ExoMecha is a new free to play online competitive first person shooter game developed by ‘TwistedRed‘ and published by ‘Xbox Game Studios‘. ExoMecha is said to be coming out last quarter of 2021 on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. X35 Earthwalker knows a special game when he sees it. This game is looking special for sure. Let’s take a look. 

In the universe of ExoMecha there is a planet called Omecha. It’s described as habitable. Multiple intelligent species in the galaxy have discovered Omecha. Now off course no likes to share apparently so these species are going to fight it out to be the one to have control of the planet’s resources. Simple story but it does explain everything you need to know about the action of the game. The action is the main factor and where it’s at.

Now the main battle and gameplay of ExoMech is infantry in advanced suits fighting it out in a way that reminds u of Titanfall. You can sprint, jump and shoot like in a regular shooter game. You have grenades and equipment to back you up like a grapple hook that you can even use to reach and take over a vehicle for example. You can get your hands on powerful weapons like rocket launchers which off course is perfect for destroying vehicles a group of troops and even flying threats Here’s where out feels like a shooter and you’ve got to make some moves in order to bring in the real firepower.

Now when we said in the title “Giant mechs, dragon and wars”, we weren’t joking. That sums up ExoMecha. It’s big battles. There are giant mechs that carry shields and swords. They literally fight it out like transformers. Remember that scene where sentinel prime with shield and sword fought Optimus prime. Yeah think of it like that. Two big mech robots just blocking, swinging and even doing techniques like knocking the enemies shield away with a kick. So it isn’t mindless button mashing but there’s neutral footsie game with spacing, counter attacking and moving in to remove the shield. There’s even executions.

Now it doesn’t end there in ExoMecha. We mentioned vehicles earlier as well. There are flying vehicles like attack copters which are literally just there to mow everything down even with explosive rounds. There are tanks with a heavy duty main cannon. There’s even a quick combat land vehicle which we saw it, we instantly though of the warthog from Halo. It can fight a few people and has a current for someone to man and fire. Last of all is the dragon. You heard us. This beast is a friend to no one. It will go wherever it wants and start shooting flames everywhere. It has been said that there’s a serious reward for having the guts to face this thing. The dragon is mechanical, big, and causes lots of damage. Off course it’s powerful but X35 Earthwalker can literally one shot that thing with a slap… so it’s only dangerous to regular people like you who’s reading this.

There’s more to ExoMecha than what you see. You have chaos and wars happening everywhere. Players will be equipped with abilities and gadgets. The two we see in the trailer: dash and grapple hook are examples. The developers said that none of the abilities are offensive: so expect defensive stuff or mobility. So far we know of three game modes in ExoMecha. One is like an objective type mode, another is basically a large scale battle while the third is basically a battle Royale. It gets strange though as we saw a players standing on top of a moving missile. So literally riding a missile into combat while shooting. Wild.

ExoMecha isn’t a simple flat game either with a set design. It changes. The developers stated that “at first, the ExMecha journey will start with all-natural environments” but as more species and civilisations land on Omecha, the maps will change due to their impact on the world. So each civilisation will have their own theme which will be clearly seen in the design of the maps. A little bit of information concerning the vehicles. There will be more than one of a type. For example there is a main tank and spider tank. The spider tank has better control and movement on rough surfaces and has a faster rate of fire but the main tank overall does more damage with slower firing big cannon and has higher max speed. So expect this for other vehicles. 

We checked out some ExoMecha gameplay and it’s what we though. Expect big fields and maps with loads of combat and gameplay going on. Expect giant mechs clashing across the map while infantry are fighting it out with headshots, grenades and abilities and maybe commandeering vehicles. Then suddenly you are warned that you are in danger zone. Why? No reason… only the fact that there’s a giant dragon right there burning everything up. It’s pure action. Like we said it’s sort of like Titanfall, Transformers and Halo in one in a way with fractions from each. 

