X35 Earthwalker Skyforge

Sktyforge is a massive multiplayer online role playing game (mmorpg) developed by ‘Allods Team’. Skyforge is a big game and has a massive universe. X35 Earthwalker has played this game for a very long time and did multiple grinds too. So veterans we are when it comes to Skyforge. There’s good things about Skyforge but we wanted to do a quick G-blog abut a few negatives. Let’s take a look.

X35 Earthwalker has made many Skyforge videos, written about it multiple times and even did multiple livestreams. We know and can see all the good and cool stuff about Skyforge. It’s problem is that in the year 2022 with all the other mmorpgs, Skyforge look weak. Skyforge is like 90% grind and it does get boring real quick. This is such a waste as loads of potential is here.

X35 Earthwalker Skyforge

Skyforge has some of, it not the most impressive and coolest areas. Just check out the world in Skyforge and you will be amazed. When you enter the ‘divine observatory’ and then go to the park, you will be like wow. The lights, the city, the buildings and it’s so large… the view and what you can see. When you go to the port and see the sea and the massive ring like structure in the air, you have to wonder what is it. these areas and many many more make you wish you could explore these areas. 

So players need more areas and more freedom. The exploring actually has to matter. Skyforge just has levels with an A to B while Tera and Black Desert have full areas that can be basically fully explored. The classes are not balanced and some need to be reworked or much stronger. The necromancer class is trash. Hate it. Not enough damage and easy to be killed. Gunner does too little damage for what it is. It’s suppose to be a powerful big gun heavy firepower but it’s weaker than a tank class. The paladin class is so strong even though it’s suppose to be a tank, not damage. Fix the classes.

X35 Earthwalker Skyforge

The power levels need to not only be more obvious in combat but better explained. Skyforge is also known for being cryptic. Many players had to go online to learn crucial and some basic stuff about the game. Like how to get stronger. X35 Earthwalker made his return to Skyforge and aimed to increase his might. He rose by a lot actually but still feels weak in combat. Minion enemies are still doing good damage and capable of killing. Unless you go into your junior god form, you will get washed by your enemies. This includes giant rat creatures. 

X35 Earthwalker Skyforge

It’s gotten crazy. Some levels are clearly hated and boring. Get rid of them. You have no choice concerning which level or mission in the directives. The draconian enemies has that one unit who goes active camouflage Halo style and when it’s like that it can’t be targeted. It’s immune to almost all forms of damage and gets to run away from the fight. It’s not a difficult enemy but an annoying enemy. It wastes your time. Get rid of that enemy. It’s smaller stuff like that as well. Fix the whole story and campaign issue to remove confusion. There’s no real story in Skyforge. Black desert and Tera have one and it’s more fun and engaging. Skyforge still has the “welcome… now be free approach” with no information.                                    

Overall Skyforge got a lot to work on. They ned to improve visuals, frame rates do the changes we mentioned and off course more. We would say more but we are keeping it short. Currently both Tera and Black Desert are better games without question. The modern trailers for this game are cool for sure but the gameplay ain’t as clean or good as the trailer. We want Skyforge to be a much better game. Developers, either make it happen or watch the slow fade continue. Now Skyforge has junior and elder gods but they are mortal peasants compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’ 

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Black Desert is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Pearl Abyss. Black Desert came out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This is just a first impression G-blog post. We saw this game time ago but didn’t really feel like it. We decided to try this game for the first time and so here’s a quick view on some stuff. Let’s take a look.

So Black Desert didn’t get off to a good start. Choosing our name was a task in of itself. It gives us set of rules concerning our names. Examples would be 3-15 characters, A-Z, 0-9. They mentioned how to use underscores etc. We tried to do ‘X35 Earthwalker’ at first but off course that has a space. So fine. We added an underscore but it still wouldn’t allow it. We sat there and tried to get the name to work from capital letter to common letter. We had to change the name to ‘X35’ only. At one point we didn’t know why we couldn’t use our name. We were ready to uninstall the game right there. The game’s mantra or slogan or whatever is “Be your true self”. Yet we can’t have the exact name we want. Our name isn’t a swear word, curse or racial slur. Very lame. 

Now character creation is very loaded and we would say the most detailed character customisation of any game. You can literally adjust (slight) both butt cheeks, individually. Not joking. Most games especially if you have a female character forces you to have a pancake flat butt when in real life that’s mostly not the case. Body parts are split into smaller sections which you can just individually to be more precise. They need an undo option for each action you take though as if you restore to default it resets everything in that category. Now why are we a female? The game forced us! Let us explain. We wanted the Dark Knight class. It’s only available for female characters. This is the same stupid thing that Tera did concerning the Gunner class. Only women can be Gunners even though the gun itself is BIGGER than the woman herself. BFG 9000 from DOOM is nothing compared to the gun in Tera. Now we know it’s a fantasy game where anything can happen, logical or not but the dark knight is literally all about wielding a big tall two handed blade. It would be heavy. It’s naturally a style more fit for men. Don’t give us that sexist feminist nonsense. It’s a fact that some combat styles are more suited men or women. We can say from experience as X35 Earthwalker has many years of martial arts training and worked with weapons. Can you imagine a regular lady outside a supermarket swinging the blade of Siegfreid from soul calibur? Exactly. It’s north same size but you get what we mean. Even so we couldn’t have a male character as the Dark Knight class which was stupid design and Black Desert’s one huge flaw in character customisation. Again the slogan is “be your true self” yet we can’t pick the character we want. Fail.

Black Desert isn’t clear from the start. It’s actually the most confusing of all the MMORPGs we have played. Especially after the trouble with choosing our name, not getting the character we want we are already fed up at this point. You eventually get use to the controls and how interacting with characters work. Understanding where to go and finding your quests wasn’t easy but even that eventually makes sense. Now the best thing about Black Desert hands down is the combat. The game nailed this. So let’s break this down. You have full control of your character, everything is real time and you can run and sprint real fast making travelling easy. Everything is fast paced, very fast paced. You run up to an enemy, they get alerted if they notice you, they try to attack you can move fast and dodge and get into your preferred range. Definitely feels good for sure. The combat can get exciting.

The Dark Knight class in Black Desert is what we imagined it would be. We are so happy with it’s designed from a combat perspective. You have like maximum mobility. You can dash and zoom bot forwards and left/right at fast response. The attacks are strong, deliver bleed states effect and even launch enemies into there air. Dark Knights can also use magic as well, even a projectile that stuns enemies. We haven’t even unlocked everything yet but already we found our style. It’s fast, strong, melee and range with high mobility. We don’t even care what the other classes have to offer right now. We even faced our first boss, a big red nose monster and we successfully dodged and returned attacks of our own. We dominated that boss. We loved the Dark Knight at sight because it reminded us of Caius from Final Fantasy 13-2 (The story so far). He used like dark chaos energy for attacks and buffing himself. He was fast, deadly blows and had great mobility. Caius was incredibly powerful. We feel like him, an inferior him but we will only get stronger. The combat is the best part of Black Desert right now by far without question.

