that means she takes reduced damage or maybe temporary immunity to damage. Off course there are more mutations to unlock.

There isn’t a lot of information on the kind of enemies you will face. We do know there are monsters called ghouls and that enemies will have levels, like a level 7 ghoul for example. We also know they will be other mutants like weird creatures with swollen mushroom bumpy heads. Hopefully more information will be given as the enemies do add or take away from a game.

We checked out some gameplay and we like the full control stealthy parts of the game where you can decide where to go to and how you plan to do something. The duck can get a mutation that allows him to fly granting elevation advantage and more mobility. There are ladders to climb, hit percentage, critical hits, weaknesses, advantages and even sniping capabilities. Just make sure to scavenge and find all sorts of useful supplies, parts and things that can really help out.

Overall Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden looks like it’s going to be a serious game. It’s unique, got some good mechanics, inspired by an excellent game, graphics look good and the levels look very good. There is some mystery like the elder who knows a lot and his story will be unfolded. we just hope that the enemies are awesome and off a side variety since it’s suppose to be mutants which means anything can be formed. We expect creativity from this. The developers ‘The Bearded Ladies’ (we hate this name) did a very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to seeing what Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden has for gamers. Now Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden may be a ruined world but one thing that’s not ruined is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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XCOM 2 is just an excellent strategy game. There isn’t another like it. We at X35 Earthwalker were a big fan of the first XCOM but XCOM 2 really did improve the game and took it to a higher level. It isn’t perfect though as we have found a few faults with the game but overall it is amazing. We will be talking about the soldier classes and how tactical things can get. There are four classes in XCOM 2. Ranger, sniper, specialist and grenadier. Each one are not to be ignored.

The Ranger is probably the hardest to master and use properly. Many will get excited about the fact that they have swords and will want to slash everything in sight but it’s risky. Slash lets you run up to an enemy and then almost kill them straight up but normally leaves you in the open or run towards another group of aliens which usually results in death. Instead use the sword only when you know it’s safe and when you really need to kill a certain target. Once the Ranger has the phantom ability it will stayed concealed even after the team got exposed. Allowing you to move around the map and level by themselves to complete and objective single handedly or get a perfect flank on the enemy. Shadow step is another powerful ability which allows the Ranger to not trigger any overwatchs or reaction fires. This means your Ranger can move freely and even ignore suppression. Once X35’s Ranger was pinned down by suppression and straight away he made his Ranger leave the area with no consequences. Rangers are the best when it comes to mobility. Use them to complete objective, go solo from the group and kill enemies in close range style.

Snipers is probably the most favourite class amongst XCOM gamers from the first game because they can dish out high damage from far away and attack more than once. In XCOM 2 they are more versatile than before. The pistol can no longer be underestimated. Upgrade your pistols when you can. The sniper gets abilities like lightning hands which allows them to fire the pistol and it won’t cost an action. This means you always get to attack more than once. Shoot with pistol at a near enemy and then snipe that other one that’s far away. Always place your snipers in elevated positions as ‘Death from above’ ability allows you to have another action after killing an enemy who is at a lower elevation. Snipers are no longer weak in closer range combat as the gunslinger abilities for the pistol make them lethal like faceoff which allows your sniper to fire his pistol at every target in range once. The best ability and the thing that makes snipers great is squadsight which means, if your team mates can see it, then your sniper can see it (as long as there is a line of sight).

Grenadiers are lethal in XCOM 2 and probably more lethal than before. Their ability to launch grenades is essential. Use them to damage groups of enemies at once and even destroy enemy cover to expose them for your sniper and other units. The shredder ability makes this class the best at dealing with armoured enemies getting rid of their armour. Suppression will keep those melee enemies, like the stun lance using soldiers, in their place, preventing them from moving or more likely killing them as they attempt to come near. X35’s favourite grenadier ability is holo targeting which means whenever your grenadier takes a shot at an enemy, your whole team gets increased accuracy against that enemy. Chain shot is just for dealing immense damage as it allows you to shoot at an enemy twice as long as the first hit connects. This makes you think about what to do. Normally you will have the grenadiers make the first moves as they really set things up for the other classes. Maybe use the grenadier to blow away a part of a wall or building to reveal enemies for your snipers, or do you fire at a essential target first allowing your team to have better chances of hitting that target or do you have them move up right next to an enemy just to use chain shot for the real damage? The choice is yours.

