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Skyforge is an awesome game without a doubt. X35 Earthwalker himself has been playing it for a long while now and it has been said before and we will say it again. It’s the only MMORPG that we enjoy playing. Skyforge isn’t perfect by the way and has a number of issues that we wanted to focus on this time.

The first annoying thing about Skyforge is that the game wasn’t very honest with you from the start. You get your three starting classes after trying them out, you obviously want to unlock and try out the others. The description says that you will unlock them as you play the campaign. This isn’t correct. The truth is that you will most likely unlock one by the time you finish the campaign. For every providence level that you complete first time, you get 500 sparks of transformation (we will call them sparks from now on). You need 25000 sparks to unlock another class with the revenant class being 35000 sparks. This means you will need to complete 50 levels (70 for revenant class) to unlock your next class. That’s a very long time indeed. It takes too long and it’s disappointing. We thought as we get to the next providence where you see the classes temples, we could enter there and face a test or challenge or fight a max level A.I of that class to unlock the class, showing we are worthy but no. It’s just a description and the cost. We are aware that their are group missions that upon first time completion give 1250 sparks and you can get some items that when used give you 100 sparks; but it’s never guaranteed and there are like only a few of those big missions that require a team on the providence levels. This whole class unlocking thing disappointed us greatly.

The next big problem that Skyforge is connected to the first problem. Lately we have been seeing a bit of a trend. Remember that we specifically mentioned the Revenant class. Isn’t it a bit strange that the Revenant class costs more that the others. We have seen more players just using the revenant for everything. PvP, group missions and whatever all the time. Matter of fact, the revenant is actually more powerful than the others from what we have seen. In a PvP match X35 Earthwalker himself was a gunner class ,who are quite tacky thanks to the natural shields they gain and personal shield ability. A revenant rushed him but was getting shot the whole time. When he got close he broke through the shields super fast and started eating away X35’s health. So off course he use the teleport ability to get out of there but as soon as he teleported away, he got pulled all the way back to where the revenant was and got killed. The revenant didn’t take as much damage as they should. The revenant is too strong, players know that because they play it all the time. The developers know that because they raised the spark price (can buy with real money). All classes weren’t created equal. The gunner class has the most epic description out of all of them. They sound so powerful but when you play the gunner, he does less damage than you you would expect. Other classes kill things faster than him. The flamethrower is too weak, it should be a area of effect attack and only sets enemies on fire for two seconds which sucks! The big bad gunner who carries a big bad gun doesn’t do big bad damage. All their are some classes that we hardly ever see or seen at all like the alchemist and witch/warlock. Something needs to change here.

Divine form in Skyforge - X35 Earthwalker

Next issue is that the progress in Skyforge is really slow. Now we get that this game was made to be played for a very long time. We can see that but not everything with this game should be at such a slow rate. We love to unlock the symbols that you get for completing bastion quests. After you unlock the second row of symbols everything gets real long there on and that’s just the second row. There are 5 rows. The third row is taking a long time and takes even longer especially when there are so many missions, tasks, invasions, story mode, directives etc. Even if you focus on bastion missions only it takes a very very long time. Just thinking about how long row 5 would take can make you not even bother some times. Slow progress is also the issue connected with unlocking other classes. It just takes too long to do it with sparks. We think progressions, especially for symbols is too long. We believe understand the angle they are coming from but just a little mercy would be great. Also let’s make it clear. Skyforge is free to play. We X35 Earthwalker do not condemn Skyforge for micro transactions and buying classes and stuff. they made a large whole game for free of great quality and it’s still a business and they need to make their money somehow. We personally think it’s right to support them after what has been done. So what’s wrong with a few skins and maybe a class or two? Nothing. Just have to make that clear.