Overall Black Desert looks like a very good game. Yes we bashed it pretty hard at the start of this G-blog but those are things at the start and once you get past them and start to understand how the game works you then don’t have as much problems at all. We are only level 16 and have only recently played so there’s way more for us to discover, learn and do. So far we are having fun. 

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Bless Unleashed is an Xbox exclusive MMORPG developed by ‘NEOWIZ Round 8 Studios‘ and published by ‘Bandai Namco‘. We have played Bless Unleashed for a good while now and it’s definitely a good game and even has something that other games failed to do; however we have encountered some designs and features that have ruined things for us. Let’s take a look.

The first thing layers will notice about Bless Unleashed is the combat. It’s slow, sort of unresponsive and stiff. For example you swing at the enemy after knocking them down and sometimes you go over them or through them slightly. All you have to do is readjust but it can cost you a free strike on the downed enemy as the crusader class. Also you can’t use your shield fast enough after attacking, there’s such a delay that you have to wait a whole 2 second or slightly less until you can raise your shield. So you about to finish your combo, see the enemy about to hit you, you try to raise your shield as soon as the combo finishes (well in time) then get no shield, smacked across the head… and then your shield comes up which is too late. Also the Crusader class it punished as the full combo can never be finished before the boss attacks you. aYou aren’t really allowed to use your power, especially when fighting the dungeon enemies. You have to rely on others to do the damage while you hold block forever which isn’t fun. A delay with the shield isn’t fun either. Combat needs to be improved, smoother, faster reaction slowed also.

Now let’s mention some good stuff about Bless Unleashed. Bless Unleashed has shown that the developers really thought some elements out. For example we like that there are two in game currencies in the game that are very easy to get your hands on. You can even convert regular gold into star seeds.  With both gold and star seeds players can use the fast travel teleporters. Not only that, you can activate those teleporters even when you aren’t physically at one of them which is good design. Another great thing is that you get lots of upgrade and fortification stones. They are real easy to get and even some defeated enemies drop them. You need these stones to upgrade your weapons and equipment. So you don’t have a problem getting the chance to upgrade. Now this is a negative also but a bigger positive in some ways. Other players are always present in your world except for strict moments concerning the story where it has to be you alone. Now this is annoying as other players can kill the enemies you are hunting but the major benefit is that you get all the help you normally get all the help you need with powerful bosses found in the open world. For example you almost always find players waiting for a big boss to spawn so when he finally spawn there’s like 17 players all attacking it. So you will get help.

Next thing that makes Bless Unleashed not fun is the amount of bag space you have. To be fair, there is a way to upgrade the amount of bag space. You have to collect 4 bag pieces and take them to the bag specialist guy who increases bag space by 1. Yes, it’s that small. You always run out of space. Maybe they need to increase the stack numbers for the fortification and upgrade stones and the ingredients like leather, thin branches etc. That would certainly help. Increase the bag that you start with and increase the stack size. It’s absolutely annoying when you want to open up a chest award or get new items but you have to decide what to get rid of since every single item counts as a space except for stacks which off course count as one. Not fun at all.

Another thing that’s not fun about Bless Unleashed is the upgrade of weapons and equipment. We will focus on weapons as that’s our experience with this issue. So firstly you need the right amount of in game currency which is fine. You need enough fortification and upgrade stones which is fine. Now when you upgrade a weapon when it’s a rare there is a chance that your weapon upgrade can fail. This for starters is stupid. If we have the goods, and the materials then give us the upgrade. This isn’t Raid: shadow legend where you can fail the upgrade. Not only can you fail but your weapon can break too. When your weapon breaks during a fail, you can’t upgrade that weapon again until you repair it which requires a repair kit item which isn’t cheap by the way or easy to obtain. Not only that when your weapon breaks it goes down one level. So your level 4 sword you tried to upgrade, breaks and is now back to being a level 3! THAT’S STUPID! You can be severely punished for attempting to upgrade.  So let’s give a very accurate example. You have a level 3 rare sword and you got the right amount of stuff to attempt an upgrade. It fails. You sword is broken and it’s now. level 2 and you need a repair kit to repair which you get at the limited time store. Now that it’s repaired you have to repair again just to get back to your original level of level 3 just so you can attempt again which you could also fail again. That’s NOT fun at all. Also bad like Raid: Shadow legends you don’t get told your odds of success. You don’t know the risk when you want to upgrade.  So it’s unfair.

Now the one thing Bless Unleashed did that others didn’t do is the more realistic female model designs for NPCs. We have mentioned this before but in the first area in the festival. There was some women who had on high heels which off course effects the figure. We noticed that the calf muscles and Gastrocnemius looked exactly like how a real life women’s lower leg would look. This is a big deal to us because other games don’t do that. They all have very similar model designs. Some developers have lazy moments. We wish more games have diversity in their character designs, especially for NPCs.

Now another problem that Bless Unleashed have is the attack combos for the Crusaders. You have round about 4 actual combos but the problem is you will only really be using 1. The main one where you tap RB, RB, RB, RB, B does the most damage. So why would you use the other combos? Well you can use the RB, RB, RT, B combo which has an area effect so it’s good for a group but there’s no reason to use the others as it’s less damage. The shield one that knocks the enemy in the air isn’t needed as your strongest combo has big knock back so you get the distance anyway. So there’s no point in having them. They are pointless. If there’s a hidden actual purpose for those other combos then it’s not clear and we don’t know. Give the player combos that actually matter. Why can’t one have a poison effect maybe, while another combo may lower defence or boost your attack damage or whatever.  See? We are better at game design than all these designers. 

The last and biggest failure of Bless Unleashed and the single main reason why we don’t even feel like playing the game anymore… the levelling up. Simple put, it takes forever. There’s only two ways to really progress in this game. Level up, which grants more health and strength, and upgrading your weapon for more damage. We already discussed that many are too scared to upgrade and the fails prevent you from doing that, so all you are left with is levelling up. Never has levelling up felt so slow in a game. We have done all the side quests that we can find. We have fought and killed many enemies and that doesn’t even take you halfway to levelling up. We aren’t joking. Rewatch the clip above. We got 1659 experience points which is 0.134%. This is from an enemy which is 4 levees higher than us by the way. This would mean in order to get 100% so we can level up, we have kill that goat 746 times!!!!!! Nope! Sorry! Not doing that! It gets worse. The next story mission we need to complete to progress is to defeat a dungeon boss. We can’t fight it because you have to be level 19 to enter the dungeon. We just turned level 18 by finishing the last mission and as you can see in the clip above, we are nowhere near being level 19. We  did all the side quests we could find. No we aren’t going to ride around the whole big map in order to try and find more. They should be available from the map or whatever. We learnt that fighting stronger monsters only grant pathetic amounts of experience like 0.134% worth. We are stuck. No! We aren’t going to sit there and slay a goat 746 times! We have lives to live, we got a business to run, friends to socialise with, family to spend time with, online church services and more. WE’VE GOT A LIFE! We heard some player go back to find the global Map bosses that spawn into the world. One, those bosses spawn like every 20mins. They literally take forever to spawn in. Two, they don’t give as much exp as you would expect.  This is the biggest killer for us concerning Bless Unleashed. So no, we aren’t playing it. We rather go back to playing Tera and Skyforge.