Specialists are very interesting indeed. They are equipped with gremlin units which provide all their abilities. Firstly a specialist can hack advent security towers to gain certain perks like disorientating all enemies for 2 turns or grant extra intel. Specialists can also interact with objectives like the computers or alarm system from a distance making them essential to get there in time or hack from safety. It gets crazier. They can send the gremlin to increase the defense of themselves or any ally making them harder to hit for the duration of the alien turn. As the specialist is promoted he will gain the ability to Heal allies from anywhere, remove status problems like panic, poison and even stop bleeding out. Then inflict guaranteed damage against any enemy and then the best of all be able to hack mechanical units. X35 loves this. You can hack to disable or even better take control of those advent mecs which he then sends directly towards the enemies to reveal their location and fight to the death. Make sure to hack sentry guns to have them fire at enemies and then overwatch to keep bringing the pain. Specialists can do anything and once used correctly, will make your team officially OP (over powered). Lastly don’t underestimate the ability to deliver 2 points of guaranteed damage as there have been many moments when that has come in handy to finish of a certain enemy.

Off course there are many more abilities for the classes and each is useful in their own way but pick them according to your style. XCOM 2 is very strategic and makes you think for a bit before making any actions. Place your snipers in high places and combined with ‘Death from above’ you have potential double kills lined up. Have your specialists always using their gremlins to buff, heal or even grant soldiers an overwatch as these actions only cost one action, meaning you can still fire afterwards. Hack those mechanical units when you can to get the best possible advantage. Be masterfully strategic with your Rangers. Literally X35 once had his ranger with concealment go alone to the objective and complete it by themselves and got that Ranger back to the rest of the team alive. Rangers are also best at killing on the go thanks to ‘Run & Gun’ and their swords. Be careful though. Grenadiers must use what they have to control the battle field their abilities create new pathways with grenades, pin enemies and lay down the damage if need be. They can even get armour of their own with ‘Blast padding’ meaning you can have them at the front knowing that they are harder to kill.

We are really loving what XCOM 2 have done with the game and will continue to play it. What do you think of the classes in XCOM 2? Maybe you have strategies of your own. Whether you do or not make sure you know… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Battle Breakers is a new tactical RPG being developed by ‘EpicGames’ for IOS, PC and Android. It will come out later this year we have heard but it’s already been released in Australia according to the official battle Breakers website.

We do not have a lot of information on this game but it straight away reminds us of Clash of heroes Might and magic. This game is about being tactical with your units and what they can do. For example don’t just attack and make actions without thinking as your units will be on cool down after attacks. Some are on cool down for 5 turns. Every character and even enemies are of a certain element like fire, water etc. So some are strong against others dealing 50% more damage. Corrupted crystals must be broken which cleanses the land and releases whatever was in that crystal. Breaking them in a row will earn you extra points. 

We have been told that Battle breakers will feature hundreds of recruitable heroes including robots, ninjas, dinosaurs and knights. This game is also cross-platform play between mobile devices and PCs. The invading monsters are going to put up a serious fight so build and upgrade the ancient Sky Tower fortress which will reinforce and improve your defenses. Your heroes can use the power of tsunamis, earthquakes, firestorms and more.

It is still in development but you can pre-register right now and you will get the bonus in-game content: Dark beastman character.

Overall, after checking out some gameplay we can say that Battle breakers seems alright. It’s definitely tactical in how you handle the battles, deciding what to do with each character and off course timing. The graphics are alright while the music is very good. It isn’t our kind of thing but we at X35 Earthwalker will still check it out. This game might be worth checking out.

