X35 Earthwalker Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an open world action adventure game that came out on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and PS4. Immortals Fenyx Rising is another game that’s being slept on heavily and it’s sad to see it. X35 Earthwalker have been taking this game seriously so far. This game is fantastic and more gamers should have been talking about it. Immortals Fenyx Rising came out in 2020.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is set in greek mythology. So expect all the scum bag false gods to be here. Especially the worst of them all… zeus. We like how the game portrays zeus as an idiot and scum bag but in a humorous way. The humour is good and we get a lot of it through almost all the characters. Our character Fenyx has some good moments and a few times Fenyx is just annoying. Hermes is typical but more cowardly here… but it works. Prometheus and zeus having their dialogue and telling the story of your adventure. Immortals Fenyx Rising is a the main character is a nobody loser who grows to become great and powerful.

The combat is not complicated or difficult. It’s got enough room for strategy and variations in combat style but simple enough that pretty much anyone can get into. Making Immortals Fenyx Rising friendly for new gamers and veterans of combat. Open world games, well the good ones anyways will have a lot going on. There’s many missions from racing from one point to another within a time limit, doing a hunt to find a treasure chest, firing an arrow through obstacles and paths ‘wanted’ style and straight up combat to the death. Nothing complicated here.

X35 Earthwalker Immortals Fenyx Rising

Opening chests, completing objectives throughout the map brings rewards in the form of resources, new gear and armour variations. The map is very big and there’s different areas with their own style and theme. There’s 7 in total and all are loaded with stuff to do. Immortals Fenyx Rising has options for travelling. There’s sprint which works well, there’s mounts which if you get a high grade one has tons of stamina. There’s also fast travel which can be used on vaults and giant statues. So getting around isn’t a problem. What’s satisfying though is being up somewhere high and then jumping off to glide and boost all the way to another location. Makes you wan to try.

X35 Earthwalker Immortals Fenyx Rising

Gear makes all the difference in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Your helmet, armour, weapons and arrows can all be upgraded from defence, to number of arrows to straight up damage. Each of the armours and helmets have an effect like 40% damage increase after a parry or 10% damage increase. There’s armour sets too. What sucks is that most of the effects of the armour are bad or it’s a ‘why should I pick this when another armour gives something better’ situation. They need to improve that for sure.

There’s lots to say about Immortals Fenyx Rising. Lots more but we won’t. X35 Earthwalker is having a great time for sure. There’s such more to do, explore and see. Immortals Fenyx Rising is currently available in the Xbox Game Pass. Immortals Fenyx Rising may be a fantastic game but it’s whole world is too small for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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