We didn’t want to completely bash the game in as it’s a good game truly and well made. That’s why we threw in some positives about the game in this blog post. It’s just there are some stuff that makes the game not fun at all. Players shouldn’t be afraid to upgrade their weapons. Players always want upgrades. We have a purple epic upgrade stone but we don’t want to rick using it, then grind back the resources needed to upgrade again because your last upgrade failed. It is completely stupid to lock the story behind compulsory level u missions. Side quests, fine but not the main story. We literally can’t progress until we are level 19 which takes forever to get there.  The whole point of videos games is entertainment. You are suppose to have fun. Since we aren’t having fun, we can conclude that Bless Unleashed failed to complete its purpose. We will wait to see if there are any changes but until then, we will be playing other games. Bless Unleashed may be a good game but without the fun it’s not good enough for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Tera is an massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was developed by ‘Bluehole‘ and published by ‘En Masse‘. X35 Earthwalker, the one true Earthwalker, the legendary soldier himself has been playing Tera for quite a while now. Seen a lot and done more. This is just an update on what’s been going on and what Tera is doing well. Let’s take a look.

In the past we compared Skyforge to Tera and it was a close call on which was better overall based on the main things about the games, so we didn’t include things like the end game. We gave Skyforge the slight win but when you take the end game into account then Tera easily wins. Tera has lots to do in the end game and doesn’t force you to keep repeating the same missions and things over and over and over again like in Skyforge. The stories are more interesting and better carried out and consistent in Tera. Which is one of the main reasons we aren’t bored in Tera right now. Funny enough the end game of Skyforge is what made us check out Tera again and we have been enjoying it way more than before. So when you compare the two games overall including everything then Tera is the better game.

Now Tera has had a cool Christmas update and it’s adding to the entertainment of the game. It’s an event update that we actually care about. Basically there are now these fake santa claus guys. They basically have lots of gifts that were meant for players but they stole them. When you see one, just beat them up and goodies come out. That’s it. Literally. Now the goodies they drop are very good. Some are food and potions that when used grants you buffs for combat. Speed mote which makes you considerably faster outside of combat for a good period of time. Toy boxes that require toy keys which contain many items. They also dropped some dragon token item thing which if you have enough you can trade in for a new pet. The sad part is that the fake santas are about at certain times and big santa graus is super hard to find which is disappointing. Funny enough though we literally just found a big fake santa graus before finishing this blog post.

X35 Earthwalker started another character and this time doing the sorcerer class and so far enjoying it. We like how you can start a new character and try out the classes easily. Off course you must start from the bottom and unlock your abilities through levelling up. We knew the sorcerers weakness from the start. The sorcerer has way less mobility than the warrior. As you get more abilities though you get moves that can help you move around and evade attacks. Bosses that rush you down are the weakness of the sorcerer. The obvious strengths is that you have a large variety of elemental attacks with different effects. Big powerful area of effect attacks. Even attacks that deal continuous damage, like burn and poison and even continuous ice damage. The Sorcerer feels more powerful but we are definitely stronger with our first warrior character class.

Overall having a fun time in Tera. Currently just trying to hunt fake santas which we hope spawn more frequently and better hunt time periods. Levelling up our new character and thanks to certain in game updates the crafting, enchanting and some mother features are finally understandable. Things use to be super confusing but now makes more sense. Players can also fish now you get a fishing rod and literally fish in some really cool looking lakes, and big bodies of water. We even got our hands on this bike ride which is fast and you can fly with it. Lots to do in Tera. The developers have made some good moves. Now Tera may have gotten some upgrades but even those don’t make it come close to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Skyforge is a MMORPG that we have talked about before here on the G-Blog page. Skyforge was developed by ‘Allods Team‘ and published by ‘My.Games‘. Now we have played Skyforge, enjoyed Skyforge and have a lot of good things to say about Skyforge. Now we are going to talk about Skyforge concerning the end game area. Where you end up after playing it for a very long time. Whether it’s fun here or not. Let’s take a look.

Skyforge has a number of negatives but probably the biggest one is the end game. You see, when you first play Skyforge, you have multiple locations to explore like the regions and levels to fight monsters using your immortal godly powers. It does feel good. You unlock abilities and gain equipment but eventually will reach the endgame. This is where things are different.

We will say this right away. The end game is boring. We have reached a good prestige level, unlocked multiple classes like Berserker, Kinetic, Gunner, Archer, Necromancer, completed all the stories, each campaign area, region areas etc, everything to do with the main game. Right after that, you literally have nothing to do but grind forever to try and increase your prestige to be strong enough to handle the end game stuff. Your prestige is related to your power. The higher the prestige, the more power you have. 

Unless you increase your prestige you will never complete the distortion missions, beat any of the great gods avatars or unlock cooler rewards, tackle the missions on Anthea and tera. Those are all big stuff. X35 Earthwalker has been playing this game for a long time and we still aren’t at that level yet. Currently prestige rank 188 (168 + 20 bonus prestige). By the way what does the bonus prestige rank do? Yes you assume it just makes you stronger but the game makes a clear distinction between main rank and bonus rank when you try to enter certain levels or let’s call them dungeons.

Seriously, if your main prestige rank isn’t high enough you can’t even enter dungeons like Hespilon Temple on nightmare and challenge difficulty, meaning you can’t get the better awards. You do warm-up difficulty but get lame prizes that you already have, nothing new. Levelling up your prestige takes a long time though. The developers did do an update that gives additional prizes for completing that specific mission to help newer players level up faster. The rewards are related to things that help boost your prestige like bastions that grant resources to level up your stronghold, items that level up your tower of knowledge and other stuff like credits. This stuff does help you level up but when you get to a certain level, the amount of stuff you get to help you level up are drastically reduced. Things are real slow and X35 is main rank 168. That’s not much of a boost as there are players running around with a prestige level of 210+ (get a job). No but seriously how many hours and days have those people put into Skyforge to get to that level when playing for nearly a whole day even with less rewards can get you at most maybe three prestige levels up.