Lastly, a big problem with Skyforge is that it’s too cryptic. This is coming from X35 Earthwalker who has even outsmarted the Riddler and batman. You see many items and terms and names and don’t know how to get them or what they are. For example with the gunner class the three attacks: full auto, pulse shot and missile salvo all trigger something called “impulse charge”. What is Impulse charge?! Seriously. We checked all the abilities, names of attacks and whatever and we don’t see a description for impulse charge anywhere. Maybe it’s revealed to PC players or something but why can’t Skyforge have a simple explanation for it. An extra slot that explains these things. Does impulse charge reduce incoming damage, do we fire faster, does it buff the damage of a certain move. What?!!! Same goes for the Necromancer. We don’t know what: Toothy grin, ritual strike, plague storm, hellfire and bared fangs do either. Maybe the ritual strike, plague storm and hellfire are the combo moves when you use the standard attack but it’s not displayed or shown like how the combos and information is showed for the paladin class. They got it right with the paladin class but gunner and necromancer doesn’t have it. This means we aren’t using gunner and necromancer to their full potential because information isn’t displayed. This is incredibly annoying and we are sure it’s just a display error but we shouldn’t have to search the wiki and websites to learn what impulse charges are. There’s more cryptic stuff that will confuse all new players.

Lastly, maybe this is because there is something we are missing or don’t know but we can’t unlock other mounts in the game. For example mounts like that jetpack looking device we can’t unlock. We have unlocked our divine form and much more and we see players with much lower health and prestige having these mounts. When the game told us to select our mount we went to the mount section and everything was still locked. We couldn’t select anything. We have the mount that we got from the Christmas season a giant ram who is very fast but all the other natural ones we can’t unlock. We checked everything and not sure. Either there’s a glitch here or we are seriously missing something and if we are, then why is it so cryptic? Why say, select your mount when everything is locked? Why not say why it’s locked? It’s not about prestige level as we have said, there are lower ranked players with the mounts. Did they buy it? We have completed the whole campaign. Makes no sense and that’s worse, when it doesn’t make sense. Now many symbols appear above the dash status and some times you don’t know what they mean. It should be clearly explained as new players will suffer from this.

That’s some major issues we have had with the game and they are all big ones because it ruins the game in our opinion at times. New players always get confused and go online for help when it should be in the game. Like we said at the start we really like Skyforge and enjoy playing it. It’s an awesome game but it’s clearly far from perfect. Some minor issues and some majors but worth playing.  

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Skyforge is a huge MMORPG game. We at X35 Earthwalker have been playing Skyforge for a while now and have a number of different thoughts about the game. Skyforge is all about the immortals and gods. In Skyforge players start of as an immortal. Well not really a true immortal because you can still die but you come back. That sounds more like regeneration and resurrecting but whatever… you are an immortal. You must begin your journey from immortal to a full fledge god. To do this, players must gain followers. The more followers you have, the more powerful you become because of them believing in you. An interesting concept. 

Off course there is way more to the game that just that. The planet is in danger and the lives of mortals are on the line. Invasions are happening and evil or dangerous creatures and forces are at work and behind it. Most of the events and situations taking place are simply to big and powerful for mere mortals (useless beings) to handle. So it’s left for the gods and immortals to handle. You can gain followers by finding and rescuing people during missions. You could gain them through having big rituals being performed at your temple to attract more people. Also gain more followers as rewards for other stuff that you do.  

Skyforge invasion - X35 Earthwalker

Now you start as what appears to be a ordinary human working with his military team to protect innocent people from a vicious attack and crush the danger. the battle was worse than you thought. You and the team put up a great fight but ultimately was defeated and battered to death. No really, it was quite brutal.You wake up again on a pile of bodies and soon learn that you are an immortal. The same can’t be said about your comrades. Too soon? You are taken to the divine observatory where you meet and will be guided by a true god. Then introduced to another god for training and lessons and then you are let loose in the world. The gods in Skyforge are very different from each other and quite cool. Off course they are nothing compared to the one true God, Jesus Christ but in a video game these gods will have to do. 

