X35 Earthwalker Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass without a fought is the best deal in gaming. The best place to game is on the Xbox. Xbox has so many games that they’re isn’t enough time to play them all sadly. Problems of the upper class gamers. Now Xbox Game Pass is once again getting even more games into the library for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to experience. X35 Earthwalker is the chief of them all. Let’s take a look.

X35 Earthwalker Xbox Game Pass

We see: NHL 24, Chants of Sennaat, Hauntii, Humanity, Moving Out 2, Rolling Hills, Galacticare, Immortals of Aveum, Lords of the Fallen, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, and Firework. That’s quite the line up of games. Once again Xbox doesn’t just have the quality and quantity of games but also the variety too. You got fun multiplayer games like Moving Out 2 where even the family and children can join in. You got sport games like NHL 24 where fans can join in the action. Then there’s dark action games like Lords of the Fallen and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. Take your pick.

X35 Earthwalker Xbox Game Pass

All this and more when you are subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass. Loving the games and the range. Xbox Game Pass is definitely affordable for most and is a fantastic deal. The fact that you got over 100 games including the biggest names like all the Halo games and other big names like all the Mass effect, Wolfenstein and Dead Space games. Lords of the Fallen for example is better than Dark Souls 3 and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is looking to be easily one of the biggest things of the year concerning gaming. Jump in with us.

X35 Earthwalker Xbox Game Pass

Overall things are getting better and better for Xbox. Plus with news that Square Enix is going back to its multiplatform roots, Xbox gamers can even expect Final Fantasy to be coming back to Xbox. Maybe even Final Fantasy XVI! That’s good news. More money for Square Enid and more games for Xbox gamers to enjoy and buy. Want to know more about that? Of course you do. Then listen to our podcast episode on it right here. X35 Earthwalker himself will be checking out some of these games. Keep it up Xbox. We are glad to be on the best console all these years. Now Xbox is the best currently but they still aren’t as good as… the ‘Earth Walk!’  

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X35 Earthwalker Recommended games on Xbox

X35 Earthwalker has already proved years ago and even recently that Xbox has many games. Too many games right now. The biggest W is clearly the Xbox Game Pass. Many games have been played thanks to this Xbox feature. Today we just wanted to go over quickly some Xbox Game Pass games that we think you should play. just to be clear, there are many good games on the Xbox Game Pass but we will just mention some. Let’s take a look.

The first game is off course Halo Infinite. What else could we start with? Nothing else. Halo Infinite has a fantastic campaign. It’s an excellent story, epic boss battles, open explorable world, lots of information and effective vehicles. This campaign has lots of gameplay time and has a completely different style fro all previous Halo Games. Multiplayer is good but definitely has it’s issues. Big team battle is fun and ranked mode allows you disable cross platform. Halo Infinite is only going to get better and better as new things are added, actual customisations and off course the Forge mode. There’s lots of room for big things.

Aliens: FireTeam Elite is the next. This game is excellent for friends and family to play. Aliens: FireTeam Elite is all about team work. If you don’t work together, you will die! Three soldiers who you can customise will face off against HORDES of aliens on big missions. Iconic weapons like the Smart gun and Pulse rifle are here and do big damage. There’s multiple character classes with different functions except one that sucks. You can change your class in between missions anytime. Level up systems for the weapons, numerous attachments for guns and a variety of enemies including big powerful enemies who have armour and lots of health and will charge you down. Lots of action here.

Next is Scarlet Nexus. This game is excellent. There’s so much to say about this game. The best thing just might be the characters. they are so different, have numerous interactions that lead to lots of entertainment. The combat system is excellent but the lack of health is an issue. You can get creative as there’s so many powers you have access to thanks to the SAS (if you play the game then you know). The game is easy to understand, set in a very different world with mystery, betrayal, questions, very difficult fights and quite a bit of turns. Scarlet Nexus has been a real big treat and definitely having fun playing it.