This slow pace means you can’t do anything but grind. Serious grinding. Well until you do, you can’t attempt the Tol-Monter avatar battle level or distortions. You can off course spend real money and get argent which can be used to get most in game currencies. Purchase powerful weapons and equipments. Basically money is a huge advantage in Skyforge, it’s the faster way to unlock characters classes too which is also a major grind. This is where everything gets boring. X35 Earthwalker has completed the same missions like 50 times over, probably more. That’s not fun.  Grinding is never fun. We even attempted those long adept events where you gather and use ‘Intelligence data’ to get pries. We got a mechanical dragon like mount thing which looks cool at least but that doesn’t help level us up faster. Speaking of Tol-Monter we dared to even enter that place at our current level and we can literally show you what happened. Just watch the quick clip down below.

As you can see X35 Earthwalker didn’t stand a chance and he’s been playing this game for a long time. Now another way to get items and goods faster is to be a part of a pantheon, basically a clan. This in fact punishes solo players. It’s like you’re being forced to join a pantheon and if not, you were at a disadvantage. That’s not fair. So when you aren’t using real money and part of a pantheon then you are in the worst possible position for Skyforge. You don’t know how bored we are with the game right now. We don’t want to play the same levels over and over again, get little rewards hope the adepts get enough faith for us to use our divine form as you practically need it for every mission now or they will take a long time. It’s a boring cycle and we have had enough. This end game of Skyforge actually brought back our interest in Tera as we have recently found more to do in Tera. Yes we compared the two and declared Skyforge overall as the winner in terms of the better MMORPG but what we didn’t use as the main factor is the end game, because it takes a while to get to the end game. The end game completely tips the scales in Tera’s favour easily. 

Overall, Skyforge is still a fun game but when you get to the end game it’s all down hill from there. We literally aren’t enjoying Skyforge anymore. We can’t do distortions which are these super big bosses with huge amounts of health, which you basically need a team for and we don’t see matchmaking for it so basically pantheon only and we can’t do great gods avatar missions like nihaz and Tol-Monter. Without beating them you can’t get an avatar trophy which you need to upgrade and gain new abilities and boosts for your divine form, which is needed for more difficult missions to get better rewards. YOU ARE STUCK! How is this fair?! So yes, we had enough and may play Skyforge a little from time to time but right now we are having some good times with Tera. We aren’t saying, don’t get the game

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Awesome Gameplay

Citadel: Forged with Fire is a new Massive Multiplayer Online Role Player game developed by ‘Blue Isle Studios‘ and ‘Virtual Basement LLC‘ but published by just ‘Blue Isle Studios’. Citadel: Forged with Fire is said to be coming out the 1st of November 2019 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Games like this has lots to think about. Let’s take a look. 

Citadel: Forged with Fire takes place in the magical but dangerous world of Ignus. There is a bit of information. Ignus is in an inter-kingdom conflict. Want to know more about what’s happening? Then the play the game for yourself you free loaders. We don’t see you donating. Anyways. You enter Ignus as a new apprentice of the magic arts. So no, you aren’t a boss in this world, you are new, learning and need to get much stronger.

So what’s the goal in Citadel: Forged with Fire? You need to make a name for yourself. In this world players can do whatever they want really. You can make your own destiny. In the land there are ruling houses. You need to achieve notoriety and power among them. They need to hear about you. Who knows they might try to sign you up. You could be a very dishonest who messes with both friend and foes, you can explore unknown territories and who knows might discover some new history or new cool treasure. 

Players can get a bit of their minecraft on as you can build large structures and huge castles. So literally get creative and build something that like and stands out. In Citadel: Forged with Fire you can face dangerous and powerful creatures and even tame them. Imagine riding and chilling with a giant lizard creature. You can also be a bounty hunter technically. You can be the player who’s known for hunting other players. That’s cool. Then again you won’t be the only player hunting. You might be new and some experienced player comes up behind you in the woods and then… let’s leave it there.

The castle building in Citadel: Forged with Fire is actually real deep though. You use a build editor which has been described as flexible and easy to use. You can and will need to put in magical structures and more to defend your castle as other players can invade yours. So use attack towers, respawn stones, defensive shields, mana pools and more. Do not let your invaders have an easy time. You can unlock new building features and fortification materials as you level. They claim to have many materials so get creative. Oh and don’t forget to raid other players castles too.

We checked out some Citadel: Forged with Fire gameplay and it’s what we expected, especially from a game of this genre, except for the fact that it’s primarily first person from the looks of things. We like the variety of creatures and monsters around from birds, ice monsters, what looks like demons, ogre creatures and more. Battles between castles working together in a team looks like they work very well here in Citadel: Forged with Fire. We need to see dragons though as we like dragons. We hope there’s a much greater range of magic than what we have seen already. Lastly we find the whole use a broomstick in order to fly doesn’t fit the game. They could have provided another means of flying but the broom is a “no” for us.

Overall Citadel: Forged with Fire looks like an alright game so far. Not much information on the level up system and the magic itself but a games allowed to have it’s secrets. The graphics look good, the sounds seem good. There’s good levels of character customisation so check that out. The developers ‘Blue Isle Studios’ and ‘Virtual Basement LLC’ have done well with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are going have to see what Citadel: Forged with Fire has to offer gamers. Now Citadel: Forged with Fire may have magical might but even that is no match for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Skyforge vs Tera

This is just an update or addition to the last Skyforge vs Tera gaming blog post which you can read here. Now off you haven’t heard off Skyforge or Tera then shame on you and quickly research them today. They are big MMORPGs. X35 Earthwalker has played both and lies both.

We went over some comparisons and what one game does better than the other. We covered graphics, story, which game makes you feel more powerful, which has better combat and all. We even talked about how Tera allows your character class to have more abilities and attacks to unlock as you level up which normally takes the whole story so continuous progression. This means you don’t max out your character quickly and then have nothing else to do. To counter this Skyforge has character classes which you can switch between meaning there are multiple to max out and each class takes very long to unlock so it also takes time but you finish the story way before you unlock all the classes. Comes down to character development choice but Tera’s system does it better as there is no great way to earn sparks of transformation to unlock new classes in Skyforge.

Skyforge vs Tera

We came across some negatives that basically made us think about our answer again. We noticed that increasing your prestige takes forever when you reach a higher level. It literally takes forever. It doesn’t help that Skyforge doesn’t explain what your prestige is, what effects it and how to raise it. Your might is a factor and we learned about this through other people. Skyforge has a horrible habit of making simple things complicated and lack of explanation. Until your might reaches a certain level you can’t get stronger equipment to raise your prestige and overall power. Without spending any real money, this takes forever. You can use the Cathedral and other locations in the capital to slowly increase might but they cost a lot of resources which takes time to build up. Either way it’s insanely slow. Those who spend money has a significant advantage. Using money in a free game like this isn’t bad, the developers need to make money from something they made for free. It’s just that eventually you get bored.