It’s then you get to select your class. Now don’t worry. you don’t have to have just one and stick with it (you would know this if you read my previous blog on this game). You can right from the start actually have three classes to use and master. Paladin, Cryomancer and Lightbinder. These three are the perfect starting classes for any player to begin with. The Paladin is the sword and shield wielding tanker who attracts all the attention from enemies, takes all the damage but give out quite a lot as well. The Cryomancer is the hit hard but bruise like a peach attacker who destroys enemies with dangerous ice abilities from a distance. The Lightbinder is the light flashing support who always buffs up their team mates by enhances their power, shielding them from harm and looking good in the process. This means new players can fulfil any needed role. Off course there are many more classes out there. Much more…

Skyforge berserker - X35 Earthwalker

The full list so far is: Cryomancer, Beserker, Lightbinder, Monk, Slayer, Archer, Kinetic, Gunner, Alchemist, Knight, Warlock/Witch, Paladin and Necromancer. These classes are mostly very different to each other. Each class as their own leader god, abilities, play style and style as in looks. Now the classes can be purchased through in game currency or you can just dip into your real life wallet and get them straight away. Same goes for cosmetic stuff as well. So it’s really up to you. The option is there so don’t get mad.We love how unique the Necromancer and Gunner are. Others like Monks and Archers don’t seem as interesting but that’s for the gamers to decide.

There is literally a ton of things to do. There are invasions to counter and defend against, the campaign which takes you through the many provinces of Aelion and each area has their own challenges and objectives. Stories to discover and explore. Events to take part in and get a prize for progress, anomalies to set straight, guilds to join or form and off course climb the ladder to becoming a full super powered god and rule the battle field and maybe the world too. So like any MMORPG there is a lot of stuff to do and get started on. Leveling up each of your classes can be long that’s why players need to decide which classes they want as one of their mains for the many things ahead. 

Skyforge paladin vs cryomancer - X35 Earthwalker

Lastly there is the PvP battles. That;’s right. You are certainly not a god if you haven’t proven your might and power against gods how immortal are you really if you haven’t go the guts to clash with other immortals? Exactly! There are straight up team battles, you can challenge someone to a 1v1 duel  and even have battles that include golems who fight alongside you. Now in these matches there may be one or two moves you have for that class that cannot be used in PvP. Skyforge warns you of this in the description and hints concerning your moves and abilities so you will know which ones aren’t available. Some moves are only for PvE and some for PvP. You must use your skills and timing effectively to win as it can get heavily strategic in a second. That annoying Cryomancer hiding in the back with long range attacks and that sneaky Paladin who suddenly drops in next to you carving their name in your back as you try to run away. Beware the battles are tough.

Now Skyforge is definitely not perfect. For starters the levels and strength of players in battle aren’t equal. Meaning you can have a player who has been playing the game non stop go up against you in a battle making things much harder and in some cases unfair. Also Skyforge can be very confusing for first timers. Seriously when X35 Earthwalker himself first played the game, there was so much things to do and could try from the start that it got a bit confusing. Like what does this mean, what are those, why is this not available, what’s the difference between ‘Story’ and ‘Campaign’? Etc. Some classes actually don’t seem that useful or as epic as the others. Everyone thinks the Gunner class is awesome and who doesn’t love a good necromancer… but who chose the Archer? We haven’t seen a single Monk. Obviously they serve their own purpose and we do like that they are there but it’s clear some sound more awesome than others. Some players due to connection are just sliding around, teleporting and it does make battles annoying at some times. The mouth syncing bad in this game… Just saying. Some dialogue you ere isn’t in the text box or at times different words. Minor stuff but still stuff. Skyforge tells us to select our first mount but yet nothing is unlocked and available. It’s frustrating. It also takes a long time to unlock your first class outside of the starting three, unless you use your real money. We just think it shouldn’t take that long to get your first actual choice of a class.

Overall Skyforge is a great game. It does what a game should do which is provide entertainment for a long time. Off course this isn’t a real proper in depth review but it’s just our views and some  opinions on different things. The graphics in Skyforge are great. The music is very good, no doubt. Some of the music is just feels perfect for the large environment. World of warcraft and some others did not make X35 Earthwalker want to play them but Skyforge is the only MMORPG which we actually want to play. Skyforge is worth giving a try. It’s easy for new players to get into the MMORPG. Skyforge just might be worth checking out.

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