Overall ExoMecha looks like something special. We are finally get a mechanised futuristic all battle game that will also visually look amazing with the power of the Xbox Series X. They stated, “Xbox Series X, we will have a 4K high fidelity mode & a 120 fps mode. Our 120 fps mode will also be 4K but it will be a dynamic resolution.” The developers ‘TwistedRed’ have done a fantastic job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are keeping an eye out for this game. Now ExoMecha may have Gian mechs and a dragon but all those working together wouldn’t even scratch… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Minion Masters is a fast paced online minion battle game developed by ‘BetaDwarf’. Minion Masters recently came out on the Xbox One. We are currently glad it did. Players must pick a master and then summon and use minions to get the victory against other masters. It is a simple game but that’s only at the surface.

In Minion masters, there are multiple masters and they each, off course, have their own abilities which allow for different strategies and combinations. The masters are also capable of defending themselves too. Each master has three perks for players to unlock as the match progresses. For example The Stormbringer fires an arrow at enemies with his bow that deals 35 damage every 4 seconds. His first perk is that he gets global attack range meaning as he can hit anything, including the enemy master who’s literally on the other side of the battle field. The second perk is that all his ranged minions gain marksmanship which basically increases their attack range. Last perk double the attack speed of the Stormbringer meaning he fires, every 2 seconds. Now there are many other masters too like Mordar, Settsu, Volvo and more. 

Now more about the minions in Minion Masters. Minions require mana in order to be summoned. Maximum amount of mana you can hold is 10. The biggest strongest minions require 8-10. Your mana builds up naturally and it’s up to the player to decide when to summon and what to summon. Before you can even use your minions in combat, you have to build a deck, using the cards you obtain. These go in a cycle, sort off, and then when in your hand, can you choose to use them. So yeah, build a deck from your cards, jump into a battle, select which card to use and then designate where you want to summon that minion. It’s very simple.

Now there are different types of cards in Minion Masters. Mainly minions, spells and buildings. A minion is your main card as it’s a unit that will attack any enemy units nearby (most of them do) and make their way to the enemy base to strike at their master. The spells are exactly what you think, spells. They can be anything from a healing fireball, to an actual damaging fireball, to a lightning chain strike that stuns, to a storm of arrows etc. Buildings also have varied purposes too. T.here are buildings that summon minions, buildings that give you experience, buildings that stun minions or buildings that are turrets which fire at enemy buildings and minions. Minion Masters seems to have a similar style to Yu-Gi-Oh. How? Minion Masters have minion, spells and buildings, while Yu-Gi-Oh has monsters, spells and traps. Pretty cool right?

Now there are very limited game modes in Minion Masters and this is one of the weaknesses of this game. There’s just normal battle where you face an opponent in a 1v1 online match. Then there’s teams where it’s 2v2. That’s the main body of the game. There’s also a challenge mode where you face A.I masters in standard battles. Once you complete the challenges, that’s it, you are done with them. That’s a fail on the games part. Maybe when the season resets, the challenges reset too but that’s far too long. Players need a game mode where they can fight against others that aren’t actual players for practice or training. The other two modes are expedition and mayhem. Expedition puts players on a big map that’s full of enemies and totems (it looks like a totem). Players must travel through the land and beat enemies to gain might and interact with the totems. Now this mode would have been great except for two major issues. One, it’s only like every three or four days you get a expedition. So in between you are stuck with just normal battles where your rank is constantly on the line. Second, each enemy you see on the map is a forced online ranked battle. We Dom’t even get a break from those battles. They put you in match making and you face a real person. That’s dumb. It should have been A.I like the bosses. Mayhem is basically different matches with twists to it. For example a recent one was a regular match except random cards in your hand either have increased or reduced mana cost. 