You can increase your prestige slowly through doing bastion quests but there is no variety to these quests as it’s the sam missions in the same places you have done and seen 50 times over. That does get boring. Skyforge early game and mid game is exciting and fun but later game it does get boring real fast. Tera always has you entering new areas and locations with different enemies and quests you must complete are also within those new areas. So you don’t really have to go back to past locations, except for extra quests. Tera has a better long term gaming plan. Later game Tera is definitely stronger and levelling up doesn’t take 20 years. There’s a good chance you will get your own house and car in real life before you reach prestige 150 in Skyforge, unless some dedicated PC fan who spends 12 hours a day playing Skyforge wants to tell us different. 

Skyforge vs Tera

Skyforge has the cooler plot, more powerful characters, lots more stuff to unlock, level up, train in etc but it gets boring much faster than Tera. Lastly what both games have an issue in but one more heavily than the other is the whole solo vs multiplayer issues. Both clearly have advantages for those people who play with friends, have friends or part of a clan, group or pantheon. Yes there should be bonus for groups and teams, that’s fine but there needs to be some help for solo players. For example in Tera the last dungeon areas like the Baldur dungeon require a team to access. We searched for a group but over 50mins passed and we found no one. So we couldn’t do it at all. Too difficult. This means we are stuck. We can never beat it. Tera has distortions that require a team of ten people, there isn’t even a public search for it. You go in solo and they kill you in like two hits or within 30 seconds. That’s not fun or fair. Solo players are at a huge disadvantage. They don’t even adjust the difficulty for solo players. It shouldn’t be an easy fight but a very skilled solo player should at least stand a chance without having to be prestige 230 or whatever.

Skyforge vs Tera

When playing solo in Skyforge it’s a disadvantage and levelling up takes forever, it does switch you off the game for a while. Lately we just go on Skyforge, send our adepts out, do a bastion quest or two and then go play a different game. Not having fun. Tera was fun all the way until the last dungeons of the main story quests which we can’t do which sucks (now can thanks to updates) but this happened only twice to us while Skyforge has many things we can’t do.

Overall These two big negatives has changed our final verdict for now. Both games do have their advantages over each other but currently we say Tera is the better game as it stays strong from early to late game. It doesn’t have as much strong negatives either. So Tera wins this time.

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Some gaming videos

Visuals Skyforge

X35 Earthwalker has played many games of pretty much all types but hardly0 any MMORPGs. The two that we have played are Skyforge and Tera. Both are focused on action combat instead of click and select and wait your turn. In both you move your character, time their attacks and decide when to dodge. Both have been good fun but which one is better? 

First let’s make it clear that it’s only our view and opinion here. Both have interesting stories. In Skyforge players become an immortal who’s goal is to become a god and then hopefully move up to become a elder god while defending the world from many dangerous and powerful groups of aliens that invade and attack humanity (mainly mortals) like machines, fish creatures, snake like creatures, demons and more. In Tera, it’s not exactly clear from the start but basically you play a character that soon joins the federation which is a combination of the seven races who are fighting against the Argons who threaten the peace of the world. Argons use both magic and technology to reshape the world. They are a top level threat and eve working together, victory isn’t guaranateed. Both have large stories of planet scale battles and include gods (false gods) but only in Skyforge do you actually play as gods, plus there is more than one enemy and each enemy army have their own beliefs, schemes and gods of their own. Things are more interesting and a bigger story in Skyforge.


Now both are big games, really big. As in there is a lot to do, places to visit and stuff going on. Through our journeys we noticed that there is far more stuff in Skyforge than Tera. Literally you would have to play for a very long time to even become an elder god which is off course superior to regular gods. Now any gamer who actually has a life and doesn’t spend the whole day playing Skyforge will take months and even years to build all the god deeds to use to unlock all the god abilities, complete Flavius’s lab, get enough sparks to naturally unlock all the classes and much more. It’s so big that it’s actually ridiculous and we don’t plan on getting everything. That’s right, you heard us. We are busy people who have a lot of great things happening our lives and we don’t have a whole day to just play the game. So Skyforge can keep their power ups and mounts. Like seriously, who wants to be an elder god anyway. In all seriousness though both Tera and Skyforge have a lot going on. Tera has many areas to travel too, levelling up takes quite a while after a certain point where only main quests seem to really budge the leveling up. Both are big, they are MMORPGs after all but Skyforge definitely comes of as bigger and deeper.

Now both have interesting enemies. Skyforge have the Oceanids, Mantides, Demons, Reapers of death, Mechanoids, Phytonides who all are annoying by the way. Each invading army has their own unit types of Pack, Thug, Enchanter, Crusher and Boss. Pack are in groups but weak, thugs do lots of damage, enchanter create special effects like buffs, weaken or even summon others, crusher have lots of health and boss which speaks for itself. In Tera there are many types and races of enemies from different places in the world. If you go to a desert like area, you will see giant sand slug sort of like creatures that borrow through the ground. If you go to the harbour and beach, you’ll see crabs and tortoises. If you head into the mines you will find enemies with pick axes and giant preachers with sharp legs digging (sort of like Corpsers from Gears of war). Basically there isn’t separate factions really except one main antagonist group called the Argons. So in Skyforge, you have one or two of the different invading armies in the different levels. While in Tera there are different enemies in each of the areas. This creativity has allowed so many more enemies for players to face. There is fairy looking creatures, pirates, vampires, giant spiders, crab like enemies, bloated axe wielding humanoids, dwarfs, Loks, half horse half dragon and literally so much more. Skyforge may have organised armies who have giant bosses Nihaz but those bosses are not as frequent and giant bosses in Tera and you end up fighting the same enemies quite frequently. The variety in Tera is much greater and makes each different place feel unique. So tera wins this.

Skyforge Snowman

Playing through the story is different from what the story is. In Skyforge you you have to travel to the same places players already explored. The objective will be in a level and players will have to go there, fight through the level which stays the same to find the person (mainly) that you need to speak to. Then you have to head to another level or head back to the observatory to then be told to go to another same familiar level and do the same thing. We have to admit that the story mode in Skyforge is boring. We don’t get much cutscenes at all but only at crucial points. If players had to do the story first then the locations and enemies would be new and more exciting but since many did the campaign first we did all the levels, fought all the enemies and faced the same elder god boss already. It’s basically go here, talk to that person, go there, talk to that person, go here kill that thing and then talk to that person and repeat. In Tera it’s quite different. A superior gives instructions to go to a certain place and there, are many missions, side quests, enemies there. So it’s very different from Skyforge. Sure you have to go back to Valika to report to your superior and they then send you to another place but all these places are new. Never seen before so it’s fresh each time. They are not linear either. These levels allow for side quests and players can do what they want with numerous enemies around and things to find. In one area, everything is a tropical place that has a sea where players can swim, another place has a huge temple like area, another place has a giant mine filled with tracks and excavated area. They are so different, not linear and different enemies. The side missions and the main missions are of variety and each area has a dungeon which contains multiple boss enemies and a huge top boss enemy. So how you play the story is better done, more exciting and doesn’t get boring in Tera.