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Defense Grid 2 might is our favourite tower defense game. It could be the best we have ever played as well. We still play it and having lots of fun with it. This game certainly has quite the challenge factor to it. X35 Earthwalker himself is taking on the levels in ‘Elite’ difficulty. If in case you didn’t know Elite difficulty is where things get less fun and more difficult.

There are multiple factors to take into account when tackling this difficulty. In Elite, the aliens have even more strength than what they had in ‘Hard’ difficulty. The description even states that this mode requires both skill and tower items. This is also where more strategy is required. A more tactical approach to the levels. There are many towers to use, more tower items to give you the edge you need but more aliens that want your cores. Defense Grid 2 won’t go easy on any gamer who takes this challenge on.

Since in Defense Grid 2 you get to see what aliens are coming in the next wave you can make adjustments and plan to some extent to deal with them. This is a most. For example a certain level might spend the whole map throwing shielded enemies at you like the ‘Bulwark’ and ‘Spire’ so then make sure to have ‘Tesla’ towers spaced apart around the map to drain and destroy shields along the way especially since the Spire alien can project shields onto others. Some levels may have fast moving aliens like ‘Racer’ and ‘Rumbler’ which means get some ‘Laser’ towers out there as those aliens are weak against heat and lasers deal continuous damage over time. So yes countering aliens is one thing but having a lot of towers out there is always key. The more towers you have, the better things will be for you as you have more things dishing out damage regardless. So get lots out there while keeping counter towers in mind.

Tower items are one of the biggest additions to Defense Grid 2. Tower items once unlocked are items that add extra features to your towers. For example the ‘Gun’ tower could be equipped with ‘Chemical tipped bullets’ which inflicts 20% extra damage over time thanks to the chemical substance. ‘Shield piercing rounds’ allow bullets to pierce through shields and deal direct damage to aliens and priority target forces tower to target the strongest alien in the group instead of which ever comes first. There are items for each tower. Items can be upgraded as you play through the game. For example the inferno tower has the ‘Concentrated fire’ item but once upgraded to level 5 does 125% more damage which is huge. Things burn up and die good and proper. Pick the items that will help you tackle the types of aliens. For example the level ‘Suspension’ has so many shielded aliens so you might want to equip your: Gun with shield piercing rounds, Laser with shield piercer, Cannon with shield buster shells and Tesla with shield cracker. This makes majority of your towers haters of shields. No longer will you have to watch a shielded alien eat all your bullets and walk out with a core. We hate that!

Inferno towers should be used at tight corners where aliens can’t out-range it. Concussion towers should be placed in centrally tight areas where they cover the whole area. Cannons should be placed on back rows on ‘Boost’ platforms. Lasers must never be grouped together so spread them apart to keep the burning going. Guns must be in groups. Alone they don’t do anything at all. Missiles must be placed around the edge of the map as they do more damage the longer distance the missile travels. Tesla should be spaced out around the map to keep bringing down those shields aliens wherever they go. Meteor must be placed in the center of the maps so that they can hit everything thanks to that range they have.

Being honest we do feel that some of the towers aren’t as effective as they should be. For example in Defense Grid 1 we loved the Gun tower as they were actually towers that did well no matter what. The best thing was to have a temporal slow aliens down forcing them to crawl through a tunnel of level 3 (red) Gun towers which shreds through aliens. Now Gun towers feel really weak don’t seem to get the job done. The Cannon tower seems even worse. For example we have had level 3 Cannons, which aren’t cheap by the way, fire at simple Walker aliens and it does so little damage. This must be an error as when you check the stats it shows that cannons do really high damage. We don’t see it. Literally. We have been discouraged from using Guns and Cannons in Defense Grid 2 which is a huge shame as we loved them in the Defense Grid 1.

We will discuss more in later blogs but one last thing. The aliens have been giving X35 Earthwalker himself some trouble even with all the tower items he has. This shows that you need to play for a while to level up those tower items to even stand a chance. Maybe you are taking on Elite difficulty as well, whether you are or not… Just make sure to do the ‘Earth Walk!’

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