The game does allow for a lot of strategy to be involved. Different units for different purposes but you have limited space so pick well. Many want a priestess to heal and keep stronger units alive but she has very poor damage and moves super slow and may not keep up with unit she’s healing. Some use dragon help to attack ground units but with very low health a single fireball will destroy it. Some use the brothers of light unit but they cost 10 mana and can be killed sort of quickly by good air units. Some have the priestess heal the brothers of light and save a fireball to counter incoming air units. Some save the haunted hugger minion for ground only minions so that they can possess without resistance and can pass on to the next unit. There’s also the people who want to ruin the game with lame cheap strategies. Some just spam the crossbow dudes building which produces crossbow dudes and then play strombringer to increase their range with the marksman perk. There’s always those types of talentless, uncreative, no skill players who find cheap things and use that for their easy victories. If it’s not obvious, we at X35 Earthwalker hate cheap stuff. The biggest dumb thing about Minion Masters is that when we tried to livestream the game it breaks after every match. It won’t go back to the hub or main area (whatever you call it). It just shows the winning players masters standing there. We had to close down the game and reopen and the issue still persists. We won’t livestream this game ever again until they fix it.

Minion Masters is a simple game with simple content. Ranked battles is the meat of the game and occasionally a event comes along that gives a slight break. How you get new champions is badly done. You either spend real money to get rubies or you play and collect shards to get them. One costs real money while the other takes a long time. Every match you win grants you a pitiful amounts of coins. What’s good is that some masters are on a free cycle where players can play them for that set period of time like a week for example and see if they like them or not. How you get new cards is fair as completing daily challenges grants you coins but you only get one daily challenge a day, even though there are three slots (lame). You get coins for levelling up too so use them to buy power tokens to spin for new cards (random) and you also get a few shards with each spin. So keep playing and eventually you will get what you want. 

Overall Minion Masters is a fun game and it’s easy to understand. It has it’s issues and some annoying things that need to be sorted. There is more like the team keys system but even that is based on chance. You can’t play locally or with friends but you can have a good time online. You find matches quickly and it works for the most part. Something you play for a bit and then don’t touch again until tomorrow or an expedition is going on. Now Minion Masters may have many cards and minions but even all of them combined are nothing when compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Raiders of the broken planet is a new 4v1 online action adventure game, developed by ‘Mercury Steam’. It’s coming out the 22nd of September for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This has gotten quite a lot of attention so far. Let’s see why.

Now Raiders of the broken planet takes place on a far away broken planet. A force of humans are made there way there because of an incredible discovery on one of Saturn’s moons. This might just be their biggest discovery yet. This is at the far reaches of the universe. Apparently there is a source of energy called the ‘Aleph’. This energy somehow grants ultimate power to whoever controls it. That’s scary.

Now gamers can easily guess that since Raiders of the broken planet is 4v1 that makes it clear that players can choose to be on one of two sides. You can either be one of the raiders or of the otherside. So either be the one or be one of the four. It’s up to you. Now this Aleph is some crazy stuff. You can use it increase resistancen speed up self healing and improve aim. That sounds like quite the buff. You have to make sure to collect as much of it as you can from your enemies. Aleph is extremely volatile and if you don’t absorb it quick it will disappear, also destroying ammo in the process. So this calls for rushing in but then that means you may have to get physical with some enemies. 

Like Gears of war there is a lot of cover available and you don’t need button presses or stuff like that to use them. Now stress is bad for you but it gets real bad in Raiders of the broken planet because if you get stressed, your Aleph signature will be revealed to enemies… even through obstacles. If you choose to fight against the raiders then you and the space demon, bosses and enemies fighting alongside you. There is more groups out here than you think. There are the locals, Hades division, Fifth council and the Umbra Wardogs. Each have their own characters who have their own skills, weapons and story. With different groups, different characters and different worlds, there is a lot going on.

Overall Raiders of the lost planet seems really interesting right now. We checked out some gameplay and everything looks smooth and well right now. There is quite a bit of sneaky and stealth action in order to get close range. If you mess up, you can die quite quickly. Graphics look very good. Sounds are very nice as well. This game doesn’t really impress us yet. Off course more information will be released later which could sway our view. This game is cool and you can see that Raiders of the broken planet was a big project and lots of work has gone into it.

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