Both Skyforge and Tera have many items and weapons to equip and use. They basically have the same items in terms of healing items and removing negative status. There are resurrecting items, stat enhancing items. How the items are used are based on the mechanics of the game and the difficulty. For example you can use items to recover health way less frequently in Skyforge. The items all work well and feel the same except for the resurrecting consumables in Skyforge which for us don’t work. We checked online and some gave some strange guide. Why can’t it be simple. Why can’t we just stand near our dead allies, then use our item and they get up. We tried but all we did was stand there and glow for a while and when done, they were still dead. It should be clear. Tera have teleportation scrolls that allow players to teleport (duh) to different places in the world or same area. Skyforge won’t need those as there levels are smaller and linear as in you never have to really turn back. Skyforge have more reward items and boxes to open containing more items. There are items which grant sparks of transformation. Skyforge even has items like paralysing darts, fiery cocktails and more to assist you in combat. We feel there are more items in Skyforge and more rewards, especially since our bags in Skyforge get filled far more quickly (you really have to expand bag size). So Skyforge wins in items due to having much more. Now concerning the weapons, this is a no brainer. Tera is Cleary the winner. The weapons in Skyforge feel absolutely useless. Whenever we get a new weapon, they don’t add much at all. You never feel more powerful. It may say 17% damage boost but doesn’t look like it at all. We soon didn’t care about new weapons. In Tera though you can easily see the difference in power. You can even add stones to your weapon and enchant them to make them more powerful and grant new effects. They even glow. Honestly Skyforge needs to sort out it’s weapons as weapons are a huge part of games. So Tera wins for weapons.

There isn’t really any crafting in Skyforge. Some players say after you become an elder god or something but but if that’s the case, then it’s too long. In Tera players can craft from when they are level 15 which doesn’t take that long at all. You can do crafting for weapons, armour, etching and alchemy too. You find many items like rocks and crystals which we advise you don’t skip them but collect them. In sky forge you collect some items but there is practically nothing to do with them concerning crafting. So Tera wins easily.

Big MMORPGs like Skyforge and Tera have many areas, sections, activities etc etc. Obviously this will be confusing for new players… but one game is definitely more confusing than the other. Both do quite well in guiding new players in the earliest stage but Tera holds your hand more which is good. When it comes to combat things get real confusing. For a good while we never knew what moves should combo into what and what certain words mean. Like whats a pulse? Skyforge says some moves use or generate pulse but there isn’t any part in the game that explains what these are or what they do. We wrote a whole blog which goes into more depth about this in the past. While in Tera there is a section whiten skills that show the character’s combos and what leads into what. Making things simple as it should be. Tera even reminds players with the commands showing when we can use a move that directly combos into another. This gets players into the rhythm of things and eventually know what should be done without help. Our mounts wouldn’t work for a while, even when the game tells us to equip our mount (skyforge) and we tried but it never worked. We found a way but not what the game told us to do. There are many areas and things in sky forge that aren’t explained clearly, we were confused for a good while about multiple things while Tera made everything quite clear much faster. Matter of fact we were only confused about one thing unlike sky forge which didn’t even give players a heads up that you can only have a certain amount of adepts and can’t sign new ones until you dismiss another. So tera is less confusing and more new player friendly.

Now in terms of which game makes the character you control feel cool and powerful. Let’s compare two similar classes. From Tera we will use the warrior class and from Skyforge we will use the Paladin. Both are sword wielding melee classes. off course they aren’t exactly the same. When playing as the Warrior, you have many sword skills, you can poison the enemy, cut them up and slice them up. The warriors stays as a dangerous swordsman who never stops cutting. While In Skyforge you actually feel like your swordsman has actual power. The Paladin can strike with lightning as their sword connects, shoot lightning, summon shields and more. The sword class in Skyforge makes you feel much more powerful than the Warrior class in Tera. Off course this does come down to the fact that in Skyforge you play immortals and gods who are obviously more powerful than regular mortal characters in Tera. The point is that Skyforge makes players feel more powerful and cool.

Speaking of classes, there is 10 classes in Tera but in Skyforge there is at least 16. So there are more options in Skyforge; however the classes in Tera have more moves which means more progression with that character. In Skyforge you can unlock all the moves and abilities for your class actually quite quickly while it takes much longer in Tera due to it having more. So there are more options and progression of your character in Tera. The classes in Tera do feel mostly similar while Skyforge does have the variety like multiple projectile classes from pistols to big cannons, ice wielding classes and light binding. Much more variety in Skyforge.

Now both games can get difficult but one is harder than the other. In both games, players have health regeneration but it’s much faster in Skyforge but the regeneration cannot be interrupted in Tera (from our experience). Running away from fights is much harder in Skyforge, in fact, you can’t really run away as the enemies move incredibly fast if you try to leave, especially during those squad missions. Meaning they will chase you down and continue to inflict damage until you die. In Tera, the enemies chase you too but only speed up after chasing for a good while and even then you can still dodge any attacks they throw while running away. they then give up and return. So if you start a fight in sky forge, either you finish them or they finish you. While in Tera you can flee from a losing battle and live. Tera also has a much smaller cool down time for healing items, so you can heal multiple times during a fight while in Skyforge you can normally only heal once and that’s it. Bosses in Tera have an abundance of health, more than Skyforge bosses in general but Skyforges bosses hit much harder. There was a boss that killed our character in two hits but we have never met a boss in Tera that could two shot us dead. Lastly in Skyforge dying doesn’t matter, as players control immortals who are known for dying and then coming straight back. Even so Skyforge is the more difficult game.

It’s time for combat. Both have action packed combat giving players control over their character instead of click and command. In both, players decide when to attack, dodge and aim their attacks. Both have a MP system, mana point for Tera and just mana in Skyforge. Now in Skyforge, some moves trigger other moves to be instantly used again without any mana cost and some moves increase the damage of another move for a short period of time. Players in Skyforge also have the ability to instantly kill enemies with finishing moves if their health is low enough (there is a cool down for this). There is an ultimate move, divine abilities as well and even the ability to change into your god form who has increased, speed, health and damage and their own special attack. In Tera players have many moves and yes some also power up other moves and make others of instant use but there’s one big difference. There is actual real combos in Tera. Sure if you know what moves do what and what works well after another then you could do like two moves combos but Tera has actually combos and the game shows you what moves to do next to keep the damage going. There is a section in your skills tab that shows you these combos and the options you have and since their are more than one, you can almost always be chaining many moves together regardless of what you start of with making fights more focused and engaging. The combat feels more technical in Tera while in sky forge it’s more figure it out for yourself and do what suits the situation. While Tera gives more options gives moves for almost all occasions. We will say though that the poison stab ability for Warriors is terrible and needs to be more effective. if we just go by standard character and their moves then Tera is better but If we take in the whole picture Skyforge has better combat because it still does have some hidden but less combos but it has many special abilities, numerous passive and extra abilities, divine abilities, god forms, ultimate attacks and god form ultimate attacks which literally destroy everything. 

