Tera. Giant crab fight

Tera is a new action fantasy MMORPG developed by ‘Bluehole‘. Tera is coming out the 3rd of April on the Xbox One and PS4 but already out on PC. This MMORPG has gotten a lot of good reviews and comments. Let’s take a look.

Now Tera is another MMORPG. So some gamers will wonder why they should care. There is world of warcraft, Guild wars and more like Skyforge. Tera claims to have one huge advantage which is the fact that they have actual true combat action. The other MMORPG you click and send your characters over there and activate your attacks and abilities when you want and they are carried out. In Tera, you actually have full control of your character and can time attacks, aim and dodge. Skyforge does this as well except for the aim part to some extent. Developers say that the combat system is tactical and rewarding. We hope so.

Tera itself is free to play which makes gamers smile. It’s expansive content is also free to play. Some smiles have gotten bigger. No matter what level you are and how far you get. That remains free. Tera is all about having your character stand out from others. First of all there are seven distinct races to pick from, ten character classes which all do their own thing, lots and lots of hair styles and facial features which hope are actually recognisable. The customisation gets deeper as players can cover their characters armour with full body costumes, add exotic accessories, and even dye your armour with a large assortment of colours. So it’s pretty hard for players to have the exact same look as others. Kind of like with Halo 5 Guardians, after all those times of playing X35 Earthwalker never encountered a spartan with the exact same look. A good step for Tera.


Now what would a MMORPG be without some giant bosses and enemies to take down, especially those that require a team to stand a chance. Well Tera has dangerous dungeons containing such monsters. Players can expect such foes like the the Vulcan, Teralith, Argon Guardian, Frost Giant and Red Kumas. But wait… there’s more… Tera has PvP allowing players to decide who is better as a player through combat. There are also open-world hunting zones which let’s just say can get sort of crazy at times. After all large bosses are always exciting especially when they look so dangerous and at times down right scary.

Now this game is also suppose to be very large too. There are thousands of quests in Tera. Now this world is full of lore and history so players who love to gathering everything and get real deep into the story of the game and it’s in game universe will have quite a lot to do. Quite a variety of landscapes in this world too like jungles, deserts and tundras. Off course there are much more so get exploring. A variety of paces has more appeal to us at X35 Earthwalker than just a large game and area.


Now more important than all of that would be the character classes so then players eventually can debate over which class is the best. The Archer class, is all about tactics and have arrows for everything from armour piercing, magical spider webs to explosives. Actually sounds better than the archers in Skyforge. Berserkers are all about offence, with good defences, heavy armour, the ability to reduce damage. Lancers are all about the spotlight in combat as they absorb all the damage for their team while dishing out pain of their own to many. Mystics are all mystical (obviously). They can summon thralls, place curses on their foes and best of all heal their allies. Priests can resurrect fallen allies, cure and grant buffs to them too and also have some fire power to go with it. Slayers are all about being wild with their large swords in their enemies faces. They have all the mobility  and some high damage capabilities. Warriors are more tactical and have more evasion than slayers but don’t lack attack power at all.

Powerful sword wielders who dive head first into a fight. Sorcerers have quite the selection of long range elemental attacks and with their versatility, they could handle pretty much any situation. Reapers can be used when you have a class that level 40 or above. reapers use chain blades to viciously damage enemies, zoom round the field and even absorb health. Gunners are all about da base… we mean fire power as they wield powerful weapons and have abilities to keep them away from the enemies and danger. The point is to shoot and never stop shooting. Brawlers don’t care about danger, they just get in the enemies face and get physical with their power fists, dealing heavy damage, blocking heavy damage and sending everything flying. Ninjas are all about hit and run. Using shrikes to deal heavy damage at all ranges and even use their chi to produce flame attacks. There are some more classes like the Valkyrie but that’s for gamers to learn for themselves.


Now off course Tera is free to play meaning that the developers don’t make any money from this. At the end of the day game designing is also a business and they need to make money so how they do it is by offering content in the in-game stores. So you can support the developers by buying costumes, mounts, accessories, account services, weapon skins and more. We at X35 Earthwalker make it clear how we feel about this. If you want to buy something and you have the spare cash the why not but if it’s a free to pay game then players should be willing to help out as games take a lot of time, effort and work to build and they can’t produce more or keep things going with cash. So keep that in mind, especially if they build a good game that you enjoy.

We checked out some gameplay and we can say that it is definitely action combat indeed. Faster pace than Skyforge though. Classes like the ninja class really shine here with multiple dodges, evasion, jumping attacks and lots of animations with their moves which is great to see here. The graphics and visuals are excellent here better than the other MMORPG’s we have seen. The environments and the many but different enemies just going around minding their business make the worlds interesting. The entrance of boss battles, seeing other NPCs helping out in combat and actually not being so useless does give Tera some advantages over others. 

Overall Tera is looking real good and might even get X35 Earthwalker’s attention himself. Matter of fact this may take us away from Skyforge if it holds up and has a lot to offer. We will see. What we see are a lot of enemies, areas, character options and more going around making this a real MMORPG. The developers ‘Bluehole’ did a fantastic job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing this game arrive on Xbox Oe so that we can see more and give it a try. Even if you have 10 warriors each a different class they still wouldn’t stand a chance against… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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