Doom (the first one) is definitely fun even to this day. Just a straight up first person shooter. A very different experience to what’s released nowadays. The best part is actually the multiplayer. Yep, play through the whole game but with friends and family. X35 Earthwalker literally had a full squad of four players and they all attacked a cyber demon boss with pistols until it died. That was so silly. The game allows you to save whenever you want and you have a lot of liberty in Ultimate Doom, even with the levels. Just run around, sprinting with weapons and killing everything.

Tetris Effect: Connected is one of the best games ever made. No joke. This game is fantastic. It’s straight up Tetris with some additional stuff off course. The zone mechanic is awesome and can really save your life at times. The visuals are top tier for sure. It’s one of the best looking games ever. It’s particle and special effects are top tier. It’s music and sounds are top tier. Many locations, multiple game modes, special events, competitive play and multiplayer which includes a co-op mode. This game can be played with such a chill mode with low speed Tetrominos and endless modes while enjoying the music and visuals. Don’t underestimate Tetris Effect: Connected just because it’s a Tetris game. Definitely better than anything the PS5 currently has.

The Riftbreaker went above our expectations. It’s not only better but bigger too. Much bigger. The Riftbreaker isn’t a 1 hour game. It’s a huge adventure. You are transported to a far planet from earth and you need to build a base, harvest materials for building and defences to stay alive. You also have to go out and explore, fight dangerous flauna and creatures. There’s so much things to build, options and you can build anywhere. There’s aliens invading, sort of easy to die but honestly there’s so much going on. This game The Riftbreaker will truly take you by surprise. The graphics are excellent. The details are fantastic and there’s scanning to learn about creatures and gain familiarity. With each scan, we naturally think of Metroid Prime and the scanning. Try this game. 

Spelunky 2 is a real challenge. It’s a direct improvement over the first game. there’s more levels, more secrets, more enemies, more items, more traps, more instant kills, more characters, much more difficult and more fun. Spelunky 2 is just an excellent game. You can play with friends and family. There’s a competitive battle mode and then off course the main mode. There’s even an online option, so you can play with others. You should definitely try Spelunky 2.

Raji: An Ancient Epic is a beautiful game. This game is very good too. If you like a visual delight with an adventure that’s not difficult and chill then Raji: An Ancient Epic is for you. We like the whole cultural and mythology elements too. You get learn interesting stuff while you have a good time. Basically the biggest god of the big three of hinduism did a seriously dumb move and gave a demon eternal life and a god slaying weapon… what could go wrong? The demon causes havoc, got many killed and caused your brother to get kidnapped. You are the big sister and you want to save your brother, which means fighting evil. Some of the environments reminds us of Abe’s oddysee and exodus, the whole odd world thing. Desert, full forest and a most beautiful city.

Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries is a completely different gaming experience. You control large powerful mechs and you engage in mech on mech violence on large scale battles too. There’s aircrafts, there’s tanks and smaller mechs that support or go against you. A few missions types but each of the mechs have different weight, weapon slots, armour, movement speed and more. In Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries, there’s room for tactical fighting as you can target specific parts of kill mechs faster, disable weapons and cripple their movement. Hire pilots to control other mechs you own so you can have a team move with you on the field. Difficulty balancing is an issue though.

Gears Tactics is the last one for now. If you enjoyed XCOM 2 then you’ll enjoy Gears Tactics. Of course your cog soldiers aren’t as strong or good as the XCOM soldiers who can have alien tech rocket launchers that pass through all things. The principles are the same. Move soldiers around, get into cover, flank enemies for critical chance and clearer shots. Level up soldiers to get new abilities and create combos with your soldiers. Gears of War is a cover shooter game so the XCOM style is perfect for Gears of War. We like the brand new locusts and the variety off enemies brought in. There’s big boss fights too. Like fighting a Brumack and corpser.

Remember, this isn’t all of them. There’s many more. We just wanted to mention some and keep it short. There’s basically 100 games on Xbox Game Pass. We at X35 Earthwalker have played many and can confirm that Xbox Game Pass is the best thing in gaming. Now There may be many good games but none of them can compete with… the ‘Earth Walk!’ 

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