Lastly let’s look at graphics. Both have big worlds with lots of variety and many things going on. Both have great graphics but only one game made us stop and truly look around and that was Tera. There is a desert area that has many rocks, ruins, relics, sand and more. We entered that area looked around and noticed all the details on the rock and how everything looked. We then saw what looks like a giant whale like creature swimming through the sky just doing it’s thing. It looked amazing. There is also some giant star sign blue clock hand looking symbol in the sky. It’s movements are smooth, looks beautiful and reminds us of something out of Final Fantasy Xlll-2 and we know how Good Final Fantasies graphics are. Sky forge has great graphics too like in that snow area and we looked up to see a Northern lights like sky, it was wonderful but Tera does look cleaner. So better graphics go to Tera.

Both games are very large and we are sure that Tera and Skyforge pros would have tons to say about the game instead of those stupid internet trolls who have nothing intelligent to say. both games are great and we are having fun with both. Tera has a more alive world, far more enemies of variety to face, better campaign, better and more effective weapons, has better weapon crafting system, less confusing and new player friendly and less difficult. Skyforge has a bigger and more interesting story, is a bigger and deeper game, more items, bigger variety of classes, the classes are more powerful and cooler, better combat and is more difficult.  overall we would say that the better game is Tera. Now this isn’t a stomp by any stretch of the imagination. It was close and they are off course different. Skyforge is a bigger game, with a bigger story, with bigger characters and gods so yes Tera can’t compete with that but even though Tera is smaller we feel it has done it’s game mechanics and things better in more ways. Now both mmorpgs, Tera and Skyforge, are great, big games but none of them are bigger or greater than… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Tera. Giant crab fight

Tera is a new action fantasy MMORPG developed by ‘Bluehole‘. Tera is coming out the 3rd of April on the Xbox One and PS4 but already out on PC. This MMORPG has gotten a lot of good reviews and comments. Let’s take a look.

Now Tera is another MMORPG. So some gamers will wonder why they should care. There is world of warcraft, Guild wars and more like Skyforge. Tera claims to have one huge advantage which is the fact that they have actual true combat action. The other MMORPG you click and send your characters over there and activate your attacks and abilities when you want and they are carried out. In Tera, you actually have full control of your character and can time attacks, aim and dodge. Skyforge does this as well except for the aim part to some extent. Developers say that the combat system is tactical and rewarding. We hope so.

Tera itself is free to play which makes gamers smile. It’s expansive content is also free to play. Some smiles have gotten bigger. No matter what level you are and how far you get. That remains free. Tera is all about having your character stand out from others. First of all there are seven distinct races to pick from, ten character classes which all do their own thing, lots and lots of hair styles and facial features which hope are actually recognisable. The customisation gets deeper as players can cover their characters armour with full body costumes, add exotic accessories, and even dye your armour with a large assortment of colours. So it’s pretty hard for players to have the exact same look as others. Kind of like with Halo 5 Guardians, after all those times of playing X35 Earthwalker never encountered a spartan with the exact same look. A good step for Tera.


Now what would a MMORPG be without some giant bosses and enemies to take down, especially those that require a team to stand a chance. Well Tera has dangerous dungeons containing such monsters. Players can expect such foes like the the Vulcan, Teralith, Argon Guardian, Frost Giant and Red Kumas. But wait… there’s more… Tera has PvP allowing players to decide who is better as a player through combat. There are also open-world hunting zones which let’s just say can get sort of crazy at times. After all large bosses are always exciting especially when they look so dangerous and at times down right scary.

Now this game is also suppose to be very large too. There are thousands of quests in Tera. Now this world is full of lore and history so players who love to gathering everything and get real deep into the story of the game and it’s in game universe will have quite a lot to do. Quite a variety of landscapes in this world too like jungles, deserts and tundras. Off course there are much more so get exploring. A variety of paces has more appeal to us at X35 Earthwalker than just a large game and area.


Now more important than all of that would be the character classes so then players eventually can debate over which class is the best. The Archer class, is all about tactics and have arrows for everything from armour piercing, magical spider webs to explosives. Actually sounds better than the archers in Skyforge. Berserkers are all about offence, with good defences, heavy armour, the ability to reduce damage. Lancers are all about the spotlight in combat as they absorb all the damage for their team while dishing out pain of their own to many. Mystics are all mystical (obviously). They can summon thralls, place curses on their foes and best of all heal their allies. Priests can resurrect fallen allies, cure and grant buffs to them too and also have some fire power to go with it. Slayers are all about being wild with their large swords in their enemies faces. They have all the mobility  and some high damage capabilities. Warriors are more tactical and have more evasion than slayers but don’t lack attack power at all.

Powerful sword wielders who dive head first into a fight. Sorcerers have quite the selection of long range elemental attacks and with their versatility, they could handle pretty much any situation. Reapers can be used when you have a class that level 40 or above. reapers use chain blades to viciously damage enemies, zoom round the field and even absorb health. Gunners are all about da base… we mean fire power as they wield powerful weapons and have abilities to keep them away from the enemies and danger. The point is to shoot and never stop shooting. Brawlers don’t care about danger, they just get in the enemies face and get physical with their power fists, dealing heavy damage, blocking heavy damage and sending everything flying. Ninjas are all about hit and run. Using shrikes to deal heavy damage at all ranges and even use their chi to produce flame attacks. There are some more classes like the Valkyrie but that’s for gamers to learn for themselves.


Now off course Tera is free to play meaning that the developers don’t make any money from this. At the end of the day game designing is also a business and they need to make money so how they do it is by offering content in the in-game stores. So you can support the developers by buying costumes, mounts, accessories, account services, weapon skins and more. We at X35 Earthwalker make it clear how we feel about this. If you want to buy something and you have the spare cash the why not but if it’s a free to pay game then players should be willing to help out as games take a lot of time, effort and work to build and they can’t produce more or keep things going with cash. So keep that in mind, especially if they build a good game that you enjoy.

We checked out some gameplay and we can say that it is definitely action combat indeed. Faster pace than Skyforge though. Classes like the ninja class really shine here with multiple dodges, evasion, jumping attacks and lots of animations with their moves which is great to see here. The graphics and visuals are excellent here better than the other MMORPG’s we have seen. The environments and the many but different enemies just going around minding their business make the worlds interesting. The entrance of boss battles, seeing other NPCs helping out in combat and actually not being so useless does give Tera some advantages over others. 

