X35 Earthwalker Rooftop Renegade

Rooftop Renegade is an action platformer game developed and published by ‘Melonhead games‘. Rooftop Renegade is said to be coming out the 17th of February 2023 on the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and pc. X35 Earthwalker has the best written gaming content. Rooftop Renegade looking like some casual fun. Let’s take a look.

Rooftop Renegade has a simple arcade story going on. Basically you are on the run. Evading capture from what looks like a police pursuit squad or whatever. They will even use weapons and their firepower to make escape difficult for you. Players must race through the “futuristic skyscrapers” all with the help of your hoverblades. Simply put they are roller blades but futuristic and you move sort of like shadow the hedgehog.

X35 Earthwalker Rooftop Renegade

Rooftop Renegade is more of a casual fun game. If you know about temple run or the subway run game then think of Rooftop Renegade like it but bigger. It’s all about speed and getting a flow going on. There’s multiple paths you can take and you have to decide quickly where you want to go. There’s boost rings like in sonic which zooms you forward. There’s a dash ability for that extra distance or air time. There’s rails for players to grind on and feel the wind in your hair… unless you are bald.

X35 Earthwalker Rooftop Renegade

We checked out some Rooftop Renegade gameplay and it’s what we expected. What we didn’t expect is that Rooftop Renegade has a multiplayer mode where your friends or family can try to gun you down and ruin your run. Yes you can race through the world while your friends or family take on the role of the pursuers and give you some trouble. We like the skyscraper locations and seeing the background in the distance. Really shows that you are up in the air. 

Overall Rooftop Renegade looks like a good game. Like we said. Arcade–ish style casual fun. Getting the best score you can is like the biggest goal here. There’s also a “seed-based generator mode” so players can get a different experience each time. The visuals are nice and quite colourful. The game is simple and players can get right into it. Hopefully the music is god enough and matches the situation. The developers ‘Melonhead games’ have done a good job. We at X35 Earthwalker have always been the fastest. Now Rooftop Renegade may have speed and a flow but it’s far too slow for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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