Overall Tera is looking real good and might even get X35 Earthwalker’s attention himself. Matter of fact this may take us away from Skyforge if it holds up and has a lot to offer. We will see. What we see are a lot of enemies, areas, character options and more going around making this a real MMORPG. The developers ‘Bluehole’ did a fantastic job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing this game arrive on Xbox Oe so that we can see more and give it a try. Even if you have 10 warriors each a different class they still wouldn’t stand a chance against… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Visuals Skyforge

Skyforge is an awesome game without a doubt. X35 Earthwalker himself has been playing it for a long while now and it has been said before and we will say it again. It’s the only MMORPG that we enjoy playing. Skyforge isn’t perfect by the way and has a number of issues that we wanted to focus on this time.

The first annoying thing about Skyforge is that the game wasn’t very honest with you from the start. You get your three starting classes after trying them out, you obviously want to unlock and try out the others. The description says that you will unlock them as you play the campaign. This isn’t correct. The truth is that you will most likely unlock one by the time you finish the campaign. For every providence level that you complete first time, you get 500 sparks of transformation (we will call them sparks from now on). You need 25000 sparks to unlock another class with the revenant class being 35000 sparks. This means you will need to complete 50 levels (70 for revenant class) to unlock your next class. That’s a very long time indeed. It takes too long and it’s disappointing. We thought as we get to the next providence where you see the classes temples, we could enter there and face a test or challenge or fight a max level A.I of that class to unlock the class, showing we are worthy but no. It’s just a description and the cost. We are aware that their are group missions that upon first time completion give 1250 sparks and you can get some items that when used give you 100 sparks; but it’s never guaranteed and there are like only a few of those big missions that require a team on the providence levels. This whole class unlocking thing disappointed us greatly.

The next big problem that Skyforge is connected to the first problem. Lately we have been seeing a bit of a trend. Remember that we specifically mentioned the Revenant class. Isn’t it a bit strange that the Revenant class costs more that the others. We have seen more players just using the revenant for everything. PvP, group missions and whatever all the time. Matter of fact, the revenant is actually more powerful than the others from what we have seen. In a PvP match X35 Earthwalker himself was a gunner class ,who are quite tacky thanks to the natural shields they gain and personal shield ability. A revenant rushed him but was getting shot the whole time. When he got close he broke through the shields super fast and started eating away X35’s health. So off course he use the teleport ability to get out of there but as soon as he teleported away, he got pulled all the way back to where the revenant was and got killed. The revenant didn’t take as much damage as they should. The revenant is too strong, players know that because they play it all the time. The developers know that because they raised the spark price (can buy with real money). All classes weren’t created equal. The gunner class has the most epic description out of all of them. They sound so powerful but when you play the gunner, he does less damage than you you would expect. Other classes kill things faster than him. The flamethrower is too weak, it should be a area of effect attack and only sets enemies on fire for two seconds which sucks! The big bad gunner who carries a big bad gun doesn’t do big bad damage. All their are some classes that we hardly ever see or seen at all like the alchemist and witch/warlock. Something needs to change here.

Divine form in Skyforge - X35 Earthwalker

Next issue is that the progress in Skyforge is really slow. Now we get that this game was made to be played for a very long time. We can see that but not everything with this game should be at such a slow rate. We love to unlock the symbols that you get for completing bastion quests. After you unlock the second row of symbols everything gets real long there on and that’s just the second row. There are 5 rows. The third row is taking a long time and takes even longer especially when there are so many missions, tasks, invasions, story mode, directives etc. Even if you focus on bastion missions only it takes a very very long time. Just thinking about how long row 5 would take can make you not even bother some times. Slow progress is also the issue connected with unlocking other classes. It just takes too long to do it with sparks. We think progressions, especially for symbols is too long. We believe understand the angle they are coming from but just a little mercy would be great. Also let’s make it clear. Skyforge is free to play. We X35 Earthwalker do not condemn Skyforge for micro transactions and buying classes and stuff. they made a large whole game for free of great quality and it’s still a business and they need to make their money somehow. We personally think it’s right to support them after what has been done. So what’s wrong with a few skins and maybe a class or two? Nothing. Just have to make that clear.

Lastly, a big problem with Skyforge is that it’s too cryptic. This is coming from X35 Earthwalker who has even outsmarted the Riddler and batman. You see many items and terms and names and don’t know how to get them or what they are. For example with the gunner class the three attacks: full auto, pulse shot and missile salvo all trigger something called “impulse charge”. What is Impulse charge?! Seriously. We checked all the abilities, names of attacks and whatever and we don’t see a description for impulse charge anywhere. Maybe it’s revealed to PC players or something but why can’t Skyforge have a simple explanation for it. An extra slot that explains these things. Does impulse charge reduce incoming damage, do we fire faster, does it buff the damage of a certain move. What?!!! Same goes for the Necromancer. We don’t know what: Toothy grin, ritual strike, plague storm, hellfire and bared fangs do either. Maybe the ritual strike, plague storm and hellfire are the combo moves when you use the standard attack but it’s not displayed or shown like how the combos and information is showed for the paladin class. They got it right with the paladin class but gunner and necromancer doesn’t have it. This means we aren’t using gunner and necromancer to their full potential because information isn’t displayed. This is incredibly annoying and we are sure it’s just a display error but we shouldn’t have to search the wiki and websites to learn what impulse charges are. There’s more cryptic stuff that will confuse all new players.

Lastly, maybe this is because there is something we are missing or don’t know but we can’t unlock other mounts in the game. For example mounts like that jetpack looking device we can’t unlock. We have unlocked our divine form and much more and we see players with much lower health and prestige having these mounts. When the game told us to select our mount we went to the mount section and everything was still locked. We couldn’t select anything. We have the mount that we got from the Christmas season a giant ram who is very fast but all the other natural ones we can’t unlock. We checked everything and not sure. Either there’s a glitch here or we are seriously missing something and if we are, then why is it so cryptic? Why say, select your mount when everything is locked? Why not say why it’s locked? It’s not about prestige level as we have said, there are lower ranked players with the mounts. Did they buy it? We have completed the whole campaign. Makes no sense and that’s worse, when it doesn’t make sense. Now many symbols appear above the dash status and some times you don’t know what they mean. It should be clearly explained as new players will suffer from this.

That’s some major issues we have had with the game and they are all big ones because it ruins the game in our opinion at times. New players always get confused and go online for help when it should be in the game. Like we said at the start we really like Skyforge and enjoy playing it. It’s an awesome game but it’s clearly far from perfect. Some minor issues and some majors but worth playing.  

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